Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Picked Up Lil Bit's Remains Today


Got up at 7:00AM and had to take too many painkillers to drive to school. I called in and told them I would not be there today.

Did laundry and dishes.

Fed ham to dogs.

Watched tv.

Went down to pick up Lil Bit's remains at 2:00.

Came back and took a bath to shave my legs.

UPS came and brought the massages stones for Panda. I need to take them to school for him.

It was warm out today. About high of 46 degrees.

Bud in the Sun

Hubby got home at 6:40. He did not bring home a salad for me even tho I asked him to do so. Then he wanted to drive BACK into town with the dogs to pick up some parts from Garwood Wrecking and get a salad & burgers for dogs. I told him that I DID NOT WANT to drive around in the dark all night especially with my knee hurting so badly.

We watched tv and went to bed at 11PM.

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