Monday, August 29, 2016



Got up at 6AM. On the road by 8AM.

Stopped at Spirit Lake to get lattes. Yuck. Horrible.

Drove to Newport and picked up breakfast sandwich for hubby at McDonalds.

Bugs were plastered on the windshield from the U.S. No bugs in Canada.

Then drove to Border Crossing. No problems there.

Drove to Salmo and got gasoline.

Continued driving to Nelson and washed the car there. Hubby stopped to get a peach. It was $1. Very expensive.

Arrived at Ainsworth at Noon. Could not check in until later. Receptionist gave us a locker key. We undressed and went in the Hot Springs. Storage lockers are now in the changing rooms.

Lots of Asian people there from a bus tour. They were slightly rude. 

It was pretty hot during the day. I don't know if we will come up in the summer again. Too hot to sit in the pool.

We got out at 2PM, had lunch in the dining room, and then drove to Kaslo to rent kayaks, but the clouds were bad and the water looked bad. We decided to go back to the hotel, check in to our room, and take a nap.

After our nap, we got back into the Pool at 4PM. Then stayed there for 2 hours. Got out at 6PM so that we could get ready for dinner at 7PM.

Dinner was not impressive as it has been in past years.

They were out of steak. So I got Prawns Francesca, French Onion Soup. Hubby picked Stir-Fry with Shrimp. Hubby was obsessed about getting a dessert. We took the desserts back to our room. Some awful RUDE people were standing in a group of 6 right in front of the elevator as we got off. They would not move. Hubby was carrying our food on a tray. I had to yell loudly at them to move. The guy even said a rude comment about "in a hurry to get eating food". Fuckers. LOTS of rude people staying here this time.

Had some of the desserts since hubby had gotten ice cream with apple crisp. He did not want it to melt.

We got back into the pool, but there were SO MANY people there. Kids that were acting out, rude parents, and some drunk group that kept shouting. I finally could not stand it any longer and left.

Went to bed because we were so tired.


Woke up at 6AM. Still can't sleep late even if we are on vacation!

Hubby wanted a latte, so we walked over to the "Bus" that offered breakfast and lattes. The latte was awful. Hubby had bagel & cream cheese.

Got into the pool at 8:15. Not many people in the pool or the caves, but it was SO HOT. No breeze blowing, the sun was beating down on us. Too hot in the pool.

We finally left at 9:45 so that we did not get the General Public crowd that came at 10AM.

Packed up our stuff and checked out of the hotel by 10:30.

I drove to Nelson where we stopped and got lattes at Starbucks, snacks at Safeway.

Then hubby drove to Salmo where we got gasoline again.

Drove thru the Border Crossing.

Almost hit a deer outside Ione. It got tangled in the barb-wire fence, we turned around to make sure it was ok, but it was gone by then.

Drove home.

Unpacked the Jeep. Then hubby had to run into Hayden for his Acupuncture appointment. I was staying at home and finish my A&P homework.

Hubby came home around 6PM and brought milk from Lil Town Market.

He ate dinner from left-overs.

We took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park at 7:00-7:45.

Saw a couple huge deer with big antlers in the park.

Drove home.

Watched TV, I did more homework. Went to bed.

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