Monday, February 28, 2011

Doggie Hugs

Lil Bit decided to sit on my lap - an unprecedented move! He was there for over an hour which resulted in a leg cramp for me. But I suffered it as this adorable little dog is not a lap dog that often!

bit on mommy's lap

Last night before bed, Angus crawled into the "dog garage" a past favorite of Bravo's to sleep. Under the foot of daddy's recliner. Angus does not fit as well as Bravo, however.

Angus in "dog garage"

I am slowly recovering from flu. Still have sore throat and intermittent coughing spells wherein I am unable to breathe & almost pee my pants. But am getting better. Still weak, tho.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Report

Bitterly cold Thursday Friday & Saturday. Waited until late Saturday morning to walk dogs. Got lattes & it was finally up to 16 degrees. Brrrr. Dogs had fun running around in wild dog area.

Hubby went to work at shop, I continued with my cold & rested most of the day.

Took cupcakes down to the shop late afternoon & went to get another hot latte for my sore throat.

This cold is taking quite a long time to recover from.

Sunday morning walked dogs again - it was snowing. Saw beautiful huge wild turkey. And four deer ran out in front of the truck when we drove back.


We came home & watched The Pianist which I had recorded from yesterday. Then walked dogs again in afternoon. Still snowing. We got about 5 inches so far.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Snow

12 inches of snow yesterday, blowing & drifting today. Hubby plowed driveway last night in the dark.

Bitterly cold temps today & tomorrow.

All school districts in the local areas are closed.

 Buddy sleeping on the couch next to the fireplace.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hair Color

Just so I don't forget next time.

PERFECT10 Lightest Blonde

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Sick?

Drowsiness, dizziness, disturbed coordination, increased chest congestion, dry mouth, nose and throat, headache, muscle weakness, excitability, nervousness, loss of appetite, constipation, vomiting, and nausea. Confusion, nervousness, irritability, blurred vision.

Yep. Still sick. I am so sick & tired of being sick & tired.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Isabelle Resting

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Flu

I have been suffering with the flu ever since the 12th; a mild case prior to that...the kids came over & we babysat Bravo for them while they went out with friends.

By the time 9:30 rolled around, I was in a near coma & went to bed. By the next morning I had body aches & pains, nasal stuffiness, coughing, fever, and diarrhea.

The only things I have done for the last week have been sleep in the extra bed so as not to disturb hubby more than I needed to, cough all night long, get no sleep at all, and exist in a near catatonic state. Coming down to let the dogs out while sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing.

Monday (Valentine's Day) I managed to drag myself to consciousness as hubby had taken the day off to celebrate. We ran into town to Costco & ate at Outback (a complete waste).

After that the flu got worse. I believe it morphed into bronchitis somewhere along the way.

Hubby suggested a co-worker's wife who is employed as a physician's assistant told them that an overdose of Vitamin D was helping. So he brought home copious amounts of Vitamin D and made me take them. It did make me feel a little bit better (about 1% better). But then I got a huge cold sore on my mouth. Gross.

Today the kids came over again so that M could take hubby out to the Monster Truck Show in Spokane. Before they came, we walked the dogs...was disturbed on wild dog walk by truck who was trying to dump a refrigerator at the end of the road-dogs ran after it-asshole people...fed ducks at Bayview...then came home to vacuum house from all the hideous dog hair...washed dog beds. I also felt the need to go with K into town so she could look at latte equipment for her new stand.

 Fed Ducks at Bayview

Then we got K a Jamba Juice, went to pick up cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendy's, and a quick stop at WalMart for ice cream. The ice cream seems to be helping my throat. I had a coughing fit in WalMart & almost passed out!

Came home & I still had enough strength left to color my hair (ugly horrible red color which was not at all featured on the box)

Hubby & M came home and we talked about truck show, then kids went to Sandpoint for dinner with friends. We babysat Beebo. Hubby fell asleep in front of TV.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Made Guinness Cupcakes for Matt when the kids came over on the 12th.

Guinness Cupcake

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Countdown T -2

lil bit & harriet

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Almost V-Day

The dogs woke me up early this morning. I staggered downstairs to let them out. When I got back into bed, Harriet hogged my warm spot. So I had to sleep upside down so as not to disturb her.

It took forever to get back to sleep. First I was hot, then I was cold.

Lil Bit quit honking last night, but had a few honks today. We continued giving him his medicine from the Vet.

Last night was quite cold, but the sun was shining today and it got warm. Dogs were excited to play outside.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Bit To The Vet

After hubby coughing all night & Lil Bit honking all night, I am about to scream! No sleep for me. I am a walking dead zombie.

Called the Vet this morning to schedule an appt. They can get Bit in at 3:15. So this morning, I did laundry, dishes, and worked on my 4th Valentine's day garland. Also took V-day garland to DeraLee. She loved it.

Got the dogs bundled into the FMF for the Vet visit. Lil Bit is no 'lil guy any longer! He weighs 19 pounds. We have to put him on a diet. He is a tub!

Vet said maybe he scratched his throat. Prescribed antibiotics & anti-inflammatories.

Picked hubster up at work in town at 4:30, dropped off utility payments. Picked up cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendys.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Superbowl Sunday Not

 Hubby had a horrible nosebleed. He said his heart started racing. He sat down for about half an hour with an ice pack before we went to walk the dogs. Dogs were uber excited as they ran around with their harness' on.

I drove the dodge. Hannah was working today. Her mom showed up to spend time with her there. We got lattes, then went down to Farragut Park. We walked the dogs into the park & took off their leashes so they could run around. Saw a disemboweled deer. It was horrible. At first hubby thought it looked like garbage. Icky.

 angus at the park

We returned home where hubby rested on the couch & watched his car shows for the balance of the day while I worked on the SECOND Valentine's day garland. I started on the third one today, also. We did not watch the Superbowl.

Valentine's Day garland

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sick Sicker Sickest

Hubby started staying home on Wednesday due to flu. He managed to give it to me, but fortunately I only contracted a mild variety.

He brought home cold chills, fever, coughing, vomiting & dizziness. So both of us have been languishing around the house for the last few days. I finally felt alive enough to vacuum today.

Had to get the dodge in town as hubby had brought home his work truck. I also picked up some rick rack to complete the Valentine's fabric garland.

Took dogs for walk at 3pm.

isabelle & bud

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy (ground) Hog Day!

Happy G-Hog Day!

Early Spring this year! Yippee.
Lil Bit on dog bed

The dogs will be certainly happy to frolic in the warmth.

Hubby stayed home sick today with flu. Diarrhea, lethargy, sore throat, body aches & pains. I took care of him, made him chix noodle soup & covered him with blankets. He slept late until 10:30.

I don't have a copy of Groundhog Day, and none of the satellite channels were playing it. So sad. I will have to purchase the DVD so we can have it next year.

Finished the Valentine's garland for Deralee, but still have to get a cookie cutter heart to hang on it. Will give the garland to her tomorrow.