Sunday, February 14, 2016



Got up at 8:30; dressed and hubby made eggs for the dogs.

We loaded all the dogs into the Excursion and drove to the park. Hubby picked up a latte on the way.

We walked the dogs in the park at the first entrance. The road was completely dry and easy to walk upon.

Walked around 1 mile. The dogs had quite a good time. We took their leashes off so they could run free for a while.

Drove home. Changed clothes. Drove to town in the Dodge. Picked up totes at Walmart. Then got a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. Hubby also got a garlic chicken pizza.

Then we picked up another latte for hubby at Daybreak Coffee on Prairie.Drove to KR's house. Unloaded everything for her. She was still suffering from a hangover and sat on her couch most of the time.


We put the pizzas in the oven and had lunch. She opened her presents.

KR Blowing out Cupcake & Opening Presents

I purchased Heartshaped Quilted Placements from Etsy, for her. She got a Kitchen Dishclothes, a Make-up bag from Lancome. Books from Amazon. Exploding Kittens cardgame. Floor Runner Rugs from Costco for the Kitchen and Laundryroom. Lamp, Step-Ladder, Chocolate Covered Acai Berries, Chocolate Covered Coconut Almonds all from Costco. Metal Storage Baskets from HM, Storage Shelving for her Garage from Costco, Totes from Walmart. Pillows from Target. Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner. I pre-paid for nails at DeraLee's for her. She got a candle & valentine candy. I paid for a 1-year membership to Slick Rock Tanning for her.

Hubby and KR unloaded her shelves. Then we left at 2:00 so she could ready for work.

We drove to dump off her garbage to the CDA dump then drove to Cougar Gulch looking at property.

Drove to Pat The Detailer's to pick up the dually, but when hubby walked in the shop it was NOT ready even though Pat had said a week ago that it was done!

Hubby was pissed and slammed the door on his way out. We drove home. At home, we unloaded the Walmart groceries and hubby changed into jammies for the night. We watched The Walking Dead.

Hubby gave me a little Swarovski Forget Me Not Rabbit for Valentine's Day that KR had gotten online. They were very secretive in getting this present for me!

 Swarovski Forget Me Not Rabbit

I called the ER Pet Hospital to check on Lil Bit and they said that he was doing OK, but that he had not eaten. They wanted us to come down and try to get him to eat.

We got dressed again and drove to Post Falls. Took some ham, turkey and meat with us. Also stopped at Wendy's to pick up a burger for him. HE LOVES THOSE CHEESEBURGERS.

Lil Bit is Very Sick

When we arrived at the Pet ER, they brought him out. He was skinnier than ever, looks like he lost more weight. He was delirious. Did not recognize us. Was shaking the whole time. Hubby went out to get him some water and Lil Bit drank VORACIOUSLY. Like he had not seen water in years...

Poor little dog. He had the IV's still in his arm. We sat with him for a while and then left. 

Drove home. Both of us could not even speak. We were so upset. Finally discussed what we were going to do as he won't eat and it seems to be an internal problem. We decided that we did not want him to endure any more pain. Tomorrow we would take him to Dr Mike's. 

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