Tuesday, August 30, 2016



Got up at 7AM. Fed dogs, fed cats. Cleaned up after Momma cat.

Drove to school at 9AM. Had only 1 hour Business Presentation overview class from 10-11AM.

I sat outside on the picnic table with Katie & Kim until 10AM.

We were in Room 3 for the brief class. Pam came in and talked to us.

I left at 11:05 because Pam was still talking. I had to get back home to get Bud to the Vet by Noon.

Drove home and they were put oil & rock on Hwy 41. I turned around. They were doing Utility maintenance work on Hwy 53. It was impossible to get home!

Finally got Bud to the vet in the Grey Dodge. Dr Mike prescribed Meloxicam for his arthritis. Vet said to wait for 2 weeks to see if that fixes his hips. If not, he will prescribe Tramadol for him.

Got Bud back home and unloaded.

Then I got ready and had to go in for my Eyelash update at Chisty's.

Got out of there at 5PM. Drove home.

Hubby got home a little while after that.

I finished up typing my notes for A&P.

We watched TV and went to bed.

Monday, August 29, 2016



Got up at 6AM. On the road by 8AM.

Stopped at Spirit Lake to get lattes. Yuck. Horrible.

Drove to Newport and picked up breakfast sandwich for hubby at McDonalds.

Bugs were plastered on the windshield from the U.S. No bugs in Canada.

Then drove to Border Crossing. No problems there.

Drove to Salmo and got gasoline.

Continued driving to Nelson and washed the car there. Hubby stopped to get a peach. It was $1. Very expensive.

Arrived at Ainsworth at Noon. Could not check in until later. Receptionist gave us a locker key. We undressed and went in the Hot Springs. Storage lockers are now in the changing rooms.

Lots of Asian people there from a bus tour. They were slightly rude. 

It was pretty hot during the day. I don't know if we will come up in the summer again. Too hot to sit in the pool.

We got out at 2PM, had lunch in the dining room, and then drove to Kaslo to rent kayaks, but the clouds were bad and the water looked bad. We decided to go back to the hotel, check in to our room, and take a nap.

After our nap, we got back into the Pool at 4PM. Then stayed there for 2 hours. Got out at 6PM so that we could get ready for dinner at 7PM.

Dinner was not impressive as it has been in past years.

They were out of steak. So I got Prawns Francesca, French Onion Soup. Hubby picked Stir-Fry with Shrimp. Hubby was obsessed about getting a dessert. We took the desserts back to our room. Some awful RUDE people were standing in a group of 6 right in front of the elevator as we got off. They would not move. Hubby was carrying our food on a tray. I had to yell loudly at them to move. The guy even said a rude comment about "in a hurry to get eating food". Fuckers. LOTS of rude people staying here this time.

Had some of the desserts since hubby had gotten ice cream with apple crisp. He did not want it to melt.

We got back into the pool, but there were SO MANY people there. Kids that were acting out, rude parents, and some drunk group that kept shouting. I finally could not stand it any longer and left.

Went to bed because we were so tired.


Woke up at 6AM. Still can't sleep late even if we are on vacation!

Hubby wanted a latte, so we walked over to the "Bus" that offered breakfast and lattes. The latte was awful. Hubby had bagel & cream cheese.

Got into the pool at 8:15. Not many people in the pool or the caves, but it was SO HOT. No breeze blowing, the sun was beating down on us. Too hot in the pool.

We finally left at 9:45 so that we did not get the General Public crowd that came at 10AM.

Packed up our stuff and checked out of the hotel by 10:30.

I drove to Nelson where we stopped and got lattes at Starbucks, snacks at Safeway.

Then hubby drove to Salmo where we got gasoline again.

Drove thru the Border Crossing.

Almost hit a deer outside Ione. It got tangled in the barb-wire fence, we turned around to make sure it was ok, but it was gone by then.

Drove home.

Unpacked the Jeep. Then hubby had to run into Hayden for his Acupuncture appointment. I was staying at home and finish my A&P homework.

Hubby came home around 6PM and brought milk from Lil Town Market.

He ate dinner from left-overs.

We took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park at 7:00-7:45.

Saw a couple huge deer with big antlers in the park.

Drove home.

Watched TV, I did more homework. Went to bed.

Saturday, August 27, 2016



Got up at 6AM with hubby. He rode his Harley to work today.

I tidied up the house so that it was not a mess when the Window Cleaners got here promptly at 9AM.

They worked on cleaning the windows for the next two hours. They were out of here by 11AM.

I vacuumed the house (because of the dead bugs that came out of the windows). Then I mopped & steamed the hard wood floors. Then I cleaned up everything else. Steam cleaned the rugs.

I took a shower at 2PM. Washed my hair.

Rested for a little while, then I left for Clinic at 4PM.

Worked in Clinic with Kim. Elsbeth and Sam came in later. We had their rooms all set up for them.

Elsbeth's husband texted her and we answered with a dirty message. It was really funny. He did not know it was not Elsbeth.

Got done at 9PM. Cleaned up. Elsbeth laughed about the texting thing.

Hubby met me after Clinic, we went down to the gas station for gas in my Jeep. Kim stopped by and said that everyone was going over to to Del Taco for dinner.

We went over there and had dinner with them. Then Hubby and I went home. Hubby was driving customer's Bronco to return to him.

We got home at 10:45PM. We were exhausted. I had forgotten to take a painkiller tonight. My knee was HURTING.


Got up at 6AM. Wilson had already jumped on the bed about 5 times to wake us up.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

Stopped in town for a latte for hubby.

We took dogs for walk in Farragut at the Gun Shooting Road.

Saw turkeys in the park. Saw more turkeys outside the park.

Drove home.

Put away things in garage.

Put things away in basement so that carpet guy can lay carpet this week.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

almost FRIDAY


Got up at 6AM with hubby.

I rubbed his back while he was in bed. Wilson came upstairs and got into bed with us.

Dressed, and went downstairs to watch the morning news.

Waved goodbye to hubby.

Gave ham to dogs. Took Koda down her breakfast canned cat food. Gave her fresh water. Gave dogs fresh water.

Took books and loaded them into Jeep.

Drove to Post Falls. Stopped at new Jitterz in Post Falls to get a hot latte. It was cold this morning.

Went to class.

Worked on Anterior muscles in Medical Massage class. Kim and I were partners.

After getting done with class, I went to Del Taco and ordered tacos.

Drove home the long way because construction was being done everywhere.

Got home and picked up the mail.

Ate tacos, gave ham to dogs. Did laundry & dishes. Took a nap.

Picked up dog poo.

Hubby got home about 7PM. He had dinner and we watched tv until bedtime.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Got up at 5AM to pee, Wilson jumped into bed with us.

Hubby got up and left for work. Left me a little cat drawing in my shoe.

I got up at 6:45 and dressed for school.

Gave Koda kitty her breakfast cat food, cleaned up her litter, opened the windows for the kittens.

Gave ham to the dogs and Bud's pill for his hips.

Cleaned up the dog food & water.

Put away dishes.

Started a load of laundry.

Reviewed for quiz.

Drove to school. Had to drive the back way because Hwy 41 has rock chip sealing on a portion of it and I don't want to drive thru it.

Picked up donut holes at the gas station.

Saved a place for Kim at my table. We did our Quiz. I got 74% on my Quiz.

In the next 2 hours, we did Test review for next week.

I left to go get tacos at Del Taco.

Kim called me on the phone as I was driving home. We talked for a while.

I did laundry when I got home.

Gave dogs more ham. Brought in my books.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016



Got up at 7AM after hubby left for work.

It was cold out this morning, the smoke smell was much better.

I gave Koda kitty her breakfast kitty food, cleaned out her cat litter box. Played with the kittens.

Gave the dogs ham. Gave Bud his glucosamine pills.

Then got ready for class.

As I was driving out the driveway, I remembered to check my homework. I had to come back and print out the article that I had used as I had forgotten to do that.

Drove to school.

Had to sit by Panda as he was making up hours in class.

Kim came in later.

Did our presentations. I was last.

I talked to Christine about making up more Clinic hours.

Picked up our new October calendars.

After class was done, Kim and I went to get drinks at Starbucks in her car. She paid for my drink.

We came back and hung out with Shelly on the picnic table.

Pam came over to talk to us.

I finally left. Went over to Del Taco, but the line was too long. Drove to Rathdrum and picked up crappy tacos at Taco Bell.

Came home, gave the dogs some more ham. Then ate lunch. I was exhausted and tried to sleep on the couch, but Larry came to work on the railing of the stairs.

I went upstairs to take a nap and was just about falling asleep when Larry said that he was finished.

Hubby worked 2 hours OT. Came home at 7PM.

He filled my windshield wiper fluid, emptied the garbage.

We went down to see the kittens & clean up momma cat's litter again.

Then we went to bed at 10PM.

Monday, August 22, 2016

monday BLUES/Lots of Burning SMOKE


Got up at 6AM with hubby. Had a bad night because of the smoke. I was up every hour, hot and uncomfortable.

Had to keep all the windows closed because of the smoke outside.

Hubby rode his Harley to work today. I am so proud of him.

I cleaned up the house, vacuumed, did laundry, did dishes. Picked up dog poo.

Went down to get mail on my bike at 1PM.

Met the Field Mowing guy at 5PM. He mowed for 1 hour.

Hubby got home at 7PM.

We watched tv. Hubby fell asleep.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Sunday, August 21, 2016



WEEKEND CLASS - Reflexology

Woke up at 6AM. Got ready for class. Loaded all my supplies into Jeep.

Went downstairs to check on Koda & Kittens. Let them roam out of their box all day.

I got a latte at Jitterz in Hayden. Saw a pitbull dog in the car next to me.

As I was driving past Hayden on Hwy 41, I saw KR driving her Harley to our house. I beeped and waved. She gave me the motorcycle wave! I am so proud of her.

Then I drove to Walmart to pick up pillows for class, donuts for class.

Stopped at Starbucks and got a latte for Kim.

Arrived at class with 5 minutes to spare.

Sat next to Kim in the back row.

We went to lunch at Del Taco. Went back to AICM and sat on the picnic table with Shelley, Sam, Tim, and Elsbeth. Only had 30 minutes for lunch so we could get out of class early.

After class was done at 5:30; I drove home.

Hubby was asleep at home. I had to clean up the house, get the dogs clean water, go feed Koda kat, do laundry, put away dishes. I was so tired.

We watched TV and then I went to bed at 8:30. Had to yell at hubby to come to bed at 11PM because he had fallen asleep on the couch.

Saturday, August 20, 2016



Got up at 6AM. Wilson jumped on the bed with us. Then Ben came into the room. Petted him because he is so NICE smelling and soft.

Then hubby and I got up. He watched his car shows. Made bacon & eggs for the dogs.

I vacuumed, Washed Ben's dog bedding, Did homework, Did Laundry, Did Dishes, Cleaned the fireplace mantle & the knick-knacks.

Turned on the A/C.

Hubby went for a ride on his Harley.

Friday, August 19, 2016



Got up at 7AM after hubby had left.

Started laundry. Fed ham to dogs. Gave Koda her breakfast cat food and opened the windows.

Left for school.

Stopped at Jitterz for latte, but got behind "Elmers" truck and was sitting there for 10 minutes and he did not move. 3 cars were served on the other line.

So I left and drove to KoKopelli. Got behind girls in a car that had to order food AFTER their drink order. So I left again.

Met hubby in the subdivision behind there. Kissed him good morning.

Went back to KoKopelli and got a granita. Not good flavor.

Kim from school texted me and said she forgot her debit card at home and could not get a latte. I went to Starbucks, but there were 12 cars in line. So I went to Thomas Hammer and got a drink from there.

Got to school with 5 minutes to spare.

Panda sat in on our class.

Teacher was ok today. Not a complete ass wipe.


Hubby was up at the crack of dawn to take a transfer case over to Charles. Then he brought back a latte for himself.

I woke up at 6:00AM. Can't even sleep in when we have a vacation day. Hubby's last day this month off for Fridays.

Hubby went for a ride on his motorcycle.

Loaded the dogs into the Dually when he got back. Took them into CDA and got a latte for me from Jitterz downtown. Then we drove them to the CO to walk them around in the grass. We were missing 1 dog leash.

Dropped BEN and BUD off at Apryl's for their grooming.

Then we stopped at North 40 to get some supplies for hubby's new shop. Got a squeege broom for the new concrete in the garage.

Also stopped to get gasoline at Costco.

Drove Wilson over to KR's to spend the day with Beebo.

Then we dropped off stuff at the new shop and hubby collected checks.

Hubby dropped me off at Heavenly Hands to get my toes & nails done with gel. He also brought back a green tea for Tracy and a granita for me.

I was done by 2;00. Hubby came to pick me up. He had picked up the boys because they were done being cleaned.

We drove home.

Sat around for a while at home after unloading everything. Dogs were hungry & thirsty & tired.

Then I changed into my uniform. Hubby drove me to Clinic. Had to stop in Rathdrum at Zip's because my tummy was churning from the bad Pita that I had eaten. I ended up taking about 10 Ibuprofen to calm the cramps that I was having.

Amber was late. Kim was already there, sitting at the picnic table.

I sat with Kim and talked to her for a while.

Then we went inside and got ready for Clinic.

Hubby picked me up at 8:30PM.

We drove over to KR's to talk with her for a while. I was getting tired and we left at 10:00.

Ordered pizza from Rathdrum Pizza Hut. Hubby picked it up for me.

Drove home. Ate pizza, went to bed.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A&P QUIZ & Clinic in Evening


Got up at 4AM to close all the windows & doors because it was absolutely freezing in the house.

Then at 6AM hubby left for work. I got up at 6:30AM.

Gave Koda kitty some new food and water. Opened the windows in her room. Patted all the kittens on the head. They were making miaow noises very loudly.

Fed and watered dogs. Did a couple loads of laundry.

Left for school at 8AM after studying.

Got gasoline in Rathdrum.

Picked up Krispy Kreme donuts at gas station for Kim & others in class before going to school.

Took Quiz. Got 74% and did not even study!

Lectured over Chapters 23 & 24.

Admin introduced new procedures for intake form. Left school at 12:00.

Stopped for groceries in Rathdrum Super 1.

Drove home. Got mail. Just junk mail.

Took a nap.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016



Got up at 7AM.

Gave Koda kitty fresh water & canned cat food. Cleaned up her poo in her box.

Made sure the kittens were ok.

Gave dogs fresh food & water.

Another 90 Degree day today. Very hot.

Drove to school. Picked up latte at Jitterz in Rathdrum.

Had Ethics class. Only 3 of us in class today.

Then left at 12:00.

No way to make up time this afternoon because newbie class was taking a test.

Drove home.

Did laundry.

Left at 2:30 to drive into town for my Eyelash appointment.

Stopped to put a note on KR's car.

Got Eyelashes done at 3:15-4:15. Drove home.

Hubby got home at 6:30PM.

We took dogs for a walk in the park at 8PM. It finally cooled off enough.

Went to bed at 10:30 after news.

Monday, August 15, 2016



Got up at 7AM and helped hubby make eggs for the dogs.

Hubby went downstairs to give kitty some food & clean up her poo.

We got going in the Jeep by 8AM. Stopped in Athol to get a latte for hubby.

Drove up to Sandpoint. Line was too long at Starbucks. We went into Walmart to pick up toilet cleaner for the boat. Then we went to Jack In The Box to get breakfast sandwiches. Got the wrong ones. Went to Burger King to get sausage croissants. Also got gross french toast dipping sticks. Shorter than the used to be when KR was young; the french toast sticks tasted gross, too.

Then continued to Hope. Parked over near the fence in the shade. Reserved JetSki for 11:30-12:30. Went to start cleaning to boat. It was awful. Cleaned until 11:30. Then rented the Jetski from Logan. Nice girl that was still in high school.

Jetskied and went over to see the islands. Was nice. Started to burn on our backs, faces, and arms.

Came back and logged the Jet Ski in to the renters.

Then went to boat and started to clean for another hour. Picked up latte at the place around the corner. I was hungry, so we boated to Beyond Hope, but that restaurant is a pig sty, they could not seat us, and there were no waitress waiting on anybody. So we left and will not return.

Talked to some people with dogs that were renting beside us at Hope. They had dogs Casper &

Boated over to Chop; hubby had hamburger while we ordered appetizers of Crab cakes. Then I ordered french onion soup. We both had to have the "Adult" huckleberry lemonades. Yummy.

We left there and boated back to the docks at Hope. Docked the boat and tied down.

Then we left to return back home. Got home at 6:30PM.

KR came and picked up Beebo at 9:30. Met Chris.

I was very tired. Went to bed after they left.


Got up at 7AM. Hubby had already left and kissed me goodbye.

I fed dogs ham. Gave Bud his pills.

Started laundry and did 3 loads.

Applied soaking softener to my foot calluses.

Did homework for Ethics class tomorrow.

Scheduled Bud for an appointment this week.

 Fed Koda kitty and replaced the blankets for the kittens.

Put the kittens on a blanket on the floor so they could practice walking.

I ordered some new Green tea.

Did more laundry.

Went to my acupuncture appointment at 12:45. Got a Jitterz white coffee granita.

Appointment from 1:40 (some old lady was late getting out) and then until 2:40.

Drove home. Lots of people going 65 on 95. Then blocking the left passing lane.

I got home and picked up the UPS packages - got a new footbath & salts.

Made lunch. Apples & peanut butter, cottage cheese, green tea.

Took a nap. Really tired.

Saturday, August 13, 2016



Only have 5/6 more days in Clinic. Yippee.

Woke up this morning when Beebo whined to get on the bed. Wilson came running up and jumped on the bed, waking us both us.

Hubby got up and made eggs for dogs.

I got up and closed the blinds in the windows, cleaned up hubby's plates & pans. Made cat food for Koda.

Hubby went for a ride on his bike for practice.

Friday, August 12, 2016

FRIDAY & More Clinic


Got up with hubby. Helped him make eggs for dogs.

Hubby rode his motorcycle around for practice.

Loaded dogs up in the Dodge. Then we stopped in Athol for a latte for hubby. Walked the dogs int he park around the Brig Museum. Lots of people camping on the private road.

Came back and hubby cleaned the concrete dust off the new driveway with a hose.

We had to leave by 11:15 for the drive to CDA.

Stopped at Duncan's Florist to get some flowers for my foot soaking bath.

Then picked up lattes at Jitterz & a green tea for Tracey.

Got my nails done while hubby went to make a deposit at the bank, take used stuff to Goodwill, and eat at PauPau's.

He picked me up and then we pre-paid Tracy $100 for next week's nails.

Stopped at Walmart to pick up bath salts, cat food, and groceries. Hubby talked to other surveyor on his phone while we were shopping, but the guy wanted too much $.

We drove to Home Depot to look for carpet. Picked up a sample. Stupid woman in the bathroom with kids as I was exiting the bathroom. I held open the door to exit and she thought I was just going to wait for them, she was dinking around with kids & a water bottle. I finally just pushed thru them. Wasn't going to hold their door open, like a concierage! WTF?

Drove over to Great Floors, but they don't stock commercial carpet.

Then we went to get Philly Steak sandwiches on Best. Picked up Italian sodas next door. Went to a park in a subdivision, which was really pretty and nobody was there.

Ran the Jeep thru the Car Wash. Then hubby drove me to Clinic. We got there a little early at 4:45. Amber got there at 5PM.

I went in and found out that Larissa and I had 2 WOW packages.

So I set up the two tables for the packages. Larissa came in at 5:45. She panicked. Never did a WOW package. Amber went over the process with her.

I helped her.

Then we picked up our Clients and did the packages. It went well.

Hubby picked me up at 8:45 afterwards. We went to pick up Panda because hubby had fixed Panda's brakes at the new shop while I was doing Clinic.

Picked up Panda in his new housing development in Post Falls. Drove him to the shop. He drove his van home.

Hubby and I drove to KR's to pick up Beebo. KR is going to BANFF, CANADA this weekend with a friend for a hiking/camping adventure.

We brought Beebo home. Put away groceries. Fed Koda & emptied her litter. Watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday, August 11, 2016



Got up at 7:00; hubby had already left at 6:30.

I fed ham to the dogs. Gave the kitty her food. Cleaned out the cat litter.

Brought new dog meat up from the basement.

Put more laundry in the dryer.

Put away dishes from the dishwasher.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016



Got up at 6:30 when hubby left for work.

Gave fresh water & food to dogs. Gave them ham.

Cleaned up kitty area and gave her food. Checked on the kittens.

Went to school.

Picked up a white coffee latte on the way at Jitterz.

Took Quiz in A&P over Chapter 20&22. I think I did ok.

We reviewed Chapter 22. Urinary.

Then we did bodywork for the last hour.

I drove home. Stopped at Taco Bell to get burritos for the dogs. They gave me 1 instead of the 2 I ordered, so I had to drive thru again.

Drove home. Got the mail.

Cleaned the house. Vacuumed. Cleaned dog beds. Cleaned Ben's bedding & pillows.

Finished my Ethics Project.

Larry #3 came over about 4:30 and started welding on the staircase railing.

I left at 4:45PM to go back to AICM for Clinic.

Arrived at Clinic at 5:15. Talked to Panda. Talked to Christine. Christine had caught a Hobo Spider.

Did my massage, 3 people at 50 minutes each.

Drove to new shop in Post Falls to pick up hubby.

We stopped at Del Taco and picked up Tacos for dinner.

Drove home.

Watched TV until 11:00PM and went to bed.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Rain Rain Rain & Cold


NOT a summer day! What happened to August? Are we already in fall?

Got up at 6:30 after hubby left for work.

I fed dogs, gave Koda her kitty food.

It was cold again today.

Got ready for school and left at 8:20.

Stopped to get a hot white coffee latte from Jitterz. There were no cars in line and I just pulled in!

Returned Kim's chair from this weekend. I had to clean it off because it got dusty & dirty when I pulled it out of the back of the Jeep.

At school, we were doing Ethics class.

After school, I drove to Rathdrum and got gas.

Took a nap because I was tired.

Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby came home later.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park. It was cold. Hubby wore a hoodie.

Came back and picked up 5 layer Dip at Lil Town Market.

Watched TV and went to bed later.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Acupuncture & Cold Day


Got up at 6:30 when hubby was leaving to go to work. He had already kissed me in bed. Wilson had come upstairs to jump on our bed and wake us at 5:30AM.

Hubby left after we hugged.

I gave ham to dogs.

Got dressed.

Gave Koda kitty some kitty food.

Joe Sr. came with 2 dump trucks to pick up the big rocks out back that hubby has been storing for him.

At 1:00, I drove into CDA for Acupuncture appointment. It was raining.

Stopped to get a Granita at Jitterz after my appointment.

Drove home.

Got mail.

Hubby got home later tonight.

He was really tired. We were supposed to walk the dogs, but it was cold & raining out again and we stayed inside.

Went to bed later. 

Sunday, August 07, 2016



Got up at 5AM when Wilson jumped on our bed and gave us tongue bath. Yuck.

Then we woke up at 7AM.

I got up and gave ham to the dogs.

Went downstairs to take a shower & wash my hair.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

Hubby had his breakfast and went on a motorcycle ride.

I did laundry and dishes.

Washed our new SnapWare storage boxes that we ordered from Costco.

KR said that she was going to pick up a new chair and then drive up with Beebo.

Saturday, August 06, 2016



Got up at 6AM.

Gave dogs ham. Cleaned up Koda's potty & gave her fresh food.

Turned on the A/C.

We left at 7AM to get to Spokane.

Ate breakfast at Panera Bread. Got a Cinnamon roll for Kim.

 Panera Bread

Picked up Kim at 9:00.

Took her to Starbucks in Airway Heights to get a latte.

Drove to Medical Lake and to Waterfront Park.

Massage Event at Medical Lake 

Unpacked our Massage Chairs. Dragged them over to the Pavilion.

Massage for a while. Then the race started. Then nothing to do for about 20 minutes. Massaged again after the walkers/runners came back.

We left at 12:00.

Took Kim home to Spokane.

Then we drove to CDA, I changed shirts and we ate at Olive Garden in the bar at a huge table.

Drove home.

Both of us were exhausted. We unloaded everything and then took a 4 hour nap.

Never made it to the boat.

Watched new movies I purchased. Then we walked the dogs at 8:30PM.

Came home and went to bed.

Friday, August 05, 2016



Got up at 7AM.

Gave the dogs ham & hubby made them eggs.

Gave Koda kitty some new food and cleaned up her potty.

Hubby picked up a latte in Athol.

Took the dogs for a quick walk in the park.

Came home and unloaded dogs.

Stopped in Rathdrum to get lattes.

We drove to Spokane for the Bodies Exhibit. We parked in the Riverfront Parking Ramp and walked across the street.

Bodies Exhibit Receipts & Wrist Bands

Walked thru the exhibit. It was expensive. $30 per person.

Then we walked over to get water. Had to go into the Carousel and hubby picked up an ice cream & popcorn. We sat and listened to a guitar player ( who played very badly ).

We walked over to the Gondola ride over the River and rode it.

Then we went back to the Jeep.

Drove back to CDA.

Picked up some groceries in Rathdrum Super 1; then went home. Unloaded groceries. I got ready for Clinic.

Hubby drove me to Clinic.

I massaged from 6-9PM.

Hubby picked me up and we drove home.

I was exhausted. We went to bed early.

Thursday, August 04, 2016


AUGUST 4 2016

Got up at 5AM with hubby. He started to get all the vehicles out of the garage and clear out the area for the workers to come put in the concrete in the garage.

I went back to bed, but at 6:15 hubby woke me up to ask me about a step. I told him not to put the step in...

I got dressed and ready for school.

Gave Koda her kitty food. Checked on the babies.

Gave ham to the dogs. Gave them fresh food & water.

I moved my Jeep closer to the garage so that I could load all the stuff. Put in the cupcakes & my books. Then drove to school.

Put cupcakes in the break room along with the candy bars. Teacher was upsetting class again by starting out with "seating questions". I need to video this odd behavior.

Then Katie came in later. She went for a walk with us around the campus to "observe our lower bodies while walking". Then we came back to fill out soap charts.

Teacher was upset that people were eating. Started a confrontation about that. Katie left.

I went out to complain to Admin.

After going back to class, it was somewhat tolerable. But teacher is still teaching antagonistically. Creating a hostile learning environment.

Left after school and drove home. Got gasoline in Rathdrum.

Got the mail.

Unloaded my books from school.

Paid the guys that were doing the concrete work. They left about 2PM. Said they would come back tomorrow to cut in the joints for the concrete movement.

 Concrete in Garage

Hubby got home about 6:30. We had to go up to Sandpoint to pick up parts.

Dave left them in the UPS call box outside work. We picked them up and then ate at Jalapeno's Mexican Restaurant. Hubby did not like the Chili Verde and ordered tacos instead. I thought their food was great. I had cheese enchilada and taco. Got guacamole for dipping. Their mild sauce tastes just like Diamond Dave's back in Waterloo.

We drove home.

By 10PM, we were in bed totally exhausted. 

Wednesday, August 03, 2016



Got up at 5:45am with hubby. We watched news on television before he had to leave at 6:30.

I went back to bed as my tummy was feeling really bad. I had diarrhea.

Fed Koda kitty, cleaned up her litter.

Gave dogs ham & gave Bud his glucosamine. Cleaned up dog food & water.

Decided not to go to school today.

Ben napping

Stayed in bed most of the day. More diarrhea.

At 4:35, I left for Clinic.

Drove to school.

Worked in Clinic for 3 hours. My last client left before he paid. Whoops.

Hubby picked me up. We went to have a drink and appetizers at The Oval Office. Sat outside on the patio. Could not hear each other talk because of the traffic and it was too cold on the patio.

We left and went to pick up a battery for the FMF at the new shop. Then we stopped at Walmart for cupcakes - Katie's birthday tomorrow.

Hubby returned me to AICM so that I could drive my Jeep home. I was just a zombie. Could not think at all.

Drove home. Almost fell asleep in the car.

At home, I watched the ending of Goodfellas that I had recorded and went to bed. So tired.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016



Got up at 7AM after hubby had left for work.

Gave dogs ham. Changed their food & water.

Gave Koda Kitty fresh food. Changed her litter.

Got ready for school.

Drove to school.

Washed my Jeep at the Post Falls car wash.

Attended Ethics class. Kim could not make class because her car had broken down. I sat next to Panda in class. Katie came in late.

Monday, August 01, 2016



Got up at 7AM. Hubby had already left for work.

I gave the dogs ham. Cleaned up their food & water dishes.

Started laundry & dishes.

Made apples for breakfast.

Gave Koda some fresh kitty food. Opened up her windows in the basement for fresh air.

Did my Ethics homework.

Went to get mail. Got my new Capital One credit card in the mail.

Ordered sweat bands from Amazon.

Took a nap.