Monday, August 31, 2015



Got up because the people down stairs woke us up at 5AM. The guy kept dicking around with his truck & canoe. Slamming his truck doors & walking around making noise.

We got up at 7AM. Got dressed & packed. Went to breakfast at 8:30. Which was not good because they had a damn buffet. The pancakes were burnt, the sausages were raw, the bacon was stiff & crunchy. The only good thing was the fresh fruit. It was way too expensive.

Leaving at 8:30, we checked out. Drove to Nelson and got Starbuck's coffees at Safeway. I had to potty a couple times. We also picked up some cookies in the bakery and a couple sandwiches made of phyllo bread in the deli. One of the sandwiches tasted like Thanksgiving with fragrant sage stuffing, chicken, peas, and tomatoes in it. YUMMMMMMY.

Non eventful drive on the way back. It rained a little in Canada, but even though we had dark clouds in Idaho, there was no rain!

At Newport, we picked up McD's cheeseburgers for the dogs.

Upon arriving home, we found dust but no fallen trees. The dogs were overjoyed to see us.

We unloaded the car, rested for a while watching a few informative tv shows (one about the Peshtigo Fire in Wisconsin in 1871). Then we drove to Brunner Road to find no signs of the fire that burnt 60 acres... Took the dogs for a walk in the park on Gun Shooting Road. Then stopped for milk at Lil Town on the way back.

I studied homework for Quiz on muscles tomorrow in Kinesiology. Hubby watched tv.

We went to bed at 11:00 after the evening news.

Saturday, August 29, 2015



Woke up at 6:45. Hubby told me Happy Anniversary. He went downstairs to make eggs for the dogs. I got up at 7:00, dressed & made the bed.

Fed the fish. Hung up clean laundry.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park after getting hubby a latte in town.

Then we returned and dropped off the dogs. Packed everything we needed and left home by 10AM.

Drove to Canada. Border crossing was uneventful. Got to Ainsworth Hot Springs by 2PM and checked in. Our room was not ready, so we went to have a little lunch in the dining room.

Afterwards, we checked into the room and went directly to the pool.

Sat in the pool for quite a while. Walked thru the caves several times.

Then we got out and got ready for dinner. Went to dinner. 


We got up and went down to the pool right away for more soaking time. From 8:30-11:30 we were soaking when we realized that neither of us had any breakfast or coffee all morning.

It started raining in the afternoon with thunder & lighting. So everyone was asked to get out of the pool, hot tub, & caves.

We decided to leave and go do something else. We drove up to Kaslo and walked thru the town. Walked thru the Kaslo Hotel and had the front desk clerk take us thru one of the rooms so we could see what they were like. Room #204 would be perfect for celebrating Xmas day. We could put in a tree and watch the water on Xmas day.

So we got out of the pool and got dressed in our room. Then we

Friday, August 28, 2015



Hubby kissed me goodbye at 7:00. I got up at 7:30 to pee. Then went back to bed. Flies bothering me and Lil Bit woke me up at 9:00.

I got dressed. Did laundry. Fed fish. Gave dogs fresh food & water.

Then cleaned out dog's water barrel in back yard.

Paid bills because hubby got paycheck today.

Did 2 hours worth of homework for A&P questions in the book. Now I have to work on Med Term book. 3 Chapters!!!

Went down to get mail. Hubby got all his magazines so he can read them on our vacation this weekend. I got a massage magazine that I can ready this weekend!

Finally got done with my Med Term workbook at 2PM. Now all homework is done for next week.

Ordered MBLEX test books & Massage books from Amazon.

Left for errands at 4:00. Drove to Rathdrum because there were trains on both tracks. Got to CDA at 4:30. Saw momma deer and baby walking thru subdivision just behind Olive Garden.

At Office Max, got typing paper and laminated my copies of muscles for test.

Then drove to Costco to get gas. Went past the North Idaho Fair. It was packed with people.

Drove to Car Wash and washed Jeep. AICM called and Amber asked if I could cover tomorrow. I told her no because of anniversary and reservations in Canada.

Then drove to Post Falls and got salads at Wendy's. Drove to Clinic. Worked from 6-9.

Drove home. Called hubby and told him I was on the way home.

Got home and hubby had the dogs out on the deck to welcome me.

Ate salad. Watched Archer. Took a hot bath & naired my legs. Went to bed at 11:00.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yet Another A&P Quiz


Only 2 days left until our anniversary!

Got up at 6:45AM. Dressed & made the bed.

Hubby was already dressed & watching morning news on TV.

Hugged dogs goodbye and hubby left. There was a squirrel on the tree outside the deck, so I called him back. Handed him the gun as he drove up and he shot the squirrel. I went outside to collect it in a bag and he left.

I got ready for school, studied for 30 minutes.

Did laundry.

Have to get fish food today; ran out yesterday.

Gave fresh food & water to dogs.

Drove to Post Falls and tanned at Slick Rock.

Then went to school.

After school, drove to Pita and got a Pita salad. Shopped at Walmart for Fish food. Then drove home.

Ate pita at home, gave ham to dogs. Did laundry. Vacuumed. Fed deer. Put hose into Fish tank to clear it out.

Hubby worked 1 hour OT.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Got up at 6:30. Hubby was watching morning news. He said that some camera crew back east got shot & murdered. We watched the National news at 7:00 to find out what was going on. Then hubby left for work about 7:10.

I got dressed and started laundry. Fed the fish and gave dogs fresh food & water.

I left at 8:30 so that I could go tan at Slick Rock by 9AM.

After tanning, I went to school.

After class, I drove home. Had Mediterranean Tuna at home with Green tea. Then at 2:20, I drove down to get nails done at Deralee's.

Got nails done by 3:10 and drove back home.

Took a nap with dogs.

Fed deer.

Hubby came home by 5:30. He watched an episode of Schitt's Creek, changed his clothes and then we took the dogs for a walk in the park on Gun Shooting Road.

Came back afterwards and hubby watched more tv. I studied for my quiz in A&P tomorrow. Filled dog water bottles.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Tuesday


Feels like Monday.

Got up at 6:45AM. Hubby was watching the morning news. He left for work at 7AM. Gave hugs to the doggies.

I got dressed and ready for school.

Left at 8:20 so I could pick up a drink before going to tan.

There was a guy at the shop with a big truck. I stopped to talk to him to make sure that he was not just parking in the driveway.

Stopped at Jitterz where I was the ONLY customer in line! But some truck pulling a huge trailer parked on the other side and I could barely get out...

Drove to tan; tanned in the Super Fast Tan bed for 10 minutes. Then went to school.

I was thoroughly disgusted with people that don't want to be at school to learn.

Left school at 1PM.

Stopped at Pita Pit to get a pita salad on the way home.

At home I got mail, put away laundry, made chicken. Ate my pita. Took a nap.

Hubby worked 3 hours OT because the 9-1-1 service in Post Falls was out.

Monday, August 24, 2015

CLINIC Work Again


Up at 7AM. Hubby was leaving for work.

I took a hot bath.

I fed the fish, fed the dogs. Did laundry.

It was quite cold out this morning. Got ready for Clinic.

Drove to AICM. Did my clinic shift from 9AM-1PM.

Lots of smoke in Post Falls.

 Smoke over Post Falls

Stopped at Pita and got Pita in a bowl.

Drove home. Got mail. Fed ham to dogs. Ate my pita. Made green tea.

Did more laundry.

Took a nap.

Hubby at home by 7PM. He unloaded deer food & apples.

We took dogs for walk in park at 8PM. Sun was setting. Deer were out in park.

Drove home. Hubby had dinner. We watched new comedy Impastor. It was funny.

Hubby went outside to feed deer at 11:30 before he came to bed.

Saturday, August 22, 2015



Got up at 730AM.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. I got dressed and started laundry.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park. Stopped to pick up a latte for hubby in town first. Almost 65 degrees out and felt cold, but by the time we got to the park and started walking around the sewage treatment area, it started to get very hot.

A stupid Ranger came down to the sewage plant as we were walking around it. He was driving WAY too fast.

After the dogs got water at the truck, we came back home.

I went down to get mail. Hubby went down to the shop to work for a bit with Mark. Ben went down to the shop with hubby to play with Jack.

I studied. Cleaned up some of the house. Figured up bills.

Outside on the deck, a little bird decides to nest in the bird seed!

 Bird in Bird Seed

Then I biked down to the shop at Noon to see if Ben was ok and get the mail. Hubby had the trailer hooked up and Ben was in the truck. Jack and Mark left.

We loaded the dogs into the Dodge and drove to Post Falls to deliver a Bronco body that hubby had sold over a year ago. He had been storing it for the people.

Stopped to get a latte at Jitterz on the way. Then dropped off the Bronco body.

Drove home. Watched TV for a while. Hubby had lunch.

At 6:30, we washed Ben & Bud. I was washing Ben's bedding all afternoon.


Got up at 9:00AM. Hubby let me sleep in late. He was already making eggs for the dogs.

I helped him clean up the kitchen afterwards. I made Greens Juice for me and a Green tea.

Took the dogs for a walk in the Park. Drove down to the end of the park to see the water. Smoke was REALLY bad today. Stringent sweet smell & thick.

 Smoke on Lake Pend O'Reille

We came back and unloaded dogs. Fed the deer.

Drove to Rathdrum and got groceries at Super 1. Ran into Computer Ty with his girlfriend and her kids. Bought a watermelon & pineapple & more honey.

Came back and unloaded groceries.

 Bit & Bud on the Couch

Watched Fear The Walking Dead which was an AWFUL show set in L.A. Why do producers & directors always force feed viewers shows that feature this awful town? Don't they realize that the U.S. is pretty big and there are OTHER cities out there that a show or movie could be set within?

I don't think we will be watching this show. It is not good at all.

I worked on hubby's massage for over 90 minutes tonight. He had lots of pain.

Went to bed at 11:00PM.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Nighttime Clinic


Hubby had already left for work at 7:00AM. He came to give me a kiss in bed.

Ben had jumped into bed with Lil Bit and me.

I got out of bed at 8:00AM.

Fed the fish. Started laundry.

Fed the deer.

Left to go shopping at 10:00. Dropped off hubby's prescription at Rathdrum Drug. Hubby called me while I was there, asking me to open the garage door!

I purchased a Happy Birthday Banner for school and also picked up some rat poison & mouse traps.

Drove to CDA and went to Horizon Bank. Talked to Michael about the charge on the account, he wanted me to contact the Gym first. I was upset when he did not want to file the paperwork. I went out to the Jeep and called the Gym. Talked to Glenn, the manager. He denied getting a letter from me giving 30 days notice. (of course) And he refused to cancel my membership. He hung up on me. So I went back into the bank and told the guy. He then had me fill out the paperwork.

I had to make a deposit there and the guy took care of it.

Drove to Costco and got gas. Some woman almost cut me off in the turn lane. Then drove to get the Jeep washed.

Guy from the bank called and I returned the call. He wanted me to come back and sign MORE paperwork. So I had to go back there and do that.

Then I drove to Rathdrum to shop at Stein's for bones & honey. I forgot to get more bird seed.

Drove home. Unloaded stuff. Gave a bone to Jack at the driveway. Received a massage book in the mail. The UPS had dropped off my Bath & Body order at the house. Gave bones to dogs at the house. Then I made chicken. Took care of dying grey dove that decided to die outside the garage man-door. I gave him water & wrapped him up in a towel.

Then at 1:00, I drove down to Athol and got my nails done at Deralee's. Afterwards, I stopped at Lil Town Market and got bird seed.

Drove home and filled the bird feeder. Little dove was still alive. I put it on the dog bed and re-wrapped it in the towel.

Ate some chicken. I was having some endometriosis cramps, so I took a Tramadol.


Smoke from Fires

Little bird was getting worse. I tried to feed him something and gave him water from a dropper, but he would not take any.

Poor Little Dying Dove

At 4:45, I left for Clinic work. Got there at 5:15. Worked from 6-9.

Drove home in the dark.

At home, I was tired but did not hurt. Sat with hubby on the couch watching TV for a while. Then went to bed at 10:30PM. I was exhausted. Took a couple sleeping pills to make sure I slept thru the night. But then BEN started barking violently at something outside at 3AM. I got up and told him to come in. Waved the flashlight around outside, but did not see anything. Went back to bed.

Thursday, August 20, 2015



Got up this morning at 6:10. Hubby was already watching the news and he was dressed for work. I came down and gave the dogs some ham pieces. Then I got dressed.

Watched news with hubby. News was mostly about all the fires that are going on around the area. Lots of fires in Washington. Smoke here is bad.

Hubby left for work. Dogs went out on the deck for huggies.

I went outside to feed deer. I also fed the fish.

Studied a little bit for the Quiz in A&P today.

Drove to Post Falls after making myself a green tea.

I tanned at 9:00 for 10 minutes; then went to school.

School from 9-1.

Then I left and went to meet hubby at Nate's for pizza. Dave 2.0 was there talking about going to Las Vegas in November. I don't know if I want to go because I would have to leave the dogs for a whole week. And I don't want to miss that much class & clinic time.

Drove home. I was supposed to drop off hubby's prescription that he got from the doctor today, but I forgot to stop.

At home, I unloaded all my books. Made myself some more tea. In the mail, the insurance company had submitted my dental paperwork incorrectly so I had to call somebody at the company. She insisted that it was the wrong group number, so I had to write another letter and submit it again. Stupid incompetents.

Took Lil Bit to the Vet at 2:45. As soon as I got the leash to put on him, he started shaking in the car and ran to the opposite side of the car to get away. I coaxed him in, but he freaked out and shook the entire time. I carried him everywhere so he would be ok. Dr Mike was not there. We saw some woman vet that had a VERY weird laugh. I kept looking around to see if I was in a Seinfeld show...

Lil Bit at the Vet

Lil Bit lost 1/2 a pound. He is down to 23.9 pounds. Which is odd because I thought he was gaining weight, he is such a round porker. Teased the Vet about him being a New Zealand Miniature Bear. She laughed as she poked him with his shots!

When I came home, I started doing homework on A&P Chapter 11.

Hubby stopped for a drink at Caddyshack with the guys after work. He did not get home until 8:15PM. Then we took the dogs for a dog walk in the park at dark. Saw quite a few deer again.

Came home and hubby had dinner. We watched a little TV. Went to bed after the news at 11:00PM.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Day of Pregnancy Massage


Woke up when hubby got out of bed. I had slept pretty well with the Non-Aspirin PM sleeping pills. Got out of bed and went downstairs. Gave ham pieces to dogs.

Hubby helped me feed the deer.

He left for work at 7AM.

I started to get ready for school.

I papercut my left thumb before I left for school.

Thumb Cut

After loading my pillows and sheets in the Jeep, I found that somebody had stolen one of my pillows.
I left to go get a Pita at Pita Pit. Then I drove over to Slick Rock and ate my pita while waiting to go in the Sauna at 1:40.

Forgot my water at school, so I had to purchase a water bottle for $1.

Sweated in the 140 degree Sauna. It was nice. Warmed up my muscles really good for 35 minutes. I need to do this more.

Then I drove back to school and got a massage.

At 3:30, I left.

Stopped at Horizon and deposited the check that Mark gave me.

Then drove home. Got the mail.

Then unloaded car. Ate the rest of my Pita. I studied for Chapter 10 Brain & Spinal Cord test in A&P tomorrow.

At home, Ben was tired. I told him to be ready for when daddy got home so we could take a walk.

Ben Napping

Hubby got home at 7:00PM. We took the dogs for a walk. Hubby decided that he was hungry, so we took the dogs home, I changed clothes and we went down to the Grey Goose for dinner. He had Homemade Goulash special. I had scrambled eggs.

Lots of Wild Fires

We went home and watched a little tv. Then went to bed at 10:30 after watching news on the fires.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More & More Kines Learning


Almost the end of August. Where did the time go?

I got up at 7:30AM when the phone rang. It was Mark asking about homework. I texted him instead.

Then I got dressed and fed the fish. Fed the deer.

Hubby leaves the windshield wiper up on the Jeep after he washes the windshield.

Jeep Windshield Wiper

Drove to Post Falls and tanned at 9AM.

I made another appointment for the Infrared Sauna at 1:20.

Went to school. Pottied at school, then studied.

Lots of Smoke in Post Falls

Class from 9-1.

I stopped at Pita Pit on the way home and got a pita. Had to walk inside because the drive-thru was not moving for 10 minutes.

On the way home at Clagstone, there were 2 ambulances, 4 police cars, and a fire engine at a home. Weird.

At home, the garage door would not open. I got out and realized that the electricity was out. Those fucking asshole KEC people that cannot even keep electricity working on a sunny day! When I was young, my parents NEVER lost their electric power. Ever. Never. Ever.

Power Outage (again)

I ate my pita and made luke-warm tea. Purused the internet on the iPad. Gave ham pieces to the dogs.

The electricity was finally back on at 2:40PM.

Hubby came home at 6:30PM.

We took the dogs for a walk in the park. Bit likes park walks.

 Lil Bit

Monday, August 17, 2015



Woke up several times in the night. I was very thirsty and drank almost all my water bottle and then hubby mumbled in his sleep that he did not want to drink water!

At 7AM, woke up as hubby was leaving for work. He came upstairs to kiss me goodbye.

I got up and gave ham to the dogs. Fed the fish. Started laundry.

Watched some tv. Made green tea. Updated my blog for the weekend.

I studied today and did lots of homework. Worked in advance on my Medical Term book.

Cleaned the house a little.

Hubby came home at 7PM and we walked the dogs in the park.

Sunday, August 16, 2015



Got up at 8:30 and dressed. Didn't know how to dress, for cool weather or hot!

Lil Bit had gotten up several times during the night and I had to pick him up to put him on the bed each time.

Hubby started making eggs for the dogs.

I fed the fish.

Loaded dogs up in grey Dodge for a walk in the park. Hubby stopped to get a latte in town.

We walked the dogs in the park down by the Day Use area. Ran into some people with kids that wanted to pet the dogs. We walked in the opposite direction and met up with them later on the trail. Gave dogs water. Then I had to poop. It was awful.

Got back to the truck and gave dogs some more water. Some stupid family had let their golden retriever out without a leash so we loaded the dogs up hurriedly.

On the way home, hubby wanted to drive to Sandpoint "for a Sunday drive" but I said there was nothing to see there. If he wanted to go, I would need to go home, clean up, change into shorts because it was already getting hotter. We drove home. He fed the deer while I changed and made tea for myself.

Picked up hamburgers for dogs & salads for us at Wendy's on Appleway.

We drove to Rose Lake to walk the dogs along the Trail Of The CDAs. There was a huge 100 acre fire burning at the Hwy 3 and Interstate 90.

Forest Fire on I-90

Hubby had to stop at the gas station to get a bag of popcorn. I waited in the truck with the dogs. There was a family that had left a couple chihuahuas in the car with the windows down and the dogs were screechy barking.

Drove past the Rose Lake Elk Ranch.


We finally got into Rose Lake and walked the dogs on the trail. LOTS of bikes, no place to park. We finally walked them for over 2 miles. It was too hot to walk farther.

At the truck, we gave the dogs LOTS of water. Even though they had drank lots of water on the trail, they were still tired & thirsty.

Chicken Apple Pecan Salad from Wendy's

I ate some of my salad. Yum. I was very hungry.

Hubby drove back to CDA, but we decided to get off the Interstate early and go the back road thru to Mullan Trail Road to look at property. Drove over dirt road that was very bumpy.

At the property, we got out to look at it and saw a dead little fawn curled up. It appeared to have been hit by a car. There was a dent in the grass beside it where the mother must have stayed by the little thing until it died. Very sad.

After looking at the property, we drove home. It had been a long day.

At home, we unloaded everything and rested on the couches for a while.
Beautiful Sunset on the way home
At 7:45PM after it had cooled down again, we took the dogs for a walk in the park along the Gun Shooting Road.

Came back home. I was exhausted. Went to bed at 9:00PM.

Saturday, August 15, 2015



I believe that everyone should strike to have a 3 day weekend. Everyone really needs the rest of 3 days.

Got up at 8AM and rub Lil Bit on his belly for a while. Then got dressed & came downstairs because hubby was making eggs for the dogs.

I fed the fish.

Put away laundry.

Lil Bit came to get me and I thought he wanted his food put down. I wandered into the laundry room and saw that a bird had flown in the open door and become trapped in there. That was what Lil Bit had come to tell me. What a great dog!

So Hubby shut the door and helped it outside.

Hubby wanted to get a latte, but there were 4 cars in line. We took the dogs to the park for a walk around the Sewage Treatment Plant. Passed some people on bikes on the road.

Drove to Spirit Lake to get latte for hubby.

Came home & unloaded dogs. Hubby went down to the shop to meet guy that was supposed to pick up a Jeep.

Christine from Clinic called and canceled the Monday shift. Not enough appointments.

I went down to the shop on my bike to get the mail. Petted Jack. Talked to a woman down there with her kids that was with the guy picking up the Jeep.

I went outside to pick up dog poo. Put hose in the dog water out back to freshen it up. I mowed a little area around the deck where the weeds were growing.

Hubby came back from the shop and we took the dogs with us to take garbage to the dump.

When we returned, hubby put the battery charger on the FMF and found that squirrels had eaten thru the insulation on the top of the hood. He took a gun and went out in the front yard to kill a squirrel when we heard one out there.

We then went out to feed the deer.

Hubby mowed the area at the bottom of the deck where the weeds always grow.

Then we came inside and took showers. I did laundry and homework. Hubby watched TV and read magazines.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Day OFF & Hot


Got up at 8:00AM. Hubby made breakfast for the dogs.

I typed up A&P notes from yesterday and texted them to Panda.

We took dogs in Dodge to the Park for a walk. Hubby got a latte on the way.

Saw lots of deer running around in the park and turkeys along side the roads.

Drove back to the house, unloaded dogs. I made tea while hubby killed dozens of flies.

Picked up garbage along the highway frontage. It sputtered rain for a while.

Picked up the mail and had received my new vacuum canister. Thank goodness because the dirt on the living room carpet was getting really bad.

Fed the deer. Found a dead vole in the front yard.

Hubby inspected the rotted boards on the side of the deck which is collapsing. Yet another thing to fix...

I vacuumed the house.

Paid the bills online.

We went into town about 1:00PM and got grain, picked up apples from the ground on their property.

Hubby got a latte from the Hayden corner latte stand.

Then went to the Museum of North Idaho which was a waste. Too many bulletins to read and the pictures are way too small & dark. Paid admission includes 1 hour of parking. We left at 3:00.

Drove around downtown CDA and saw a couple little deer in somebody's yard.

Deer in CDA

Got groceries at Walmart. Wind was blowing about 30-40mph and there was no visibility at 3/4 mile because of the smoke. Headaches & I was sneezing all day.

Smoke in Air at Silverwood

Drove home and unloaded groceries.

Then drove down to Mario's in Bayview to have dinner. Sat on the outside porch where we had to listen to a load of illegal Mexicans from Montana throughout dinner.

Hubby was stuffed after a few bites so we got doggy bags and went home.

Watched tv for a while and I went to bed at 10:00PM. I was still hurting from Friday.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A&P Along with More CLINIC


Actually slept thru the night! Did not get up at 3:30 to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Hubby was already up and dressed, watching tv news when I got up. I took a hot bath and got dressed. Then hubby left at 7AM.

I studied, did laundry. Dressed for Clinic in my scrubs.

Drove to Post Falls and shopped at WalMart for Nick's birthday presents. I got a helium balloon, birthday card, a gift sack, bananas, and a little basketball. Then I picked up notebooks for me.

School from 9-1. Then clinic from 1:30-5:30.

Very hot when I got outside.

I drove to Pita and got another pita bowl. Drove home. Ate pita, made tea. Was really tired. Took a hot bath and went to bed at 7:30 after hubby got home.

Woke up at 3AM and realized that the water was still filling the fish tank. Turned it off and instead put it in the pond for fresh water.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015



Got up at 6:30 and dressed. I was already feeling better. My wrists still hurt somewhat.

Pulled all the mini blinds and sat with hubby to watch tv. There was already a hint of acrid smoke in the air from a 100 acre fire in Spokane Valley.

Helped hubby feed the deer. I fed the fish.

Hubby left for work at 7:10AM.

I did homework for the Pop Quiz tomorrow. Got books ready for Pregnancy Massage today.

Katie texted to see if I could take her shift tomorrow, but I said I was already working.

Left for school at 8:00; got there at 9:40.

I got my linens out of my Jeep. Left the windows down because it was supposed to be really hot again today.

We had several breaks. I had to put my underwear on; and was wearing my phone. It accidentally dropped in the toilet bowl, but I retrieved it and it was still OK. Ben told me to dry it off with a towel then put it in my car because the heat would dry it out.

Very hot when I got outside after class.

After school, I went to get a Pita Bowl and then drove to CDA so I could wash the Jeep at Metro Car Wash. Drove to Athol to get my nails done. I was going to stop and get local honey for Nick's birthday, but there was a solid line and I could not get thru.

I told Deralee that I need to change my appointment times because I cannot make it at that time. Rushing too much to get out of school and sometimes have to take over Clinic for others on that day.

Talked to Hannah & Deralee. Worked on Deralee's right shoulder while I was there.

I came home and ate my pita. Drank some green tea. Took a nap until 6:00. Got up and called hubby. He said he would be working late & then stopping at #3's shop in town.

I went outside and watered plants. Made sure that the deer had enough food.

Came back inside and ordered a Sports Authority Gift Certificate for Nick's birthday tomorrow.

Hubby got home at 7:30. He brought another Pita bowl for me from CDA, but it was odd tasting and not fresh.

Then he went down to meet a guy at the shop from 8-9. I rode my bike down to the shop to make sure that he was still down there.

We piled the dogs into the Dodge and took them down to the park to go for a dog walk. We took flashlights and saw quite a few deer eyes while we were walking.

At home, we sat on the back porch watching for the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Went to bed at 11:00.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015



Still woke up with aching & sore right arm. I put more Icy Hot on it. Lil Bit was still in bed with me this morning; hubby was already dressed & watching tv news on the couch.

I got up and came downstairs. Then got dressed. Hubby cleaned off the windshield and window on my Jeep. Huggies with the dogs before hubby left. I went outside to feed the deer & fish.

Computer Internet was running awfully slow. I had to shut down the computer and restart it so that it would even run at all.

Stupid Frontier is slowing down our internet service.

I left for school at 8:00. Took my green tea along with me to drink instead of stopping for a latte.

Studied some more after I got to class.

I missed 4.5 questions out of 25 on the Kines quiz. Which is not bad, but not good.

Katie was not feeling well, so I talked with her and told her that I would take over her shift.

High Temps

When I got out to my Jeep at 5:45, the temperature was over 107 degrees!

Drove to Pita and was so tired that I pulled into the Drive-Thru so that I would not have to get out of my car and walk into the building! So lazy.

Drove home and ate my pita. Made more green tea. Hubby pulled into the drive about 5 minutes after I arrived home! He had to meet a guy down at the shop. So I took a nap upstairs with Lil Bit on the bed beside me and Ben on the floor.

I got up and took a hot bath.

Hubby came back around 8PM. He had failed to go to the Doctor today, so I was mad at him.

Did a paraffin wax hand dip while watching tv.

We watched Archer for a while, then went to bed.

Monday, August 10, 2015



Got up when hubby arose at 6AM. We watched tv news for a while. He went to work at 7AM.

Then I got ready for Clinic. Left at 7:45AM.

Drove to Post Falls. They had oiled the road up to the Highlands.

 Katie had left a note on my driver's side window. That was sweet.
Katie wrote in lipstick on my window

Drove home. I was tired and could not stop to tan.

At home, I had some chicken and green tea. Then I took a nap for a while. Lil Bit napped with me in bed and Ben slept next to the bed.

I got up and washed my hair. Did laundry and dishes. Fed the deer.

Hubby got home, but was down at the shop talking to #3. I rode my bike down there and mailed KRN's envelope.

Hubby came home and changed clothes. We drove down to the park to walk the dogs. It was storming over the mountains to the SouthEast. We drove back to Athol and picked up Lottery tickets. There was a white Great Pyrenees dog running around on the road in front of Lil Town Market.

Storm Clouds over the South & East

At home, hubby made himself a sandwich. I did homework.

I also did a paraffin hand wax while watching tv.

Then we went to bed at 10:30 after the news.

Sunday, August 09, 2015



It has been SO very dry here and last night it finally rained quite a bit. It rained after we got up until 10:00AM.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I did homework.

Hubby watched Info Shows on TV about the Moon and another show about the Russian Apocalypse.

I did homework in my Medical Terminology book.

Then at 11:00, we decided to beat the church crowd into Costco. So we took the Dodge into town. Dave had left the gas tank full! Hubby stopped off to get a latte in Athol.

We shopped at Costco and ran into Kurt Reese's wife inside. Talked to them briefly while they were loading their Excursion in the parking lot.

Then we drove to Rite Aid and got hubby some Red's Wicked Ale and some notebooks for me.

Stopped to get grain at the old man's farm.

Drove home. Unloaded grain and fed deer. I turned on the oven to bake chicken breasts for hubby.

It was already in the high 80s. Too hot to take the dogs for a walk until later.

I started doing my home work again.

We watched X-Men First Class. I worked on hubby's shoulders & lower back in the massage chair for over an hour.

Then we took the dogs for a walk around 6PM. It was getting cooler by then. Walked them down the Gun Range Road. Saw LOTS of deer. Even saw 4 male deer with antlers on the way out of the park.

Drove home and hubby had dinner. I did more homework.

Looks like Fall!

It is SO very dry here and the weather is getting too cold at night. With such drastic weather, a lot of the trees have already started to turn for fall. Leaves are getting red, gold, and brown.

Took a Tramadol because my shoulder was hurting and put Icy/Hot on my shoulder. Sat on a heating pad. Watched documentary on tv - The Gunslingers about John Wesley Hardin.

Went to bed early.

Saturday, August 08, 2015



Woke up at 7:15; told hubby about my bad dreams while we were still in bed; Lil Bit got belly rubs. Then Ben came into bed with us. Got up and nothing was really hurting that bad!

Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

Hubby met a guy down at the shop at 9:00. Went to Athol to get a latte for hubby. Had to drive around the side roads of town because they were having ATHOL DAZE parade. They had closed off main street Hwy 54. Saw Joanie & Bruce in their big military truck in the parade.

Then we took the dogs for a walk in the park along Gun Range Road. I had put most of Maggie's ashes in her URN that we have at home. We spread some of Maggie's ashes beside the merging of the two trail heads where all the dogs have to pee every time we pass by it. 

Lil Bit walking beside Bud 

Then we drove down to the boat dock where Maggie stood in the water for the last time. We spread the rest of her ashes here. 

 Spreading Maggie's Ashes

I mailed my Dentist bills off to the Insurance Company. We came back home. Hubby went down to the shop to work for a while.

We were supposed to go to T's wedding, but my dresses would not fit. And it was too hot to be outside for a late afternoon wedding, so we blew it off.

Stayed home and did homework. Hubby came home about 2PM.

I had diarrhea in the afternoon.
We took the dogs for a walk again late so it had cooled off a little. We took them to the Brig walk area. All of the dogs were desperately thirsty by the time the walk was done, even though we had given them water while on the walk.

Came back and got milk at Lil Town Market. Hubby went inside while I sat in the Excursion with the dogs.

At home, I took a hot bath and then we watched the DVD of The Hudsucker Proxy. Went to bed at 11:00PM.

Friday, August 07, 2015



Got up at 8. Hubby cooked eggs for the dogs and made himself burritos.

I got up and fed the fish. Did the laundry.

We did not have time to take the dogs for a walk this morning. Instead, we drove to the former (Big R) which is now North 40 for their Grand Opening in Coeur d'Alene. Purchased 6 bags of dog food at $10 off per bag! Quite a savings.

Then we drove over to Spokane to the dentist where I got a nasty attitude from the short haired blonde dental assistant. The other dentist fixed my teeth, explaining that there were no implants put in the back on the upper because I have sinuses that are there and they could not drill into them.

I left with the adjusted dentures, but turned around to go back in because they were looser than before. Not adjusted well. Hubby was getting really pissed. So when I went inside, the Dentist had already gone to lunch. We would have to wait until he returned from lunch at 2:00 by which he would be doing surgery. Hubby went back inside and was really irritated.

So I think I will talk to Jen, the teacher at school who was a former dental assistant and get her recommendation on a better implant dentist and go to them. I am done with that dump.

We drove back to CDA, but almost all the roads are being chip-sealed or oiled. It was difficult driving back to CDA on the back roads instead of taking the Interstate. Finally got to CDA and we stopped at the Open House again to walk thru it. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to live in that house!

Then we drove to Olive Garden and had lunch there. It was wonderful.

We were tired & drove home. Hubby wanted to take a nap before having to drive to Newport tonight to pick up a truck.

At home, the puppies were happy to see us. Hubby unloaded all the dog food.

Dog Food Sale

I went upstairs to nap. Hubby watched tv and nap on the couch.

At 5:30, we got ready to leave. I had to potty while hubby went outside to feed the deer. He cut up apples. Took the puppies with us in the Excursion. We drove to Newport. Hubby was trying to have SIRI map us to the address, but she directed us to a dead end subdivision. We had to drive back a couple miles to a different road. Then hubby called the guy to bring his jeep down to meet us. Hubby ended up talking to a random neighbor that came out to see what we were doing. They had a lifted Ranchero in the driveway and an Excursion that was damaged on the passenger side, too!

Loaded the Jeep. Some kids came with the guy and petted Bud & Ben in the back seat.

Then we drove into Newport and took the dogs for a walk in the park along the river. It was on the WA side of town. Awful park. Random wooden handicapped walkway that went nowhere. Could not take the dogs to the beach for a walk. No bikes allowed on the path. The path stopped at a private property. No parking for truck/trailer. I was irritated and tired. So we left and drove to McDonalds for a sandwich for hubby and chicken sandwiches for the dogs.

Drove home. We were all tired.

Unloaded dogs at home. Watched re-runs of Archer for a while. I went to bed at 9:30. I was exhausted.

Lil Bit got up during the night and was barking at something...

Thursday, August 06, 2015



Big day for me. I woke up at 6AM when hubby's alarm rang. He got out of bed immediately. Lil Bit and I got out of bed a few minutes later. Went downstairs to join hubby on the couch to watch morning TV news.

Then I went outside wrapped in a blanket to say goodbye to hubby. Dogs were on the deck. I decided to water plants as it is still so dry outside. Hubby drove back as he had forgotten his cell phone. I ran inside to get it.

I came back inside to put on shorts and continuing watering. Then after getting that done, I came back inside to dress, do my hair & make-up, and study for a while.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up a latte at Jitterz.

School from 10-1. Then Clinic.

I left at about 6:05PM.

Drove home. I was hungry and bushed. Got to lay down for a few minutes at home, but was putting away books and getting dog food & water replaced.

Hubby came home. He fed the deer. We took the dogs for a walk at the park. It was getting late. 8:00 and we drove down to Bayview to eat Mexican, but they were already closed. So we drove back to Athol and ate at the new Grey Goose. I had pulled pork. Hubby had the shrimp special.

Fire still burning on 3 Sisters Mountain

Then went over to Lil Town to get Anbesol for my gums. Ran into Ron & Kathy Corder and talked to them for a while.

We came home afterwards and I went to bed at 9:20.

Up at 3:00 with endometriosis pains. Took a hot bath.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015



Got up at 2AM to pee, Got up at 5AM to pee, then endometriosis pains and took a bath. Climbed into bed with Ben, but got too hot. Went downstairs to rest on the couch.

Hubby got up at 6AM with his alarm ringing. Then he came downstairs carrying Lil Bit. Bud was sleeping on the couch.

Watched TV News until 7AM. I was chilly and laid on the couch with a blanket covering me.

Dressed, put make-up on and then did my hair. Put books in the Jeep.

At 8:15, I left home. Mailed KRN's divorce papers to the court in our mailbox and drove to Rathdrum. Got groceries at Super 1. Picked up hankies & tea for home. Purchased Cake, (their balloon section SUCKED), birthday card, candy, birthday gift bag & tissue paper, ribbon, and pink flowers for Katie D's birthday that we missed yesterday!

Birthday Present Package & Flowers
Birthday Cake

When I got to school, I went into the office and purchased the plastic cupping package for Katie's birthday present. Then I packaged everything together and brought it into class.

After helping put away the desks, we then were dismissed at 1PM. 

I drove to Athol and tried to get a Starbucks coffee, but Super G is going out of business and has nothing inside it. I think they even took out the Lottery system. When I drove in there, I saw Mark driving our truck out of Richie's driveway and also saw Deralee leaving with Hannah. She texted me that they would be right back. So I drove over to Lil Town Market who did not have a Starbucks coffee, either. So I just decided to go back to the Nail place. I got my nails done with Deralee & Hannah.

After getting my nails done, I drove home. Unloaded groceries. Started dishes. Had a snack. Took a nap. Reviewed my homework & reviewed for the quiz tomorrow.

Reviewed the WOW package. Hubby said that he would be working 2 hours OT again tonight.

Installed the new IlluminaBowl in the toilet in the bathroom.

Hubby finally got home at 7:30. Then we loaded the dogs into the Excursion and rushed to the park. There was a helicopter landing because there is a new fire in Bayview on 3 Sisters Mountain.

We saw a deer eating apples near where we parked.

Walked the dogs and then loaded them up again. Drove home.

Hubby had dinner. Then I practiced the pin & Stretch from the Pregnancy Massage that we learned. And then I took him downstairs to attempt to recreate the Draping, but I was horrible at it. I did not remember it at all!!!

I massaged hubby for about 45 minutes. Then he took a shower and I came up to do my A&P Checkpoints homework that I had forgotten about until the last minute!

KRN called and told us that she had gotten a job offer. She was very excited.

Hubby and I were not tired at all. We stayed up until Midnight watching Strange Animal Friends show on tv. 

At 1:30, I had to use the potty and I had forgotten to turn off the water in the back yard dog tank. So I got up and turned it off. Then I had to refresh all the dog water & food because they had made a mess of it. Returned to bed at 1:45.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

VERTEBRAE Test in Kinesiology


Woke up when hubby left the bed. He gave me a kiss goodbye then set the alarm for 7:30.

I got up when the dogs started barking. They were not barking at anything. It was 6:30. So I went outside and filled the grain bowls, thinking that maybe a moose would come by this morning to eat.

Hubby sat with us on the couch and we watched the morning news. Bit barked at hubby to keep petting him on his chin & belly! It was so cute.

At 7:00, hubby left with the Excursion for work. I got dressed and put on makeup.

Then I studied for 1.5 hours.

Left for school at 8:30 because I wanted to get there early to fill out my Clinic Schedule for September. I decided not to do any business hours, because I have the rest of the year to fulfill those hours. I need to get clinic hours done first.

I filled out the Clinic Schedule request and turned it in.

Mark took me down to Starbucks to get a coffee.

After school, I drove to Pita Pit and got a pita.

Then drove to Stein's and got groceries. Dog bones, apples, honey. And money order for KRN's civil filing. I will mail the paperwork tomorrow.

Drove home. Ate Pita, made tea, sat & watched tv.

Did laundry. Picked up dog poo. Put apples in deer grain pans. Put water in fish tank to filter it.

Studied for Thursday's A&P test.

Hubby came home late after he stopped at Larry & Tim's shop. It was too late to walk dogs. So he had a snack and we watched tv.

Went to bed at 11:00.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Day of Rest & Recovery


Got up at 7:30 to potty when hubby left. He called me on the phone and talked to me because I texted him that he had not kissed me this morning when he left.

I went back to bed; then Ben & Lil Bit joined me. Laid in bed until 9:00.

Made the bed, fed the fish, gave water on the back deck to the birds, did laundry, did dishes. Washed my hair. Fed the deer when a BIG MOOSE walked by the yard. All the dogs barked at it.

Moose in the Woods

I vacuumed, refreshed dog water & food.

Studied and did homework. Paid bills.

Hubby came home after working 2 hours OT. We walked the dogs in the park.

Came home and watched TV. Went to bed early.

Saturday, August 01, 2015


AUGUST 1, 2015

Got up and ready for class.

I wore jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. I should have worn a short sleeve shirt, but they did not tell anybody we would be massaging with our arms.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up a latte at Jitterz.

I was the first person at school for the class. Met Jim & Kim. They are an older couple.

When we were almost done with Class, I looked out the windows and saw that it was thick with smoke in Post Falls. It was awful.

On the way home, the Sun was a bright burning RED from the smoke in the air.

Smoke in the area

Drove home. I was exhausted.

Wanted to eat something, so hubby took me to Spirit Lake to get almond milk and mac-n-cheese. We came home and ate. I took a bath. Hubby stayed up and watched tv. I went to bed early because I was so tired and achy.

Hubby put away laundry for me and put the dishes in the dishwasher. He also fed the deer.

AUGUST 2, 2015

Got up and just did NOT want to go attend classes today. I got dressed and wore shorts with my Levi t-shirt.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up another latte. There was only ONE girl working with 8 cars in line. Finally got my drink and drove to school for the weekend class.

At lunch, I left with Katie & Panda to go to the Pizza Factory. Everybody else stayed and had Potluck. I needed to get out of the building for a break.

Had spaghetti. Katie & Panda had breadsticks.

Then we came back and got ready for the afternoon. I had a beer for lunch and it really hit me hard.

I finally left at 6:30 after talking to them and came home.

Hubby had the dogs ready to go for a walk. They were in the Excursion in the driveway waiting for me. So I changed shoes and we drove to the park. Parked & walked by the brig.

Came home and I took a bath. Had a snack. Then felt really tired again. Went to bed early about 9:30.