Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday and PuppyBowl XII


Got up at 6AM when a bird flew into the window. Lil Bit came upstairs to join me and Ben on the bed. Ben had slept with me all night.

Then woke up at 8:30. Gave Lil Bit his breakfast & insulin shot.

Hubby texted me and then called. The new water heater was installed and Jim had brought over fans to air out the garage.

Hubby was working on getting all the clothes boxed up and given to Charity.

I made scallops in the oven. They were not good. Fed them to Bud. He seemed to like them.

I did more laundry and more dishes.

Watched PuppyBowl XII on tv.

I was thoroughly bored all day.

Sun was shining for a little while.

It did not get very warm at all today. Only high of 36F degrees.

Went down to the shop. Mark was working. Hubby had texted that I needed to pick up $ that was down there. I also took a bone down for Jack the dog. It was pure ice on the driveway. Very dangerous.

Watched the commercials on the SuperBowl. Broncos won.

Went to bed at midnight after watching Archer.

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