Saturday, August 06, 2016



Got up at 6AM.

Gave dogs ham. Cleaned up Koda's potty & gave her fresh food.

Turned on the A/C.

We left at 7AM to get to Spokane.

Ate breakfast at Panera Bread. Got a Cinnamon roll for Kim.

 Panera Bread

Picked up Kim at 9:00.

Took her to Starbucks in Airway Heights to get a latte.

Drove to Medical Lake and to Waterfront Park.

Massage Event at Medical Lake 

Unpacked our Massage Chairs. Dragged them over to the Pavilion.

Massage for a while. Then the race started. Then nothing to do for about 20 minutes. Massaged again after the walkers/runners came back.

We left at 12:00.

Took Kim home to Spokane.

Then we drove to CDA, I changed shirts and we ate at Olive Garden in the bar at a huge table.

Drove home.

Both of us were exhausted. We unloaded everything and then took a 4 hour nap.

Never made it to the boat.

Watched new movies I purchased. Then we walked the dogs at 8:30PM.

Came home and went to bed.

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