Wednesday, August 03, 2016



Got up at 5:45am with hubby. We watched news on television before he had to leave at 6:30.

I went back to bed as my tummy was feeling really bad. I had diarrhea.

Fed Koda kitty, cleaned up her litter.

Gave dogs ham & gave Bud his glucosamine. Cleaned up dog food & water.

Decided not to go to school today.

Ben napping

Stayed in bed most of the day. More diarrhea.

At 4:35, I left for Clinic.

Drove to school.

Worked in Clinic for 3 hours. My last client left before he paid. Whoops.

Hubby picked me up. We went to have a drink and appetizers at The Oval Office. Sat outside on the patio. Could not hear each other talk because of the traffic and it was too cold on the patio.

We left and went to pick up a battery for the FMF at the new shop. Then we stopped at Walmart for cupcakes - Katie's birthday tomorrow.

Hubby returned me to AICM so that I could drive my Jeep home. I was just a zombie. Could not think at all.

Drove home. Almost fell asleep in the car.

At home, I watched the ending of Goodfellas that I had recorded and went to bed. So tired.

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