Monday, September 30, 2013

Post Weekend

September 30, 2013

The last day of September, 2013. Where has the year gone?

I got up this morning and made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby in the new colorful decorative cups that we bought at URM yesterday. It cheers hubby up to see color instead of plain old white!

Did "squishy dog" hugs with the dogs. Bud is still scared of coming into the backroom in the mornings and doing hugs. He is odd.

Fed the fish and put new bird seed out for the birds. Birds seemed quite happy to get food that is not soaking wet.

More stupid rain.

It is again cold today. Only 43 degrees at 11:15AM.

Ben, Izzy, & Bud

 Lil Bit & Ben play

I am so happy to have a phone today to be able to communicate.

Asked hubby to bring spinach and more cheese home tonight so I can make a Quiche.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

iPhone Restore

September 29

Got up at 8:00. Made breakfast sandwich and latte for hubby. Made eggs for dogs.

Loaded all the dogs up in the Excursion for a walk in the park in-between raindrops!

Walked down to the gun range & back. They all did pretty good. We saw a tree that had fallen across the road from the wind & rain storm.

Went back home and got changed. I put on makeup! Left all the dogs at home in case one of them got stolen in the truck while we were shopping in Spokane.

We drove over to Spokane. Stopped at Big R to get deer food & bird seed.

Then drove to URM to get flavors & more cups.

Parked at the River Park Square parking ramp on Yellow Level 3 and walked down to the Apple Store. Got accosted by some older guy that was begging for money.

Finally got to the Apple Store & checked in. A very nice Genius Bar worker named David helped us. He could not get the iPhone restored, so we were instead offered an exact duplicate for only $149. What a deal! Same phone, so no upgrade to Verizon plan.

While we were waiting for the phone to be activated, a loud kid sat down next to us and started talking to us. He was waiting for assistance also. His name was Dakota. Nice kid, tho. We finally got done and left.

Walked over to Thomas Hammer to get lattes. We talked to the girl about just going to the Apple Store and how they were kind enough to exchange our phone and what a waste of money the insurance was on the phone! She was quite nice. We left her a good tip. While I went to the bathroom around the corner, the kids came and met us there. We talked for quite a while there in the comfortable chairs.

Then we all walked over to Rocky Rococco's to get pizza. We ended up buying a whole pizza because Matt wanted lots of pizza to eat (on his special weight gaining diet) and Matt, KRN and hubby got salads. Matt was afraid to go back for another salad, so I told him to eat breadsticks! Our pizza came & was piping hot! We sat for a long time eating & talking.

Finally, after I had to go potty again, I suggested we walk in the park to get fresh air. We went over and fed ducks, geese, and little birdies!

Walked the kids halfway to their car, then we walked back to Riverpark Square to get our car. On the way, a couple homeless kids asked if they could have our leftovers. Hubby said yes and handed them the box. They also had a little black and white dog with them. We told them to feed some to the dog. I later thought that I should have given them all the change I had in my purse. I am mean. I should be grateful to share. Damn. Next time, I will share. Kids are young and should benefit. I am more opposed to older people; especially the panhandler guy. He started cussing at us after we walked by. I also have soft spot for anybody that has a dog.

Anyway, on the way to paying for the parking, hubby saw some caramel apples at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory kiosk that was in the middle of the Riverpark Square Mall. He had to buy one. We left the girl a whole $1 tip and teased her about it. Also made coversation with the girl at the parking payment. She looked like she was in a bad mood, but we got a joke out of her! Hubby asked if she had change for a $100 bill, but I told him that I had change; I joked that he only kept me around because I had small bills. She laughed.

We got in the truck and drove to the interstate, then got off at the Spokane Valley Mall to buy donuts at Krispy Kreme. Hubby got his $100 changed there. They gave us lots of $5s. I got their names so I could go online and give them a good review. Jeff & Ashley were very helpful at the drive-thru window.

On the way home, we stopped at WalMart to get groceries. Also made small talk with the cashier there.

Stopped in Rathdrum to get burgers at McDonalds for the dogs.

At home, we fed the dogs. Deer were already here feeding as we drove in the driveway.

Hubby unloaded everything out of the truck and I put groceries away.

Hubby sat down to watch his 4WD shows on tv while I updated my phone via Verizon Live Chat with Colisia and then updated the systems online on iTunes.

Afterwards, I went online to give compliments to everybody that helped us today. It was such a pleasant and fun day, everything was positive. People were friendly.

We went to bed at 11:00.

Saturday, September 28, 2013



Got up late. We slept until 8:10. I made breakfast & latte for hubby. Dogs had cheese eggs; then we watched tv for a while. It was pouring down rain and we could not take dogs out for a walk in the park. The dogs took a nap on the floor in the living room.

We discussed some tv shows that I had watched last night; The Waco Siege, The Oklahoma Building Bombing. I looked up some information on Wikipedia to discuss with hubby. It was nice to just sit around and talk with him at home.

I am still finishing up writing a letter to hubby's father.

While vacuuming, the plastic clips on the side of the vacuum broke off; I tried to get online and find replacements for them, but it appears they don't supply any. I think we will have to purchase a new vacuum.

Lil Bit went outside in the rain and barked at the deer; he frightened them away. Bad baby Bit!

Maggie had to go outside to potty and you could tell that she hated going out in the rain. After she was done, I toweled her off thoroughly.

Hubby came back from the shop at 7:00 with Bud & Izzy. Bud got a toweling because he was quite wet. Isabelle went upstairs to bed, but later came down and laid in front of the fireplace on her bed.

We went to sleep at 10:00.

Friday, September 27, 2013



Got up and made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. It was starting to rain a little bit; the weather forecasters said that it would be sunny today.

I fed the fish & the deer. Deer came early around 2:30. Dogs barked at them.

I did laundry & dishes. Bud came down to get the mail with me. I painted Maggie's toenails pink.

I paid the bills.

Made Parmesan/Mayo Chicken & Alfredo noodles for hubby's dinner. He came home around 6:00 and ate dinner. Then he went down to shop until 10:30.

I went to bed at 9:30 after watching a couple shows.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nails & Pillows


Got up this morning early. Hubby was supposed to meet Tom to get a ride into work, but the truck would not start. So he took his Dodge.

I made breakfast & latte for him.

It was really cold & raining today.

I fed fish & deer. Cleaned up the dog bowls. Made the beds. Washed dishes & laundry.

Then got ready to go get nails done.

At 12:00, I went down to Athol to get eggs. She only had 1 1/2 dozen. I explained that I did not call because my phone won't work.

Said hello to Jen-Bunny who was at the nail shop.

Then I drove to Rathdrum to get my nails done.

I stopped at McDonald's first to get 10 burgers for dogs.

Rhonda did my nails from 1:30 to 4:30.

I got home around 5:00.

Fed the burgers to the dogs. I was very hungry.

Hubby came home later. He tried replacing the battery in my phone, but the battery was not the same. Waste of money!

We went to bed at 9:30 because we were both exhausted!


Woke up to rain again today. Hubby would not leave me alone because he had already gotten up early at 5:00; then he woke me up again at 6:00.

I made breakfast & latte for him. He needed my help loading a rear end into his Dodge so he could deliver it this morning. I got greasy.

Then he took me with him down to Athol to get milk because he forgot to go last night!

I fed the deer and fish when I got back. Two deer came early this morning at 10:30.

It was still raining at 12:00.

I made a burlap envelope pillow.

I also made more bacon for hubby's breakfast sandwiches.

Also did laundry & dishes.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Blues

September 23

Got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby. Made omelette for dogs.

It is cold out. Only 47 this morning.

Hubby left for work. My iPhone still won't turn on. 

Maybe damage to battery?

Went to Athol to get better rice for the iPhone.

Reloaded iTunes on my laptop. Updated iPod to make sure that iTunes works. 

Keeps coming up with an error 21 on my iPhone.

Ordered a new battery & tools from Amazon. 

Went down to get mail with Bud at 10:30AM.

It started raining at 1:30PM.

I feel so out of touch without my smartphone...

Did laundry & dishes.


Sunday, September 22, 2013



Getting colder and raining.

Got up this morning at 7:45. Hubby was restless. I had taken 2 pills last night for sleep and was still groggy when I got up this morning. I have been vividly remembering my dreams for the past couple nights in a row. Odd, weird dreams.

Made breakfast & latte for hubby. Made omelette for dogs.

Did a load of laundry & a load of dishes.

Hubby and I both wore shorts on the dog walk as this will probably be our last chance to wear shorts this year! Took the dogs down to the park for a long walk around the camping side of the park.

Isabelle did not go as we do not want to over-tire her.

Hubby took Isabelle to the dump with him while he dumped our garbage.

When we got back, we took Isabelle into town with us for a special treat. She was the only dog to go. The others had to stay home.

Got dog food & deer food at Big R. I walked Isabelle while hubby loaded. Went to Costco to pick up stuff; we have not been to Costco for over 3 months. Isabelle got a chicken wrap when hubby had stopped to get himself a hot dog.

Drove over to transfer our Car Wash balance to new card. Washed Dodge.

Got water for Isabelle at the local gas station on the corner - Goodies.

Drove to Spokane to see the kids to pick up our coffee from KRN. Stopped at her latte stand and got lattes. They were pretty good.

Talked to the kids for a while, Isabelle was quite excited to see Beebo.

Drove back to Idaho and got Bailey's at the liquor store on the border. Then went to Wal-Mart by Cabelas. While we were there, I ran into a guy that I used to work with at the NOMC; Steve Eilmes. He was there with two of his kids. The youngest girl is now 21! Where did the years go?

We had just been talking about this guy as we were getting cheese at the deli! So odd that we turn around and see him a few rows over. I have not seen him in over 10 years. He had to get his left leg amputated because he has diabetes.

Then we drove to Rathdrum and got burgers for the dogs at McDonalds. Drove to Spirit Lake because we were going to get hamburger, but changed our minds. Hubby stopped at little Pink Food Coach and got BBQ beef burgers.

Came home and fed burgers to dogs because they were overwhelmed to see us home, unpacked all the groceries. Hubby turned on the fireplace later.

I had to go potty REALLY bad when I got home and left my iPhone in my back pocket. It accidentally fell into the toilet and got wet. I tried drying it out in rice. I am so MAD at myself. I don't want to waste money getting new iPhone.

I ordered huge size 50 knitting needles from Walmart & some thick yarn from Patternworks. Want to try knitting super chunky throw this fall.

We went to bed at 11:00.

Friday, September 20, 2013



Got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby.

He went to work.

I did laundry & dishes.

Fed the deer, fed the squirrels & birds, fed the fish.

Fish water is staying pretty clean with new DIY filter.

Got mail; instead of mailing us a POLICY, the stupid insurance company mailed ANOTHER declarations page. I am getting very irritated with MetLife.

Uploaded new iOS7 on my iPhone... I don't like it. Can't see it very well. A lot of the icons & apps are too small to be seen. Too many hieroglyphs. I don't know what they mean.

KRN said that "New is always better" I referred her to the "new" Grape Scotch instead of the Aged Scotch on HIMYM. Sometimes new is not always better, Barney.

Hubby came home and went down to the shop to work.

I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was ok. Too many recycled themes from original Star Trek.

We went to bed at 10:30 when he came home. I was tired and went to bed early. He came up later.


Got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby.

He went to work.

I did laundry & dishes.

Fed the deer, fed the squirrels & birds, fed the fish.

Paid Phone bill.

Picked up dog poo in back yard.

Dave came up to the house around 5:30 to fix the internet speed. Hubby was down at the shop.

While Dave took his truck down, I walked down to the shop with Maggie, Bud & Izzy.

Hubby left with Dave to go get his Dodge in town parked at his work parking lot.

I killed some stink bugs today. They are starting to come inside for winter. Not as badly as in years past, but still yucky & stinky.

I talked to hippie Mike at the shop. Earl was also down there with his son, Austin.

Maggie took a swim when we got back.

Maggie swims

Bud went down to the shop to work with hubby. He loves being the "shop dog".

Hubby worked until 10:30 when I heard coyotes howling. I went down to get Bud to bring him home.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today IS Wednesday


September 18, 2013

Really could not sleep well after the electricity went out. It was weird. Hubby later said that he felt the same way...

Power came surging back on at 1AM. It was awful. Woke us both us. We had to go downstairs to turn everything off.

I just really can't believe that it is September already. We need to get the boat out of the water ASAP before it starts snowing.

It rained most of today.

I got up at 3AM to potty, then went back to bed with Maggie. Lil Bit came in to sleep with us a little while later. Maggie growled at him when he tried to jump up on the bed. I think she was upset by being woken up! So I lifted the little guy up and he curled up next to her butt.

Hubby got me up later. He had actually woken up early and went to sit on the couch with Bud.

Neither of us slept well last night.

Made breakfast sandwich on raisin bread for hubby along with a latte for him. Then made omelette for dogs.

Hubby left for work.

Dogs had their early morning nap.

 Maggie & Bit
 Lil Bit

I fed deer, fed squirrels & birds. Fed fish.

Started laundry & dishes.

Vacuumed house.

Updated iPhone with iOS 7. I absolutely hate it. Especially Texting. Awful.

The Buck came back tonight! He had 5 females with him & one baby deer. He was strutting around and holding his head up again! I am so thankful that he found another herd to hang around with; he must have been so lonely after losing his 2 females.

Hubby came home around 6PM after getting a truck from CN Diesel. I had made Enchiladas. Hubby came home to eat them and then went to get milk in Athol. He came back with milk, then went down to work in the shop tonight.

I watched The Bridge, Broadchurch, and Law & Order UK.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not Wednesday


Got up at 3AM to pee and open windows & doors. Was very stuffy in the house.

Very tired, felt like I had been drugged when I woke up.

Made latte & egg sandwich for hubby. Made egg omelette for puppies. Puppies took their pills.

Hubby left for work.

I fed fish, let Isabelle outside to potty, fed deer.

Called at 11:00 to go get eggs. Robin had 3 dozen eggs.

VERY dark eggs!

Bud tries to sleep on couch

 Super close up of Bud

When we got home, Ben ran off into the woods. He was gone for about 20 minutes. Bad dog. He finally came up behind me all out of breath! Then he went down to the pond to get a drink of pond water.
Went and got mail at the box. There was nothing in the mail but junk. Bah!

Vacuumed. Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby came home at 5:30.

We took down the swamp cooler & closed the window. Getting too cold out. Ready to close things up for winter already. Sunset is already coming WAY too early.

The male deer with the huge antlers that used to come by and feed with two beautiful females came by tonight. He was all alone. By himself. It was so sad. He is SO very SCARED. Obviously some ASSHOLE hunters have killed his females & tried to kill him? He was so very sad. Hanging his head instead of holding it up high like he was doing before. God, I HATE PEOPLE. FUCKING ASSHOLE HUNTERS. While he was feeding, he kept getting spooked at every little thing. The poor buck slinked off into the woods after he fed.

Hubby watched Archer videos from Youtube on the TV via the Chromecast.

Started raining outside. A couple bright flashes of lightning! And then the power went out at 10:00. We grabbed the flashlights & went to bed.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Post Weekend-itis


Back to work and the beginning of the work week.

Rain and dust everywhere. It is awful.

Got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby. Made egg omelette for puppies.

Had to yell at Isabelle to come downstairs to get her pills. She is getting more stubborn about coming down.

Hubby walked down to shop to get truck, but the guys had already taken it last night.

He walked back to the house and took his Dodge to work instead.

Isabelle walked outside to potty. I filled the deer food. Fed the birds.

It is cold this morning. Only got up to about 60 degrees today. Then rained.

I did laundry and dishes.

Filled up another 2 inches on the fish pond water.

Later this afternoon the sunshine came out and it really warmed up.

Hubby got home at 5:30. He made burritos.

Changed investment options on 401K. They are warning of another stock market crash because of the problems in China? Better to be safe than lose 25% of our investments again.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Weekend


Got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Dogs got pills & egg omelette.

Isabelle refused to eat her eggs or take her pills this morning. She refused to go upstairs. I made a nice snack plate for her with peanut butter, cheese, fig newton cookies, and her pills. But she refused to eat.

I cleaned out the fish tank again and cleaned out the home made filter bucket. Redistributed the bio-balls and cleaned them.

 Lil Bit on the deck

 Squirrel in the Bird Feeder

 Ben Sleeps with his Pillow

Bud sleeps

Did dishes & laundry. Fed deer & fed fish. Put out more bird seed for squirrels.

September 14

We slept in until 7:30 this morning!

Got up and made egg sandwich & latte for hubby. Dogs got pills & egg omelette.

Isabelle stayed at home while we packed the dogs up and walked in the park.

Hubby worked down at shop today. I went down on my bike with Bud & Maggie every couple hours to check on him.

I swept off the patio out front.

I picked up dog poo in the back yard, did dishes & laundry, vacuumed.

Ordered new boots for winter from Zulily.

Skechers Chocolate Three Button Boot

Maggie Swims

At 5:00, hubby came home and changed clothes. We put truck on trailer and delivered it to man in CDA; then drove over to CN to get another truck, but it was not driveable. So we left trailer there. Went to Walmart in Post Falls by Cabelas with customer's truck. Got groceries, then got burgers at McDonalds in Rathdrum. Came home to dogs & unloaded groceries.

I made pasta salad for hubby.

Went to bed at Midnight.

September 15

We slept in until 7:30 again!

Got up and made Biscuits & Spicy Sausage Gravy & latte for hubby. Dogs got pills & egg omelette.

Took dogs on a walk in the park. Stopped at the latte stand in Athol to get a blueberry muffin. Isabelle had to stay home because she is not getting around too well.  We went on a different trail thru the park. Was a very beautiful day. Warm, no breeze, beautiful blue skies.

We saw wild turkeys in the park.

Wild Turkeys at Farragut Park

 Biscuits & Spicy Sausage Gravy with Egg

Came home and hubby got ready while I made sandwiches to take on boat.

We took the Dodge along with Bud & Ben. They do well on the boat.

Stopped at the fruit stand on the way. Some odd guy cornered me and had to talk with me. Then we got a latte for me at the stand across the way. Talked to the nice girl who makes good drinks. Asked her if she had a nice trip in California.

We drove to the marina. Got ice & paid for our past month's rent. Talked to Ron about the disposition of the Marina next year. Owners might sell it...

Got the boat cleaned off. Some nasty dog had pooped on the dock beside our boat. Cleaned that up, too. Cast off and went over to fill up with $100 in gas. Then motored over to our favorite spot. Boat would not catch with the anchor, it kept moving. We swam in the water for several hours. It was relaxing and warm. Beautiful sun & wonderful day. Then we motored out in the middle of the lake & took a nap.

Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade & Ben & Hubby

Our Cove where we dropped anchor

Beautiful Skies

 Hubby piloting boat

Came back at 5:30. Unpacked boat & dogs. Then left. Saw several deer on the drive back.

In Athol, we stopped to get ice cream cones.

At home we unloaded everything and had fun with dogs. Hubby helped me make a baked Spinach Dip. It was good. Watched a little TV and went to bed.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Almost Friday

September 12

Got up and made breakfast & latte. Down to our last 3 eggs; dogs had omelette with their pills.

Hubby left for work at 7:10; then I started dishes & laundry.

Walked with Ben; it was hot. Need more water next time or start out earlier in the morning.

Came back and turned on the A/C.

Called Robin the Egg Lady in town. She had 3 1/2 dozen eggs for me, so I drove down to town with Bud & Ben. They hung their heads out the windows. Nice day. Around 80s in temperature. We saw no dogs on the way to get eggs.

There is a Stellar's Jay hanging around our yard. He is SO beautiful. My hubby remarked that he has NEVER seen a bird this beautiful. Black, beautiful blue & a comb on the top of his head.

Stellar's Jay

Returned home (white truck was tailgating us all the way thru town & towards home). I did vacuuming and cleaned up dead bugs.

Went down to get the mail with Isabelle & Maggie. Isabelle tripped over her front legs (she has been putting so much weight on her front legs because her back legs hurt so bad), 

Before hubby came home, I was hit with endometriosis cramps again. Haven't had them for some weeks now, so it was unusual.

Hubby came home and brought honey, deer feed & bird seed. He went down to the shop at 6:30 with Isabelle to work for a while.

Dogs played outside for a while, drank lots of water & ate lots of food. Extremely hungry tonight.

Lots of deer came to feed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013



September 11

Got up and made breakfast & latte for hubby. Dogs got their eggs & pills for breakfast.

I did laundry & dishes after hubby left. Fed the fish. Fed the deer.

Went down to get mail.

The Chromecast came via UPS today. Hooked it up and tried it out. Very simple. Hope it expands to include personal pictures.

 Isabelle guarding the driveway

A SWARM of yellowjackets on the back deck. I texted hubby to bring home spray tonight.

Fish filter does not seem to be working very well. Water still green.

Hubby came home at 6:30.

Hubby worked at shop until 9:30.

Hubby played with Chromecast until bedtime.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013



September 9

Hubby and I got up early at 6:25. I started making breakfast & latte. Hubby gave pills to dogs with their eggs.

A couple deer with a small baby were already here trying to feed at 6:30. I ran downstairs to give them more food, but they were scared & ran away.

After hubby left, I did dishes, Started a load of laundry. Fed deer & fish.

The cable channels are already airing the 9-11 shows.

Went down to pick up mail. Lazy USPS woman put TWO 60 pounds each boxes into the mailbox because she was too LAZY to bring them up to the house. Luckily I was down there on my bike to get the mail. I hauled the boxes over to the shop and dumped them.

Brought the mail up to the house.

Picked up dog poo.

While waiting for hubby, I sat down on the deck with the dogs. Somehow, the dogs knocked my favorite glasses off and I can't find them anywhere. Even had hubby help me look when he came home. They disappeared!

Hubby came home at 6:00. Isabelle, Bud & Maggie raced down the driveway to see him.

We washed all the dogs on the back deck. BATH NIGHT.

Ben was really playing with everyone tonight!

We went to bed at 11:00.


Septmeber 10

I did not hear hubby get out of bed this morning. Having a very vivid dream!

Then hubby had to come upstairs to wake me up. He was late waking up and then only gave me 15 minutes to make breakfast & latte.

I hurried and got it all done in 15 minutes!

He even had time to sit down with me for 5 minutes.

Did squishy dog with all the dogs but Bud (Bud is scared and runs away).

After hubby left, the kid across the street was out waiting for the Bus at 7:30. I went over to talk with him (Joseph) and gave him my phone number & name. Told him that if he wants to wait for the bus in the mornings at our house where it is warm & dry this winter, he is welcome to stay. He could see the bus coming thru the window. Told him to have his mom & dad call me if they had questions. Nice little kid in 5th grade.

Then I cleaned up dishes, did laundry, started dish washing. Fed the fish. Fed the deer.

While I was trying to put on my tennie shoes to go walk with Ben this morning, a YELLOWJACKET stung me in 3 places on my ankle. It already started swelling within seconds. I ran and took 3 allergy pills & put "After Sting" liquid on it. My left ankle looks like it has a goiter on it!

Swollen Ankle from Yellowjacket Sting

I started thawing chicken for dinner, and made Long Grain & Wild Rice.

Hubby came home around 6:30 and started up the grille. He made hamburger patties & threw those on the grille along with the chicken.

Watched some of the Corner Gas DVD and then went to bed early at 9:30 because both of us were exhausted. 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Another Wasted Day


September 8

Made breakfast for hubby at 7:00; sausage & biscuits with an easy over egg on top. Made regular eggs, ham & cheese for dogs to take their pills.

We sat around until 9:00 and then walked the dogs in the park. Took a different trail because we did not want to run into anybody again...

 Ben in Excursion

 Maggie in front seat, Bud in back seat of Excursion

It was overcast & cold today. We needed to run a truck into town for a customer to pick up at Walmart so hubby drove the truck while I took my FMF. Hubby drove off the road once and I beeped at him, he took the back way into Walmart like he was driving to work.

After having the customer meet us at the WalMart parking lot, we went grocery shopping. Forgot that did not transfer money to checking and we had to put some groceries back...Whoops.

Then we went to wash the car. Found an attendant on duty and tried to transfer our balance to the new "credit cards" that they changed the machines and it will not accept our code for our pre-pay cards anymore. The kid called over to Post Falls and was told our balance was ZERO! However, I know that we had $60 balance left after I washed last time. They did the same thing to our daughter's pre-pay card. I told the kid we would NEVER be washing here again. So we left.

I then drove to $1 store to pick up a couple colanders for the fish filter bucket that hubby is building. He found a metal basket, a colander and another plastic basket that will be good for the filters.

We stopped at Wendy's to get dog burgers. Then we stopped at Holiday Gas Station to get gas in the FMF. With a fill, you get a free wash. So we washed the car there instead. It was a WAY better wash! I am still irritated that the other Car Wash stole $60 from us. I will NEVER EVER BUY A PRE-PAY CARD AGAIN. Rip off assholes.

Came home and unloaded groceries, fed the dogs their burgers, hubby made a fruit salad, I made Hamburger Help Bacon Cheeseburger. Hubby put together the fish filter.
Hubby working on Fish Filter

Homemade Fish Filter from YouTube

We watched Corner Gas on DVD.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Too Much Month

September 5
SO very dark & wet outside. It kept raining all day. You can see that the dogs are depressed, too. They stayed inside today.

I did laundry and dishes after hubby left for work. Killed hundreds of flies that are coming inside for the winter.

Bud Sleeping on Couch

Hubby came home around 5:30; he went down to the shop to work until 10:00.

September 6

Got up at 6:15 and made breakfast for hubby. It was raining. Very depressing.

When I was trying to show hubby something on my laptop, a yellowjacket stung me on the right palm. Fucker. I am killing them all now. Don't be in my house or you will DIE yellowjackets! This is a very bad year for them. They are prolific.

So I took 4 allergy pills and removed my rings! Thank goodness hubby reminded me to remove my ring. It could have been bad. Slept most of the day. Out of it.

I rode my bike down to the mailbox to get mail. Bud & Maggie came with me. They ran out into the woods looking for deer.

The Bio-balls that I ordered came in the mail today. We are going to use the Bio-Balls for the fish filter.

Bio Balls

Deer came to eat food early at 3:00.

Hubby came home with deer food & more bird seed. I refilled the deer pans. Hubby and I left to go pick up an El Camino in Post Falls. I drove the FMF and we brought Bud, Ben, and Lil Bit with us. Stopped in Rathdrum to get groceries. We also stopped in Post Falls to get burgers at Wendy's. Hubby drove home at 35 the whole way and I had to drive behind him. The car STANK like raw fuel. Gag.

At the neighbor's house, I spied very fresh blood on the road. It looked like it had been dragged to the side of the road. Hubby and I got in the Dodge and drove back down to check it out in case it was a dog or something still alive. Somebody had HIT a little baby deer. No bigger than one of our dogs. So sad. WTF is wrong with people. Go slower, dumb fucks. You just KNOW that the whole family was crossing the road, these people should have been able to see the bigger deer.

Hubby unloaded the groceries, then went to work at the shop until 12:30-1:00? I had already gone to bed.

September 7

Why is the first week of September already gone? This year is going by way too fast.

Heavy fog this morning. Too much rain and too cold this early in the year. Told hubby that we need to take boat out as it is just a waste having it moored if we are not using it. 

Got up from taking too many allergy pills again. Woken up at 7:30 by a fly landing on my lips. WTF is wrong with flies???

Made breakfast for Hubby. And a latte. Hubby gave pills to dogs along with their eggs.

I had taken too many allergy pills last night because my hand is still swollen up like a balloon & my leg itches way too much.

Feel like I am in a fog right now.

Slept on couch after making breakfast from 8:00 to 10:00.

Hubby went down to shop at 10:00.

Hubby came home around 6:30.

At 7:30, we watched the movie on DirectTV Pay-per-View called Now You See Me; it was an excellent movie!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013



Got up and made breakfast sandwich & latte for hubby. Dogs took their pills with their eggs.

Hubby left for work.

I did laundry & dishes.

Went down to Athol to get eggs. Visited with DeraLee at her nail stand. Saw some stray dogs running around.

Came home & washed eggs, then put eggs in fridge.

Mowed the back yard on the riding lawn mower.

Mowed 2/3 of the frontage with the riding lawn mower.

Picked up garbage along the frontage. Found blue ladies underwear! What slobs people are... Lots of pop cans & broken glass beer bottles.

Washed down the lawnmower and a yellow jacket stung me on the inner right thigh.

Showered and dried my hair, then used the straightener on it.

Took 3 allergy pills and fell asleep on couch.

Hubby came home at 5:30. He walked down the drive and dogs were barking at him.

He went down to shop to work.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013



Overcast and rain from last night. What a horrible day.

We got up around 6:15; and I made latte for hubby. We had forgotten to get more eggs. Also need more milk!

Hubby left for work, reluctantly. He said that he felt that he had wasted his 10 days off.

I did laundry & dishes. Vacuumed.

Got ready in the afternoon to go to my BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT HAIR TREATMENT.

Gave bones to the dogs so they would not miss me when I left.

Monday, September 02, 2013



Got up and made breakfast for everybody. Took dogs for a walk in the park.

Went into town and got Dog food & Deer food at Big R.

Washed truck at Car Wash on Kathleen.

Went to the new Harbor Freight in CDA. Hubby was excited to look around.

Tearing down the old Elmer's Restaurant next to Red Lobster

Stopped at Lowe's to look for plumbing and bio balls for the fish filtration bucket I want hubby to home make.

Went to look at RVs in Post Falls at Blue Dog, but they were "too busy" with other customers to help us.

Ate at Red Lobster for Anniversary Dinner.

Took Wendy's burgers home for dogs.


Got up and made breakfast for everybody. Took dogs for a walk in the park.

Came back and started loading and cleaning up things for garage sale. Hubby loaded elliptical and bike onto trailer, loaded everything else in the back of the Dodge.

By 1:00, we were leaving. Left dogs at home in the Air Conditioning.

We stopped at Freedom RV to look at RV's for retirement. Maybe sell boat and buy an RV?
Hubby sits in passenger seat test driving a Seneca Super C motorhome

Finally got to the kids place and unloaded all the garage sale stuff.

Started pricing everything.

Matt made steaks for us. We sat on the kids' new deck & deck chairs for the first time. Very comfy and nice.

Went to bed around 9PM; I could not sleep so stayed up on my iPhone surfing the internet.

Coyote started howling around 2AM.


Coyote woke me up at 2AM howling. Was really close to the field behind the kids' house.

I got up at 6:00. Got dressed & went out to the garage to start moving everything out for Garage Sale.

We had some folks show up before 7:00AM and they took a LOT of stuff. We thought the sales would go very well from there. But by 10:00AM, the cars had thinned out. It was getting hotter.

Matt had gone to get KRN a latte and then come back. He took off to go donate his time at a Car Wash for his Air Force group. He came back around 2:00PM.

By 3:00, we started cleaning up. Hubby came to pick me up around 5:00PM. He had Izzy and Bud with him. Izzy's last truck ride? She was really in a lot of pain this weekend hubby said and she could not climb the stairs. Has to sleep downstairs now.

We loaded some of the stuff in the back of the Dodge and took off for home.

Tried to eat at Go-Go Burrito, but they are CLOSED. Boo.

Then drove around Spokane looking for another Burrito place. Finally went to Qdoba in CDA; we were very tired. Got burgers for dogs at Wendy's.

Got home around 7:00PM.

Went to bed early. Exhausted.


Neighbors were shooting and setting off pipe bombs at 2AM. I HATE OUR NEIGHBORS.

We got up and I made breakfast. Got a load of laundry and dishes started.

Walked dogs in park. Ran into a friend of mind from work - Leslie. She was dumb enough to walk her dogs down the same road we were walking.

Maggie went nuts and tried shaking her little puppie Evie to death. We got them separated.

 Bud sits on top of Maggie to reach the Excursion window

Came home and were so tired from the previous days that we just stayed home and watched TV. Said that we would go to boat tomorrow.

It was a beautiful day today, cloudless blue skies until late afternoon around 5PM. Then the dark storm clouds came across.

Deer all came around starting at 7PM. Large male deer with huge rack.

Stupid neighbors started shooting around 2PM. I HATE OUR NEIGHBORS.

Went to bed at 10:30.


Rained Rained Rained. What a spoiled Labor Day. Stupid weathermen. Can't tell what the weather will be 5 minutes from now!

We should have gone to boat yesterday. Sad.

I paid bills, did laundry, cleaned the floor & vacuumed.

Dogs went in and out dragging in wet mess.
Isabelle sleeps on a bone

Depressing Labor Day.