Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sell Sell Sell


I made hubby his lunch & latte. He was running late going to work. 

After he drove out of the driveway, Isabelle was crying so I let her go after him.She came dragging
back after about 10 minutes.

I drank my morning juice & then around 9:30 went out to start cleaning the Mustang. Got it out of the garage and went to work on it. Yuck. I hate cleaning cars more than I hate vacuuming the house.

Got done around 11:45 and took a shower/washed my hair. Then went to tan at 1:15. Kathy said my appointment was really at 12:45. I was late. I apologized. Told her that I hate getting old and losing my memory. Even called yesterday to confirm appointment and girl said 1:15. Odd.

I stopped at McDs to get burgers for dogs on the way home. They appreciated them.

Replacement gas tank top for lawn mower came today. I am pissed. It is totally the incorrect one. Assholes.



Got my nails done with Rhonda at 2:30.

Went into CDA to pick up the t-shirts for RMOR. They are slightly crooked.

Took Isabelle into her Vet for the shot. I totally forgot about it and they called me later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Rain

Rain, and rain, and rain, and rain.

This summer is SO depressing.

It rained again today. The dogs are SO bored. I am bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

I really want to eliminate some of the vehicles that we have around here. The Mustang just sits in the garage year after year... We bought the X to replace the Dodge PU. And hubby needs to get rid of the white Dodge Powerstroke Diesel.

So last night, I put them all on Craigslist. Hubby had come home briefly before going to the shop for a while. He came home at 8:30, when we updated all the info on Craigslist and then went to get groceries/milk in Spirit Lake.

Both of us were exhausted tonight so we went to bed early.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nickelback Here and Now


Made french toast for dogs & lattes for us.

Took dogs up to walk, but barely made it to the CO hut. Walked them around in mud and we were frustrated by long drive to Garfield Bay.

Came back home and I cleaned & vacuumed out the X.

Picked Dave & Vera up at 3:00. Washed X at the car wash. Got lattes. Then drove to bar in Spokane for pre concert drinks & snacks.

Kids met us at Value Village parking lot. Hubby met guy to pick up parts. Then we went into concert. KRN really loved it. Highlights were Gavin Rossdale of Bush fucking his guitar on the concert floor. Then walking thru the crowd. Also scary clown pics on overhead monitors during Seether. (God, they are SO depressing!) Then Nickelback ascending to the middle stage in their see thru round raising stage set. Was cool.
Nickelback at Spokane Arena

Me & Hubby at concert

Concert was over by 11:00. Got out of there pretty quickly. To CDA by 11:30. Stupid Wendy's was closed in our search for dog burgers so we went to Burger King instead. Dave & Vera also got whoppers. Took them home and we came home. Got to bed by 1:00AM.


Rain, windy & cold in the AM. Made latte & lunch for hubby before he left for work. Turned warmer with sun in the afternoon. Vacuumed again today.

Picked hubby up at 5:00 from work. Got white coffee granita. Then drove home thru Rathdrum because way too much construction in CDA.

Hubby worked in shop until later. Then we watched TV. Deer walked thru yard. Dogs barked at it.

Deer in yard

Saturday, June 23, 2012



Vacuumed the whole house & cleaned the dog beds again.

My throat is sore & I have no appetite.

Took Isabelle to vet at 4:45 to get her other shot. Hubby came home after working several hours OT, and sat with us on the couch.

I went to bed early.


Took all the dogs in the X down to the park to have a dog walk.

ALL the dogs in the 2nd seat of the X

Isabelle got tired early while on the walk.

We came home & hubby loaded Dodge with all the garbage for the dump. Isabelle & Bud went with him on the Dump Adventure!

Hubby worked in the shop. I transplanted most of my plants into pots. Need a couple bigger pots for bigger plants that won't fit.

I went to get my toenail repaired with Rhonda at 1:30PM. KRN called while I was there. She purchased a new hair straightener at the mall with her friend Heather.

Ordered pizza from Pizza Hut for guys at shop. Picked up at 2:15. Got milk at grocery store. Picked up burgers for dogs.

Gave Isabelle her hamburger while she was down at the shop in the Dodge.

Dogs at home got their burgers, then I made latte. We went outside to pick up poo.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Travels to Post Falls

Very tired today. Slept most of the day. Had to cancel my tan appointment. Tummy was hurting.

Sunny today. Austin came to mow in afternoon.

Had to put dogs inside while he was mowing.

Got the Altec Lansing iPod/iPhone player for the kitchen that I ordered. It also charges while it plays. Pretty cool.

Went down at 6PM to get the boat out of the slip at the marina. Had lots of difficulty loading it on the trailer. Too big.

Finally got home at 8:30. My nerves are shot.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012



After hubby got home, we had to put on warm clothes. It was getting quite cold out again. Stupid weather! Then we went over to Spokane to pick up a Jeep. Hubby misspelled it on his iPhone and called it a Jerp.

Took Bud & Bit & Isabelle with us. Hubby had to stop at GoGo Burrito to have dinner.

Bud waiting in Dually


I accidentally plugged in the  computer recharger to the rechargeable lantern light. It burned out on the table and stank up the house before I discovered what was happening. We breathed toxic fumes for a couple hours... I hate getting dumber as I age. Then I found it just minutes before Isabelle had her vet appointment.

Raced around trying to clean it up & avoid dogs getting into the leaking hot battery acid. Ick.

Anyway, took Isabelle down to Dr Mike and he gave her Adequan for her arthritis in her hips & knees. Said 2 shots per week for a month. Will show immediate improvement.

She jumped up on our bed when we got home which is not something that she has done in a long, long time.

We picked up the new Excursion (new for us, that is...) It is in great shape. Just have to make it more comfortable for the dogs.


Lil Bit will need a piece of carpet so that he can sit on the very narrow console in the front. Poor little dog. No more naps on the console. Have to figure out something.

Lots of room in the back for H to bounce around. Angus loved riding in the truck with us instead of being relegated to the pick up bed. This vehicle will make it so much nicer to get around in the winter so they are comfortable!

Also has heated seats in front for us humans.

I want to get custom plates.

We stopped at Ace Hardware to look for lawn mower but they just had crappy Craftsman.

Washed X and FMF then drove home. Hubby picked up cheeseburgers in Rathdrum. I raced home to get dogs ready for walk. We loaded them up in the new vehicle & drove to Farragut. Fed them burgers & walked there.


Made latte & hubby's lunch. Cherries are in season, so he takes them every day.

Went tanning. Left dogs at home because too hot!

Picked up groceries at Super One afterwards. Then had to get Bailey's liqueur at Liquor Store. On way home, I stopped at McDonalds to get burgers for dogs.

Finally got home around 4:15 and put away groceries. Then cleaned up cherries & took stems off. Made ham & egg cups for hubby's breakfast in the mornings.

Finally rested. KRN was texting me while I was trying to put away groceries.

Hubby came home and then ran down to shop to get Dually with trailer.

Dropped off Jeep Cherokee in Post Falls. Took Bud with us. Left the rest of the dogs at home.

On the way home, hubby got a cherry dipped cone at Dairy Queen. Yuck. Hate their ice cream.

Sunday, June 17, 2012



Cleaned the house. 

Dogs left me a present on the living room rug! I almost had a heart attack!

Shrew present

This whole past week has been rain, rain, and more rain!

Bit was bored & watching television.

 Bit Bored

Very depressing. Hope that this weekend is a lot better.

Hubby has day off today. He ran down to shop to get Earl started. He helped me get the basement cleaned up!

We went into town to Big R to pick up stuff. Had to pick up his Dodge from town since he had left it at work. He is on-call this coming week.

I had a nail appointment at 4:45 to get fill & fix a couple toes. Rhonda let me take a dress that I had been wish for that they are selling at tanning place. I also got some free Hempz Body cream. Then I came home after getting dog burgers. KRN was at dinner with Matt & Heather. Matt N had gone to spend dinner with his parents. Hubby finally got home quite late.

KRN brought me a Dooney & Bourke coin purse for me that she got from her online Rummage Sale.

My Hen & Chicks is growing a penis. Odd. Thought they were supposed to spread out, not up!

Hen & Chicks with penis


Matt spent the day at his parents. Fed the dogs french toast sticks when we got up. KRN insisted on having some, too. She is still such a little kid!

We were too excited to wait, so gave hubby all his Father's Day gifts today! KRN got him a very nice cutting board! Fits perfectly at side of sink. John Boos Cutting Board

I got him 2 remote control boats for our boat... and a Kindle Fire! He loves them all. 

Greg, KRN and I went garage sailing today. Ran into Little Town Market to get worms for the baby birds. We started our garage sale search in Athol where hubby found a couple good deals. Then we proceeded to Rathdrum and Hayden.

By 2PM most of the garage sales were done. So we stopped & got cheeseburgers for the dogs & came home.

Matt returned from his parents and we took kids to boat later in afternoon. KRN made shrimp kabobs & vegetables. Yum. Had to come back because dark clouds & looked like rain.

Almost ran into a deer on way home thru Farragut Park.


Gave Matt his Father's Day card & gift. He got a BlastMatch fire starter! He really liked it. He and Dad tried to light things on fire...

Took kids to boat later in afternoon. KRN made shrimp kabobs & vegetables. Yum. Had to come back because dark clouds & looked like rain.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Big Storm

Tuesday morning I ran over to Miller's to get more eggs, lactose free milk and dog food. The dog food from Costco seemed "off". Smelled odd. I am scared to feed anything bad to the dogs now with all the dog food recalls.

When I arrived home, I unloaded groceries and then went about trying to mow the lawn some more. The day turned out quite nice as the sun was out. I had gotten huge bones for the dogs, so that kept them busy out on the deck.

The lawn mower gave me fits as the gas cap has broken and kept falling off. Then I hit a rock at the very end which bent the blade. So it needs a new blade & gas cap. Need to buy another one while this one is fixed.

If I use the push mower to mow the rest of the property, it will keep me in good shape.

That afternoon, it started raining. Hubby came home then had to go back to Post Falls to pick up a truck. He took Isabelle & Bud with him in the dually. So the other dogs and I were stuck home alone. The lightning was so close that Bit, Angus & H jumped up and ran into the basement. Angus ran into the backroom.

The rain abated by the time hubby returned home, but started again just before we went to bed. At 4am, a horrible storm with lightning and thunder started again. H jumped into bed with us, shaking the whole time. Poor baby.

Wednesday morning it rained again. And again. And again. No internet; while I was watching satellite TV, several channels just "disappeared". Wish the rain would leave and not come back. It is so depressing and wet around here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mowed the Lawn


The lawn mower is my nemesis. It is only on its second year, but it is giving me grief. It won't start at various times. When researched on the internet, many people have reported that this model is a piece of junk.

 lawn mower

I got the lawn half way mowed when it would not start again. So I washed & vacuumed the rugs. Did several loads of laundry & dishes.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gun Show

Not the guns I preferred to see, but actual bang/bang guns.

Spokane Gun Show at the Fairgrounds.

We met the kids at 2:30 and walked around until about 4:30. KRN had an "incident" at home and was in fear of her safety. So Matt decided it was best that she have precautions. They purchased a stun gun for her at the gun show & looked at an actual gun to purchase. Matt also bought a huge knife (he is a knife enthusiast). We need to get knives for him at Christmas. Reminder.

Made egg cups later tonight.

 ham, egg, scallions, cheese

We slept late until 10:00am. Then dogs finally got us up. While I made french toast & lattes, hubby made bed.

Dogs had fun eating french toast. Isabelle barfed hers up right afterwards. Bad tummy. Took dogs for walk at 12:00.

Izzy sleeps on Bit

Then we went to dump. Cleaned boat up. Hubby got out the part for heater that needed to be repaired.

Came home and had dinner. Then Dave & Vera called. They came out at 9:30 to pick up axle. We took them down on boat for ride out to the Bay. Got home at 11:30 and went to bed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dark Clouds & Rain

Rain Rain Rain and cold on this day. Brrr. This does not feel like Spring or coming Summer. Hope it gets better soon.

Ordered an Amazon Kindle Fire for hubby for his Father's Day present. I also need to get him a card. 

Got to wash my hair after the Keratin treatment on Friday with Dominic. I left him another positive review on his Facebook page. He is great.

My hair is super soft & straight. Much better right after blow drying. No need to fool with straightening iron anymore. Great for days on boat; no hassle hair.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I contacted Pacific Marine Title and talked to Tanya about the transfer of Coast Guard Documentation for the boat.

Rained ALL DAY. Dogs are bored. Weeds are too tall. Weather is depressing.

The UPS guy delivered hubby's Searay hat & my sweatshirt for boat.

At 6PM after hubby got home from work, we went to Walmart & Home Depot in Sandpoint.

Hubby was hungry so he had to have dinner at Fiesta Bonita Mexican Restaurant. The beans were runny. Talked about Diamond Dave's & their wonderful yummy sauce from 1990 in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Got new stepladder & toilet lid at Home Depot. Then walked Bud & Lil Bit. Shopped at WalMart. Got new vacuum cleaner. Hubby got a card for his father's b-day & father's day.

Shark Professional 

Monday, June 04, 2012

Weekend Boating

Raining elephants and tigers when we got up. I was cuddled up in bed by myself, then hubby brought in Lil Bit and snuggled with me. Harriet decided to join us and pretty soon Isabelle did too. We slept for another hour all warm with the dogs. It was cute.

Hubby worked at shop for a while. Hubby came home at 3:30. Grilled hamburgers on our home grille. Got packed up & ready for boat. Drove FMF to boat around 4:30. Took Bit & Bud.

Stayed on boat overnight. Took walks & rested. Fed a family of Geese that came paddling up to the boat. Nap after late lunch.


Woke up to take dogs out for potty walk and saw duck family. Gave them quick bread feed before I walked dogs along Farragut Park trail & down to Naval base then back again. Over 3 miles. Both guys pottied. Bit looks like he had ingested rosary beads. Ick. Smelled bad bad bad.


Then back to boat. Hubby had gotten up and made bed. Already had breakfast on table. Sat and ate in the sun on the deck of the boat.

Sun started to slowly disappear behind dark clouds. Dogs had to go potty again so we walked them. Then we came back to take another nap. Soporific effect of the water & warmth on boat.

Packed up around 2pm when dark clouds started spitting rain. Bit rode in the wheel cart to the car.

Bit in cart

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Keratin Hair

Picked up poo in backyard. Too much rain and the weeds are almost up to my eyes!

Got bone crack for the dogs so that I could sneak out of the house. Left at 12:30 and it took me until 2:00 exactly to drive to Spokane. Too much traffic on a Friday... too much construction... too many detours... It was a horrible drive. I also dropped off shoes at Salon with Rhonda. She adored the shoes.

Dominic's new place is right by the railroad in a remodeled vintage building. Very cool. Parking not so cool. Drive in ...  Back out... Very scary.

KRN met me there & we talked a while. Then she transferred the stuff from my car to hers. I had to bring the things they left on boat & Matt's uniforms.

She left me the shirt & shoes that we ordered from American Eagle. I LOVE the sweatshirt.

 New sandals from AE

On the way home, I got latte. Cheeseburgers for dogs at Wendy's. Then drove home back way. Finally arrived home at 5:30. Hubby worked overtime until 8:30 on a cut cable in Garwood.

Watched some TV and went to bed.