Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Even More Pain Today & No Referral


Woke up at 7:30. Hubby texted me good morning.

Ben did NOT sleep with me last night. He came in to get on the bed at 7:30.

Lil Bit came to sleep with me & Ben at 8:30.

I called school at 9AM and left a message.

KR came over at 9:50 to drop off Bravo. Jackie from the school called right at that time.

Jackie said I could take leave of absence or attend classes & not do clinic until I had surgery.

I called Dr's office to advise I STILL had not received a referral.

The Dr's nurse called back later and said it usually takes a week. I told her that I was in a lot of pain and needed to have it resolved quickly. She said it would be Tuesday of next week before the referring doctor got the info.

I asked the Dr's nurse to write me a note for school. She said it would be available at the front desk tomorrow.

Bud & Ben share the Sofa

KR came back at 11:30. I had paid to have her nails done with Deralee from yesterday because it was a birthday present. She thanked me. She had stopped to pick up the mail. The BIRCHBOX came today.

Bravo played with Lil Bit quite a lot.

KR and Bravo left around 12:00.

I did not do too much after that. Did some dishes and put them away.  I paid the Amer Exp bill.

Called hubby. Talked to him for a while.

 Card & Fruit I Sent Hubby in Arizona

 Hubby Got Haircut in Arizona
 Hubby ate Out in Arizona

I took more painkillers.

Went to bed early.

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