Sunday, December 31, 2017


DECEMBER 31 2017

Hubby got up at 1AM with Ben to open the doggy door. Wilson was escaping thru the fence yesterday, so we cannot leave the door open.

Got up at 3AM to potty. Got up at 5AM to turn off the fireplace. I was too hot.

It is 19 degrees when we get up. Another cold day.

Hubby brought a cupcake for me with a candle. He got me apple pie and birthday cards.


I made lattes. Hubby made eggs for the dogs.

The Turkeys were already here at 8AM. We fed them walnuts, mixed nuts, cereal, butter cookies, and grain.

Hubby put the pie in the oven and baked it.

He took a nap on the sofa while watching Vintage Newsreels.

We went to Spirit Lake to get Lasagne for dinner.

Came home and made Lasagne, garlic bread.

We ate dinner around 4PM.


Vera and Dave stopped by at 5PM and stayed until 11PM. They went over to Matt & Nichole's house for the big bonfire that Matt was having for New Year's.

Dave had looked at our Internet and said we needed a new Modem.

Hubby and I watched one episode of Twilight Zone.

We went to bed at 12:30AM.

Saturday, December 30, 2017



Electricity came on after 2 hours; hubby got up and turned off lights.

I was severely dizzy all night long. Got up and could barely walk. I was nauseated.

We got up at 8AM. I started making lattes.

Still very nauseated. I tried to stretch out on the sofa to make the dizziness and nausea go away.

Hubby fed the cats.

The Moose and Turkeys were here. We fed them grain, apples, and water.
Moose & Turkeys
We shoveled the decks. There was a layer of ice on the snow, so it was difficult to move.

Turkey Tracks 
Ice covering everywhere.

The temps got up to 33 degrees today!

We drove down to Athol Lil Town Market to get more milk. Hubby bought losing lottery tickets.

Got mail at the box on the way home.

Hubby left at 2PM after calling and ordering parts from Spokane Spalding Auto Parts. He drove over to Spokane Valley to pick them up. Then he went to the Post Falls shop.

I watched TV, read books.


Wilson escaped out the back yard thru the fence. I was very worried about him for a while.

Hubby got home at 9PM. He brought lots of groceries inside the house.

We watched Black Mirror episode and went to bed.



Walmart and oil change.

Oil changed ended up on ground. Hubby had to pitch a fit. Had to go to the car wash to try and get some baked on oil off. Walmart Insurance is going to pay for a detail cleaning.

Had to drive vehicle after they fixed it again. Stank inside like 90W oil.

Horrible pizza at Stateline gas station.

Lots of snow. Lots.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


DECEMBER 28 2017

I got up at 7:30AM. It was already 21 degrees! Almost a heat wave.

Snow was coming down and there were already about 3 inches outside.

More Snow

Lane was to come and pick up a transmission by 9:30, but he did not get here until 11PM.

I made more lattes to warm up.

We ran the credit card thru Square.

Then hubby and I drove up to Sandpoint in the snowstorm to get parts from Tom's Differentials.

Tom is dying at home; the chemo for fighting the cancer is making him ill. Sounds like he will not make it too much longer. There was a neighbor that was helping out at the warehouse. He helped hubby load the parts into the Jeep.

  Lake Pend O'Reille in Sandpoint

We drove back again. The lake is covered with ducks, small birds, and Canadian Geese. Totally foggy over the lake.

Not very many snowplows out. The roads are down to a couple two-track lanes.


Got home and hubby made lunch for himself. I made more lattes.

Hubby left picked up the trailer from Charles' place to go down to the Post Falls Store, stop at Transamerica for parts.

I read books and listened to Xmas guitar acoustical music. The turkeys came later.


Xmas Blanket Decor

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


DECEMBER 27 2017

Already 21 degrees when I got up.

Got up at 7:45AM and turned up the heat.

Put away all the clean dishes. Started laundry.

Made lattes. Took latte up to hubby who was still in bed.

The dogs went out for potty.

Turkeys were here by 8AM. I went outside to feed them.

 Turkeys Eating Grain

Ben Pottying While Wilson Watches

We took the dogs for a walk in Spirit Lake. Then we drove around Spirit Lake looking for other dogs in yards.

Hubby drove down by the lake. We saw kids sliding down Spirit Lake Hill.

Hubby stopped at Miller's Grocery in Spirit Lake to get more Eggnog for his lattes.

When we got home, hubby wanted to make crab cakes.We baked them in the oven. They were ok. Needed more snap.

More shoveling snow. 

UPS Katrina came by and dropped off the package with hubby's socks that I had ordered from Amazon. He tried them on and found 2 that he liked.

The moose got here around 3PM, I went out and put grain in the feeder for them. The brother moose ran back across the road and got Limpy!

Limpy is using her leg again. Not all her weight, but quite a lot. Hopefully she is healing. Hubby filled the water bucket and I took it out to them for drink.

Brother & Momma Moose

Brother Moose

Hubby's leg is all blue/purple; losing circulation. It is very swollen compared to his other leg.

Hubby called and left voicemail for Dr Brown to schedule another appointment. Hubby made another appointment for Friday in the morning.

I went out to shovel decks.

 Joey Kitty Falls Asleep to Xmas Lights

Only 3 snowplows went by so far today.

The internet was up and down all day today. Not reliable.

Went to bed at 10PM.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017



Hubby was up at 6:30AM to clean up the kitchen, turn on the Xmas lights, heat up the house, and make eggs for dogs.

He gave tuna to the cats.

I woke up briefly when he was making noise, and went back to sleep until 8AM.

Got up and started laundry, made lattes.

I went outside and fed turkeys the soft and old celery with raisins. Put grain out for them.

Hubby took a shower in the basement.

We got ready to go into CDA with the borrowed F150.

Drove to Kal's and he said to drop the truck off at Meineke Muffler to fix the check engine light.

We picked up the Dodge where it was behind the building with ice & snow covering it. Hubby had to start it up, and brush off the snow. There were bunny footprints under the truck.

I drove the F150 over and parked it in front of the building. Hubby took the keys and was going to take them to Kal's.

We picked KR up; stopped at Jitterz to get hot lattes and took her to Verizon so that she could get the new Google Pixel phone.

Nice guy there, Obadiah (1 of 9 children) helped us. He was very helpful.

KR had fun playing with her phone while we picked up fuel at Walmart.

It had started snowing again.

We dropped KR off. She and hubby found the paint in her garage to match the ceiling where her candle had flamed and blackened the paint.

KR's Xmas Tree in Her Huge House

It was dark by now.

Then hubby and I drove to CDA to pick up egg bites for me at Starbucks on Prairie. We drove to Joe's Transmission to drop off the parts in the back of the Dodge.

Drove to Athol and picked up lottery tickets & milk at Lil Town Market.

At home, it was cold. Dogs greeted us. We turned up the heat.

Watched TV. I ate apples. Hubby had dinner. We went to bed at 10:30PM.

Monday, December 25, 2017


DECEMBER 25 2017

Image result for huge lighted christmas tree png 

Hubby and I got up super early to light the tree and start making the cinnamon rolls. I actually remembered the cinnamon rolls and pan to make them in this year.

I made lattes. Made a hot regular coffee for KR.

KR got up and all the dogs went outside to potty.

It was 18 degrees outside. Pretty cold. It had snowed about 3 inches.

Turkeys were here because hubby had put out new grain last night.
We unwrapped presents. KR got one of hubby's presents, so they had to exchange. Gave dogs some toys to rip up. They were fighting over squeaky toys.

Xmas Tree in the AM

I thought I saw a dead turkey out in the yard and choked on my hot Scallops that were just out of the oven. As I was trying to talk and tell everybody about the turkey, KR tried to give me a napkin to spit the hot food out into. They were all laughing at me.

Cleaned up wrapping paper in a huge garbage bag. 

We watched DUNKIRK on Starz. It was a good movie.

I started laundry. Hubby got all the food out and warmed it up again.

Then in the afternoon, hubby started making crab. It made the house smell. KR and I cracked crab.

KR and Hubby took a nap on the sofa.

I started KR's car at 6PM and shoveled off the decks.

She drove home.

We cleaned up the house and watched Archer. Hubby fell asleep again. Then we went to bed at 10PM.

Sunday, December 24, 2017



One DAY before Xmas!

Up at 7:45AM to make Xmas goodies.

I got up and made lattes.

Sewed Ben's blanket.

Started laundry.

Took extra food from fridge to the basement fridge. Brought up turkey breast, ham, and weiner winks.

KR texted to say she would be here by 10AM. I texted and asked her to bring Peppermint Schnapps from the Rathdrum Liquor Store.

KR said the liquor store was closed, I told her we could go later.

She got here around 10:30AM.

I vacuumed the house. I put the clean comforter over the railing so Ben would not sleep on it.

KR unloaded her overnight case.

We took the borrowed F150 into town.

Stopped at Liquor Store in Rathdrum. Hubby ran inside to get Schnapps. We got horrible drinks at the Bean Barn. KR vowed never to go back. The girl made the drink wrong 3 times.

Picked up crab rangoon order at Wah Hing in Rathdrum.

We went over to Jitterz and got latte for me, another drink for KR. They got her drink correct the first time.

We drove to get grain at the farmer's.

Dropped off liquor at Larry Jr's home in Rathdrum.

Drove to Hayden to drop off liquor at Tim's house in Hayden by the golf course.

We drove home. It was too late to take dogs for a walk. Again, it was cloudy all day.

KR read her book. Hubby made food. Ham in the oven. Turkey breast in the crockpot.

We watched Muppet's Christmas and went to bed at 10:30PM.

Xmas Tree with Presents

Hubby and I put out the Xmas presents before going to bed.

Ben was upset to not sleep in his bed, so KR got up in the middle of the night to rearrange his pillows into a dog bed on the floor. Beebo slept with KR all night.

Saturday, December 23, 2017




Woke up at 8AM to 10°F outside. Brrrr. 

Cold Weather

Hubby had heaters on in basement, and the fireplace on upstairs.

He made eggs for dogs, fed tuna to the cats.

I made lattes. Gave some eggnog to the cats.

Hubby closed the dog door so the cold air would not blow thru.

Cats slept in boxes.

I started laundry and dishes.

Listened to Soft Piano Xmas music.

We took the F150 that hubby had borrowed to go pick up KR in Post Falls.

Hubby tried calling the customer all day for the T-Bucket but he did not answer.

Then we had KR drive the vehicle to see if she liked it.

Drove to Costco which was madly busy. Found a parking spot at the end of the aisle. Shopped inside. 

Picked up beef skewers, shrimp ring, beef log, bacon for KR.

Ran into Kurt Reese at Costco. Talked to him for a while. KR and I wandered off looking at food.

Drove by Chad's Superior Towing to see if he was there to give him a Whisky for Xmas gift.

Drove to Starbucks in Post Falls to pick up lunch. 

Stopped at Post Falls shop to pick up hubby's coffee cup. 

Went to Post Falls Brewing Company to have cider flight & misc. flight. It was fun. A guy stopped in and tied his huge black Great Dane to the picnic table outside. The dog had on a hoodie coat. It was cute.

 Post Falls Brewing Company

Drove KR back to her house. 

We drove home. Stopped in Athol to pick up lottery tickets.  Went home and opened the doggy door for the dogs. We had it closed all day because it was so cold outside. 

 Our Sweet Joey Falling Asleep to Xmas Lights

Watched Off Road TV shows on the Roku. Went to bed at 10PM.

Friday, December 22, 2017



Got up at 7AM.

Hubby made breakfast eggs for dogs and fed cats tuna.

I made lattes.

We looked info up online for Social Security.

Hubby left afterwards in the Dodge. He went to get milk at lil Town Market.

Then he drove to Post Falls to supervise work there.

I had to update an invoice for customer over the phone when hubby called later.

UPS came and brought the box with cat toys & dog toys in it.

Joey came over and started digging in the box when it was opened. He had already smelled the CATNIP.

 Joey Cat Overdosed on Catnip

 Zim Discovers the Catnip Drug

Wilson Juiced a Pink Pig Stuffed Toy in Record Time

Hubby briefly came back at 5PM and brought a truck with him from Kal's that he had borrowed. He wanted to drive to Carey, ID on Sat & Sun to pick up another truck with the trailer. But there was a winter storm coming, and I talked him out of it.

After making himself a sandwich and I made him a hot latte, he left again.

I did bookwork and watched TV. Then read books.

I called hubby at 10PM, he said that he would be home in under 1 hour.

Hubby got home at 11:30.

He took a shower, and we went to bed.

Thursday, December 21, 2017



Got up at 7AM.

Hubby made eggs for dog breakfast and fed tuna to the cats.

He went downstairs and cleaned up cat litter & put out more at food.

We drove to town in Jeep, stopped to wash at Metro Express; the auto wash had already expired for this month.

Then we went to ADAPT Prosthetics and had a nice interview with Christopher while he did a cast for hubby.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017



Hubby got up at the crack of dawn. 7AM.

He made burritos and put eggs in with them.

I got up and made lattes.

Then I ate apples for breakfast.

Watched Shaun The Sheep with hubby.

Hubby went out to watch Joe when he got here at 9AM.

Turkeys were here at 9:55AM, I went out to give them grain. They stayed around here past 2PM.

Dan came over to discuss cabinets at 10AM.

Hubby took Dan home as he had walked over. Nobody had come to plow out Shoshone or Red Fish.

Hubby came back and the girl had canceled that he was supposed to meet at the Post Falls shop at 1PM to look at her truck.

I took hubby over to Charles' in the Jeep to pick up the Plow Truck. Hubby did not want to drive the Plow Truck to the Post Falls shop because it does not steer very well.

While hubby called Chad to have the tow truck come get the Plow Truck, I drove down to Athol Post Office to mail our final Xmas post card.

We came back home, hubby called Frontier HR to get his paycheck worked out. Needs to get paid for Vacation Time.

He needs to call his supervisor to get paid for 2 sick days. Also has to talk to other person in HR about getting paid for vacation.

We watched new show The Brokenwood Mysteries on Acorn TV.

Turkeys finally left at 4PM.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


DECEMBER 19 2017

It just won't quit snowing.

Got up at 7AM when I heard hubby banging dishes around in the kitchen. He was making eggs and sausage for the dogs.

I got dressed. It snowed last night. It was still snowing. There was already about 6 inches outside.

After hubby made breakfast and I made lattes, we went outside to shovel. AND SHOVEL AND SHOVEL AND SHOVEL.

 First 5 Inches of Snow

 Another 6 Inches of Snow

The snow got heavier and came down faster. We kept shoveling.

Finally, we finished at 10:30. Decided to leave by then. It was still snowing. We were not making any headway.

Winter Wonderland

We drove down Diagonal, but the people were driving too slowly. Hubby drove down Ramsey to get to Post Falls. Less cars.

I ordered egg bites & got hubby a Chorizo sandwich on the Starbucks App.

We ate them on the way to the Shop in Post Falls.

Hubby was there for an hour getting parts & working on stuff. I sat in the Jeep.

We drove to Spokane Valley and I got my nails done at Da Vi Nails. From 12:45-1:15PM. Then we shopped at Costco for KR's presents & Xmas food.

Drove home. Stopped at Rathdrum McDonalds to get burgers for the dogs.

At home, there was ANOTHER 7 INCHES OF SNOW. It was like Snow Apocalypse. 

 More 6 Inches of Snow

We shoveled for 1.5 hours solid. Then we finally brought the groceries in from the Jeep. I had to do the deck several times because IT WAS STILL SNOWING.

A Final 6 Inches of Snow

Hubby ate the rest of his sandwich. I made more lattes to warm up. I ate apples & peanut butter for dinner.

Had to shovel again at 8PM because the snow turned to rain and it was heavy like slush lead falling off the roof.

Casey is supposed to come over and plow.

Casey never showed up.

Joe is supposed to come over tomorrow to plow

We were watching a new show, Fleabag on Amazon when the power went out at 9:03PM.

Went to bed at 11PM.

We were without power until 2AM. Hubby got up and turned off all the lights & tv when it came back on.

Monday, December 18, 2017


DECEMBER 18 2017

Got up at 8AM.

Hubby already had eggs made and the Xmas lights switched on the tree.

I made lattes.

We sat down to watch Shaun the Sheep.

It was already 35  outside. Really warm weather. Snow had fallen off the roof of the house & garage.

I shoveled the decks.

Hubby went outside at 10:00 to start his Dodge.

Zim decided to help him.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


DECEMBER 17 2017

Woke up to about 3 inches of more snow.

3 Inches of Snow

Hubby was playing 1970s music. Yuck.

He made eggs for the dogs.

Turkeys were here at 9:00AM. I went out to give them grain.

JMS was supposed to come over at 10:30 to look at cutting back the trees to about 12' up. Take out dead trees.

Ben ran down to the shop and ran out to disturb the Turkeys.

Hubby shoveled the back deck and I shoveled the front deck.

I did bookwork.

Washed Ben's bed pillows.

Hubby went down to the shop to start up the Bronco snowplow and the forklift.

Jeff JMS came over at 1:00PM to look at trees. He gave me a tree rounds cut Snowman.

We left at 1:30PM to drive to Spokane.

Our Holiday Pops Performance at 2PM in Spokane.

The concert was disappointing. Not much music for Xmas. A weird The Snowman cartoon film backed by the Symphony playing music.

We left 10 minutes after the intermission because the SEATS ARE TOO DAMN SMALL. I was SO uncomfortable between hubby and the man next to me both falling asleep!!!

We drove to Dick's and had burgers with fries.

Drove to Starbucks and order drinks via App.

More rain in Spokane, which turned to sleet snow in Idaho. Somebody went off the road in Rathdrum, and the guy in front of us drove 35 all the way from Spokane to Rathdrum.

At home, 3 more inches of snow!

I ordered a Matelasse blanket for our bed from Stein Mart.

We watched Trans Siberian Orchestra Xmas Special & Happy. Went to bed at 10PM. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017



Got up at 9AM.

Made lattes.

Hubby already had the Xmas lights on, opened the mini blinds revealing ALL the snow, had made eggs for dogs.

I cut open several apples so we could try the taste. I ate apples for breakfast.

Went out to feed the turkeys.

Drove to CDA at 12:30PM in the Jeep to get my hair braided by Rachelle at Azure Salon. Hubby waited while I got my hair done.

Then we drove to Post Falls and picked up lattes & sandwich for hubby, egg bite for me.

Drove to the Post Falls shop to get lug nuts for Pinehurst truck. Hubby reviewed job on hoist with Casey.

Dropped off earrings for KR at her home. She was not there. I left the earrings on the table. Petted Beebo. He cried when I went inside the house. Wanted to come with us.

We drove to Rathdrum and got fuel in the Jeep.

Drove home. No mail. No Xmas cards. So sad.

Hubby went down to the shop to check and see if the lug nuts were the correct ones.

Gave ham to the dogs.

I made lattes, warmed up his sandwich. He took Ben with him to the shop. Wilson was bereft to be alone.

Turned on Xmas tree lights, put on Xmas music via Roku on Spotify, started the laundry & dishes.

I did bookwork.

Purchased Xmas presents for KR.

Hubby's Egg Nog has Santa on a Sleigh with Cows for Reindeer. There is even a cow/reindeer at the front with a red nose!

Santa, Sleigh, and Cow-Reindeer

Cat was watching Xmas lights.

 Joey Cat Watching Xmas Lights
 Joey Cat Falls Asleep Watching Xmas Lights
Joey Cat Sleeps to Christmas Lights

We watched Roku, PBS channel shows, then watched The 80's on Sling TV.

Went to bed at MIDNIGHT.