Monday, August 15, 2016



Got up at 7AM and helped hubby make eggs for the dogs.

Hubby went downstairs to give kitty some food & clean up her poo.

We got going in the Jeep by 8AM. Stopped in Athol to get a latte for hubby.

Drove up to Sandpoint. Line was too long at Starbucks. We went into Walmart to pick up toilet cleaner for the boat. Then we went to Jack In The Box to get breakfast sandwiches. Got the wrong ones. Went to Burger King to get sausage croissants. Also got gross french toast dipping sticks. Shorter than the used to be when KR was young; the french toast sticks tasted gross, too.

Then continued to Hope. Parked over near the fence in the shade. Reserved JetSki for 11:30-12:30. Went to start cleaning to boat. It was awful. Cleaned until 11:30. Then rented the Jetski from Logan. Nice girl that was still in high school.

Jetskied and went over to see the islands. Was nice. Started to burn on our backs, faces, and arms.

Came back and logged the Jet Ski in to the renters.

Then went to boat and started to clean for another hour. Picked up latte at the place around the corner. I was hungry, so we boated to Beyond Hope, but that restaurant is a pig sty, they could not seat us, and there were no waitress waiting on anybody. So we left and will not return.

Talked to some people with dogs that were renting beside us at Hope. They had dogs Casper &

Boated over to Chop; hubby had hamburger while we ordered appetizers of Crab cakes. Then I ordered french onion soup. We both had to have the "Adult" huckleberry lemonades. Yummy.

We left there and boated back to the docks at Hope. Docked the boat and tied down.

Then we left to return back home. Got home at 6:30PM.

KR came and picked up Beebo at 9:30. Met Chris.

I was very tired. Went to bed after they left.


Got up at 7AM. Hubby had already left and kissed me goodbye.

I fed dogs ham. Gave Bud his pills.

Started laundry and did 3 loads.

Applied soaking softener to my foot calluses.

Did homework for Ethics class tomorrow.

Scheduled Bud for an appointment this week.

 Fed Koda kitty and replaced the blankets for the kittens.

Put the kittens on a blanket on the floor so they could practice walking.

I ordered some new Green tea.

Did more laundry.

Went to my acupuncture appointment at 12:45. Got a Jitterz white coffee granita.

Appointment from 1:40 (some old lady was late getting out) and then until 2:40.

Drove home. Lots of people going 65 on 95. Then blocking the left passing lane.

I got home and picked up the UPS packages - got a new footbath & salts.

Made lunch. Apples & peanut butter, cottage cheese, green tea.

Took a nap. Really tired.

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