Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Day in Montana

AUGUST 31 2014

Got up and hubby made eggs for the dogs. I slept in until 9AM! OMG.

Then we went to have breakfast at Country Boy Cafe. It was not worth it. The food was not good today.

We came back home and then took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park.

Afterwards we drove over to Montana to look at property for sale.

Stopped at a dam half way.

Cabinet Gorge Dam

Walked the dogs & gave them water.  Walked the dogs again and gave them more food.

On the way back, it started to rain. It had been darkly cloudy all day.

Stopped at Paul Bunyan Burgers in Sandpoint. Walked the dogs again. Ben had diarrhea after trying to walk him over 1/4 mile in the woods. We gave water to the dogs again. Then gave them burgers from the restaurant. Sat on a park bench and ate. The food was awful. Onion rings were burnt & hard. Hamburgers tasted awful. Malts were thick & we were unable to drink the foam. Gross.

Drove home. I started dishwasher. Started washing clothes. Hubby watched TV.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pissy P&Z Day - Happy Anniversary

AUGUST 28, 2014

We went down to Planning & Zoning. Big disappointment. Should never have gone down there.

Returned weedwacker to Sears. Got latte for me.

Picked up lawnmower at Repair shop in Rathdrum. Got my one nail repaired at Rhonda's at 1:30.

AUGUST 29, 2014

Happy Anniversary 33 years!

Took dogs for walk; Went to Spokane. Got dog food at Big R. Could not do planned activities because of stupid Pig Out In The Park. Too many people.

Drove to Don & Lucille's. Dropped off parts.

Ate at Golden Corral Buffet. Yuck. Never again.

Came home. Went down to boat with Lil Bit. Too windy and cold by the time we got down there.
No internet connection. I was bored. Broke my toe when I went into the galley on the boat.

Broken Toe

Came home again. Watched TV and then sat out on the deck later.

Very disappointing anniversary.

I paid bills online later.

Went to bed at 10:30.

AUGUST 30, 2014

I woke up with severe stomach ache. Hubby made breakfast for dogs.

Walked dogs in park. Lots of people there.

Came back home and loaded bikes. We biked thru Farragut Park.

Then we came back home, unloaded bikes and drove over to Spokane.

Stopped at Five Guys Burgers in Spokane Valley. Hubby had to get burgers. Then we walked thru a Park Model on Sprague. Very attractive & I liked the lay-out. But hubby hated the small living room. It had a nice covered deck.

We drove over to Wine & More. Walked thru there. It was big. Bought some Pumpkin Ale that turned out to taste like CRAP.

Stopped in Rathdrum on the way home to get yogurt & some groceries at Super One. Got bones for the dogs.

Came home and watched tv. Went to bed at 10:30.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Floating Out On The Boat

AUGUST 27, 2014

Walked the dogs in Farragut Park after I made breakfast for hubby & the dogs.

Then KRN came home with Bravo. We left dogs at home and packed up ready to float the CDA River. Went into town, got gas. Stopped at Pita Pit for a sandwich for me, at Jimmy John's for sandwiches for hubby & KRN. Then stopped at Black Sheep for hubby to purchase another float while KRN and I went over to Great Harvest Bread Company to see if they had cinnamon rolls. They had cinnamon pull-aparts which were not very good. I pottied while we were there.

After all this running around, KRN suggested floating out on the boat. So we drove to Bayview and loaded everything onto the boat and went out on the East side of the lake by the Waterfall. We floated there for several hours. Had our sandwiches. Then came back around 4:30.

KRN left with her Jeep and Bravo. She had to stop at the Valley Mall on the way home.

Hubby and I unloaded everything. I did a couple loads of laundry.

Walked the dogs in the park again before dark.

Went to bed about 10PM.

Monday, August 25, 2014



Got up early and made breakfast eggs for dogs; warmed up breakfast pizza for hubby.

Hubby called HR for his work and found out how much he will be getting when he retires.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park after getting a latte for hubby from Erin at the Espresso Stand.

We walked around the water tower and then thru the woods. Dogs were happy.

Got home and unloaded dogs. We got ready to go to Sandpoint today. Loaded bikes, bike water, and energy bars for hubby.

Drove to Sandpoint in Red Dodge & saw Dave R just pulling out of the Frontier building. We waved at him.

Then stopped at a stand to get corn dogs. Yum. And got diesel fuel at the gas station at the base of the hill.

Drove up to Schweitzer and took our bikes up the mountain. It was too severe to go down with all the dangerous switchbacks & rocks. So we walked our bikes down the road which was still very steep. It took us 2 hours to get down.

When we arrived at the base, we put our bikes in the truck and went to the ZipLine. It was fun. Alex & Will were very helpful. More walking up the hill with our equipment after the ZipLine ride. Then we stopped at Pucci's Pub and had Stella Artois on tap (yum) and nachos with pulled pork.

 Gondola Ride
 Bears out of pic to lower left!
 Top of Schweitzer
 Hubby on ZipLine
 Ride Ticket
Zip Line Ticket

Stopped to talk to a couple guys outside the pub with their dogs, a husky named White Face and a skinny beagle named Buddy!

We walked next door to get salted caramel ice cream. Hubby drove down to Sandpoint to get Arby burgers for the dogs. Drove home.

I fed the dog burgers to the dogs, then fell asleep on the couch. It got very cold tonight. I turned on the heaters & took a hot bath. My legs hurt.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

TillaMook Yogurt


Got up at 7:30; slept in an hour late! I heated up breakfast pizza for hubby; Made eggs for dogs.

Then we got lattes at stand in Athol. Took dogs for walk in Farragut Park along the Shooters Road.

Came back and I washed my hair. Got ready to leave for town. Left dogs at home.

Dropped off wine & card for Rhonda at her new home. Her son was there asleep, the dog kept barking, but we got a quick tour. She still has boxes everywhere.

Then picked up latte at Jitterz in Rathdrum.

Shopped at Best Buy in CDA to get new wireless Keyboard - Logitech. Talked to a very knowledgeable customer service rep - Joel. Will give him a positive review online.

Then tried to find an open nail place so I could fix my broken fingernail. The ones that were open had such LONG waits.

We washed the truck at Car Wash on Kathleen, then drove on the interstate to dry it off. Went to pick up a floatie, got an orange flag for the boat, and some new sunglasses for me at Black Sheep. Then went to pick up burgers at McDonalds.

Ate outside on the cafe tables at Pita Pit. Hubby got a special - Southwestern and I got a Chicken Crave. Yum.

Then we went to WalMart to get groceries where we ran into Kurt Owens who is now working for Franz; he was unloading bread. Talked to him for a while. Saw pictures of his son.

Afterwards we drove home and unloaded groceries. Fed the dogs their picnic on the deck.

I went for a bike ride around 6:00; hubby had to come pick me up because of the massive head-wind. Too much to bike. Then we took Dave 2.0's Bronco over to his house to drop off.

Jeff came over later and wanted to borrow some screws. Dogs barked at him.

We watched a PBS show about the Tower of London. Very interesting. Then went to bed later.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

KeyBoard Dead


Keyboard died so no more blogging. Have to do a massive week summary.


Took dogs for walk in park; packed lunch for boat. Hubby forgot the lunch at home; we had to get gasoline at McDonald's Resort. Hubby picked up some cheese sticks, meat & crackers at the store.

Met Greg's work friend, Andrew & his wife Chrissy along with their friend Mitch at the restaurant Captn's Wheel in Garfield. Also ran into people that used to dock their boat in Bayview. Talked to them for a while on the dock. Took Benjamin with us. Lots of people were impressed with him.

We motored in boats around the point to tie up near the beach. Swam in the water & floated..

Then around 4:30, we decided to leave and come home. It was a fun day.


Raining most of day. Depressing.





Storm Clouds


Found A Dime on the road while biking


Got up early and made breakfast pizza for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Then drove to Athol to get lattes. To Farragut Park for dog walk at the Shooting Range; went down to the range to see what improvements they have made. Wasted lots of taxpayer money.

Afterwards drove down to Bayview to see boat. Came back to Athol to see the new 95 interchange opened. Traffic lights are still on and confusing people. Posted highway sighs are totally confusing. Got bread for meatloaf at Lil Town Market.

Came home and dropped off dogs, hubby went to work at the shop.

I went for bike ride. Around Remington and up Ramsey. Then down Hwy 54. Almost got hit by 8 cars passing me; mostly Canadian & Washington cars. Rude.

When I got home, hubby and I went to Spirit Lake to get pizza for shop workers from Fourth & Main Pizza. He got a chicken garlic pizza with breadsticks.

We came home and hubby went back to work while I came home.

Hubby came home at 5PM. I was watching the Season Premiere of the new Dr Who. Then we watched a new show for a while - Intruders until it turned out too disgusting and we changed the channel.

Went to bed at 10:00. I was tired.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Raining Again


Woke up to rain in the middle of the night; then had to get up to pee. Got back to bed by 3AM.

When hubby woke up extra early this morning, I was still exhausted. I did not make dog eggs as none of them are eating them now. So I just warmed up a little quiche slice for hubby; cut some banana bread for him.

Hubby left at 6:30; said that there was no Meeting today when he got to work. So he got in some OT.

I fell back to sleep on the couch. Woke up at 9AM to hubby texting me several times. I had also turned off the volume on my cell phone and he had tried calling several times. I called him to let him know I was OK.

Then called the Vet's Office to get an appointment for Maggie to get her nails cut at 2:30PM. I also need to pick up Ben's antibiotics.

Did laundry & dishes.

Wrote out a check for Tom's and took it down to the mail on my bicycle. Bud, Maggie, and Ben came out with me to run around.

Ordered Forskolin & Olive Leaf on Amazon. Olive Leaf might take care of Ben's foot problem. It is supposed to be good for exerting powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic activity. Ben can't keep living on Antibiotics every couple months.

At 11:45, it started thundering. Cloudy all day.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

TWO Days


Rained in the early morning; I got up and made breakfast eggs for dogs. Maggie still won't eat. She takes her pills with ham, tho.

I fed the fish; took Buddy out with me to refill the deer food bowls.

At 10:00, Ron came to fix the internet DSL. Much faster now. He took off the old number from the shop; installed  a new modem; took the filter off the old modem; hooked up new wiring for modem; upgraded us to 7megs instead of 2 or 1.

Dogs were let back inside after he left.

I did laundry & dishes.

Hubby came home around 6:30. He hauled home the Excursion from the detail shop with his Big Red Dually.

Hubby had dinner, then went down to shop for a while until 7:30. Started getting dark because of storm. Really awful moldy smells today from rain.

We walked down to the shop with dogs to pick up hubby's cell phone he had left down there.

Went to bed at 10:30.


Got up and made egg breakfast for dogs. Warmed up quiche for hubby. I felt really tired today.

Fed fish; refilled deer bowls.

After hubby left, I took a nap on the couch. Then got up and did dishes & laundry.

It rained starting at 9:00. Very dreary and dark today.

Hubby got home at 5:30 and had a little snack. He changed clothes to go down working at shop; but sat down on the couch & fell asleep. He woke up later to have a little dinner. He never went down to the shop.

We went to bed at 11:00.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crockpot Lasagne


Got up and made eggs breakfast for dogs; warmed up a slice of Quiche for hubby. He took his grilled cheese sandwich leftover from last night to work in his lunch along with watermelon slices.

Hubby had to leave early for work to drop off car parts at Richie C's. It was raining this morning, which made it humid. Not enough to wet anything.

I did laundry & dishes, then went outside with Bud to re-fill the deer food.

Around 12:30, I left to go get nails done in Rathdrum. Afterwards at 2:00, I stopped to get dog burgers at McDonalds and then shopped at Stein's for eggs, Ricotta cheese, and dog bones.

At home, I fed the dogs their burgers. Then gave them bones so it would occupy them for a while. I started the Crockpot Lasagne. Put away all the groceries.

Hubby rolled home around 6:00 and he got changed into shorts. We drove into Post Falls to pick up a truck from CN Diesel. Took Buddy along with us. The storm started raining really badly when we got to Rathdrum. Had to load the truck in pouring rain.

We again stopped at Stein's to pick up some tomatoes and more cheap eggs. There was a slow car that was in front of us and instead of letting hubby get even more frustrated, I suggested we stop for groceries.

Came home and hubby dropped me off in the rain to take the groceries into the house with Bud while he drove down to the shop to unload the truck.

The Crockpot Lasagne smells delicious and I think it is already done!

Crockpot Lasagne

Monday, August 11, 2014

Banana Bread


Got up at 6:00 and made eggs for dogs; Maggie is doing better but won't eat eggs still. Heated a slice of Quiche up for the hubby.

Sat on the deck and enjoyed the fresh air (with a little bit of smoke in the air, also.)

Hubby left for work at 7:00.

Bud helped me put out food for the deer; I fed the fish.

Did laundry & dishes.

Made banana bread with the 3 old bananas.

Hubby came home around 5:00; I warmed him up some banana bread with strawberries & blueberries on the side.

Hubby took a nap on the couch. It was overly hot today; in the 90s-100s most everywhere.

When hubby woke up, I made him cold beans, egg salad, and heated a grilled ham & cheese sandwich with 3 different cheese & onions.

We watched Top Gear for a while.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

the weekend


Slept in late until 7:45. Got up and made breakfast for dogs and warmed up the last of the breakfast pizza for hubby.

Captured some of Maggie's urine for the vet. She finally peed after 2 days of not going potty at all. 

We got the dogs loaded (left Maggie at home to rest). Took the Big Red Dually and stopped in Rathdrum to get hubby a vanilla & cupcake flavor latte; went to the park by Post Falls. Walked the dogs around there. Then we picked up hubby's tires at CN Diesel.

Came back to Athol and dropped of Maggie's urine sample at the Vet's. They were closed, so I had to knock on the back door.

Drove home and dumped the dogs off. Hubby went down to the shop to work for the rest of the day.

I did laundry, dishes, made bacon/spinach quiche. Took a slice of quiche down to him later. He said it tasted very good.

Hubby came home around 6PM. We sat on the deck for a while.Watched TV - free Cinemax channel for a while, then went to bed.


Woke up at 7AM; got up and made breakfast for dogs; warmed up a slice of quiche for hubby. We sat on the deck and ate breakfast.

Maggie is feeling much better. She did not eat eggs, but she had her pills in a piece of sliced ham.

Then kids texted & said they were coming over. We started getting things ready for the boat.

They got here and unloaded the picnic table; Matt put his truck in the big storage building; kids had quiche too, and sat on the deck with us.

We left and took the dogs for a walk in the park. Kids drove their own car. We had all the dogs in the red Dually. Hubby had to purchase a park pass for $5 because he forgot to buy one for the Dodge.

Then we had a nasty encounter with people on horses when we were waiting to walk down the Gun Shooting Road. Finally walked the dogs after the horse people left.

Drove home and dropped off the dogs; packed up everything in the Big Red Dually. Forgot my tea, so had to return home again. Then stopped at Lil Town Market to get ice & food & drink for the kids.

At the boat we unloaded everything then motored up to Hope and ate at the Floating Restaurant. Very good brunch.

Afterwards, we pottied & motored out to one of the islands. We had to float in the water because hubby had not gotten a pintle hook for the new anchor.

We floated for about 2 hours, then got back on the boat and motored back to Bayview. It was about 5:00 when we left and about 6:30 when we finally docked at our marina.

Unloaded everything and came home. Kids left to go home. Hubby and I sat on the deck and he ate his leftover Brunch. He fell asleep on the deck while I played online Scrabble.

It got dark and we came inside to watch tv for a while. Then went to bed.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Maggie Sick


I did not sleep well last night at all. Up all night. First hot, then cold. Had to pee several times. I am drinking too much before bed... Felt that the bed was too uncomfortable.

Got up and made breakfast pizza for hubby and eggs for dogs. Maggie had trouble coming down the stairs. She had slept on my side of the bed all night long.

Maggie refused to eat eggs this morning and was drinking massive amounts of water. Which is not usual for her. She is a water camel.

Sat on the deck for a while until hubby had to leave.

I started washing clothes, started dish washer, went out to feed the deer with Bud. Fed the fish.

Internet is still not working very well. Hubby is supposed to put in a trouble ticket for us today.

Hubby came home at 6:00 and had brought deer food; he dropped it off. I filled the deer bowls again. Then hubby went down to the shop to work for a while. He came home later and we went to bed.

Thursday, August 07, 2014



Got up and made breakfast for dogs & hubby. We all sat on the front deck before hubby went to work. It is quite nicely cool in the mornings.

Hubby left for work and I did chores. Did laundry; dishes; fed fish; filled deer food bowls. Bud came with me outside.

The Baby birds are getting bigger all the time. 

Then took bills down to mail - Propane and Hospital bills. Had almost forgotten to pay them! LOL.

I cleaned out the grille on the deck. Lots of food crap in it.

Dumped garbage cans. Vacuumed.

Hubby got home and had BLT for dinner; then we took dogs for a walk in the park. Maggie is getting slower all the time. Tired. Hurts her to get in the truck after walks so hubby has to help her get in the vehicle.

Hubby mentioned that his father is getting worse in health, that hubby's brother is going down to visit him to do a welfare check.

When we got home, hubby dumped us off and went down to the shop to work until 10PM. I had to take him his work shoes so that he would not wear his Keen sandals into the shop and ruin them.

Went to bed at 11:00 after watching 30 Rock re-runs.


Got up and made breakfast for dogs & hubby. Dogs got sausage in with their eggs. Hubby is still getting his breakfast pizza sliced up. I think we have 2 more slices.

I was restless last night, had to get up twice to potty during the night. I think I drank too much too late.

Sat on the deck for a while before hubby went to work.

Then I did dishes, fed fish, filled deer food bowls, did laundry.

I did some weedeating in the front & back until the damned Craftsman Weedeater died AGAIN. It will have to be returned for a full refund because I refuse to play the trade-in game again. We will purchase a different brand. Obviously Sears does not care about quality anymore.

Then I did the dog bed laundry for Ben, vacuumed upstairs and downstairs, found a damned BIRD in our front window, tried to save it but he won't go into the fish net and just keeps banging into the window where he will eventually die of exhaustion & heat. Stupid bird.

Went to get the mail. Just junk. Couple magazines for hubby.

Hubby got home promptly as 5PM; he got a ladder to get the bird out of the windows, but said he was not there any longer. I did not see the bird fly out. Odd.

Hubby fixed the deck step. Then he went down to work at the shop until 9:30PM. When he came home, he fell asleep on the couch. We went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, August 04, 2014



Got up and made breakfast for hubby & dogs. Sat on the front deck for a while until hubby had to go to work. He took Kevin R's piece of heavy equipment on the trailer with the Red Dually.

I did dishes, laundry, vacuumed.

Got the mail with Buddy. Fed the deer & fish.

Hubby got home at 5:30 and he changed into shorts. We drove up to Sandpoint to get an Anchor that was advertised on Craigslist. It was only $95.

We shopped at Wal-Mart afterwards. No stock. Horribly dirty store. Even the outside was dirty.

Stopped at new McDonalds and had to wait 10 minutes in line for food. Awful service for a new building.

Drove home. Unloaded groceries & fed dogs their burgers on the deck.

Went to bed early.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Forget to Post


Got up and made breakfast for hubby & dogs. Made a breakfast pizza for hubby. Eggs, Shalliots, Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes & Bacon.

Breakfast Pizza

Made green eggs (spinach) & hot dogs for the dogs. They loved it. It looked gross.

Green eggs & Ham

Then took them for a walk at the park. Had to get a drink at latte stand for hubby. It was a long wait. 3 cars in line. Also had to wait for train at RR crossing. I had a bad tummy on the way to the park, so had to hurry & go potty at the park office.

Walk at the Shooter's Road. Was very quiet. Deadly calm.

Then came home and hubby went to shop to work. I did laundry, dishes, fed fish, filled deer food.

Buddy was sleeping on his back again.

Silly Buddy

Vacuumed house.

Maggie took a nap on the couch with her pillow.


Dave P came to work on the deck. Hubby came home at 5PM;

I took another pic of the baby birds. One of them was sticking his head out of the nest.

 baby bird

At 8PM there was a big wind storm. No rain, tho. Never seen trees sway like that. In a circle. Broke some trees in the woods, dropped lots of pine needles & branches, thankfully we did not lose power. On the news they said 60 mph winds.

We went to bed at 10:00.


Got up REALLY EARLY and warmed up breakfast pizza for hubby. Made cheese eggs for dogs. We sat on the front deck for a while, then went outside with Bud & Maggie to clean up the yard. Flag blew away, fire-pit chairs fell over, lots of branches in driveway. Hubby put up the bird house in the circle driveway again.

Had to wait for train at RR crossing, lots of empty coal cars. Then noticed that the Veteran's Hall sign had blown down from the wind.

We took dogs for walk in park. Picked up a latte for hubby in town. New girl, Danielle was there.

Came home and looked for a new anchor for the boat.

Took Lil Bit with us to the boat. We stopped at Lil Town Market to get drinks, lunch for hubby, and ice. Hubby talked to the owner for a while. I had parked in front of the store, but found the overwhelming stench of cigarette smoke too much so we moved the FMF over to the Frontier site. Hubby came out of the store and we drove down to Bayview. Unloaded all our stuff, then walked Lil Bit so he could potty. We motored out and over to Buttonhook Bay. Lloyd and Paula were there in Kruzer, went over to talk to them but they were out fishing and Rachel, Nick's wife was there. She said they sold their boat.

At Buttonhook Bay, the Fish & Game had re-done the boat docks and bridge to the shore. It is much better now.

 Docks at Buttonhook

Talked to a nice couple that we had met the first year out - Andy & Jeannie. They had a Parson's terrier named Turbo. He was cute but she hit him for doing absolutely nothing. I was livid.

Hubby had lunch.

We took a nap on the boat for about 1 hour.

I could not locate my bathing suit, but hubby went swimming for a while after we walked to Beaver Bay swim area and back.

 Hubby "waves" to me

Talked to some nice Canadians and exchanged drinks with them; they had frozen daquiris and I gave them a Johnny Appleseed hard cider.

After hubby was done swimming, we motored back to Bayview.

Lil Bit stood at the side, directing us where to go with the boat.

Lil Bit directs the boat

Unloaded everything into the FMF and drove home.

At home, the dogs were happy to see us. We gave them chicken from the fridge. Dave P came over at 7PM to pick up some tools.

We watched pay-per-view The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was very good!

Went to bed later.

At 10:30, Dave & Vera R came and dropped off the Red Dually they had borrowed for the weekend. It was so late and I was in bed, so hubby went out. They talked for a while, then left.

Hubby came up to bed afterwards.

Friday, August 01, 2014



last day of July for the summer of 2014.

Got up and made breakfast for hubby & dogs. I actually got some really good sleep last night with the fan blowing on me all night long. I did not even get up for potty. My back did not hurt when I woke up.

Sat on the deck enjoying the cool weather before Hubby left for work at 7:00.

I did laundry, did dishes. Fed the fish and watered plants. Picked up dog poo.

Sat on the front deck with dogs in the shade in the afternoon.

Made chicken on the grille.

chicken breasts made on the grille

Hubby came home around 5:30 and was dragging trailer. He had dinner. Then Kevin R came later with the Red Dually. He had not washed it before returning it. (ass) and the front bumper had been ripped off on the passenger side.

They left to go pick up the skid-steer for Dave R. They took Bud with him. The skid steer was at Zach's house where Kevin R had gotten married.

Hubby finally got back home around 9:00. We watched TV and went to bed.


Got up and made breakfast for hubby & dogs. Lil Bit was hacking & coughing this morning similar to Ben. Odd.

We sat out on the deck in the 56 degree weather which was really nice; sun was behind clouds.

Hubby left and then I did laundry, dishes, fed fish.

Paid bills. Mailed water payment. Picked up the mail. Bud came down with me to run around in the woods. Awfully dry outside. Hope it rains a little today.

It is very warm today.

 Temp on the back deck thermometer

Took a picture of the baby birds in the nest.

 Baby birds

Hubby came home late at 8:00. Dave R brought him home in his SUV. They unloaded deer food. Dave stayed to talk for a while. Then he left.

We were going to go to the boat. Decided to take Ben. It was getting dark & cloudy. Took the FMF. By the top of Athol hill, Ben vomited in the car. Hubby had a freak attack about it. We stopped at Lil Town Market to get milk and eggs then decided to go home instead.

Watched tv for a while, then went to bed early.