Monday, August 08, 2016

Acupuncture & Cold Day


Got up at 6:30 when hubby was leaving to go to work. He had already kissed me in bed. Wilson had come upstairs to jump on our bed and wake us at 5:30AM.

Hubby left after we hugged.

I gave ham to dogs.

Got dressed.

Gave Koda kitty some kitty food.

Joe Sr. came with 2 dump trucks to pick up the big rocks out back that hubby has been storing for him.

At 1:00, I drove into CDA for Acupuncture appointment. It was raining.

Stopped to get a Granita at Jitterz after my appointment.

Drove home.

Got mail.

Hubby got home later tonight.

He was really tired. We were supposed to walk the dogs, but it was cold & raining out again and we stayed inside.

Went to bed later. 

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