Friday, November 24, 2017


NOVEMBER 24 2017

Got up at 9AM because I had been so sick last night.

Felt a little better. Took more medication.

Hubby fed the cats tuna, the turkeys had already been here early in the morning.

He had been baking the turkey since he got up this morning. He made green beans, corn, gravy, yam casserole, ants-on-a-log.

I made the stuffing. I added too many chicken bouillon in it and it was too salty.

We went for a walk in Farragut Park around 11:30AM.

Walked around the woods because there was somebody else walking their dogs on the Gun Shooting Road.

Walked 1.29 miles. I felt like I was going to die. Maybe I am not feeling as well as I thought...

Drove back to Athol and hubby got a latte at the Espresso Stand.

We drove to Spirit Lake and got groceries at Miller's. When we got back home, we unloaded groceries. Hubby grilled real mash potatoes and added Rosemary to them. Then we made dried beef roll-ups.

Mark was here at the shop with his dog.

Thursday, November 23, 2017



Got up and hubby gave tuna to kitties.

He made eggs for the dogs.

Hubby played 80s music.

It was already 50 degrees out. Most of the snow has disappeared. It rained last night.

Called KR to make sure that we would pick her up at Noon for the 1PM Thanksgiving Brunch at the Davenport.

Turkeys came at 10:15AM.

Hubby watched automotive shows.

I cleaned up cat litter & filled the cat food bowl.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017





I wake up early at 5AM. I have a fever. Take antibiotics.

Too tired to climb back upstairs, so I sleep on the sofa.

Hubby gets up at 6:30AM. He makes breakfast eggs. Then he puts out tuna for cats. Only Scaredy is inside and eats. I have to get up and call the rest of them to come in the house.

Hubby watched tv for a while. I get dressed.

Hubby leaves to meet Wesley at shop at 9AM to start cleaning it up. There was a piece of junk minivan that was delivered yesterday.

I try to sleep all day. Mostly feverish. Make myself tea.

Watch some Scrubs on TV. Mindless entertainment. Mostly sleep.

Hubby spent the morning working with Wesley cleaning up the mess that idiot Mark made in the shop.

Hubby comes up the house at Noon with mail. He leaves for the shop with a customer's vehicle.

I sleep and watch tv more.

Hubby called at 3PM to have me come pick him up.

Drunks on the road.

Stupid 3 teenage girls riding horses in the twilight on Diagonal in the rain. Could barely see them.

Lots of people at the Liquor Store when I drive past it.

Picked hubby up.

Went to the bank and made deposit.

Drove home.

Took more medication. Made tea. Both of us were extremely tired. Watched TV.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


NOVEMBER 21 2017


Hubby got up and played music. He made eggs for himself & dogs.

I fed the turkeys hanging around outside some oatmeal.

We watched Shaun the Sheep. Hubby loves that show now.

Got dressed. Drove the Jeep into CDA. Met Marc at Columbia Bank. Got the info on Home Loan if we decide to move to Nevada.

Hubby is in a tizzy because the thought of retiring has him paralyzed. He is still upset about being injured.

Washed the Jeep at Metro Express.

We drove over and picked up KR to take her to Winco shopping with us. In order to qualify for a free turkey, we had to spend $100. So we went grocery shopping.

After grocery shopping, we ate dinner at MOD Pizza.

I started really getting sick while dropping KR off and unloading her groceries. We immediately went home.

I made tea at home & took more antibiotics.

We check on his 401K and realize the government is going to take 20% immediately. That makes it a lot smaller.

It was depressing to think that we are not going to have that much as we thought going into retirement.

I went to bed at 9PM because I was exhausted. Kitties came up to sleep with me.

Monday, November 20, 2017




Got up when I heard hubby banging around in the kitchen.

He made eggs, bacon, and sausage in the oven.

I had to clean up his messes.

He was happier and in a good mood because of the Super Cortisol that he took last night. Takes the stress out of your body. Replenishes cortisol. Works wonders.

We drove up to Priest River to get the new Expedition licensed and titled from Texas. Super simple. We were the only people there. The lady was a little sick, but she did it right away. We were out of there in under 10 minutes.

Drove back home and unloaded the Expedition from the trailer. Hubby unhooked the trailer.

We got the grey Dodge out and took the Expedition over to Charles to fix the coils.

Hubby loaded junk tires into the back of the Dodge. We can drop off 4 each day without having to pay, so we will be doing that everytime we go into town.

Then we drove to Spokane and I got my nails done at the Walmart next to Costco in Spokane Valley. Shortened them up a lot. Maybe too short.

Hubby got his haircut next door at the Hair Stylist. They did not do a very good job on his beard.

Then we drove over to the Mall and had lunch. At the Italian Kitchen, I got a calzone. Hubby got a slice of cheese pizza. We were starved.

We went over to Silver Safari and I got 3 more piercings in my left ear. It was the same girl that did them - Alyssa. She is very professional. Kelsey was the girl that she was training and observed.

I went to give my drivers license ID, but found that the girl at the Licensing Department had not given mine to hubby. Hubby called and confirmed that they had my DL, so the girl on the phone said she would mail it tomorrow to our address.

When I was done at Silver Safari, we drove to Rathdrum. Picked up cat food and bedroom light bulbs at Ace Hardware. We drove to Spirit Lake to get gasolline for the Forklift. Hubby accidentally sprayed gasoline all over his clothes. He stank. Had to drive with the windows down.

At home, we got mail. Got a check from the Hooker vs. Sirius Lawsuit. That will be deposited tomorrow.

Sunday, November 19, 2017



I got up to pee at 4AM and was too tired to go back up the stairs. So I just slept on the sofa until hubby came down.

I slept all the way thru him feeding the cats and making eggs.

Then I woke up and made latte along with oatmeal.

Loaded the garbage and all the pumpkins in the yard.

Took the dogs for a walk in the park at Noon.

Stopped at the dump and unloaded garbage.

Got fuel for the Forklift at the station in Athol.

Drove home.

Hubby filled the Forklift.

I took leashes off dogs. Ben went in the basement for some reason. Wilson was very upset that he did that.

I microwaved the Starbucks turkey panini from the other day.

Hubby made noodles, sausage, and tomato soup.

Hubby watched TV.

Saturday, November 18, 2017



Did not sleep well last night.

I took more flu medicine. Hubby slept without coughing.

Got up at 9AM to make eggs & lattes.

I am still tired.

Did an invoice for hubby.

Windows look really clean. It is warmer out today.

I was tired and slept on the sofa for 10 minutes.

Hubby had to go to the shop to collect from a customer.

Friday, November 17, 2017



Got up at 6:30. Was sweating and could not sleep anymore. The HVAC unit by our bed was making an awful racket and it was not turned on.

I made latte for me. Hubby cannot have milk while he is taking antibiotics.

Hubby made eggs.

I went outside to feed the moose because all 3 of them were here early.

I finished making the bed, finished making the eggs. Hubby fed eggs to dogs.

Hubby fell asleep on the couch. He was still very sick and feverish.

I finally got him to get dressed by 9:30.

Got the house cleaned up so that the window cleaners could come by and clean.

Hubby left at 10:30 for the shop in Post Falls to repair a transfer case.

I stayed home and continued to clean.

The window cleaner Jay got here at 12:30PM.

I went down to get mail.

Hubby got home at 2PM. He took a nap on the sofa.

The Moose came to eat. I told Jay to be careful.

Jay finished the window cleaning at 4:30 and I paid him. He did a great job.

We watched Scrubs for the rest of the night.

I think I am getting sick. I fell asleep on the couch from 6PM to 8PM.

We went to bed at 10PM.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


NOVEMBER 16 2017

I had nightmares all night long, but slept pretty well. Got up at 5:30 to potty. Hubby had not re-set his clock for daylight savings. So it kept going off every 5 minutes and he would hit the snooze button.

Hubby got up at 7:30 and was coughing.

He made breakfast eggs. I got up and made lattes.

Hubby ran down to the shop to look for parts for Lane.

I watched turkeys fight one turkey and then ostracize him. Poor little turkey ran away into the woods. It was an awful thing to see. I felt sorry for that poor little turkey. He will not have the protection of his flock now. 

Then hubby came back and I got ready. Took the Grey Dodge to CDA. Got a latte for me at Jitterz.

Got him to the Doctor's Office by 9:30AM. I took the truck and drove back to Horizon Credit Union and made a deposit because last night, I had paid the credit card bills with the wrong account. We had to transfer money to the correct account.

Then I went back to the Doctor's office. Hubby was still in the waiting room.He looked awful. Feverish, red face, looked sick.

We got called back and finally saw Dr Wester at 10:30AM. He gave hubby a prescription for antibiotics, told his assistant to get a referral to Dr Draeger for the numbness and pain in his foot, and a note for hubby to be off until Dec 15.

I drove over to Post Falls and made a deposit at the other credit union office there. Then we drove to Rathdrum and I took his prescription in to the new Pharmacy there. They filled it right away.

We got groceries at Super One. Then we drove home. Got mail at home. Ebates check, mostly junk mail. Unloaded groceries.

I watched Vera for a while. Then drove down to the Post Office at 2PM to mail the Tax payment via certified/registered mail.

Came back and fed critters. Put grain and carrots out for them.

I did bookwork.

Hubby watched his automotive shows and tried to sleep. He had already taken his antibiotics.

Charles called and then Tom called about truck that Charles is trading to hubby for $ that he owes him. Tom wants the plow on the truck.

Deer came at 4PM.

We watched new show on Hulu - Future Man. It was good. We binge-watched it to the end.

Watched a couple episodes of Archer, then went to bed at 10:30PM. Hubby was still sick.



Got up at 10PM. Had finally slept for a while.

Hubby made breakfast eggs. I made lattes.

We walked the dogs in the park. Took them around the Waldron Campground. The park had opened the gates again because the snow had melted.

We put the ticket on the window and our receipt that we had purchased a park pass with our new registration.

Came back and dropped off the dogs. We drove into town.

We were going to stop at KR's, but I called her and she said that she was about 5 minutes away. So we went to Columbia Bank and put in the check from the Lariat and a customer's check.

Went to Lowe's to pick up Dryer Vent that the cats had shredded.

We saw an advertisement on Outback Steakhouse that they had $4 Apps for Happy Hour. So we waited until 4PM to eat there. It was a deceptive ad, as they said Apps FROM $4. They had no deals. Fucky crappy place. Never going there again. The Women's bathroom had this HUGE molding, gross water stains on the ceiling tiles. I really don't know how this passes State inspection.

 Disgusting Ceiling Tiles

Tuesday, November 14, 2017



Hubby was still not feeling well. He woke up feeling somewhat ok.

He made eggs while I made lattes.

Hubby fed the dogs. He opened tuna for the cats.

We went outside to feed the critters.

At 11:00, the mail man went by outside and we wanted to go get the mail.

The Rocky Flats Settlement said that the checks had been mailed and it should arrive soon.

We loaded the dogs into the Grey Dodge and drove to the mailbox. The Settlement check had arrived!

Took the dogs to the park to walk. It was cold and wet. Dark grey skies.

 Ben & Wilson

Walked dogs around the water tower and down the road.

Stopped to get a latte at the Espresso stand in Athol.

Drove home. Dropped off dogs. I changed clothes.

Hubby drove me in to Hayden for a latte at Jitterz. We had just enough time before my hair appointment at 1PM.

Hubby drove to the shop, picked up axles, picked up checks. Deposited checks at bank.

Then he picked me up at 4PM. My hair took longer than I thought it would. Rachelle did a GREAT job on my hair.

We stopped at North 40 in CDA to pick up check and then drove over to Best Avenue to get Philly Cheesesteaks for dinner. On the way out of town, we stopped at Arby's to get roast beef sliders for the dogs.

A Little Bit of Blue Sky

Hubby picked up milk and lotto tickets at Lil Town Market.

Then we drove home.

Unloaded everything. Ate our dinners. Hubby watched his auto shows and rested his leg.

He was feeling sicker, coughing and feverish. I suggested that he used the dry sauna to feel better. His chest and back have been hurting him.

We went to bed at 11PM.

Monday, November 13, 2017



Got up and made eggs for hubby and dogs.

Made lattes.

Hubby had gotten up really early because he was coughing while in bed and did not want to disturb me. He had gotten flu or cold overnight. Drinking lots of Nyquil.

He slept on the sofa most of the day.

I went out and fed turkey & deer.

Walked down the driveway to get the mail in the rain, but there was no mail.

Went down at 4PM to get mail; just junk mail.

Hubby woke up around 4PM and watched some of his automotive shows.

Hubby was really sick today.

Finally went to bed around 10PM.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


NOVEMBER 12 2017

Got up at 8AM. Did not sleep well last night.

Both of the stripe cats were here this morning. One had been missing last night and we were scared he had been killed.

Turkeys were already here. They ate the leftovers from past feedings in the yard.

I got up and made lattes. Hubby had already made eggs and fed dogs.

Hubby mounted the thermostat by the side of the fireplace.

He finally got dressed at 10:30AM.

We drove into Rathdrum and stopped to get lattes.

Then we drove to Walgreens to pick up a card for Amanda's open house.

Drove to the Post Falls shop to pick up invoices and check.

Went to hubby's MRI exam at 2:45PM. Was there until 3:45PM.

Then we drove over to Amanda's and dropped off the card with $ inside.

We talked to Amanda and KR for a while, then left.

Drove to CDA and went thru the Metro Express car wash with Jeep.

Ate dinner at  Cafe Rio. It was ok, but not great.

Drove home and watched The Walking Dead. I don't like this show anymore. Boring.

Went to bed at 10:30PM

Saturday, November 11, 2017



Got up at 8AM this morning.

I actually slept for 8 hours last night and it was wonderful. But had to get up 2X to potty.

I made lattes; hubby had already fed the cats and made eggs.

Hubby called people that were selling 2WD SUV in Moyie Springs. They said that the son had over-nighted the Title for the car. So hubby got the trailer hooked up to the Excursion.

The Excursion was "missing" in the motor. So it was running rough. Hubby was upset about that.

He also could not find his tool sets that he had, he looked everywhere in the house & garage for the tool sets.

We finally got going at Noon. Left the dogs at home.

Drove to Sandpoint and parked the truck & trailer. Got lattes and food using Reward points at Starbucks.

Arrived in Moyie Springs around 2PM.

Could not find the address at first. Snow all over Old Highway 2; Had to turn around to find the mailbox. Road went straight up. A non-plowed two-track.

The people owned 2 black dogs. One dog only had 3 legs. It limped around.

Took forever to load SUV as it did not run; hubby and (Gene) had to run over to his dad's farm to pick up ramps to use on the trailer.

As we got into Bonners Ferry, the tire blew out on the trailer. So hubby pulled into Les Schwab to put a new tire on it.

We walked in the dark down to the Burger Express restaurant and had burgers to warm up and waste time.

Then we walked back to the Les Schwab dealership, paid and left.

The new tire blew out again in Sandpoint, so we pulled into Walmart to have a new tire put on it. They would not do truck tires on a trailer, so they sold hubby the tire and we put it on ourselves.

I went to the bathroom while we were there.

Then we drove home. On the way, a couple blocks away from Walmart, we smelled burning tire again. Hubby pulled over on the road and pulled the fender off. It was rubbing against the tire. So we surmised that was what had happened to the other tire.

Hubby took the fender off and put it in the back of the SUV. We drove home slowly.

At home, we unloaded everything and left the Excursion in the driveway hooked to the trailer.

One of the stripey kittys was missing all night. Hope he is OK.

The dogs were overjoyed to see us. I gave them Ham slices, which Ben promptly vomited on the hallway rug. Had to clean that up.

We watched Vera and Dirk Gently on tv. I went to bed at 11PM.

Friday, November 10, 2017



Got up and I was exhausted again. Only got a few hours sleep. Hubby was snoring all night and woke me up several times with his snorts. I was hot and had to open the window, then I got cold and shut the window.

Wilson finally came upstairs and I was comforted by putting my hand on his belly and falling asleep.

Hubby made eggs for dogs & gave cats their tuna.

I went outside and fed deer, moose, and turkeys. Moose had come in the night and ripped open the huge bag of carrots. I had to pick up the carrots off the concrete porch and take them out. Also took a few pumpkins and split them by dropping them. The deer & moose love pumpkins.

We took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park much later about Noon. Hubby was upset about money and retiring from work. There is a fear of the unknown future.

Talked about our options and he calmed down somewhat.

Hubby took the Excursion over to Charles' shop again because the engine was still missing.

Drove to Rathdrum and got a latte for me.

We had to drive into Post Falls to pick up checks and take parts to the shop there. Hubby talked to Gary S while he was there. Picked up Z's check.

Went to the bank and deposited checks. Drove to Popeye's in Post Falls to try their chicken. There were only 6 cars in line and the dining room was packed.

We took the food over to KR's to eat it warm. KR was just leaving with Amanda to eat at MOD Pizza and then go watch a movie. She took Beebo with her. I went outside and said hi to Amanda and Ellie. Ellie licked my face, she was so happy to see me.

Took the food inside and ate at KR's dining room table. The chicken was OK. Jambalaya was nothing but rice in water. Green beans were bland. Mashed potatoes with spicy gravy was a little off-putting. The pecan pie (which they repeatedly tried to give us Apple pie) was pre-packaged bland from a different company. Preservatives and gross.

I don't think it was worth the wait for this restaurant.

We drove to Stein's in Rathdrum. Picked up milk. I had to potty there. The potties there are awful. No toilet paper and dirty.

At home, we unloaded groceries.

We watched the end of Vera, and a new episode of Chance.

I took a hot bath and went to bed at 10:30

Thursday, November 09, 2017



Got up and was tired. Only had 1 hour sleep last night. Tossing & turning.

Made lattes. Hubby made eggs.

I fell asleep on hubby's lap on the sofa.

Moose were here early. Then the turkeys came. I took grain out to them.

KR called and had gone to the Dept of Labor. No luck there. She talked for quite a while.

Then I went out to feed grain to deer. Deer were here early at Noon.

Hubby shoveled the snow that fell off the roof of the garage. It was extra heavy because of the rain.

More rain.

We drove to the dump.

I was hot and tired all day.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017



Got up at 7AM after taking 2 Benadryl last night and a handful of aspirin. I am TIRED.

Hubby had already made eggs for breakfast.

I made lattes.

There was an early morning deer here at 9:30AM.

I went out and fed the critters. Took out carrots, apples, and grain.

Cannot walk dogs because hubby has only sandals to wear because of leg swelling. Had to leave dogs home.

 Stripey Kitty in Long Box

We drove into town. Picked up lattes at Jitterz.

Stopped at Poteet Produce, bought 3 cases of old apples. Bought a crate of pumpkins for $40. They were supposed to be free, but the old guy wanted money today.

Stopped at Starbucks, got turkey sandwiches with Points, purchased more Verismo Blonde Espresso pods.

Drove over to Post Falls to pick up Drivelines; then dropped them at Post Falls shop. Hubby picked up his paperwork from the desk there.

We drove to the old man's farm on Hayden Avenue and got 4 bags of grain.

Mountain views From the Prairie

Then we drove home.

Got the mail. Nothing but junk.

Unloaded the truck. All 3 Moose were here. Limpy was still limping around.

The Moose came over to eat the grain, apples, and pumpkins. Then the deer came out to eat.

Hubby rested his leg while I did bookwork.

KR called to say that she had been laid off due to not having enough money to run their business.

She came out to our house with Beebo and talked with us for quite a while. They finally went home at 10PM.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017



I saw my blog photo. All the dogs are dead except Angus. I really miss Angus since she moved out and went to live with the kids.

Hubby got a phone call from Richie Cole. He has to re-do a rear end in a customer's vehicle.

I went outside and fed the critters, put apples out, put out carrots for them.

Hubby called Prudential and advised Loren that we could not get in the website. He told her when his MRI was scheduled for Sunday.

I made lattes. Hubby made eggs and fed them to dogs.

I started laundry & dishes.

Hubby left to go off to Garwood Wrecking to find a rear end; he worked sat Richie's until 3PM

I took a nap. Got up at 2PM and saw that the two Moose, several Deer, and all the Turkeys were here eating.

Hubby and I went to Rathdrum and got lattes.

Then we had to stop at Transamerica for parts.

Took parts to the shop. Saw Matt & Nichole Z as they were dropping off their Jeep. Gave the finger to the Karate guy at the front shop because hubby had to back out into traffic. Too many vehicles in back. The guy had his truck parked across the driveway.

Stopped to get Oriental food and Crab Rangoon at Wah Hing in Rathdrum.

Got home and there was no CRAB in the Crab Rangoon.

 Square Rice
 No Crab Crab Rangoon

Watched Stan Against Evil. 

I took a hot bath and went to bed at 9PM.

Up at 11:45PM because of Endo pains. Took another hot bath and a handful of aspirin. Saw the Moose out underneath the deck. Probably stealing apples.

Monday, November 06, 2017



Got up at 6AM because of Daylight Savings Time, we are used to getting up at 7AM.

I went out to feed critters.

The Moose came shortly after that.

I made lattes. Hubby made eggs and fed eggs to dogs.

Then hubby shoveled snow. There was another 4-6 inches after last night.

Hubby's boss at Frontier called & hubby called him back at 8:15AM to find out if he was coming back. Hubby told him he was going to the Doctor today.

We drove the blue Jeep.

I went inside with hubby to the Doctor's. They arranged for him to have an MRI on 11/12/2017 Sunday.

I went outside to get the Jeep while hubby had to get a note for work.

Went to get groceries at Winco. Found my favorite Guacamole.

Sunday, November 05, 2017



Got up at 7:30AM. Turkeys were here. I went outside to feed them nuts, dog food, and grain.

Moose had been here sleeping all night. They had opened the grain bin to eat already.

Hubby made eggs and sat around in underwear all morning.


I made lattes.

I was hungry and tried to make an omelette, but hubby used all the cheese.

Stupid Mark came over, wanting money. What a piece of crap. He bitches at hubby on the phone and then does this. Asswipe. Go away forever.

KR texted and said she would come over.

She arrived just as Stupid Mark was leaving and getting stuck in the driveway.

KR stayed until 1PM and then went home.

Hubby and I put grain out for Moose, Deer, and Turkeys.

Moose came and one baby had hurt right leg. It was awful to see the poor thing limping. We gave them lots of grain. Deer came in and ate.

Hubby went down to the shop several times to help Mark.

I shoveled decks several times.

At 6PM, we watched Walking Dead.

At 7PM, we watched Talking Dead.

I went to bed after paying bills.

Saturday, November 04, 2017



Up at 7:30 and went outside to put grain out for deer, moose, and turkeys.

Hubby made eggs. I made lattes.

Hubby fed dogs.

I got dressed. Hubby got dressed. We left at 9AM to go pick up Beebo at KR's.

Stopped at Jitterz in Post Falls, but had to wait too long. We went to Leopard Latte's and I got my white coffee.

Drove to KR's and pulled in just in time to walk Beebo with KR. We walked our dogs around the block. It was cold and starting to snow again.

KR had to go to Spokane Valley at 10:30 for her lift clinic. So we drove over to Spokane to pick up bucket seats for the Excursion. Stopped at Liberty Lake Carl's Jr to get sausage biscuits, but after ordering, we were told at the drive-thru window that they did not have sausage, would ham & bacon be ok? Assholes.

I was starving and needed food. So we got them.

Drove to the Fred Meyer on Thor & Freya to pick up the seats. I walked Wilson who was crying and whining in the Excursion the whole time.

We drove back on Trent and hubby stopped to get a hot latte for himself.

We also stopped in Rathdrum to get dog food on 20% off sale at the Ace Hardware.

At home, it had snowed again.

The Moose got here and Momma had found both babies!

We put out more grain and unloaded everything. I put away dishes, laundry, made myself a hot drink. Had some real food. I was exhausted.

 Kitties in Boxes

Shoveled the decks again.

Hubby found that somehow, Mark had somehow started a fire in the engine of the plow Bronco and there was no way to use it. Hubby was really mad.

We shoveled decks again.

Put out more grain.

Went to Spirit Lake to get more skim milk. Took the Excursion. Hubby really likes to drive it.

Drove home. Unloaded groceries.

Watched Dirk Gently new season on Sling TV.

Watched more TV until bedtime.

Shoveled the decks again.

Friday, November 03, 2017



Woke up to snow all day shoveled decks.

Got up and put grain out for turkeys. It snowed all day long.

Deer were here early. Then Momma Moose came with baby moose. But Momma took off and Baby could not find Momma. Baby was crying and running around in circles for 30 minutes.

I walked down in the snow to get mail.

Shoveled decks all day long.

Took Jeep to town and got grain at North 40. Got gas at Costco. Had to wait forever. Washed Jeep at Metro Express.

Drove to shop and I had to wait for hubby talking to Casey for 20 minutes. Hubby forgot to pay rent payment.

Hubby took Pinehurst truck and hubby met me at KR's. I dropped stuff off at KR's house. Petted Beebo.

I drove home while hubby went to get Excursion that was cleaned & seats fixed at Pat the Detailer's.

I was exhausted. Hubby got home later around 6PM. Had to jump the Excursion as battery was dead.

We shoveled decks again.

I went to bed at 9:30PM. Hubby stayed up watching automotive shows.

Thursday, November 02, 2017



Hubby got up at 7:30am.

He fed the cats some tuna. He made breakfast eggs & quesadilla.

I made lattes.

He started the fireplace! It works.

I cleaned out the drawer because we cannot find the fireplace remote. It is not in the tray that I ALWAYS KEEP IT IN.

Shoveled the decks because IT IS SNOWING.

Hubby power washed the back deck because it is slippery from yuck growth of this past year.

Katrina came and brought the headlights for the newly purchased (used) Excursion.

Watched BBC tv series Vera for 1 hour, then went to walk the dogs at 1PM in Spirit Lake.

Picked up mail.

Baby deer were here just before we left. Gave them apples.

Stopped at Spirit Lake hardware to get wire to hook up the remote on the wall next to the fireplace.

Got back home at 2PM. It was raining.

Submitted forms to replace Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall.

Hubby power washed the back deck.

He sat for several hours with his leg up.

Then he went down to the Post Falls shop to work on a couple rear ends with Casey.

Hubby got home about 9:30PM.

We went to bed around 10:30PM.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017



We got up late this morning at 9:30AM. It was raining. Winter has moved in.

Hubby made eggs. I made a latte for him. He fed the dogs.

Cleared up by 10AM.

We loaded dogs and drove to Farragut Park for a walk thru Whitetail Campground.

Then we drove down to the Boat Dock. They had already lowered the water.

Drove home. Got the mail. Unloaded dogs.

Then loaded garbage and drove to the dump.

At home again, the Momma Moose and 1 Baby Moose were running thru the woods from the shop to our house. We put out the other 2 pumpkins for them and all the apples. Then the turkeys came from the South. They ate grain with the moose. Cat ran out to menace the turkeys, I put more grain out for turkeys near the house and brought the cat inside.

We drove to Rathdrum and picked up Jitterz lattes.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017



The last day of October.

No sleep again last night. Stayed awake until 1:30AM after going to bed at 11:30PM.

Wilson got up with us and woke me up.

Then hubby got up for potty at 5AM. Woke me up.

I got up at 8AM. Turkeys had already been here. Hubby had made breakfast eggs for dogs, cleaned up cat litter & fed cats, put out grain for turkeys, opened all the mini blinds.

I made a hot latte for hubby. Then I fell asleep on the couch until 9:30PM.

Hubby got dressed and loaded plywood for the shop (Tom had purchased crate shelving and needed plywood).

He left about 10AM. Had his dentist appointment at 12:40.

I did laundry, did dishes, put out more grain for deer. Went to get the mail at Noon.

Guy came to the house and brought a check for RMOR.

I did bookwork.

I got a splitting headache. So I took a hot bath.

Then ate some apples & peanut butter.

Hubby called at 2:30 to let me know that he was done at the Dentist with his Root Canals.

He was going to the Post Falls shop for a few hours, then come home.

Monday, October 30, 2017



Could not get to sleep for hours last night even after drinking Lavender Tea and taking natural sleeping pills.

Cats & Wilson went in and out the doggie door several times after we first went to bed.

Got up to pee several times. Wilson woke me up when he finally came up and begged to be lifted onto the bed.

At 5AM, I heard an explosion and made hubby get up to see what it was. He went downstairs without his gun and realized that the covering for the fireplace which he had propped up had fallen over. I had warned him that it would fall if he did not install it again. He needs to repair the fireplace that the stupid HVAC repair man Jason fucked up the Thermocoupler on the fireplace.

So we got up at 7AM. After falling back into a broken sleep at 5AM.

Hubby made breakfast. I made a latte for him.

Turkeys were here by 8AM. I had already put out food for them. Turkeys fought with Blackbirds.

We got ready and left the dogs at home today. No walk until tonight.

Hubby called Numerica Credit Union for a loan to purchase the truck on the hoist, a 2011 Superduty. Got all the information going.

It was severely cold outside today. I had to go back inside and put on my winter coat!

Drove to Rathdrum, but Jitterz was too busy.

In Post Falls, we stopped at Columbia Bank where hubby went inside (after we sat outside behind a truck FOREVER in the drive-thru line) He took in the checks that were not printed and a couple deposits.

Then we stopped at the Post Falls Jitterz for a latte for me. Hubby ordered a Egg Nog latte and insisted that the girl used all eggnog instead of 1/2 milk.

Drove to Spokane Valley and was informed that the Da-Vi nails was no longer in the Walmart. A nice lady told us there was a Da-Vi nails in the new Walmart by Costco.

We drove to Walmart on Sprague and I got my nails done there from 12:00 to 1PM. Then we shopped at Costco.

Drove back to Thrifty Scotsman and had lunch. Hubby had fish & chips. I had a double cheeseburger.

The guy texted about having the title for the Pinehurst truck. We drove to Kellogg and picked it up. 3-4PM

Then we drove home. Unloaded groceries. Loaded dogs into Grey Dodge. Drove to Park. Hunters were hunting at the water tower. So we walked by the new building in the cleared out area.

Drove home. It was REALLY getting cold again. Sun was setting by 5:30PM now.

Fed angry cats at home.

Turned on heat. Washed clothes. Washed dishes. Warmed up lasagne. Did bookwork.

Watched TV for a while. Went to bed at 11:30PM.

Sunday, October 29, 2017



Got up at 8AM. I had woken up at 1AM to take a hot bat because of endo-cramps. Then I woke up 2 more times. Wilson jumped into bed with us afterwards. I had weird dreams.

Hubby made eggs for dogs.

I made a latte for him.

I fed the turkeys that were already here.

We had breakfast and then dressed to take dogs for a walk.

We walked down by the Sun Rise Day Use; they had locked the gate, so we only walked around the wedding area.

There were other people walking dogs there on the road, so we left.

Took dogs home.

I changed clothes. We drove to CDA. 11AM.

Washed the truck & vacuumed it thoroughly. Got all the broken glass out from under the seat.

Got fuel in the grey dodge at Costco. Decided not to shop at Costco as we could not find a parking place.

Drove to North 40 and got grain, dog food, and deer food. Hubby got truck bed mats. Hispanic people shopping, but not speaking english. I suppose Idaho will have to get more from the taxpayers to make accommodations for foreign speaking people services just like California. Old man at the checkout held up the line and then took a phone call while paying. What a jack ass.

Stopped at Poteet Produce on Government Way. Picked up 3 onions and a crate of Fuji apples.

On the way to Rathdrum, we stopped at Kevin's so hubby could look at a H2O truck to purchase. Kevin did not want to trade, he wanted cash.

We shopped at Super One in Rathdrum. Got groceries. Sausage on sale, guacamole, cranberry juice for hubby, hubby found a white long-john at the bakery. He purchased it, but it was not anything like old Johnson's bakery in Iowa. This long-john was bland, flattened, and the frosting was too sweet.

Drove home. Unloaded groceries. 3PM.

Saturday, October 28, 2017



Got up at 7:30 as hubby was banging around in the kitchen.

He had already fed the cats some tuna and was getting the eggs ready.

I got up and dressed. Made a latte for him.

Went outside and fed the turkeys, put out grain for deer, put out dog food for Jack.

We watched an episode of Raising Hope.

Then we loaded dogs in grey Dodge to take them to the park for a walk. Several customers called hubby on the drive there.

It was cold in the shade, a little wind blowing, about 40 °

We walked around Waldron Campground again. It was very crowded. Lots of people camping there this weekend.

Hubby stopped on the way back to get another latte in Athol.

Hubby stopped to drop us off. Then he had to leave.

He went to the Post Falls store. Had to meet a couple customers there.

I worked on our Christmas Postcard for this year. Worked on bookkeeping.

Did laundry and dishes.

Cleaned up the basement.

Hubby got back by 1PM so we could put the boats into Storage. Mark had been working on a Dodge Durango and came over with his cigarette to help hubby. We got it all done by 3:30PM.

Came home and took a bath. Washed all our clothes because we smelled like cigarette smoke.

Watched TV. Hubby watched his car shows.

Cat on Counter

I looked for Xmas earrings on Etsy.

We went to bed at 10:30PM.

Friday, October 27, 2017



Got up at 7:45AM and the turkeys were already here.

I ran down to give them more grain. They came running!

Hubby made sausage & eggs for breakfast.

Ben's leg is still hurting; he is holding it up.

I made lattes.

We took dogs for a walk in Farragut Park in the grey dodge. Walked around the Disc Golf area to see how the building on the Tree to Tree Adventure Park was progressing.

Ben was limping really badly.

I called to make an appointment at 1PM for Ben at the Vet.

Hubby unloaded the tires from the truck onto the trailer and took them down to the shop here with my Jeep.

I loaded Ben and got him into the Dodge. Took him down at 1PM.

Hubby left to go to the other shop.

Dr Mike said he had to X-Ray Ben's right leg, but it looked like a torn ACL. So I left him there. They had to sedate him for the X-Ray.

I picked Ben up at 2PM. Brought him home. He was in a little pain, but I gave him the painkiller that the Vet had prescribed, Meloxicam.

I soaked off the AWFUL nails that I got this past Tuesday so that I could go to the Orientals and get new nails.

Watched the last season of DCI Banks.

Hubby did not return until 7:30PM.

We watched TV until 10PM. Then went to bed.

Thursday, October 26, 2017



I got up after taking Benadryls to sleep. I was still tired.

Hubby made eggs. I made lattes.

I fell asleep on the couch.

Hubby kept his leg up until Noon.

We took dogs for a walk in Farragut Park.

Beautiful Fall Colors in Farragut

Dropped mail at the Post Office.

Hubby had to stop for a latte at the Athol Espresso stand.



Hubby had already left for the shop by the time I got up at 8AM.

He had to be there to show the guy the Pinehurst truck to replace the windshield. Got a new Window guy that is a lot cheaper than the other one.

Hubby returned home at 1:00PM.

Then we went to Sandpoint to pick up parts from Tom's Differentials. Took the dogs with us.

Wilson whined the whole way.

I took them for a walk while hubby was in getting the parts. I asked for the water bowl and everybody started talking to me. It was awful.

I gave the dogs water. My knee was really hurting.

We shopped at Walmart for some things, acetone to soak my nails. I picked up some cuticle repair creams. We purchased some subways to eat on the way home.

At home, hubby unloaded us and the groceries. He went down to the Post Falls shop again.

The Canadian couple dropped off their boat, then left money with me for the guy to winterize their boat.

At 5PM, Taj and Holly came over and dropped off their boat, money, and contract. They are nice people. Came in the house and talked to me.

Hubby got home at 6:30PM and brought a latte for me from Jitterz that had no flavor in it. It was just awful.

We went to bed at 10PM after watching a new Netflix show called Shut Eye.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017



Very cold this morning.

Zim slept on me all night.

Got up at 7:30AM.
Hubby Feeding Eggs to Dogs

Hubby made eggs. I made lattes.

Cleaned up cat litter, took down the tuna, freshened the water, and gave them new cat food.

Loaded dogs in truck for dog walk.

 Ellie & Beebo
 Wilson Driving
 Ellie & Wilson Walking in Park
 Beebo Smells Fresh Air
 Beebo in Backseat

Gave grain to deer, took out carrots, put grain out for Turkeys.

Hubby dropped off parts at the shop.

We took dogs for walk at the Brig.

Came back and I changed clothes, put on makeup.

Hubby made phone calls and made bacon.

We left at 11:15AM to go into town. I have an appointment at Noon for new nails in place downtown.

Hubby dropped me off. He was going over to KR's to drop off Beebo and Ellie.

When I entered the Salon, they notified me that the nail tech had quit just 2 days previous.

So they asked me to wait for another girl. I went to use the restroom. When I returned, they had another girl remove my polish and set my hands in a bowl of acetone to remove the old nails.

When the girl finally came, she had brought her sick child from daycare. Very unprofessional. Then he slept behind her while she worked on my nails FOR 3 HOURS. I thought the torture would never end. Finally, at about 2:45, hubby came to pick me up. I was almost in tears because I had wasted so much time. And the nails were ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Blobby, thick, gross looking Acrylic nails.

I don't understand that when a client comes in to get nails done, they always throw them with the newbies that don't know how to do anything. Why can't I have an experienced tech? HOW do these idiots even pass the State Board Exam for Nail Technology?

So I was SO upset. We drove to Jitterz to get more vanilla put in the drink that hubby had gotten me. Then we went down to the College to sit in the truck and have the Wendy's salads that he had brought.

We then drove over to Post Falls to see KR. Talked to her briefly about her trip.

Then we realized that the time was 4:30 and we were supposed to be in Spokane picking up tires & wheels from guy on Craigslist.

We had to stop at Transamerica first to get the back up camera hubby had ordered and the Airbags that Charles had ordered for a customer.

Then we drove to Spokane.

Picked up the tires & wheels. Drove over to Trent and picked up grain at North 40. Also purchased some delicious meat sticks.

Drove home.

At home, we picked up the mail.

We were both exhausted.

Watched Chance on Hulu and I went to bed at 9:30PM, hubby went to bed later.



Got up and fed dogs eggs.

I made lattes


 Ellie on the Sofa
 Feeding Eggs to Dogs
 Beebo Waiting For a Walk

We drove to Farragut, but on the way we found that a dog was wandering on Hwy 54 by Red Fir Road. So we stopped to pick it up. We drove down the dead end road, asking people if it was their dog, they all said no. Lady in a car said she was going to the Vet and we should take it there. 

So I rode in the back with the dog and he curled up to sleep. Looked ragged. We got to Dr Mike's and the stupid girls scanned the chip, but did not indicate what company the chip was registered with so that we could impart that info to the Animal Control.

I called Animal Control and gave them the info. But they refused to come pick up the dog.

We took the dog home & put it in the backyard with water & food, thinking that after our dog walk in the Park, we could take it to Post Falls Animal Control.
 Shar Pei cross male dog
 Dog Walking in Park
Beebo in Park

After we got home, the Animal Control called and gave us the phone number for the Owner. I called and the idiot was living in weekly rental hotel in downtown CDA. He did NOT say thank you for finding his dog. He was a pure idiot. Told me that he had no car and could not come get the dog. Wanted us to bring the dog to him. Forget that! WTF?

We drove to Post Falls. Some guy called from Dispatch for Animal Control and told me that the step mother of the owner was coming to my house to pick up the dog. So they had released our ADDRESS to a total stranger! We were both upset and yelled at this person. He backed off and denied giving out our address. This whole situation was fucked from the beginning.

We dropped off the dog at Animal Control. Poor thing.

Hubby had an appointment at 7-Day Smiles for his tooth. I had to wait outside from Noon to 2PM. It was awful.

I sat in the car for 2 hours listening to screaming children at the Daycare across the street.

Hubby got out and we drove home. I had a headache.

Dogs were happy to see us at home.

We took them for another park walk.

Got home and watched TV. Went to bed at 10PM.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


OCTOBER 22 2017

Woke up to a dark day with lots of rain.

Turkeys were here early this morning.

Hubby made breakfast. He put his leg up right away.

Hubby fed eggs to the dogs.

I made lattes.

I vacuumed the house. Put the new Down comforter from Costco on our bed. Put our old comforter on Ben's bed. Took Ben's old, torn comforter out and threw it away in the garage.

I washed all Ben's pillows.

Started the dishwasher.

Hubby sat on the couch until Noon with his foot up and took a Tramadol. Had heat on his leg.

He found some wheels & tires on Craigslist, so we got dressed, loaded the dogs and met the guy (Daryl) at the Ranger Station in Farragut Park at 1:05PM.

Hubby bought the tires and loaded them into the grey Dodge.

We took the dogs for a walk thru Waldron Campground.

Ellie Walking in Park
Ellie & Wilson in Park
 Beebo at the Park

Then hubby had to have another latte. Stopped at the espresso stand in Athol.

Drove home.

I put out grain for the deer.

Some deer came.

Hubby started working on the cover for the HVAC fan unit outside under the deck.

I worked on putting zip ties on the chicken wire fence around outside.

Wilson & Ellie ran around outside together. They had lots of fun.
Wilson & Ellie In the Back Yard
I picked up dog poo.

I put away dishes.

I made some dinner and ate.

Hubby finished up the fan project.

 Cat Helping
 Cat Helped with Plywood on Project

We got SO much snow & ice last year that it piled up under the deck and around the Heat Exchange Fan so hubby had to build a shelter so that it was stay safe & dry this year.

 LG HVAC System Protected by Plywood Shelter
 LG HVAC System Protected by Plywood Shelter

The deer came at 5PM.

We watched another new tv series on Netflix.

I took a hot bath at 6PM because my knee was hurting.

Went to bed later.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


october 21 2017

Got up at 7:30AM.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. I made lattes.

Hubby fed all the dogs, Ben, Wilson, & guest - Elle.

Elle took her food very gently and lady-like.

Puppies went outside to run around in the yard.

We got ready to leave.

Left the house at 8:45AM to go pick up KR.

Stopped for latte at Jitterz. They had a long line. My drink was ready by the time we got to the window. Great Baristas there!

Picked KR up. She was frantically trying to remember everything. I pottied upstairs because there was no toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom. Hubby and KR left by the time I got downstairs. I was talking to myself. Went outside and got into the Jeep.

Drove over to Spokane Airport. Dropped KR off at Departures gate.

We drove home with Beebo with us. Hubby stopped to get a latte at Dagny's Coffee Company.

Stopped to let Beebo pee & poop. He pooped right in front of a business door instead of the grass that we had stopped for him to use.

Picked up grain in Rathdrum at the Feed & Farm Store. Stopped in to talk to the owner at Piper 9 to find out about Acrylic Nail techs there.

At home, picked up mail.

Let Thomas into the big shop to winterize a boat.

Unloaded grain & filled deer feeders. Took out a pumpkin and carrots.

Hubby packed up the garbage in the back of the Grey Dodge pickup (without a topper).

We loaded the dogs including Ellie & Beebo into the Dodge and took them for a walk around the Brig at Farragut Park.

Then we stopped to unload garbage. Also stopped at Lil Town Market to get oatmeal because I had to feed the last of my oatmeal to the Moose the other day when we did not have grain.

Hubby dropped me and the dogs at home. He went to drop off a tool at Charles' and then go look at a truck by Careywood.

Dave came over right when I was washing my hair. He had helped Matt & Nichole Z move into their new home.

Talked to Dave for a while, hubby came back from looking at the truck.

Dave stayed here while we waited for Vera, but she went to Silverwood parking instead and waited for us. We got dressed. I wore 2 sweatshirts and my long fur coat, plus a scarf. Poor hubby could not put on his tennie shoes as his foot hurt and had to wear his sandals.

Met Vera at 7PM exactly. LOTS OF RAIN. TEMP WAS 41° .

Had to pay an additional $5 to park. Ridiculous. That should be included in the purchase of your ticket.

At the park, after parking in the "D" section, we waited for Mercedes & Tony, Dave's sister & her boyfriend. We met Matt & Nichole at the Pizza place that we stopped at to have dinner. It was nice & warm inside for a while.

Matt & Nichole brought booze to put in their drinks. They shared with Dave.

Walked thru Total Darkness & Caved In, Clown Town, Planet Zombie and finally 3Dementia. It was a lot of walking. My knee was really bad and I could tell that hubby was limping badly.

We decided to leave and the walk thru the park seemed ENDLESS. Too many people walking 3,4,5 abreast coming at you all the time. Almost pushing you off the walks. The FOG was the worst. You could not see at all when walking. Made it very dangerous. Hubby decided he HAD TO HAVE A CARAMEL APPLE from one of the vendor shops. So I waited on a park bench getting wet while he waited in line to get his apple.

After walking for MILES, we finally made it outside the park and to the truck.

Drove home.

Peeled everything off as we were both soaked. I took a hot bath. Took lots of aspirin. Everything hurt. Hubby tried to relax on the couch for a while before bed.

Dave & Vera came & picked up their truck at 11:30PM. I was already in bed.

Friday, October 20, 2017


OCTOBER 20 2017

Hubby got up early. Elle started barking at cats. Hubby said that she slept on the dog bed last night.

Hubby kissed me goodbye while I was in bed, and left the hallway light on. I had to get up and turn it off. Then he left. But he returned because he had forgotten something. So I made a hot latte for him.

He left again.

I put laundry in the dryer. Got dressed. Fed the cats tuna.

Watched some TV.

Thursday, October 19, 2017



Got up at 7:30am.

Hubby made eggs. I made lattes.

Drove to Rathdrum, hubby forgot money so we got cash out of the ATM at the Columbia Bank in Rathdrum.

We drove to Spokane in the grey dodge to meet a guy to purchase some wheels off Craigslist. He would not sell them for less, so hubby said he would find some others.

Stopped at Krispy Kreme to pick up donuts.

Drove back to Post Falls and put check in Horizon bank.

At home, we picked up the mail.

Hubby rested on the couch from Noon to 2PM when the people were bringing over the last boat.

Hubby picked up latte in Athol.

Stopped to drop the trailer off at Mr. Tire to repair the trailer tire.

Walked dogs at Farragut Park.

Talked to some nice (smokers) California people in the park at the Waldron Campground. They were thinking of moving up here.

Came back to Athol and picked up the trailer.

At home, we moved the FMF to the front of the garage, pulled the new boat in at the far side of the garage, moved my Jeep to the middle of the garage & parked hubby's truck nearest the house door.

I picked up dog poo.

KR brought the dogs up at 7PM; She stayed until 9:30PM to talk.

Elle liked to chase the cats. She barked at them a lot. Which made Beebo bark.

Hubby watched TV. I filled out paperwork for Copart.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


OCTOBER 18 2017

Got up at 7:30am when the buses when past our house.

Wilson had slept in bed with us all night. Zim was sleeping on the upstairs Blower for the Heat Exchange.

Made lattes. Hubby made eggs.

Turkeys came this morning. About 30 of them.

Hubby took the clean white Dually into Pat's to fix the lights.

I did laundry, dishes, and bookwork.

Purchased pumpkin earrings on Etsy.

Went to pick him up at the Columbia bank at 12:30.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017



Woke up at 7AM. Made lattes. Hubby made eggs for the dogs & himself.

We took dogs for walk in the park at Waldron Campground.

Hubby picked up a latte in Athol.

Then we dropped dogs off at Home.

Then we went into town in the grey Dodge. Picked up the mail as we were leaving.

Hubby stopped at Earl's to talk to him about getting Austin to come up and help Mark put in an engine.

Lots of wind started at 12:30 as we were parked at Earl's.

Got Jitterz and stopped at Winco for carrots & tuna.

Shopped at Walmart on Stateline.

Drove to Ziggy's in Post Falls to pick up steel to put under the deck.

Dropped hubby off at Pat's to pick up the White Dually after it was detailed.

I went home to unlock the shop for Lane & Austin.

The moose were here, I fed grain to the deer. Only Momma moose and 1 baby.

Lane got here late. So Austin left.

I picked up dog poo.

Then I pulled the hose from the backyard and filled the water tank in the circle driveway.

Took a pumpkin out to the deer area and cut it up.

Some truck drove around down by the shop, and I thought it was hubby. Hubby did not get home until later. So I drove the Dodge to the driveway and blocked the driveway.

Hubby got home. We unloaded groceries, carrots, pumpkins. Fed more grain to the deer.

We came inside and I was tired.

Hubby locked the shop and turned off the water.

Hubby rested his leg from 5PM until we went to bed at 10PM.

Monday, October 16, 2017



Got up and made lattes. Went out and put grain outside.

Hubby made eggs for dogs & himself.

We took the White Dually in to CDA for Pat to detail.

Then I brought hubby back in the Jeep.

We picked up the Lariat and took it to Post Falls to replace the front window.

Drove hubby home.

Hubby called Prudential to check on his STD.

We took the Grey Dodge to Post Falls to repair the window.

Sunday, October 15, 2017



Saturday, October 14, 2017



Got up at 8:30AM. I slept late because we went to bed so late last night.

We sat around most of the morning. Hubby putting his leg up.

The guy texted that wants to purchase the Dually. Hubby talked to him.

I did laundry and dishes.

We took the dogs for a walk at Noon. It was finally warmer.

Walked the dogs in the campground in Farragut Park.

Stopped to get milk at Lil Town Market.

Turkeys were here when we returned home.

Took grain out for the turkeys & deer. Took out carrots. Fed Jack some dog food at the corner of the driveway.

We went down to the shop to rearrange the storage. We were there from 1PM-5PM.

At 5PM, I was really hurting, so I came back home. Took a hot bath. Made chili for dinner.

Hubby came up at 5:30PM because he had to unload the trailer.

He put the Dodge into the garage.

We watched Netflix MindHunter. 

Went to bed at 11PM.

Friday, October 13, 2017


OCTOBER 13 2017

Cramps at 4AM woke me up.

I slept on the couch until 7:30AM.

Hubby got up and made eggs.

I made latte for hubby.

Made bed.

No grain to feed turkeys, I took oatmeal out to them by the top of the driveway.

Walked dogs in the park at the Waldron Campground. They loved it. Ben really was active and had his tail up the whole time.

We dropped dogs off. The 26' motor home was here to be dropped off. Hubby ran down to the shop with a contract.

Drove down Hwy 41 to get on Interstate 90 and drive to Spokane. Dropped off the springs at Pohl Springs.

Had lunch at 5 Guys, Spokane Valley. It was freezing in the restaurant. Raining outside.

Drove to Post Falls and picked up running boards for Charles at Transamerica.

Drove to banks and made deposits at Horizon & Columbia.

Got a latte for me at Jitterz.

Drove back to Post Falls RMOR shop and dropped off hubby. I drove home.

Hubby took the Excursion to drop it off at Pat's and pick up the Lariat Ford Pickup.

I dropped off the running boards at Charles' shop.

I came home. Did bookwork. Took a nap.

Thursday, October 12, 2017



Got up at 7:30. It was already raining.

I made lattes. Hubby made eggs.

Hubby went to the shop while I went to get my nails done at 11:30 with Rhonda.

I got home at 2PM.

Hubby got home at 6:00PM from the shop.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017



Got up at 7AM because hubby wanted to big on a vehicle on COPART. I had to sign him in and then add a deposit for bidding auctions.

I made lattes

He made eggs.

I fed dogs the eggs.

Turkeys were here this morning, but the cats chased them away.

Then I fell asleep on the couch until Noon.,

Hubby went to the shop to put vehicles in storage and a couple boats were delivered.,

I got up at Noon, made the bed. Started laundry & dishes.

Went down to the shop to help hubby put vehicles away.

Then I got the mail.

We were done by 2PM.

I came back up to the house.

Put grain out for deer & turkeys.

Dried my jeans because they were wet from spilling water on them.

Got my new Amazon Visa card replacement in the mail.

Drove to Post Falls in the Dodge. Had to drop off drivelines; picked up a latte at Jitterz.

Drove to Post Falls shop and I dropped off hubby. He stayed there for 2 hours while I drove home in the Dodge.

Hubby brought home the Dually with the Tan Dually on the trailer.

When hubby arrived home, we loaded the dogs into the Dodge and drove to Spirit Lake. Walked them at the school. The school was having football practice.

We picked up subs & milk at Miller's. Ran into Destry, (he used to work for us) who had gained weight and had a little girl.

Drove home. Ate subs for dinner. Hubby elevated his leg and put heat on it because it was swollen and aching again. Watched Jack Taylor. Went to bed at 10PM.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017



breakfast eggs

morning lattes. pumpkin spice

cold in morning. 38 degrees F. 

dog walk in park around water tower & remote control plane airport.

dogs at home

hubby put grain out for deer & turkeys.

take dodge to cda.

pick up axles at Kurt Reese's. talk to Tamara. See Duke the Mastiff.

drop axles off at RMOR Post Falls

get latte in Post Falls at stateline for hubby.

get latte for me at jitterz.

drive to Spokane Valley mall.

pierce my ears 3X on left ear at Silver Safari at the mall. I saved $15.60 by having coupons. 
 Red White & Blue New Piercings

eat lunch at food court. i had ivar's fish. hubby had flaming wok.

picked up krispy kreme halloween donuts.

 Mummy Donut
 Spiderweb Donut

shopped at winco in spokane for tuna & milk.

drove the back way home. mailed hubby's harley payment in Greenacres. stopped to look at a trailer for sale in the post office parking lot.

purchased more verismo pods from starbucks in Liberty Lake.

drove home.

unloaded groceries. 


Monday, October 09, 2017



beebo stayed overnight

hubby make breakfast eggs

make lattes

turkeys in the yard

dog walk in farragut park

pick up transmission parts from transmission guy by the park

take dogs home

take beebo in lariat with hubby

i drive jeep

drop off new lariat at pat the detailer

dead deer on hwy 95 in hayden. yuck.

take hubby in jeep to dr wester

wait with beebo and walk around

hubby off work until nov 6

get jitterz latte

wash jeep

Beebo Helps Wash Jeep

drive home

hubby eat lunch

snacks to ben & wilson

put beebo in dodge

dodge to town

drop beebo off at his home with pumpkin

take drivelines to shop in post falls

get jitterz latte

drive to RMOR shop in post falls and take transmission parts for excursion to KC

stop at downdraft for flight beers & bbq truck outside

 DownDraft Beers
 Flight Sampler

drive to signal point south of post falls to look at another customer truck


work on bookwork at home

Sunday, October 08, 2017


OCTOBER 8 2017

Got up and made lattes. Hubby made eggs for himself and dogs.

Hubby sat on the couch in his underwear until KR came. Then he hurriedly got dressed.

We took dogs for a walk in the park around the Zipline Adventure. It is too high up in the trees and weird. Hubby yelled at me about a plastic bag in the truck after Beebo pooped by the truck and we had to pick it up.

Came back home. Talked to KR for a while.

Then KR left. We kept Beebo today to take him with us to Spokane and were then going to drop him off at her house tonight.

We drove to Spirit Lake to get fuel in the grey Dodge.

Then we drove over to Spokane Valley at a place on Trent behind the Beauty Shop. Hubby picked up a back seat for the Excursion.

 Behind Beauty Shop on Trent
 Swimming in Spokane River
 Sleeping on the Sofa

Hubby stopped at a place that had a salvage truck, but the Russian there told him it was "Not For Ze Sale". Oooohhh.

We stopped at Dagny's Coffee and got drinks. Hubby got a Breast Cancer White Chocolate and Raspberry while I got a Maple Bar latte.

Drove thru Spokane Valley on Wellesley to take Beebo along the Spokane River for a walk. He got to swim in the River!

Then we stopped at the Post Falls shop to drop off the Excursion seat. We let Beebo run around at the Shop. I found TWO new pennies on the sidewalk.

Drove to Wendy's and got 3 double meat burgers for the dogs.

Called KR to see if she wanted Starbucks, but she said that she was leaving to go to Spokane to watch the game with a friend. I told her we would take Beebo home tonight.

Stopped at Ace Hardware in Rathdrum and took Beebo inside with us. We picked up black paint for the shop & cat food. Beebo peed outside again. I found TWO new pennies on the sidewalk.

We drove over to O'Reilley's to pick up some stuff for the Tahoe that Mark was working on at the shop.

I went inside to get lottery tickets at Super One because of my luck in finding the Lucky Pennies today!

I walked Beebo around the high school while waiting for JMS to come and bring some parts for hubby. But he never showed, so we drove home.

At home, we dropped Beebo off with Ben & Wilson.

Went down to the shop to help Hubby put the boats & campers in the big shop. I took pictures.

We took the Tahoe over to the people at Silver Meadows.

Then I gave hubby a ride back here to the house in my Jeep.

Hubby met JMS at the shop to pay for the part.

Hubby reimbursed Mark for parts purchased from Harbor Freight.

We drove the Jeep Cherokee over to Treeport.

Then we had dinner in Spirit Lake at the Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant.

Got home at 9PM. Played with dogs. Went to bed.