Sunday, September 14, 2008

Llama, Llama, Llama

Saturday 13 Sept
Arose early, got drinks at the Starbucks in Sandpoint. Drove up to Bonners Ferry for the 16K Bonners Ferry Rotary Annual Kootenai River Ride.

Very restful. Beautiful river alongside us. Goody bags for participation included hats, pens, sunglass clips, suckers, koozies, & beautiful red t-shirts. Kels' put hers on right away. I wore mine under my sweatshirt as I was a bit chilled. We returned to sit in the park beside the Fairgrounds to wait for the feed-instead of the predicted Potato Bake which Kelsey was looking forward to, they fed us spaghetti, garlic bread & salads instead. Got to listen to some lovely folk music as we ate outside in the sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky!

Came home so that Kelsey could have one last phone chat with Matt before he leaves on deployment to Iraq.

Greg went down to the shop to work until 7:30P; Kelsey and I cleaned up around the house, then walked the dog several times.

I got the dogs playing with each other around 9:00P and they were both panting & tired afterwards!

Sunday 14 Sept
Sunday morning we arose early as the dogs would not allow us to sleep in; I made waffles, bacon & eggs for breakfast…just like in the bygone days when we were a family. The proverbial Sunday morning breakfast!

We loaded up the bikes to take a ride.

Got lattes at the stand before we went – Kelsey got a mixed berry green tea slushee! Yum.

When we arrived at Farragut Park, we unloaded and got ready to ride. It was hilarious to watch Isabelle prance nervously around the truck, whining to go on the bike ride. Running by our side she was more than eager to start out. Greg lead out first with her, Kelsey was riding with Bravo running bravely alongside on his leash. After a few false starts, she let him off the leash and he kept up quite well. Always looking up at her on the bike, his little legs pumping twice as much as the big dog!

Winding our way through the trail, I tried to get a few shots of them but it’s hard to bike & film at the same time!

A quad of Llamas appeared on one of the other trails. Fascinating creatures-all of them were pulling surreys!

We drove around afterwards, letting little Bravo stick his nose out of the truck in the wind, showing Kelsey some of the newer subdivisions around the area. Bravo fell asleep under her arm...

Stopped at Joanie & Chachi's house to visit for a while - then went home to give the dogs a bath. The kid blew dry her dog; then hubby & kid rested while I went for another bike ride.
Kelsey made Banana Nut Bread with a wonderful streusel topping; then went over to her in-laws to visit.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Update 101

Thursday, September 11
We stayed close to home today for relaxation. Went for the 10.1 mile bike ride. Kels' legs were cramping up, so we had to stop for long rest & rehydration periods.

Took showers after we came home as we were very sweaty! It was a warm, wonderful, refreshing day.

Dogs down at the Loop tried to attack us. Hubby said he will get Mace for me to use on them. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical once we returned home.

Greg got home at 5PM so we ambled on over to Spoky-Jo to go to the Fair! There were railroad ties burning near the fair and the fumes were SO toxic.

Got pork tenderloins & foot long corn dog (greg says Porn Dog) and walked around looking at exhibits. We also picked up some mini donuts to snack on. Watched a woman in the sheep barn pet a sheep & almost put it to sleep. It was so darn cute.

Wandered through the art, quilting & photography exhibits. Kelsey was very emotional without Matt, so we decided it was time to leave. Smoke outside was billowing through the parking lot. Scratchy throats & burning eyes. Ugh.

Stopped at Wally-World to pick up a small kennel for the new puppy. I drove home as everybody else was exhausted.

We all fell into bed as soon as we returned home.

Friday, 12 September
Called the lady to pick up the dog, but she volunteered to stop at our house to drop him off on her way to work. Kelsey was just busting a gut with fevered anxiousness to get the puppy.

Debbie stopped and dropped off the little Schipperke, along with a dog rug & food. We had already made an appointment for him to visit the vet at 2P; then took Kelsey into town to visit the chiropractor at 3P; we shopped at Petco for toys & a brush.

The new dog is dubbed "Bravo". He is a ball of energy. Kelsey plays with him all day. Several times outside for potty.

Greg comes home late - around 5P; works in the shop until 8P when he returns home as Kelsey made dinner - shrimp in alfredo sauce. Yum.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Settling In

Monday 8 Sept
Went to purchase bike and an IPOD clock/charger for Kelsey in Sandpoint. Stopped at the bike store to talk with a great guy named Doug who fixed my bike and helped get Kels' ready to ride. Afterwards, we went to Round Lake to bike. It was very quiet and peaceful, but at the end of the ride a hiker with an unleased dog came upon us. The dog was running wild and tried fighting with Isabelle. She got away unscathed, but it was not a very pleasant experience for her.

Returning home, Greg went to work in the shop as this was the first week of his 4-10 hour days. Which will be a pretty short schedule as daylight-savings begins soon and they will not be able to work in the dark.

Kelsey & I relaxed at home. She settled in some more. Called Matt & talked to him for a while.

Tuesday 9 Sept
Hubby and I both did not feel well after having slept restlessly last night. I had a stomach upset, but not enough to really complain.

>While hubster went to work, Kelsey & I went for a 13.1 mile long bike ride. A little long for her first day on pavement, but she did quite well. We stopped to rest & hydrate several times.

When we returned home, I started feeling sleepy and took a nap later. Kelsey read her history book in preparation for testing.

In talking with Matt on the phone, he revealed to Kelsey that he did not feel well either. He thought he had PARVO. So Greg and I think we got it from Kelsey as a carrier.

Greg came home to work in the shop for a while, however the electricity went out due to a short/fire in the local town's electrical substation and he came up to the house. We broke out the candles to play Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit (in which Kelsey whipped our butts!).

The lights came back on. Fortunately, the kid had been able to watch the season premier of her favorite show - Entourage on HBO.

Wednesday 10 September
Kelsey and I started out early at 9:00 this morning in order to wash the car. I ran the car through the auto-wash after dropping off Kelsey to purchase some Jamba Juice (for which Kelsey overpaid) along with a small lemon/blueberry coffeecake. Delish. She shared it with me when I got on the interstate.

Ran over to Spoky-Jo to get my hair done. The hairdresser had to run to a friend's house while I was color processing. I think it came out bad. Will have to go back.

Kelsey got her bangs re-cut and some body/framing put into the rest of her hair. It looks great! We finally left there at 1pm and then shopped at Target for a laundry basket for K's room.

While feeling hungry, we dropped by Taco Del Mar to purchase the yummy, scrumptious burritos for dinner. After that got me a cold drink at Starbucks.

Greg finally arrived home at 5:30 so we could share dinner.

Packed up the bikes to go for a short ride in Farragut on a trail there. Isabelle ran with us. When Greg & Kelsey packed up their bikes after our short journey, I went into the park for a little extra exercise. Saw 4 deer on the road directly in front of me. They ambled off, but were still hanging around by the time the truck caught up. Piled my bike into the pickup while the kid went off in search of a pic of the deer.

Hubby mentioned seeing a cute little dog when he was installing phone line today. The Kelsey has been thinking about getting a small dog while she was here. We drove over to Spirit Lake to see the dog as the lady indicated she would be home. However, nobody answered the door when we knocked. Driving away, Kels happened to see a van going down the street and asked "is that the lady?" and it was! We rolled down our window & hubby said we would follow her home. We met the little tornado named "Turbo" because he operates on all cylinders plus some. He is a Schipperke & Alaskan Eskimo mix. We agree to take him for the weekend on a trial basis.

Returned home for some late night tv & bed.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Baby Home!

Friday 5 September
I cleaned house getting ready for the kid to come.

Saturday 6 September
G & I went to get lattes, took the garbage to the dump, and then he came home to work in shop.

I cleaned the house from top to bottom again. A real spring cleaning in the fall. The only thing that looks horrible is the windows. Will have to call the window cleaners again. Why is it that the birds use that ONE window as target practice?

Afterwards, I still had enough strength to go biking. Not quite my regular 13 miles, but enough to make it count.

Tonight we washed the dog and after she came inside with wet paws, I had to Swiffer the floor again.

Hopefully, the baby comes on Sunday as I don't think that I can keep the house white glove clean any longer than that!

Sunday 7 September
We get up early to get lattes, then clean house some more. Elliptical gets transferred to the basement. More garbage gathering. We go to Wally-World to pick up some groceries. Then rest for a while. Leave at 3PM to go get kid. On the way, we stop to wash the truck & get Wendy's cheeseburgers for the dog.

Arriving at the AF Base around 4:30P, I checked hubby's cellphone to find out if he received any calls. Rachel had called at 3:16, but the vibrate was on and we did not know anybody had called. Calling Rachel back, we learn that K's flight is not due until 7:30!!!!!

So we drive around aimlessly as there is not a lot in Airway Heights. Took the dog for walks, got another Starbuck's latte, and waited. Hubby had a snack at Taco Time to prevent going hypoglycemic.

We finally amble over to the base around 7:20P Rachel & Kegley have us jump into their truck to meet the kid. Entering the base easily through security while riding with the Kegley's, we go to the flight deck and wait. and wait. and wait. and wait some more.

Around 8:30P a set of stairs is finally rolled up to the plane. We later learn that the stairs were called for while the flight was over 30 minutes from landing! Then they had to wait an additional 60 minutes for it to arrive! Not very efficient. Kegley's said that "somebody" is probably going to have their butt reamed!

A joyous reunion. But sad without the Matt-ster! Kegleys hug Kelsey a lot. They are glad she is here.

We stopped at Sonic on the way home for the kid's favorite hamburger. I walked the dog around for potty break.

Kelsey calls Matt in the UK to advise him that she arrived safely, after we listen to his message on the answering machine. He already sounds lonely.

While talking & catching up on news, we catch the last part of "Sin City".

The kid falls asleep - with her "oooh" face & her left hand raised...just like when she was a BABY!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Absolutely Nothing To Report

Wednesday 3 September 2008
Absolutely nothing happened today. Boring.

Thursday 4 September 2008
Cleaned house.
Got a delivery from Victoria's Secret via UPS - talked to Bill for a few seconds about his Hiawatha Trail ride;
Re-arranged my files on my computer for a while.
Paid bills.
Hubby came home early and worked on VZ plow blades in the shop for an hour.
Drove to the dump to drop off our garbage.
We went to Farragut to ride around. Saw several deer. One seemed to be following us. Isabelle found a rabbit, but had no energy to run after it...
Went into CDA so that hubster could exchange a tool at Sears; Izzy & I waited patiently in the truck for him.
Ate hot wings at WingStop; also got drunk on Alaskan Amber Ale. I'm just not the drinker I used to be. Can't hold my ale!
Got Wendy's cheeseburgers for the dog as a treat.
Shopped for some misc. groceries at Super One in Rathdrum.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day 2008

We got up early and rode the Stewardship Trail at Round Lake State Park again. Hubby was tired of Farragut Park after the long, long ride yesterday.

Didn't see any wildlife - except for ground squirrels. Isabelle did really well on her accompanying run as she gets stronger every time we take her with us. I can even see that she has more lean muscle along her flanks!

On the return trip home, we drove the scenic way west along Priest River to Spirit Lake. Very beautiful landscape. Lots of people out walking & biking.

Hubby worked down at the shop with Bronco Jonathan to finish up his "rig".

Got up to pee early morning and found Aunt Flo had come to visit. I will NEVER forget that South Park episode! So weak that I slept in until later. Excruciating pain. Heating pad placed directly on the point of torture.
At 10:00AM, the dog came downstairs and barked quietly (how a dog can bark like that, I just don't understand) she saw 2 deer outside in the woods and I caught them on film (digital)!

UPS flew down the driveway later to deliver my new biking shoes-Skechers Work Bikers-Hobbie! Wonderful fit. Great for gripping the bike. Yippee.

Hubby got home around 1:00PM to have lunch with me.

Got the mail later, then decided to run into town to mail box for kids, deposit check, and ride bikes in Sandpoint.

Jason Miller called and talked to hubby while we were on the road to Sandpoint. They had a nice conversation. Eva, Jason's daughter, is walking!

After going to the banking institutions, we headed to Dover to ride around at the Resort. Climbed up the small mountain there to see the beautiful views. Of course, I forgot my camera again - still haven't gotten that chain piercing in my wrist to secure my camera with...

But we did check out the cabins & the SeaPlane Tours- maybe an idea for when Kelsey FINALLY gets here -

Stopped to grocery shop at Safeway in Newport, WA. This very annoying family kept following us around all the aisles - blocking the way to shop. They had a very horrible, nasty little boy which they would not watch or reprimand. Finally, we just stopped in one aisle and waited for them to leave. Meanwhile, another VERY young girl who was obviously anorexically skinny yet about 6 months pregnant was looking in one aisle while she had left her cart & purse unattended two aisles away. I alerted an employee to it as I did not want to touch the purse to be accused of stealing it - but just as I pointed it out, the girl returned to her cart. What stupidity abounds!

When we got home, Greg had Salisbury steak for dinner. Watched The Royal Tenenbaums on television.