Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day


Got up and did laundry & dishes.\

It rained and was dark today.

Then I vacuumed the house.

Went to get my nails done with Deralee at 3:30.

Hubby got home at 7:00. He worked in the shop for a while, then came home.

Had dinner, then watched tv, went to bed.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cold Day


It was cold this morning.

Hubby got up and watched TV. I woke up at 8AM.

Hubby made eggs for dogs with sausage & potatoes.

Lady from Washington breeding Schipperkes returned my call. I had the pick of either boy or girl because the other woman did not call her back. Hubby and I both decided on a boy.

Then we loaded dogs in Dually and drove to park for a walk. Hubby had to get a latte on the way down there.

Walked thru the park on East side of road in the campground.

Loaded dogs in Dually and drove into town to look at property on Bruin road. It was awful. Too expensive and not in a good neighborhood.

Then we picked up latte for hubby and KR at Jitterz on Miles. Some stupid woman had blocked the driveway and we had to wait for her to back up into traffic to let us out. She was an idiot.

Drove to KR's house and gave her drink. She talked to us about the article in the Spokesman Review for Prohibition GastroPub creating such a lot of business for the last 3 days. She has been working 10-12 hour days.

We left about 1:00, drove to Hayden to get gasoline at Maverik. Then we drove home.

At home, we worked on Tax audit stuff again. Then hubby made dinner for himself. I had cantaloupe.

I wrote out check for Dog Lady in Washington for new Schipperke.

Our TV went on the blitz and identified "NO SIGNAL" after working all day long.

So we looked at the back and cleaned it up. The HD cable had been bent and broken. So we loaded the dogs into the Dually and drove into Walmart to get a new HD cable.

Got grapes & new bath salts in addition to a Input cable for the new Dually.

Dropped off the deposit check for the Schipperke at the Hayden Post Office.

Drove home.

Fixed tv. Plugged in new HD cable. Then realized that the Vizio remote quit working. Ordered a new one.

Missed the recording of Walking Dead. Need to watch it at 10PM. No Good Wife on tonight because of the stupid Oscars.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Walking Is Impossible


It was raining this morning.

Slept the night thru after taking two painkillers. But I woke up with a headache.

Hubby got up and made eggs for the dogs.

KR texted that she had a great night last night due to a article about the Gastropub in the Spokesman Review. Not a well written article, but plenty of exposure. Hope the enthusiasm for the place continues!

Hubby stopped to get a latte in town. We took the dogs for a walk in the park.The Park had opened the camping side, so we drove into the first area of camping and walked them there. At first they got to be wild dogs until Ben ran too far away. Then we put them on leashes.

My knee was really hurting by the time we were done. On the way back, hubby let me drive the Dually as I wanted him to listen to some rattling on the passenger side.

At home, we unloaded the dogs and hubby went down to the shop to work.

I found a Schipperke online in Washington. After phoning the breeder, I got the details. I think hubby will be picking up this dog for us next weekend.

I went down to get the mail.

Hubby called later and said that he would be going into Post Falls to help KC work on a vehicle at CN, then he would come home.

Hubby came home at 9PM. I was extremely depressed; my knee hurt.

I told hubby about the dog. He thought it was a good idea.

We went to bed at 11PM after watching You, Me, and the Apocalypse.

Friday, February 26, 2016



Got up at 7:30. Hubby had already left for work. I felt all groggy after taking a pain killer from last night. I had gotten up at 3:00 to potty.

Gave ham to the dogs for breakfast.

I did laundry and started dishes.

Started preparing tax info for state audit. Guy wanted more paperwork.

Hubby got home at 6:45. Then we loaded the dogs into the new Dually and drove to Sandpoint to pick up some parts from Dave R.

We met Dave at the North 40 in Sandpoint. Leashed Ben & Bud up and then brought them into the store with us. They picked out some pig ears to eat. We purchased 2 bags of dog food for them.

Talked to Dave R in the parking lot. Hubby got the parts. I walked the dogs so they could potty.

Then we drove thru town. Left the dogs in the Dually while we shopped for groceries at Super One. Stopped to mail the envelopes at the Post Office downtown.

Drove home.

At home, hubby brought the groceries in while I put everything away. He drove down to the shop to work for about 1.5 hours. Then he came back.

We watched TV for a while then went to bed. I had to take several painkillers to deal with the pain. Too much walking.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pain is my Life


Got up in massive pain from my knee. Fell down when I got out of bed.

I mostly sat around today in pain.

Tried to work on Kines project for Practical.

Studied on Kines Practical.

Vacuumed dog hair up from floor.

Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby came home at 6:30PM

We watched TV shows, Baskets & The Blacklist.

Went to bed at 11PM after Cougar Town.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016



Had a very bad night. Got up at 4AM to take a sleeping pill after hubby pulled the blankets off me and woke me up at 3AM.

I slept until 11:30AM the following morning.

Got up and made eggs for dogs & me. Then did laundry & dishes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Picked Up Lil Bit's Remains Today


Got up at 7:00AM and had to take too many painkillers to drive to school. I called in and told them I would not be there today.

Did laundry and dishes.

Fed ham to dogs.

Watched tv.

Went down to pick up Lil Bit's remains at 2:00.

Came back and took a bath to shave my legs.

UPS came and brought the massages stones for Panda. I need to take them to school for him.

It was warm out today. About high of 46 degrees.

Bud in the Sun

Hubby got home at 6:40. He did not bring home a salad for me even tho I asked him to do so. Then he wanted to drive BACK into town with the dogs to pick up some parts from Garwood Wrecking and get a salad & burgers for dogs. I told him that I DID NOT WANT to drive around in the dark all night especially with my knee hurting so badly.

We watched tv and went to bed at 11PM.

Monday, February 22, 2016



Got up at 7:30 and dressed.

Started laundry & dishes. Gave ham to dogs.

Studied for Kines quizzes tomorrow.

Went down at 3:15 to get my nails & toes done with Deralee.

Came back and picked up mail. Got the Mblex Study guide that I had ordered, but they had only sent one (1) instead of two (2) that I had ordered.

Hubby texted and said that he would be working 2 hours OT.

Sunday, February 21, 2016



Almost the whole month of February is gone!

Got up at 7AM to potty. Then I started making dog eggs. Put eggs in with sage sausage. It was good. Then hubby got up and shredded cheese & made potatoes.

Dogs loved their breakfast.

Texted KR to drive up to our house and go for a dog walk with us. She replied that she could be here by 9:30.

Hubby watched automotive tv shows.

Saturday, February 20, 2016



Got up at 6AM and washed my hair. Bud pushed on the bathroom door like Lil Bit used to do.

I made eggs & sausage for the dogs, me & hubby.

Hubby got up and helped feed Ben.

Hubby got dressed.

We loaded dogs in Excursion and took them to the park for a walk. Beyond the Day-Use area behind the Frisbee golf. Dogs were wild-dogging it today. Then they ran away, so we had to put them on leashes again.

The barking sled dogs were there. Sounded like somebody was killing them. But they were just excited to go for a run.

We came back to town, latte stand was closed & hubby needed a latte.

Dropped me & the dogs off while hubby went to the shop to sell the Bronco II for some guy.

I worked on my Practical Exam paperwork for Kines.

Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby came home at 4PM. He brought milk & lottery tickets.

He made spaghetti for dinner that did not sit well on his tummy. We watched a re-run of the 2016 Grammy Awards, which was AWFUL.

I massaged hubby on the chair. Then we watched HBO Free weekend of The Watchmen and Lucy.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Updated VZ Data


Got up at 6AM and drove hubby into work.

Hubby gave ham to the dogs this morning.

Stopped and got a latte for him in Athol.

Dropped him off at work.

I got a latte at Jitterz in Hayden.

Drove home.

Removed VZ Navigator from hubby's and my iphones. This will save us $10 per month. Then I added 2 more GB so we are up to 10GB Data per month. Hope this will suffice.

Tried to take a nap, but could not fall asleep.

It was dark & dingy, raining all day today.

Dogs were depressed.

Called Dr's office for referral, finally got the name of the Dr for referral. Called & made an appointment.

Hubby came home at 7PM. He had gotten the mail.

He brought home chicken strips for the dogs. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hubby Brings Home New Dually!

2 18 2016

Woke up at 6AM in too much pain this morning to even walk.

Called in to school at 7AM and told them I was not coming in for classes.

It was raining awfully hard this morning. It was very cloudy & dark.

Got up at 7AM.

Did homework from Chinese Medicine.

Studied for quizzes.

Rested my leg.

Hubby got home early at 5:30 and brought his new Dually. He knocked on the door and almost scared me!

 New Ford Dually

Sweet Leather Heated Seats

I had to help guide him into the garage because the thing is so big it barely clears the garage doors!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

another Day at School


Awake at 6:00AM with hubby. He gave Bud & Ben some ham. Gave dogs huggies with hubby. Then I went back to bed and Ben jumped in with me.

Got up at 7:00AM and dressed for school. Made the bed.

Cooked chicken noodle soup with dumplings for KR.

Gathered together all my books. Pre-started the Jeep so it would be warm.

Left bones for dogs so they would have something to keep them occupied.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up a latte for KR.

Drove to Post Falls and gave KR the soup & latte. She was still coughing badly but said that she would go to weight lifting training.

I drove to school. Made up 1 hour in Jen's class as I promised that I would be super quiet while they were taking a test. I studied for Bladder & Kidney test and then went to take it. I think I got a lot wrong on it. They canceled Andrea's class today.

Went to class for Ethics. Stephanie taught the class.

After class was done at 11:45, we left. I got hamburgers for dogs at Jack-in-the-Box. Then drove home.

Got mail. Then gave burgers to dogs.

Studied A&P for test tomorrow. Did more homework.

Hubby came home at 5:30PM with his new Dually. It just barely fits into the garage.

Watched TV news.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back To School


Hubby left for work after getting up at 6AM. He says he is sleeping better. He is snoring less.

I got up at 7AM and started getting ready for school again.

Watched Looper on tv while I texted pictures of Lil Bit to hubby.

Left for school at 8:45AM. Drove to Post Falls. Waited until 9:30 to deposit a check in Horizon, but there were too many cars in line. Some dope-ass had parked his car in the drive-thru lane, then come out of the bank and used the drive-thru. Odd.

So I drove to school. Unloaded my books. Took my Dr excuses in to Jackie so that she could have copies of them. Discussed the quizzes and tests that I had missed. Jackied asked if I could do my business hours for today, just folding towels. She offered to have a chair for me to sit upon.

Then I went in to class for Kines. Discussed the quizzes with Andrea who was being fas·tid·i·ous again. Is she aware that she has this attitude with people? She grabbed my paper and started pointing out that she had no list of any 6 of the last quizzes that I had taken. Very piss-poor bookkeeping.

So I told her that I could take the test for the last day that I was there. She gave me Quiz #22.

After we were done, they graded their quizzes while I passed my quiz in to her and went on break.

When we came back from break, Andrea's "teaching" us was to tell us what to study and read. Isn't she supposed to be teaching that to us? We are essentially training ourselves. She also went over what we are supposed to do for our Practicals & Presentations & the Final.

Then we just studied as we wanted; Nick & Mark set up a table. Panda used his bamboo, and Andrea helped Courtnee with lower back issues.

We left at 12:45. I went to fold laundry.

Panda came in to help later because his client was a no-show.

I finally left at 2:18PM

Drove to the bank again (3rd in line again) and deposited checks from the Estate for hubby's plane ticket. Then drove to Wendy's and got burgers for dogs. Called in an order for Pizza at Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake in Hayden.

Drove to Maverik in Hayden and got gasoline. Then to Papa Murphy's to pick up the pizza.

Then drove home. Stopped to get mail. Finally got the card that hubby had mailed on Feb 10 from Arizona. How SLOW is the mail????

Came to the house and baked the pizzas. Gave the dogs their burgers. Unloaded my books. I was exhausted. Made tea.

Had some pizza. Fell asleep in my chair in front of the fireplace.

I did some homework for Ethics and started on homework for Traditional Chinese Medicine class.


Hubby got home at 7:00. 

We watched You, Me & The Apocalypse which was pre-recorded.

Looked at pictures of Lil Bit. I cried for a while.

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Very BAD Day: Lil Bit is Gone


I honestly thought this was going to be a better year than 2015.

I had hoped it would be...

Got up this morning at 5:45AM when hubby got out of bed. He said he got really good sleep after taking the Ultra Cortisol pills, but that he was worried all night about Lil Bit.

I got dressed. Hubby left for work early so he could get off this afternoon.

The dogs were still fast asleep, so I just left at 6:45 to go pick up Lil Bit. He is still not eating. The assistant helped me out after I paid, Lil Bit still had his IV sites in his right foot.

I called KR and took Lil Bit over to see her and get him a drink of water. He drank very little, but peed outside right away for over 2 minutes.

I saw with KR on her couch. She has the Flu. She called in sick today, has Tuesday&Wednesday off so she can recover.

Lil Bit barely recognized me. He was dazed.

Drove home. Lil Bit put his head out the window for a while. I drove slow.

Took him directly to Northwoods Vet. Mike took him and hooked him up to the IVs again. I told him that hubby and I would be back at 4:30 because we don't want him to be in pain anymore.

I spent the day resting my knee as it was hurting.

Did laundry & dishes. Vacuumed the rugs.

Went to get my nails done at 3:30. Talked to Deralee.

Then drove over to Northwoods Vet. Met hubby there. Went inside and visited a while with Lil Bit. He had not eaten any food. He was panting horribly and would not even drink water. We were in the back area and they just put the euthanasia medicine in his IV. He went gently as if he was falling asleep. We stayed with him until he evacuated his bowels after death. Then we left.

Lil Bit was dazed, panting

 Lil Bit is Gone

Drove home. Changed clothes and took Bud & Ben down to the park for a walk. We had to walk in the horse area. It was getting dark.

Came back home and watched Better Call Saul & Man Seeking Woman. Then we went to bed at 10PM.

The Super Cortisol supplements are really working. Sleeping much better!

Sleeping a lot worse without Lil Bit.

Sunday, February 14, 2016



Got up at 8:30; dressed and hubby made eggs for the dogs.

We loaded all the dogs into the Excursion and drove to the park. Hubby picked up a latte on the way.

We walked the dogs in the park at the first entrance. The road was completely dry and easy to walk upon.

Walked around 1 mile. The dogs had quite a good time. We took their leashes off so they could run free for a while.

Drove home. Changed clothes. Drove to town in the Dodge. Picked up totes at Walmart. Then got a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. Hubby also got a garlic chicken pizza.

Then we picked up another latte for hubby at Daybreak Coffee on Prairie.Drove to KR's house. Unloaded everything for her. She was still suffering from a hangover and sat on her couch most of the time.


We put the pizzas in the oven and had lunch. She opened her presents.

KR Blowing out Cupcake & Opening Presents

I purchased Heartshaped Quilted Placements from Etsy, for her. She got a Kitchen Dishclothes, a Make-up bag from Lancome. Books from Amazon. Exploding Kittens cardgame. Floor Runner Rugs from Costco for the Kitchen and Laundryroom. Lamp, Step-Ladder, Chocolate Covered Acai Berries, Chocolate Covered Coconut Almonds all from Costco. Metal Storage Baskets from HM, Storage Shelving for her Garage from Costco, Totes from Walmart. Pillows from Target. Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner. I pre-paid for nails at DeraLee's for her. She got a candle & valentine candy. I paid for a 1-year membership to Slick Rock Tanning for her.

Hubby and KR unloaded her shelves. Then we left at 2:00 so she could ready for work.

We drove to dump off her garbage to the CDA dump then drove to Cougar Gulch looking at property.

Drove to Pat The Detailer's to pick up the dually, but when hubby walked in the shop it was NOT ready even though Pat had said a week ago that it was done!

Hubby was pissed and slammed the door on his way out. We drove home. At home, we unloaded the Walmart groceries and hubby changed into jammies for the night. We watched The Walking Dead.

Hubby gave me a little Swarovski Forget Me Not Rabbit for Valentine's Day that KR had gotten online. They were very secretive in getting this present for me!

 Swarovski Forget Me Not Rabbit

I called the ER Pet Hospital to check on Lil Bit and they said that he was doing OK, but that he had not eaten. They wanted us to come down and try to get him to eat.

We got dressed again and drove to Post Falls. Took some ham, turkey and meat with us. Also stopped at Wendy's to pick up a burger for him. HE LOVES THOSE CHEESEBURGERS.

Lil Bit is Very Sick

When we arrived at the Pet ER, they brought him out. He was skinnier than ever, looks like he lost more weight. He was delirious. Did not recognize us. Was shaking the whole time. Hubby went out to get him some water and Lil Bit drank VORACIOUSLY. Like he had not seen water in years...

Poor little dog. He had the IV's still in his arm. We sat with him for a while and then left. 

Drove home. Both of us could not even speak. We were so upset. Finally discussed what we were going to do as he won't eat and it seems to be an internal problem. We decided that we did not want him to endure any more pain. Tomorrow we would take him to Dr Mike's. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lil Bit to ER Hospital


Not a great way to start the day.

Lil Bit was sleeping on the dog bed under the sewing machine. He has never slept there before. I could not find him this morning and looked everywhere. There were two huge piles of water where he had drank and then vomited everything up.

So I called Dr Mike. He said to bring him by at 10:00 to the Clinic as he was going to be there today.

I had to drive in to Post Falls to pick Bravo up from KR at 10:00. So I left the house at 9:30.

Picked up a latte for KR at Jitterz in Rathdrum.

Picked up Bravo and drove back home. Bravo scratched up the leather on the console between the two front seats.

 Bravo riding in the Jeep

I dumped Bravo at home and then took Lil Bit to the Vet. Dr Mike was busy doing an insemination with a couple of Bulldogs.

Then he saw us; tested Lil Bit's glucose and it was well over 500 points. Dr Mike said that he would not be in the office today, we would have to take him to the ER in Post Falls for around-the-clock monitoring and testing and IVs. Mike said he would fax all the info to the ER for Lil Bit's records.

I drove Lil Bit back down to Post Falls. Had to wait forever because there the ER was full. A lady had brought her dog in that had caught its foot in a snare trap and was having the leg amputated.

Lil Bit needed water, so I went to get some in a cup. He vomited all the water up on my sweater.
Lil Bit at the Emergency Room for Pets in Post Falls

Finally I signed all the paperwork and left Lil Bit there. I felt horrible & guilty.

I drove to Jack In The Box to get a cheeseburger for the dogs at home.

Drove home.

My finger is dry and split again.

Got mail. Gave Jack at the shop some hamburger.

Came home and gave dogs cheeseburger.

I started laundry. Cleaned up the dog water & food.

Took a bath because I hurt so bad.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Lil Bit to Vet


Woke up at 8AM. Had to take a painkiller right away.

Gave ham to the dogs. Lil Bit refused to eat.

Did laundry and washed covers for the couches.

Took Lil Bit down to the Vet at 11:45 to get his insulin levels checked again. His numbers were still too high.

Made scallops. They tasted awful.

Stayed up until midnight or later to watch The Deer Hunter. 

Lil Bit would not eat dinner tonight. I am worried about him.

Thursday, February 11, 2016



Painkiller helped last night, but I had nightmares all night long.

Got up at 8:30. Ben had slipped into bed with me. It is nice to have his warm body squishing up next to me while hubby is gone.

Gave the dogs some ham.

I made eggs for my breakfast.

Called the Chiro and re-scheduled my appointment at 9:00.

I did some laundry and dishes. Then took out garbage. We really need visit the dump when hubby returns.

At 12:45, I left and drove into town. Stopped to get mail before I left the house.

Deposited hubby's check and the ebates check into the bank, then drove to the Dr's office to pick up my note for school. Which I am thoroughly disgusted with because it was done on plain white paper and not professional letterhead. What assholes.

I stopped at Wendy's to pick up salads and burgers for dogs.

Then drove to my hair appointment at 2PM. Rachelle colored my hair and did the Brazilian Blowout treatment.

I purchased shampoo and conditioner for me and some for a gift for KR's birthday.

Then I went next door and got honey, beef sticks for hubby's valentine's day present, and feta cheese.

Drove home.

Gave burgers to dogs. Made more tea. Ate my salad. Put away laundry. Put away dishes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Still in Pain. Lots of Painkillers


Got up at 9:00. Had nightmares all night long.

Ben was sleeping in bed with me this morning. I don't remember him getting into the bed.

Lil Bit got into bed with me at 8:00.

Gave dogs some ham for breakfast.

I did not do anything today. My knee hurt a lot.

The doctor remarked that "I am stoic". Which is an odd thing for a Dr to say. WTF?

KR got her hair done today & sent me a pic. Pretty!

I took garbage out to the garage.

Did some laundry and dishes.

Went to bed at 2AM. I could not sleep. Finally took a painkiller. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Even More Pain Today & No Referral


Woke up at 7:30. Hubby texted me good morning.

Ben did NOT sleep with me last night. He came in to get on the bed at 7:30.

Lil Bit came to sleep with me & Ben at 8:30.

I called school at 9AM and left a message.

KR came over at 9:50 to drop off Bravo. Jackie from the school called right at that time.

Jackie said I could take leave of absence or attend classes & not do clinic until I had surgery.

I called Dr's office to advise I STILL had not received a referral.

The Dr's nurse called back later and said it usually takes a week. I told her that I was in a lot of pain and needed to have it resolved quickly. She said it would be Tuesday of next week before the referring doctor got the info.

I asked the Dr's nurse to write me a note for school. She said it would be available at the front desk tomorrow.

Bud & Ben share the Sofa

KR came back at 11:30. I had paid to have her nails done with Deralee from yesterday because it was a birthday present. She thanked me. She had stopped to pick up the mail. The BIRCHBOX came today.

Bravo played with Lil Bit quite a lot.

KR and Bravo left around 12:00.

I did not do too much after that. Did some dishes and put them away.  I paid the Amer Exp bill.

Called hubby. Talked to him for a while.

 Card & Fruit I Sent Hubby in Arizona

 Hubby Got Haircut in Arizona
 Hubby ate Out in Arizona

I took more painkillers.

Went to bed early.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Last Day Before School


Lil Bit came upstairs at 6AM to get into bed with me and Ben.

Got up at 8:30. Hubby texted me 'good morning'.

I got dressed. Gave ham to dogs. Gave Lil Bit his breakfast.

Started laundry.

Unseasonably Warm Today

Cleaned up the bird seed on the deck and gave them more. Put dog food in the tote.

Started to study the muscles of the leg.

I was in a lot of pain today.

Took more painkillers. Made me dizzy.

At 3:20, I went down to get my nails done with Deralee. Then drove to Spirit Lake and got groceries. Meat for dogs. They did not have angel food cake. Boo.

Drove home and got mail. Then unloaded groceries. Gave some meat to the dogs.

Watched TV and went to bed late.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday and PuppyBowl XII


Got up at 6AM when a bird flew into the window. Lil Bit came upstairs to join me and Ben on the bed. Ben had slept with me all night.

Then woke up at 8:30. Gave Lil Bit his breakfast & insulin shot.

Hubby texted me and then called. The new water heater was installed and Jim had brought over fans to air out the garage.

Hubby was working on getting all the clothes boxed up and given to Charity.

I made scallops in the oven. They were not good. Fed them to Bud. He seemed to like them.

I did more laundry and more dishes.

Watched PuppyBowl XII on tv.

I was thoroughly bored all day.

Sun was shining for a little while.

It did not get very warm at all today. Only high of 36F degrees.

Went down to the shop. Mark was working. Hubby had texted that I needed to pick up $ that was down there. I also took a bone down for Jack the dog. It was pure ice on the driveway. Very dangerous.

Watched the commercials on the SuperBowl. Broncos won.

Went to bed at midnight after watching Archer.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Hubby Off To Arizona


Woke up at 6AM, hubby was already feeding Lil Bit. Dressed and came downstairs.

I gave Lil Bit his insulin shot.

Then hubby was getting ready. We left at 6:30. Hubby stopped at Shop to drop off the invoices we had done last night.

Hubby drove to Rathdrum and we got lattes. Then we went to Spokane Valley and got souffles at Panera Bread. Then we drove to the Airport. I dropped off hubby at the departures and did not go in.

Drove to Post Falls and got gas. Then stopped to see KR. She was getting ready for work.

We talked for a while, then walked Beebo. Some idiots that were moving had parked right behind her garage so she had to tell them to move the U-Haul truck. Idiot people.

I left and drove to Rathdrum. Picked up prescription at Rathdrum Drug. Then got Valentine's chocolates and dog bones at Stein's. Also picked up a deal on dog toys for only $2 each. Purchased a whole bunch.

Drove home. Picked up the mail.

I unloaded groceries. Gave bones to dogs. Made tea. Ate the rest of the souffle. Opened the mini-blinds. Started laundry.

Bit looks happy

Watched a couple movies on tv.

Went down to the shop and got a check that Mark had put in the cupboard.

Played with the dogs.

Watched TV until midnight. Went to bed.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Lil Bit to Vet


Hubby was up at 6AM and gave Lil Bit his insulin shot. Ben was barking at the Moose that was out by the driveway.

I got up at 9:30. Hubby kept texting me so that I could not sleep at all.

Made "Cloud Bread" that I found online. It was ok. Not delicious.

Then I took Lil Bit to the Vet for a blood draw. His insulin level was still high-333. So we need to increase his insult to 5 instead of 3.

Lil Bit gained back 2 pounds. So he is 17 pounds now.

I went to the Chiropractor at 1:30. Had to be there for appointment at 2:00.

Had Dr Kevin work on my left wrist, my right shoulder, and knee. Was really dizzy after my appointment. 

Picked up groceries at Albertsons. Got apples for Moose, frozen scallops.

Then picked up Arby's burgers for the dogs.

Got home at 3:30. Gave burgers to the dogs.

Hubby came home at 7:30. We prepared invoices for this week's vehicles. He went down to the shop. Then he returned about 30 minutes later.

We watched TV and went to bed early.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Off To the Doctor's Office


Got up at 9AM. Still in a lot of pain.

Made eggs for breakfast.

Gave fresh food and water to the dogs.

UPS & Fed Ex delivered orders from H&M (K's presents) and Macy's (my Fossil purse).

I left at 2:00 to go to doctor's office in town. Picked up mail at box.

Stopped at Credit Union and deposited check.

Went to Dr's office. He referred me to Orthopedist and gave me another prescription for Tramadol.

I got burgers for dogs at Wendy's.

Drove home.

Gave burgers to dogs.

Ordered term paper.

Renewed membership to AMTA.

The guy came to fix the fireplace at 5PM. I paid him $150 for fixing it and bringing the part.

Hubby came home at 7:30. He had stopped at Costco to pick up the shelving for KR's bday present.

We watched The Blacklist, Buckets, and the other 1/2 of Madoff (which was a really stupid movie).

Went to bed at 12:30.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Another Day in Pain


Got up in pain again. Took a painkiller. I had a really bad night. Lots of pain in the knee. Decided to wear the small brace instead of the big one. Less pain in the morning, but I still called in so that I did not have to attend school.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

yet another day in pain


Groundhog Day

He did not see his shadow, so we get an early Spring. 

Got up at 9AM. The honking of the Bus across the road had briefly intruded into my unconciousness at 7:30AM.

I stayed home today because my knee was hurting too much. I called in to school and told them I would not be there today.

Gave dogs fresh water & food.

Started doing laundry and dishes.

Took a painkiller.

Fireplace was not working again.

I did my homework for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

KR came over at 1:30 to leave Bravo so that she could go get her nails done at Deralee's. Then she came back and sat with me for about 30 minutes. I had paid for her to get her nails done as a birthday present.

KR picked up my mail. I had gotten the Valentine's kitchen towels that I ordered.

Hubby got home at 7:30.  He had driven my Jeep into town for work today.

He had dinner. We watched tv. I was in a lot of pain.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Back To Clinic


First of February!

Got up at 7:45. Dressed, started laundry. Did my hair & makeup.

It was snowing lightly, but traffic was SO slow on the roads. I got behind a truck pulling a huge horse trailer only going 30 mph on Diagonal. So I took the long way into AICM.

Filled out my March schedule.

Got ready at 9:30 for massages.

Then did 3 massages. I was beat. Have not done this in 3 weeks. I was sweating everywhere.

Had to turn in tips that some client had given me.

I left at 1PM after doing my bed. I was too tired to help with laundry.

Washed the Jeep at the car wash.

Picked up cheeseburger from Jack In The Box, they don't have the onion jack anymore.

Got a Pita Salad. Got burgers for dogs at Wendy's.

I forgot to deposit check.

Drove home. Unloaded everything. Fed burgers to dogs. Made hot tea and took a painkiller.