Saturday, February 20, 2016



Got up at 6AM and washed my hair. Bud pushed on the bathroom door like Lil Bit used to do.

I made eggs & sausage for the dogs, me & hubby.

Hubby got up and helped feed Ben.

Hubby got dressed.

We loaded dogs in Excursion and took them to the park for a walk. Beyond the Day-Use area behind the Frisbee golf. Dogs were wild-dogging it today. Then they ran away, so we had to put them on leashes again.

The barking sled dogs were there. Sounded like somebody was killing them. But they were just excited to go for a run.

We came back to town, latte stand was closed & hubby needed a latte.

Dropped me & the dogs off while hubby went to the shop to sell the Bronco II for some guy.

I worked on my Practical Exam paperwork for Kines.

Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby came home at 4PM. He brought milk & lottery tickets.

He made spaghetti for dinner that did not sit well on his tummy. We watched a re-run of the 2016 Grammy Awards, which was AWFUL.

I massaged hubby on the chair. Then we watched HBO Free weekend of The Watchmen and Lucy.

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