Wednesday, February 17, 2016

another Day at School


Awake at 6:00AM with hubby. He gave Bud & Ben some ham. Gave dogs huggies with hubby. Then I went back to bed and Ben jumped in with me.

Got up at 7:00AM and dressed for school. Made the bed.

Cooked chicken noodle soup with dumplings for KR.

Gathered together all my books. Pre-started the Jeep so it would be warm.

Left bones for dogs so they would have something to keep them occupied.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up a latte for KR.

Drove to Post Falls and gave KR the soup & latte. She was still coughing badly but said that she would go to weight lifting training.

I drove to school. Made up 1 hour in Jen's class as I promised that I would be super quiet while they were taking a test. I studied for Bladder & Kidney test and then went to take it. I think I got a lot wrong on it. They canceled Andrea's class today.

Went to class for Ethics. Stephanie taught the class.

After class was done at 11:45, we left. I got hamburgers for dogs at Jack-in-the-Box. Then drove home.

Got mail. Then gave burgers to dogs.

Studied A&P for test tomorrow. Did more homework.

Hubby came home at 5:30PM with his new Dually. It just barely fits into the garage.

Watched TV news.

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