Friday, August 05, 2016



Got up at 7AM.

Gave the dogs ham & hubby made them eggs.

Gave Koda kitty some new food and cleaned up her potty.

Hubby picked up a latte in Athol.

Took the dogs for a quick walk in the park.

Came home and unloaded dogs.

Stopped in Rathdrum to get lattes.

We drove to Spokane for the Bodies Exhibit. We parked in the Riverfront Parking Ramp and walked across the street.

Bodies Exhibit Receipts & Wrist Bands

Walked thru the exhibit. It was expensive. $30 per person.

Then we walked over to get water. Had to go into the Carousel and hubby picked up an ice cream & popcorn. We sat and listened to a guitar player ( who played very badly ).

We walked over to the Gondola ride over the River and rode it.

Then we went back to the Jeep.

Drove back to CDA.

Picked up some groceries in Rathdrum Super 1; then went home. Unloaded groceries. I got ready for Clinic.

Hubby drove me to Clinic.

I massaged from 6-9PM.

Hubby picked me up and we drove home.

I was exhausted. We went to bed early.

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