Sunday, November 30, 2014



I made Lil Bit get out of bed very early in the night because he was squeaking and would not be quiet. He went down to sleep on the couch. At 6:30, he came upstairs to sleep with us and I put him o the bed again.

Hubby got up at 4AM to turn on the heat & close the window in the basement. It was only 17 degrees when he got up. It dipped down to 15 by the time we got up at 8AM.

I would rather have the 50 degree temps back.

The basement still reeks even though hubby sprayed scented lysol down there. 

Made eggs for the dogs, hubby had green bean casserole for breakfast.

Got dressed & went into town to get lattes. Even I got a nasty tasting one because it was SO COLD. We walked the dogs by the water tower at the park so that we could stay in the sunshine! Even walking in the shade of a tree lowered the temp too cold for us. My face froze even thought I had TWO scarves wrapped around.

We brought the dogs home and dropped them off. We took the red dually with the truck to Rathdrum and got more lattes. Picked up windex & cleaner & paper towels at the grocery store so we could wash the windows on the Red Dually (the heater core had just gotten fixed at CN, but it was still spewing antifreeze thru the vents. It made the windows grease up). We cleaned out the Red Dually & I threw away hubby's pumpkin he still had in the back seat!

Then we hauled the truck to CN, but it had no gasoline in it and would not start. Hubby had KC who was at CN take him to the gas station to get fuel while I waited in the freezing cold truck.

We finally got the truck unloaded 1 hour later. Then we drove to the Spokane Valley Mall to get my ear pierced. Hubby had a shit fit about paying so much to get my ears pierced as an Xmas present.

However, I LOVE my new piercings and will go get 3-4 more in about 3 weeks. Could not do all 6 piercings in one instance because of the trauma they said.

 3 New Piercings

Then we stopped at HM to look at clothes. Too expensive. Then went to Sears to look for deals. I told hubby we could take pictures & get them online at home thru Ebates to save more $.

Hubby had to stop at Krispy Kreme to get donuts and we waited FOREVER in line behind a car of 2 women that only ordered 4 dozen donuts & 1 coffee. But it took them 20 minutes to order. Stupid bitches.

We drove to CDA and went to eat at Olive Garden, but had to get diesel at Holiday Station before we ran out when the truck died at a stop sign. Hubby had forgotten to fill the tank! Then we came back to Olive Garden and had a great meal. Our server was Joseph and he was great. We got a bottle of Robert Mondavi wine with our meal.

Took leftovers with us. Then got dog burgers at Wendy's. Had a bad minute when we thought we saw smoke coming from our house - thought the house was on fire! But it was the neighbors that were burning slash. At home we fed burgers to dogs. They had chewed off the starter to the fireplace that hubby had to fix. They seem to chew on something every time we leave the house.

Watched Walking Dead 2014 Season Finale. No more new shows until Feb 8, 2015!

Maggie had to get up on the couch and sit by Bud because he was on HER couch.

Maggie & Bud

I accidentally spilled some milk on the counter when trying to give hubby a donut. I am really bad with liquid things this weekend.

Hubby watched his car shows. No more Good Wife shows for me...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Wet House


Got up at 8AM and gave turkey sandwiches to the dogs for early breakfast.

Drove to town for latte. Took dogs for walk in the park. VERY windy. Warm at 51 degrees!

Walked along Shooting Range road, it started to rain at end of walk.

Picked up stamps at Post Office.

Came home and dropped off dogs. We made turkey sandwiches to take into town.

Drove grey dodge & took Bud with us. Got lattes in Rathdrum. Picked up a dehumidifier at A-Z Rental in CDA.

Picked up red dually at CN Diesel. Drove back home, I stopped for lattes in Rathdrum.

At home, we set up dehumidifer. Hubby had lots of magazines delivered so he read all night.

I put out the Snowman and plugged it in.

It was raining tonight so we could not set up Xmas lights.


It was about 25 degrees when we woke up this morning. Got up and made turkey with stuffing, buns, & mashed potatoes for the dogs. Made hubby an egg sandwich for breakfast.

We drove into Athol and got a hot latte for hubby, then we went to the park to walk. It was very windy, so we walked in the campground area. Still lots of lazy hunters trolling the park for deer. I believe that all the deer are dead.

Saw Turkeys in the Park

Afterwards, we came home and dropped off the dogs. Mark was at the shop and hubby got him working, I gave water & dog cookies to Mark's dog before we took the grey dodge & drove to Rathdrum to get a hot latte for me & allergy pills for hubby at Super One. We picked up fish for me at Zips (which I fed most of it to the dogs because it was awful). Hubby decided he wanted to pick up crappy McDonalds hamburgers for him & Mark. He even got a little burger for Mark's dog.

When we got back at noon, hubby worked in the shop until later. Then he came to the house & got the red dually, hooked up the trailer & loaded a truck on it so we could haul it to CN tomorrow.

I did laundry & dishes, put up some Xmas lights outside & moved the snowman out to the circle driveway. I addressed some Xmas cards.

While I was outside putting up lights, Bud ran off. I called for him for over 20 minutes and when he finally came back, he was covered in something black, dead, and stinky. I started bawling because I had NO way to clean him up. I pushed the other dogs inside & started hauling buckets of warm water outside. Then I washed him with Dawn detergent. It took about 45 minutes to get him cleaned up. He had it on the underside of his neck, all over his back, on his belly & down his legs. It was awful & stinky. I had to wash all my clothes because I was soaked after I was done.

Hubby came home at 6:30.

There was absolutely nothing on tv worth watching. I took a sleeping pill at 7:30 and was in bed by 8:30.

Thursday, November 27, 2014



I slept in because I was still a little bit sick.

Fed the deer, went down to get the mail.

Hubby actually was supposed to get off 30 minutes early for the Thanksgiving Holiday, but still ended up getting home at 6:00 because he had to work late & sign out.

We went to Super One to get a few last things for Turkey Dinner. Took Bud & Ben with us in the Grey Dodge that has new heated seats!

Picked up burgers for the dogs at McDonalds.

I put away groceries because hubby was tired & fell asleep on the couch. He still has a really bad cold. I gave him a sleeping pill & we went to bed early.


Got up and fed eggs to the dogs. Put the turkey in the oven to bake.

Then went into Athol for a latte for hubby; Erin was actually open today.

Drove to the park, but turned around at the traffic circle because it was raining so hard.

Instead went back to the Idaho Dept of Fish & Game Open Area at Spirit Lake & took dogs for a walk there. Drove thru & came out on Hwy 41.

Came home and discovered that I had accidentally left on the water in the basement to fill the fish. The basement had flooded! OMG. Hubby vacuumed up a lot of the water with the shop vac.

I washed my hair. Made the side dishes. Hubby fell asleep on the couch after vacuuming for 1.5 hours. We watched the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade. Woke up at 3:30 to get changed so we could go into CDA Resort for 5:00 dinner.

We left at 4:00 to look at Xmas lights in town. It was disappointing.

At the Dockside Resort, hubby refused to let the valet park us. We parked on the 4th level and walked in. Then we had to wait for 20 minutes to be seated. Even when we got up to the waiting area, they STILL did not have our table ready (they were "checking" on it). When another couple came past and were seated right away we decided to leave.

We drove thru downtown looking at the new McEuen Park. Then drove below the CDA Government building. Saw 2 deer and threw out dog cookies to them.

Stopped at Safeway because hubby wanted another hot drink. Got drinks at Starbucks inside Safeway. Then we got more buns & gravy.

Drove home and gave dark meat & buns to the dogs for treats. They fell asleep after dinner. Hubby and I watched TV. Hubby perused the Black Friday ads online. Went to bed at 11:00.

Monday, November 24, 2014



I am too tired to get up.

Hubby left his alarm on and had to come back up stairs to turn it off.

I get up later. My cell phone is ringing.

The girl called to deliver pies. I call her back and tell her to leave mine at the Salon.

Ben wearing my glasses & being cute.

I take my pills.

Get dressed. Go outside to feed deer. Bud comes outside with me.

I take a hot bath.

I take a nap.




I am still sick. Not doing much beside resting. The doctor prescribed TamiFlu (Oseltamivir Phosphate), Azithromycin for my sore throat. I am finally feeling better.

The dogs are getting restless because I am not doing anything with them. I sleep on the couch or take hot baths to relieve body aches & pain.

Sunday, November 23, 2014



Got up and made eggs for the dogs & hubby.

We went to get a latte for hubby in Athol.

Took the dogs for a short walk in Farragut Park.

Came back and I was tired for the rest of the day.

Went to bed early. I am exhausted.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Influenza Type B


I have had the flu since Monday night. Had to cancel my nail appointment, my appointment with AICM, and was not able to go to Cirque Holidaze last night. I am SO pissed.

I drag myself out of bed after waking up with a violent head pain at 4AM. Go downstairs and take ibuprofen and take a hot bath. I also take my flu medications. Pass out on the couch. Bit sleeps behind my butt. I am too exhausted to move him.

I get up an hour later and go back upstairs to sleep. Hubby is snoring.

We get up again at 7AM. Hubby is already downstairs watching car shows. He makes eggs for the dogs. I have a leftover piece of pizza.

Hubby heads off to work at the shop by 11:00.

I pay bills at 1PM. I am exhausted. Will go upstairs to nap again.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Start of Another Week


Woke up with a heavy drug-induced hangover. The pills are just too druggy and make me sleep really well, but leave me with a hangover in the mornings. Difficult to swim thru the sleep to wake up.

Got up and made eggs for the dogs; egg sandwich for hubby. Used the left-over sausage pattie from breakfast yesterday.

Hubby forgot to pick up the dog food and Ben had pigged it down before we noticed. After hubby fed him his eggs, Ben threw up in the living room. So we had to clean it up. Yucky.

Hubby left for work. I started laundry & dishes.

Went on the Frontier website to update our Health, Dental & Life Insurance for the coming year. The company requires you to mark down that you DO NOT SMOKE every year. Otherwise it defaults automatically to smoking and charges you more on insurance.

I went down to get the mail by myself. Filled the deer bowls with food.

Some guy brought another boat, so I went down to the shop to help hubby re-position the boats. It is severely cold outside, but we stay and get the boats inside better. Wesley comes to get paid.

It is very dark when we are done. I come home feeling very bad. My throat is sore & I can barely move. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014



I told hubby that I was tired of making breakfast for everybody so I stayed in bed. He made the eggs for the dogs, fed them, and cleaned up afterwards.

Then we went into Athol and ate at the former Grey Goose restaurant. It was only 8AM and nobody was there. It was also still VERY cold. We sat across from the workstation and had a very nice breakfast. Nobody recognized hubby and we actually had a nice conversation without interruption. Good restaurant coffee, too!

Eggs Benedict & Potatoes for hubby

Pancakes, Sausage, and Eggs for me

We drove back home and picked up the dogs. Hubby had the truck we were supposed to deliver into CDA on a trailer behind us. He actually went down Clagstone and forgot we were going to the park, so we drove the back way down Good Hope Road to get there. Saw a deer running thru the woods. Saw a huge coyote run across the road.

Got to the park and walked for about an hour. We got in two miles! It was so sunny & warm & nice.

Our water in the back of the Excursion was frozen so we stopped at the park ranger station and put some water in a container for the dogs. All of them were very thirsty.

Then we drove into town. Dropped off the truck. Got lattes at Jitterz. Got gasoline at Costco. Stopped at Big R for deer food and more pipe for another fish filter.

When we returned home, the guy with the other boat was at the shop. So I dropped hubby off and took the Excursion & dogs up to the house. I got out with Lil Bit and took him in the house, but the doors locked on me and I could not get the rest of them out. I panicked.

Went inside the house to make a contract for the boat guy, then took my bike & rode to the shop with it. I told hubby about locking dogs in Excursion. He suggested trying the back hatch, so I rode up again and got them out by unloading all the deer food, the fish filter, and the grain. Then crawled thru the truck & opened the doors. I put all the dogs in the house so they could get water & food.

Then I back the trailer up, unloaded the deer grain, deer food & fish filter. Afterwards, I drove the truck & trailer down to the shop. I had let the dogs out to go see daddy at the shop. Bud, Ben, & Maggie ran into the woods. They were gone for quite a while and I was getting scared they were not coming back. But pretty soon, Maggie came out of the woods, Bud ran down the drive to see me & Ben was down at the shop helping hubby put the boat into the storage unit.

After hubby was done, I walked down to the shop again because we needed to go into Athol to get milk. We did that and then came back.

Hubby wanted pasta for lunch, so he made some sauce & I boiled the vegetarian noodles. They smelled good. While that was going, we put the grille downstairs, covered the tree with burlap bags, and put together the fish filter bucket. I cleaned out the bucket, bucket lid, and fake plants while hubby put together all the pieces for the bucket. We got it hooked up and going! No more fishy smells.

When all that was done, hubby came upstairs and finished his pasta. He said it was 5 Star quality food. I did not try it because it was too spicy.

Then he installed the new spotlight outside over the French doors so that we can see the dogs.

Both of us were exhausted by this time. So we sat down and watched a movie while waiting for The Walking Dead. Then watched Talking Dead and The Good Wife. Hubby kept nodding off the whole time we were watching tv. Went to bed. SO tired.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wonderful Day


omg. We actually slept in until 8AM. I had woken up at 4AM to pee, realized I had left a contact in my eye; then staggered back to bed. Could not sleep well after that and was restless.

Made egg breakfast for dogs, made egg sandwich for hubby.

We drove to Spirit Lake to get lattes. Mine was 1/2 full of foam even though we told her no foam.

Drove to Farragut Park & walked in the water tower area. Hubby was obsessed; talking about surviving a zombie apocalypse similar to Walking Dead with the water tower as the safe area with the fence!

We saw a dead red tail hawk. Poor thing had been torn to shreds. We brought home a feather.

Brought dogs home and hubby dropped us off before he went down to shop to meet a guy, then he came back about an hour later to pick up me, Bud & Ben so we could run into CDA to pick up a truck. Stopped at Midway Appliance to get fish filter; then got lattes at Jitterz. Hubby had bought caramel corn at Midway Appliance. Went by to pick up truck, but nobody home. We then wasted time at a VERY BUSY Walmart. People standing in the aisles like cows, nobody moving, rude little kid with ignorant parents. We checked out at the self-checkout and got out of there fast. Then ran over to Walgreens to pick up hair conditioner for me. Hubby purchased a couple Xmas candy turtles.

Guy called & we went back to pick up truck, I walked the dogs around the neighborhood while waiting. We then drove home thru Rathdrum.

At home, I picked up the mail and walked down the drive to the house. Gave Bit & Maggie some pieces of the salami we purchased at Walmart. I had to walk down to the shop to get Bud & Ben.

I put more Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda on my hair to tone down the red. Then conditioned it with "It's A 10!". Hopefully this helps some more.

Just junk catalogs in the mail. Nothing interesting. Did my elliptical. Watched Sherlock on BBCA.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cold & Colder To


When I got up, hubby was already up. I made breakfast eggs for the dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.


He left for work and I started laundry & dishes.

I was not feeling well today and slept a lot.

Tried washing my hair 3 times with different soaps and it will not get ANY of the color out. This is SO depressing. Not liking this dark color at all!

When hubby came home, he brought Head & Shoulders to try to wash out hair color.

Hubby worked in the shop until 10PM. I went to bed at 8:30.


Not pay day today.

But cold. Woke up to 7 degree temps. The sun was shining, tho.

Made egg breakfast for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

After hubby took the Excursion and left for work, I started laundry & dishes.

Washed my hair with Head & Shoulders, but it is still that horrid red. It is just NOT coming out.

Went outside with Maggie, Ben, and Bun. They ran around while I refilled the deer food bowls. It is JUST TOO cold outside to stay there for long.

Came back inside and looked up Black Friday ads online.

Left a message for the Registrar at AICM.

At 1:30, I went down to the shop with Bud and got the mail; waited for a guy to pick up his truck. It was bitterly cold. Bud ran around and sniffed everything. I waited in the shop to protect myself from the cold wind. The guy finally came with his mom after 15 minutes of waiting. Then his Diesel truck would not start. We had to put the battery charger on it. Waited another 15 minutes. Finally left at 2:00pm.

Came home and put hydrogen peroxide on my too dark red hair to try to lighten it.

Jackie, the Registrar at AICM called back and I made an appointment to go talk to her on Tuesday at 11:30 before my nail appointment. Yippee!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Got up and it was very cold this morning. Only 15 when we got up. All the mini blinds and curtains are closed so that we can keep the warmth inside. Hubby started the fireplace.

I made eggs for dogs and egg sandwich for hubby.

My stomach was a little bit upset today. I almost felt like if I did not have a yogurt & glass of milk that I was going to pass out.

After hubby left, I fed the fish. Whitey is MUCH better. He is swimming around and looks like he is OK. The cyst on his fin is still huge and we might have to put him down later, but both of them are doing fine in the warm basement. I also washed one of the rocks from their pond and their milk crate home so there was no algae on either of them. Then I put them in the pond for them.

I did laundry & dishes. There was already food left in the deer bowls, so I did not have to feed them again. I chose not to get the mail today as it was much too cold.

Hubby did 1 hour OT and then came home. He had a light snack & then went to the shop for an hour. We watched The Blacklist when he came home. Then I went to bed at 9PM. I was SO tired.


It was 11 degrees when we got up this morning. I hope people are bringing their pets inside. That is TOO cold for anything to be outside.

I made eggs for dogs and egg sandwich for hubby.

Then I started laundry & dishes are hubby left.

I got ready to go to my appointment for hair.

Picked up a latte in Rathdrum before my appointment, wanted to shop at Super 1 in Post Falls, but they were too crowded.

I got to appointment early and had to wait for girl to finish eating lunch. Then she just plopped hair color on my head instead of doing foils.

Hubby stopped by to say hello.

The color came out WAY too dark. She did not check my processing and let me process for 20 minutes!

I hate the color it is a dark chocolate red. Yuck. I wanted a strawberry blonde. She just said "it will wash out!"

Then I paid and left. Hating the color. Got a latte on the way back and picked up dog burgers at McDonalds in Rathdrum.

Fed the dogs at home.

Hubby came home about 5:15 PM. He was late.

We got changed and then went into town. Got drinks in Rathdrum, then drove thru Post Falls to NIC. Hubby picked up KFC and ate on the way. At the auditorium, we found you could not have drinks or food, so we drank our lattes down before we went inside.

It was too loud and no seating. Finally found seats. The bands were awful, it took too long to seat them. They traded seats between bands and we left because it was taking so long. For middle school children playing, it was awful. Sounded like they had not practiced at all. WHY were they taking up seats that the audience needed?

We drove to get burgers for the dogs again, stopped at Super 1 in Rathdrum to get groceries, and got home about 9PM. We watched a little tv and went to bed.

Monday, November 10, 2014



Wow. Can you believe it? Already mid-November. Where does the year go?

Snow on the garage roof this morning, snow on the deck! A very light dusting, but WTF?

Got up at 6:30, turned on the fireplace, then went back to bed. Lil Bit jumped out of bed and tried bothering us, but later got back into bed and slept longer with us until 8:30. We were lazy.

Made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

Started dishes.

We got dogs ready for a walk. I had already warmed up hubby's latte from yesterday, so he did not stop for a drink today. Went to the park and walked them around the water tower. Of course, some idiot hunter had to drive thru and bother us again!

Then we came home and dumped off dogs. Hubby got the tire off my car & showed the nail in it that had caused the slow leak. We loaded it up on the truck and went into Rathdrum to get lattes, drop off tire, make a deposit at the bank.

After that, we drove to Post Falls purchased pelled stove pipe at Ziggys, I walked Ben afterwards, and then we stopped to get a part for hubby at Advance Compressors.

Drove to Lowe's to get lightbulbs & a thermostat for the pellet stove. Saw Vera there. She was looking better but still was wired & could not talk well. According to her doctor, she can get the wire removed in 2 weeks.

We went to Fasteners to check on a drill bit for hubby which they did not have. Ben & I waited in the truck. Drove to Big R to pick up dog food & burlap bag for our tree. Lots of people wanted to pet Benny. One couple cornered me and asked questions about him & rescue.

Deposited checks at Horizon bank, picked up dog burgers at Wendy's. Made a BIG mistake in going to ULTA. WHY do I not learn? They are rude, never had the advertised Sale items, and I always regret going in. I wrote an email to complain about the Coeur d'Alene store. The women there are SO rude.

Hubby picked up a transmission and then we drove back thru Rathdrum to get the tire. Picked up another latte.

Raced home before dark to get the fish transferred inside. We had to clean out their tank. Some of the tank things were so filthy, we will have to throw them away. Impossible to clean off the algae. Hubby unloaded his transmission and let Mark inside the shop to pick up some tools he had left here.

We were cold, exhausted, & wet by the time we got done with the fish. Whitey looks really bad. His poor little cyst on his left fin is HUGE and he can barely swim. I think it is time to euthanize him peacefully.

Watched TV after we were done. Hubby had to get warmed up because he had been trying to clean out the tank in freezing 27 degree weather.

The arctic cold from the Alaska Hurricane has pushed a cold snap down to us. and television weather people had been predicting rain thru the rest of this week, but it dipped down & we were besieged by snow!

Went to bed at 10:00.

Sunday, November 09, 2014



Got up at 7:30; it was raining outside. About 40 degrees when we woke up.

I made eggs for the dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby.

We loaded all the dogs, including Bravo into the Excursion and picked up an Eggnog latte for hubby on the way, drove to the park for a walk.

It as soaking wet raining, stupid hunters still driving their trucks around in the park to look for deer. We decided to walk in the RV camping area to get away from vehicles. But it was wet and cold and icky. After a quick 17 minute walk, we loaded the wet dogs into the vehicle and drove home.

Both of us got stomach sick & dizzy, with nausea on the way home. We were going to clean out the fish, but neither of us had the strength so we rested instead.

Saturday, November 08, 2014



I had a really vivid dream last night about living in a huge home with an indoor pool and hot tub. I started describing this dream to hubby as soon as I woke up. Got up at 7:30 and made breakfast eggs for dogs; made breakfast sandwich for hubby.

We stopped to get hubby an eggnog latte, then took dogs to park to walk. We were walking on the road to the museum when I told hubby that probably somebody will drive down the road. Then a truck with two asshole bow hunters came driving by! Instead of walking around the park trying to find a deer, they were lazy asses that were driving! After they drove by, we encountered a woman that had parked on the road right in front of us and was walking her gigantic black poodle. She finally left and we then were passed by the park ranger! All of this at 8AM in the morning. On the way out of the park, we saw 2 more trucks cruising around for deer! OMG. Lazy asses.

At home, we unloaded the dogs and hubby watched a tv show until 11AM. He went to the shop to work. I worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes, then decided to walk Bravo from 12:15 to 1:00PM. We walked around Sienna Loop.

At the shop, I gave water to Mark's dog, he followed us home. Dogs at home barked at him. He ran back to the shop.

I came home and gave the dogs some ham.

I washed some clothes, put away dishes.

Did some more time on my elliptical so I could get in 10,000 steps today. Which is essentially about 1 and 3/4 hours of exercise.

Hubby finally came home at 8:30. We watched a Sherlock Holmes on BBCAmerica then went to bed at 10PM.

Friday, November 07, 2014



Got up and made eggs for dogs including Bravo. Had to shut him in the bathroom to eat his separately because he pigs up food. Hubby fed Ben in the back room.

Hubby left with the egg sandwich I made him. He unloaded the deer food at the front patio while I fed the deer.

Hubby helped me bring up the elliptical from the basement.

After he left, I started laundry & dishes.

Then I made coffee for myself.

Paid bills for hubby and mailed them. Rode my bike down with Bud & Bravo. They loved running into the woods!

I did 1 hour on my elliptical.

I also got on the MINTED website and made our Xmas cards for this year.

Hubby called me and said we would have to go to Post Falls to pick up parts so I got make up on and got dressed. By the time he got home, he said they did not have the parts, so he changed into his PJs and stayed home the rest of the night.

I went to bed at 10:00 because I was exhausted.

Thursday, November 06, 2014



Got up and made eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. It was dreary but still warm out - about 44. Hubby left for work.

I started laundry & dishes.

The sun was shining for about an hour from 10-11:00. It was very beautiful.


Went down about Noon to get the mail. Took Bud, Ben, & Maggie. They ran around on the property while I took Lil Bit on a leash. He runs away too much.

Fed the deer when we got back.

It started to rain. Cloudy & dreary again.

Hubby called me and wanted to check a phone number on his phone that he had accidentally deleted.

Vacuumed & cleaned the house.

Hubby came home at 5:30 bringing Bravo along with him. We are babysitting Bravo for the weekend while the kids compete in Boise Idaho at the NPC of Idaho Fitness, Figure, and Body Building. We wish them all luck.

Bravo was so happy to be here. He tore around with Lil Bit into the back yard. All the dogs sniffed him up really good.

Hubby went down to the shop to work while I rented a Pay-Per-View movie; Live, Die, Repeat. I hate Tom Cruise but I was so bored and this looked interesting. It wasn't. Like Groundhog Day with Aliens. There was no development of story between characters. HOW did the lead character know all the personal stuff of his squad? It was a lot of repetitive fighting aliens and shots of Tom Cruise. BORING.

When hubby returned home at 9:30, he had dinner. I went to bed a short while later. Bravo slept downstairs on the couch.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Nails Day


Got up this morning and told hubby NOT to turn the TV on until I was up and awake. I did not want to hear the Election coverage chatter.

Made cheese eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby. We watched Election coverage for a while. Republican swept the elections. No surprise there!

However, I did NOT vote for the Republican governor. He deserves to be HANGED. Passing that stupid inane Ag-Gag bill for Idaho was the worst thing that he could have done. He was probably paid a kick back for that. Cheat. Dishonest ass. The next thing he will do is probably pass a bill that prohibits anybody from saying anything or even THINKING about it. Asshole.

Hubby finally left for work at 7:00, then I started laundry & dishes.

Vacuumed the house. Tore off a fingernail. Took off the rest because so many were lifting.

I accidentally spilled all the dirt out of the vacuum canister when I went to dump it. Then I had to vacuum it up again. 

Dumped garbage before I left.

At 11:45, I took Lil Bit with me, picked up mail on the way out, drove to Rathdrum and picked up a latte.

Lil Bit in car

Then dropped stuff off at Goodwill for donation.

Went to my nail appointment. Got a full set.

Then stopped at McDonalds for burgers. Came home and fed burgers to dogs.

I picked up dog poop in the back yard.

Fed deer and let Ben come out front with me to help.

Wes came at 3PM to pick up brush to take out to pit.

Hubby came rushing home at 6PM to meet people that were bringing boats. I made up contracts and met people down there; also let Mark & his dog into the shop. It was nearing dark, and I was riding down to the shop on my bike... the dog comes out of nowhere & it freaked me out!

I talked to the people with the boat, opened the big shop doors. Hubby finally got there about 6:15. Then the other boat people came. It was getting colder, so I biked home again.

Hubby came up to the house around 7:15 - he had brought home dog burgers from McDonalds for the dogs; and then we had to rush to Rathdrum in the grey Dodge to get oil from O'Reilley's.We took Maggie along with us.

Also stopped to get eggs & some few groceries at Super One in Rathdrum. Got gasoline at the little gas station in town.

Then drove home. Hubby went down to the shop again for about 45 minutes. Then came home at 9:45. He had not changed the clock back in the shop, so he thought it was really late.

We went to bed after the 11:00 news.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014



Got up and made eggs for dogs. Made an egg sandwich on Everything bread for hubby.

Hubby left for work.

I started laundry & dishes.

It was raining again today. Overcast & cloudy.

I fed deer only one bowl which I placed under a tree so it would not get soaked.

Then I made Spinach Balls.

Spinach Balls

Wes showed up at 3:30 and started working on down trees & brush, putting it on the trailer to haul to the pit.

Maggie Sleeping

Hubby came home at 5PM; he changed clothes and we drove to Spirit Lake to vote. We took Ben & Bud; left them in the truck while we voted. There was just a short line in the library - about 10 people in line. Not bad. We voted and then went to get groceries at Miller's. The prices are very expensive there and I think we will not be going back there. It is less expensive to drive to Rathdrum and get better prices there.

We came home and gave snacks to the dogs because they missed us. Watched a couple episodes of Z Nation on SyFy which is not bad and kinda campy we finally went to bed at 10PM.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Jekyll & Hyde


Got up early. I made eggs for dogs & a couple egg sandwiches with the Everything french bread that we purchased at Walmart the other night.

Then we put collars on the dogs and went to Athol to get a latte. However, the stand was not open, so I suggested we go to Spirit Lake instead.

We got lattes at Spirit Lake, then took the dogs to the Idaho Wildlife open area on Hwy 54 to go for a walk. Lots of beautiful view. The road was a little bit wet & muddy, but it was a BEAUTIFUL sunshiny day. Encountered one truck with a couple hunters that drove thru.

Then we came home after the walk.

Had totally forgotten it was Daylight Savings Time. Had to put back all the clocks. No wonder nobody was out this morning and the latte stand was closed! LOL.

Started putting everything away outside. My plants, the picnic tables, park bench, chairs in the firepit, lawnmowers, hoses, and electrical cords. Hubby went out back and cut down all the trees that were dead, dying, or had fallen down. He will have the kid come over this weekend to clear them out.

It looks much better outside. All tidied up & ready for winter now. That is a lot of worry off our minds.

Hubby changed clothes and I washed my jeans before we got ready to go to Spokane for the play. We left at 12:30 and hubby stopped at Dagny's to get another latte. We got to the the Spokane Civic Theatre and went in the wrong entrance. The side entrance was where the little theatre happened to be putting on the play. It was very cool. We sat on the north side at the top of the small bleachers. Comfortable seats. GREAT play - Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Excellent fun afternoon.

On the way home at 5:00, we stopped in Rathdrum to get burgers for the dogs & french fries for hubby.

When we got home and fed burgers to the dogs, Ben had an upset tummy then threw up in 2 different places. We had to clean it up. The hallway rug had to be dragged out and hosed off!

We watched tv and sat with the dogs for the rest of the night. Watched Walking Dead & The Good Wife.

Bud slept on the couch near the steps all night. He was VERY tired. He usually sleeps on his dog bed and it was odd that he slept there most of the night. Maggie was upset that he was sleeping on HER couch.

Went to bed at 11:00.

Saturday, November 01, 2014



Got up at 7:45AM; hubby had been restless since 5AM.

We got dressed & ready with the dogs. Took the Excursion to Rathdrum to get lattes; then drove to Post Falls for the Craft Show, but I decided I did not want to buy more junk crafts. We took the dogs for a walk in Black Bay Park right across from the Post Falls Senior Center. We had a great time, saw the river and the dogs got to smell NEW things. They loved it.

A police car went driving thru the park when we were there. It was most odd as we were the only people in the park. It was not raining, but very wet & dreary day.

On the way back, we stopped at Jack In The Box to get sausage, egg & cheese biscuits for only $1.50 each. Hubby had his right away. Then we drove over to see the Tiny Home at the mobile home sales across the interstate.

Hubby stopped to pick up parts at the Industrial Site in Coeur d'Alene. Then we drove home.

Unloaded everything & fed the dogs their biscuits.

Hubby went down to the shop to work. He got another boat to store when a guy brought his little fishing boat.

I rode my bike down to get the mail with Bud. On the way back, I fed the deer.

Hubby got done working at 5PM. He came home and took a nap on the couch.