Friday, July 31, 2009

Water Plants

I was so excited to get my water plants on Thursday. Our Postman delivered 4 big boxes which I proceeded to rip into. The Water Hyacinths came & after only one day in water, they were blooming~!

After carefully unpacking them, I allowed them to sit in the kitchen sink all day. Then transplanted them to the pond. They look very pretty gently floating on the surface.

Took Isabelle into the Vet today at 11:30AM; she has some weird stuff on her ears. Doc said it was not parasites; was not ringworm; that just leaves psorasis and maybe a genetic condition. He gave us shampoo & recommended SWAT to spread on her ears to keep insects away from them. See if that will help. Also got her rabies shot & her annual shots. Poor dog came home & slept through the day!

Hubby had accidentally walked into some water at a construction site yesterday not knowing what it was. The water must have had concrete within it, as hours later he finally took off his boots because his feet were bothering him only to discover that he had alkali burns on his toes & ankles. He rushed home from working down at the shop & proceeded "to irrigate his feet with copious amounts of water" per what I ascertained was the treatment for burns via the internet. Soon afterwards, he slathered his feet in antibiotic ointment and went to bed. It seemed a little bit better this morning.

I had to order new work boots for him last night.

While on the computer, I received our update bill from Verizon. AS USUAL, they had completed f--ked things up again. One month of billing for 4 phones on the Family Select plan was $432.75; the contract had called for $119.00 for 1400 anytime minutes & unlimited texting. Of course, none of this was recorded correctly per their customer service rep Melanie - and hubby got to spend over 1 hour on the cell correcting it. Which, by the way, I do not believe we should have the minutes assessed against us. To call attention to THEIR mistake! Having worked for Verizon, I know how f - - ked up their computer system is; it is a wonder that anything gets done at all!

We got lattes this early morning -Friday, and then went biking down at Farragut Park. Took Isabelle along with us on the trail. 'Lil Bit stayed in the truck waiting for us. When we returned, I took both of the dogs down a short trail while hubby loaded his bike.

Tim showed up very late to work, then didn't have any construction tools with him. He will work at the shop today; come back tomorrow to install my french doors. As usual, all hubby's idiot deals work out just like that - with idiotic people that never show up! Oh well, I can tear some more of my hair out.

Today in the mail, got the Mosquito plant I ordered. Will make a great highlight down by the pond.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Deer

Woke up very early this morning; Harriet & Bravo had already jumped up on the bed with us when 'Lil Bit came up the stairs again & clawed at the side of the bed until I picked him up. After that, there was no more sleeping!

Out of bed by 6AM, we were planning on taking the boat out. But decided instead to take Isabelle biking with us down at Farragut Park. She was so excited to be going with us. 'Lil Bit came with us as he is still too small to leave by himself.

Isabelle really got a good work out. The trails have not been maintained by the park at all very well so it was very rough riding! But it was great exercise to be out in the fresh air with the sun. Afterwards we drove down by the boat launch and got a pic of a rodent. Saw a deer in the woods. Hubby spied a QuadVan that was hauling a huge ski boat out of the water. He salivated over it. Now, he has me enthused. If we got one of those vans, there would be enough room for all the dogs & it is heavy enough to haul the new boat!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Premium AWARD

So when we visited Dover the other day, hubby signed up for a contest to win a "Premium Award". Instead of filling out his own name, he added the name of somebody else.

This is the entry form he submitted.
- ->

On Tuesday afternoon, he received a phone call advising that this person had won. . .would somebody please come up and pick up the "Premium Award".

I was quite excited when hubby called to tell me about it. The person that won the "Premium Award" will be quite happy that he got such an appropriate gift. This person goes to the beach a lot, so the "Premium Award" will come in quite handy.

We went up biking around Dover again Wednesday with 'Lil Bit. Several people stopped us to remark upon what a BEAUTIFUL little Schipperke he is! It is amazing to me how many people know what a Schipperke breed even looks like. One man remarked that he must be a wonderful boat dog.

Picked up the "Premium Award". Will give it to the recipient when we see him next.

It was quite amazingly hot again today - when we got to Dover, it cooled down to 76F degrees which was relatively nice for biking. Lots of gnats, tho. Saw deer, ducks, geese & dogs. Walked out to the end of the dock again, looking for "Jack". Alas, the water was too dark to see anything. Poor Jack.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Episode In Which It Rains

Sunday morning the kids took off to meet Matt's parents for breakfast. They called us to tell us they were going to the lake. We had french toast for breakfast, then went over to GreenAcres Ponds & Plants.

GAP&P had so many interesting ideas for ponds. There were antique bikes at strategic points, glass insulators on the top of the fence with LED lights inside, and a vintage car in the corner of the yard with a waterfall bursting out of its radiator! But the filters they quoted were quite high. I had already purchased most of my plants through eBay; we will see how they are when they come. Horsetail Rushes, Lilys, Mini CatTails, Water Lettuce & Water Hyacinths.

The kids were late meeting us at 4PM, so hubby HAD to take a drive instead of waiting for them. Down Dishman Mica Avenue. We had never been in this area of Spoky-Jo, and the road turns from suburbia to rural quite quickly. we couldn't find anywhere to turn around, but we did see two DEER!

I felt sorry for the kids as they had wanted to eat at Taco Del Mar & we had already been there! We offered them 1/2 of our leftovers, but they declined.

After finally getting back to K&M at Fred's Appliance Ding & Dent Store in the Valley, we drove over to Fred's Appliance at the Mall. However, the store was closed by then. All of us decided to drive to M&K's house as hubby just HAD to measure the yard to find out how many favors to call in -

Landscaping, Rocking, Graveling. As usual, the men-folk got together and refused to listen to K. She had some good ideas about rocking the front - to keep from having to mow in the area; and also to make it more decorative. But the guys just went on talking - assuming something else entirely! They finally decided to listen when I interrupted and told them to listen to her!

The kids also have to figure out how to work the dog-run area. They have a nice big back yard, but want to utilize some of it for dogs & keep the rest for entertaining.

Hubby & I finally drove home. As we traveled, we marveled upon the fact that our little baby has bought her first home! It is difficult to get our heads around that. Remembering that she was so small, then growing up, now purchasing her first house with a husband. We are so proud of her.

Picked up Wendy's cheeseburgers for the dogs on the way through town.

Monday morning, the Garage Door guy came - he will call back with an estimate ($180 to fix it for the 3RD time!)

Tim also came out to measure the items he needed to get so that he can totally re-model the back deck including shoring it up; replacing our sliding glass door with french doors; and installing the last of the tongue&groove on the basement walls.

Slept for the rest of the day as I was not feeling well. Hubby brought me home a milkshake from Little Town Market. He is so sweet.

That night, it rained. A lot. With lots of lightning. There was also a power failure for quite some time. Even with the air conditioning cranked, it was still unbearably humid & muggy.

'Lil Bit was quite fascinated by the storm and sat watching it out the window. The rest of the dogs were quite scared; with Bravo tunneling under our bed, Isabelle curled up beside me all night & Angus on the couch.

Tim met hubby in town at 8:30 Tuesday morning to pick up the french doors & wood & concrete that he required; he worked all day on the back deck shoring it up and leveling it. Tim did a great job. I had to keep the dogs locked in the garage all day so that they wouldn't get in his way.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Site Prep

Cleaned the house for the kids to come over; and then KRL-N came over late afternoon Friday; Bravo was super-excited to see her again. She was in a lot of pain as she took a free cardio-kick-boxing class at the base today. Limping around like an old woman, she walked exactly like I felt.

Chad & Crew continued to work on site prep. Hubby had LOTS of people down at the shop. Seems they come out of the woodwork when there is a load of activity! Some of the guys that he has traded work with finally came out to help.

Hubby worked very late; until way after dark. He & KRL-N had pizza for dinner. K teased that our oven needs replacing - (it didn't bake the pizza all the way through) because it is 100 years old! My thoughts exactly. But this is something else that will have to fail before we replace it. Which will probably be soon as there are a lot of things FaiLinG around here. The garage door that we seldom use decided to crap itself for the 3rd time! We called "The Garage Door Guys" out again to fix it.

Our beloved s-i-l finally made it out after 10PM as he had an exciting time after duty. Dogs attacked him left & right - they were so happy to see him. Especially Bravo. Bravo wiggled & hubby said you could almost see him smiling, he was so happy to see his "daddy" again. Matt had been having a fun time at the Base as they sponsored a water war free-for-all; complete with food & beer. But it was only for military members and K could not go. Matt was very animated when he explained it all to us. Lots of water balloons & water guns & hastily constructed "forts". A lot of excitement to raise morale!

Gave M&K their surprise Stay-Cation package-had purchased them an overnight stay at The Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Complete with valet parking, dining gift certificate. They even serve Starbucks at the hotel so Matt can get his early morning fix! We were overwhelmed with gratitude when he decided to work for us all last weekend and didn't get a chance to unwind. So we are going to make them have fun for at least 1 weekend~

Saturday morning went down to get lattes & milk with the hubby; there were a ga-zillion moths surrounding the overhead signage that is beside the latte stand. We are overwhelmed with gnats, no-seeums, and little insects this year. Sure wish the bats & birds would eat more.

Hubby went up to Hoodoo Valley to pick up several semi loads of firewood; he will be selling it this winter.

Kels was still in too much pain to go canoe-ing. So she rested on the heating pad & later M&K went to introduce Bravo to Lucas - their other dog they left at Matt's parents house before they deployed to the UK. Lucas is a yellow lab. He is about 4 years old now.

After picking up poo, I took more pictures of the equipment working down at the site prep area, walked the dogs, did laundry for the kids & cleaned more of the house. 'Lil Bit escaped outside the fence, so I had to fortify it with more rocks to keep him inside. He finally settled down to a nap in the office with me.

A new Victorias Secret catalog came in the mail yesterday. I just ADORE the painted wall behind the model on the cover page. Sure wish I could have a wall in my house like this.

KRL-N bribed me into going to CDA with her - she not only drove, but bought me a Starbucks latte. All I had to do was go with her to Kohls (and Super One where we got some groceries). K bought an shirt at Kohl's for her interview.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dig Dug

The puppies were extremely rambunctious Thursday morning. They played for over 2 hours in the shade before it got hot. Then it was time for a marathon nap. It seemed they all conked out at the same time!

Hubby came home later in the afternoon to meet with Chad who is clearing out the property for the 2nd building. They discussed where they were going to move everything. Bravo ran down beside me while I biked to the shop where the guys were talking. Running up & down the dirt mountain, Bravo put on quite a show for us!

Still later we ran into CDA via the back roads to pick up some things. Got hassled at Costco when we took in 'Lil Bit.

Stopped at Great Floors to pick up some carpet samples. Finally talked hubby into carpeting the upstairs. He decided against hardwood flooring as he wants to get out of bed with softness between his little toes and not cold wood. I'm happy with whatever! Now to make the decision on what style & color. Will have to ask K when she gets here. She has great taste in decorating.

Chad brought by the big dig equipment last night. Thank goodness we installed the entrance gate so tall! The trailer & excavator made it by with lots of room to spare. Down by the shop looks like a regular construction zone!

We also picked up Arby's roast beef sandwiches for the dogs before we came home last night. Almost all ready for the kids again this weekend. Got lots of food at Costco for them to eat. Also asked Kelsey to pick up some things at the base grocery store.

Hubby didn't come up to the house until well after dark - about 10PM. Chad had brought more equipment - a bulldozer and they were working already.

Friday is overcast. Picked up dog poop. Played with the puppies. Took construction pics. Did laundry. Vacuumed the floor.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life in General

Once in a while, it seems that Life is going OK, then something happens to make you feel depressed & worthless. Why bother. When I was younger, life was full of infinite possibilities. Then shit gets thrown in your face and it is difficult to wipe it off, pull yourself up and start over again. How many times does this have to happen before you are given the slightest break?

I thought that good things happened. I was wrong. Life is a never ending fight to keep your head above water. Like George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life is told that he is worth more dead than alive. That's what I feel like. Sometimes it is just too much to go to bed in pain, wake up in more pain and feel that life is kicking you in the ass just for fun.

Maybe I'm moody because I haven't been able to bike lately. My regular route has been tarred & rocked by the county. It is impossible to traverse the mess for at least a month. This narrows the way that we can drive into CDA - we only have one passable road. Hope they don't do anything to that! We might just have to stay home for the rest of the summer. Hwy 95 is impossible to circumnavigate what with the summer travelers & the road (de)construction.

Angus appears to be having poo-pudding. I don't understand what is wrong with her as I have not varied the diets of any of the dogs. Even quit giving them human food - only dog food. Boy, are they mad at me! And we even skipped the dog grog we usually give them on the weekend. If this keeps up, we need to go back to the doctor again.

Instead of her usual walk, I got Angus to walk fast beside me as I biked to the shop several times. She really does not like to run with me. Bravo & 'Lil Bit also came down & back several times - 'Bit really enjoys running wild through the woods. But he does watch out to make sure that he doesn't get left behind!

Took Nick's truck into CDA last night after hubby finished working on it. We then took 'Lil Bit to the park to walk around, several people petted him - (like a pregnant woman. . . Everybody
wants to "touch" it!) and then we got a latte for me at Starbucks. Hubby had already picked up a cherry dipped cone at Dairy Queen (I skipped it - too much sugar).

Also stopped at the car wash to wash the dog beds & run the truck through the auto-wash. 'Lil Bit was exhibiting "those" signs, so I took him to potty. He is such a good little boy! All day yesterday & all of today so far he has not pottied in the house.

Had to get a pic of Angus by herself to enter online for her microchip. The website gives the tag number, info about the dog, contact for the owner, & a picture of the dog; in case they ever get lost. . . But Angus is at that awkward stage - too big for her body - her back end is taller than her front end. She hasn't caught up to growing everything yet! So her picture looks odd.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Our friend Tim, that sometimes comes over to work with Hubby has separated from his girlfriend; thus leaving his Newfoundland at his parents' home temporarily. The Newfie is tied up on a chain all day, and he is not used to it. Hubby quickly volunteered to take the dog to add to our me·nag·er·ie (ménagerie- "housing for domestic animals").

Oh. Gosh. Not. Another.


Took the dogs for their walks on Monday morning, did several loads of laundry, then hubby had to go over to Brown Bearing in Spoky-Jo. We are making an awful lot of trips over there recently. Took 'Lil Bit & Bravo with us. They alternated taking naps in the back seat, sticking their heads out the windows for air, and at one of the stops-I took them out for potty. 'Lil Bit made us so proud when he did #1 AND #2 in the grass. Thank goodness he didn't potty in the back seat again like last time.

When we got home, hubby worked in the shop for a while with Tim; then came home about 8PM for dinner. Watched Defiance on pay-per-view.

The kids messaged me a pic that they were eating at Taco Del Mar. I hate them. Sent a reply back to them that we were eating PB&Honey sandwiches. (my father's favorite-so he tells us)

Tuesday morning after hubby & I took Angus and 'Lil Bit for a ride down to get Lattes, I cleaned up poop, watered all my plants, got mail, did 2 hours on my elliptical instead of biking, put away dishes & did a load of laundry! Whew! Now all I need to do is take the dogs for a walk.

Dumped the goldfishies in the new big pond. Just can't see them because the water is slightly dirty. Need some plants to clear it up.

Hubby took me up to Sandpoint to pick up some auto parts; then we drove over to Dover to check on cabin rentals which we figured were way too expensive at $500 per night. For that price, you can get a room at the CDA Resort. Much nicer. Saw a momma deer & babies on the way back through town.

Came home around 5PM-hubby worked in the shop until later. Guy brought $ for a truck he bought from hubby. We're In The Money!

Dogs barking at moose walking through the back yard tonight. Walked down with Angus on a leash and Isabelle & 'Lil Bit running wild to see hubby at the shop. He was so surprised to see them all. 'Lil Bit wandered all over down by the building-he had quite a lot of fun.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Catch Up Ketchup

On Friday after I biked 18 miles, went home to the puppies and took them for walks.

I took 'Lil Bit into the doctor on Wednesday. Forgot to tell everybody that he weighs 6.9 pounds. Dr. Mike checked him out thoroughly, announcing him totally fit. Lungs are fine, heart is fine, eyes are fine. We also got his AKC ID tag in the mail on the same day. We still have to get his rabies shot, get him fixed, then he can be officially a Kootenai County dog!

Had gotten my vacuum cleaner sucky-dealy and proceeded to clean the house from top to bottom. Dusted, vacuumed, wiped, tidied, washed, dried & shined. It looks (and smells) much better.

Hubby cleaned up more cars at his shop after I threw a shit-fit about so many vehicles down there. I threatened to call the county in order for him to clean it up. He is steadily working on it now.

It was well over 100F degrees on Friday, but the pups and I stayed in the air-conditioning. You could tell they were just too hot to do anything.

Hubby had purchased new shoes at Wally-World (a BIG mistake-I warned him) and after wearing them all day, he ended up with a chemical burn on his foot. Hmmm. Time to sue?

We got up at 6AM on Saturday and took Bravo & 'Lil Bit so that hubby could go to Spoky-Jo to pick up a transmission & rear-end from Alan.

Called the kids while we enroute, and met them at IHOP (which was too busy), Waffle House (which had been closed) and Shari's-wherein we had a great late breakfast. Also went to Harbor Freight & picked up a fountain for the pond.

Stopped at Wally-World to pick up a new cell phone for Matt. He & K decided that it would be make more sense to add him to our plan as K is already on it. He got a Env-3 Blue.

Followed the kids home after getting Wendy's cheeseburgers for the other puppies. Saw a deer near Silver Meadows crossing the road.

Greg was too tired after all the driving to do anything, plus the temps were well over 100F again! His foot was bothering so much he could barely walk, so he kicked back & took a nap in his easy chair. I was overwhelmed with dizziness, so took a few pills & hit the hay.

However, some guy came and bought Super Swampers - so hubby DID make some money today even though he was resting on his butt!

My bestest son-in-law in the whole world mowed our lawn on the riding lawn mower. We started calling him Manual Labor because he was working so hard. K set up his new phone that we had picked up at Wally-World (K is as obsessed with that store as anybody else-they just suck you in!)

Had tamales & chicken flautas for dinner along with chips & guacamole. Yum.

Around 11PM, we went out to the fire-pit for a bonfire along with S'mores. More yum. Except for the neighbors' loud music, it was an enjoyable time. Bravo wandered around in the dark, keeping us company.

Went to bed late after 12:30PM.

Sunday we got up early & took garbage to the dump. Got lattes, then came home. As hubby was unloading Isabelle, Bravo & Harriet, all the dogs bolted out of the truck to run away. Bravo almost got hit on the highway when he followed Harriet blindly across the road. As Kelsey got Isabelle and brought her inside, I drove the truck across the road to pick up the dogs. They saw me coming, and jumped happily into the vehicle! I scolded them for being "bad" dogs.

Put my new fountain pump into the pond; added more rocks; Matt-a-potamus mowed the dog area, K cleaned their car; then the kids went down to the park with Bravo.

Matt went to visit with his mom while KRN chatted with us in the air conditioned house. Hubby cut his hair with a cute mohawk piece in the back! Too adorable.

Kelsey craves a milkshake; we drive to Little Town Market to have Cookies & Cream milkshakes. I got the Birthday Cake milkshake. K brought a ice cream concoction back for Matt. Had dinner when Matt arrived home - more weiners & burgers & beans. Fresh onions. Double yum.

M&K went home around 7PM; hubby and I played with the puppies for a while after they left.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Last night & some of today, Angus tore up my beautiful plants at the side of the garage. There is dirt sprayed everywhere from the dogs digging. Those darn chipmunks have to go. Sad to say.

Angus & 'Lil Bit were sleeping together last night before we went to bed and I snapped a pic of them together. So sweet.

It was a wonderfully warm day Thursday and it started out so beautiful. It was a delightful 70 degrees when we arose. Had to get ready, packed the bikes up, picked up lattes then went up to Sandpoint to have my bike tire repaired. After only $10 to get a new tube put on (including labor!) we went to Dover and biked around. The sun was shining our on faces & it was heavenly. High of around 94F degrees by the time the sun hit its peak.

While waiting the 30 minutes for the repair, we went to Wally-World to pick up a few things. Then on our way home, we stopped in Priest River to pick up cheeseburgers for the dogs & french fries (the fries that our daughter just ADORES) - made from real authentic fresh Idaho potatoes. Yum. Nothing in the world like them.

Beautiful majestic views on the way home. Unloaded groceries & hubby went down to the shop to work on repair/manufacturing plow teeth for work; while I cleaned up around the house & played with the puppies.

Watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on pay-per-view tonight. Hubby remarked on the similar storyline repeated here that also appeared in Forrest Gump.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wednesday is Hump-Day.

'Lil Bit has taken to humping Angus' back leg. It is so hilarious to watch this itty bitty tiny dog try to hump the hulking mass that is Angus! I don't even think she feels it, and if she does - she just moves away making him fall off!

The real chipmonk - see pic at right - in our rock garden. I sat observing out on the deck this morning and discovered there are at least 3 of these cute critters living out there.

I took a long look at Harriet's nose area where she had rubbed off skin; and the hair never grew back. If you twist your head just right, it looks like a heart. What a cutie.

Taking 'Lil Bit into the Vet this morning at 10AM. The pup will be getting his next series of shots.

Been getting massive amounts of junk spam mail in all my email. It is tedious that some of it gets through even with all the blockades to prevent this happening.

This afternoon, hubby finally puts the canoe into the garage as the 3rd bay is open - the kids are no longer parking their car there; and I clean up the dog water barrel in the backyard. High 90s make it very hot, but it still seems muggy. Still no sign of the lawnmower man to do the backyard. It has almost been 2 weeks since I saw him last.

When I am in the backyard, I discover that Angus/Isabelle have pulled up the plants & bulbs alongside the garage in their obsession to capture the chipmunks. Bad dogs!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It rained a lot on Sunday night. There were storm warnings broadcasting on the television while we crossed our fingers & toes hoping that the electricity would manage to remain on.

The hubby thought about calling the kids to warn them, but I advised him that they were adults now and could probably handle a little bad weather on their own. If worst came to worst, they could scurry into a "real" building instead of the 15-year old trailer that he convinced them to temporarily rent!

Monday morning dawned early for hubby as he again got up to handle the dog poop in the house at 4AM; 'Lil Bit still has such a small bladder/kidneys that he still can't hold it completely through the night.

However, 'Bit did manage to get up to our room in the loft on Sunday morning. The little 12.5 week old puppy climbed the circular stairscase all on his own! So very proud of him! But that means he is traversing the outside stairs, running right through the fence! He is still so tiny that the fence means nothing to him! So I have to be extra careful when he is outside to make sure he doesn't run off under tires in the driveway!

There is a chipmunk (equals squirrel in hubby's mind) that is running around our house. It hides in the rock garden, behind the garage & out in the trees. Isabelle is obsessed with it, but hasn't been able to catch it yet - not for lack of trying though. see pic. She tore up the landscaping we had around the back of the garage.

After work, hubby took me to Airway Heights to the Wally-World there to get my nails done at Regal Nails. On the way through Spoky-Jo, we stopped at Joe Jr's house to drop off the automotive part that hubby had worked on for him.

I have completely finished with my other nail salon. Their latest work was awful. It has been going downhill for sometime, but I just haven't been able to make a change. However, Regal Nails is similar in service to the place where KRL-N took me in Tucson. They massage. They pamper. They fix. They do very good nail work. My nails are straight instead of crooked. Clean instead of dirty with paint over them! I am very thoroughly thrilled with them & even gave them a compliment on their website.

M&K met us at the nail place. Talked to hubby about the independent inspection on their new home they wish to purchase. K showed us the folder & paperwork that came with the inspector. Hope their loan goes through now! We then decided upon The Hut for a late dinner. We were surprised to find that you have to order at the front with no sit-down service. Also, no beer! How can you eat pizza without beer?

We had to settle on this place as we wanted to eat at The Rusty Moose (Rusty Nail? Mangy Moose? Ragged Pigeon? - whatever) On Fox28, the restaurant is offering a 2 for 1 gift certificate which you have to purchase & they will mail it out in 7-10 days. Have to wait until then to eat there.

On the way home, hubby called another "guy" who had some automotive parts. We rendezvous at the Fred Meyer near I-90 to purchase said parts. Hubby then needed to stop at Krispy Kreme as he had a craving for do-nuts! This delayed us getting home for TWO freakin' hours. It seemed like forever.

This morning, the dogs got to playing. . . running through the laundry room. They happened to tip over the cooler that still had over 3 gallons of melted ice in it! I had repeatedly asked hubby to take it back out to the truck, but obviously he forgot. As the dogs were locked inside while the lawnmower kids were here, Angus decided to leave a little doo-doo for me in that room. So when the water dumped, it floated the poo all over. Yuch. Another mess to clean up. Darn dogs.

What a way to start a Tuesday! Isn't it hump-day yet?

Called to make an appointment for 'Lil Bit at the Vet for Wednesday at 10AM. Don't forget. (I'm talking to myself!)

Note* With all the rain, it smells dingy & moldy outside.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


After getting lattes this Sunday morning, I finally convinced the hubster to go to a yard-sale that was down Clagstone Road. He was teasing me the whole way, but the sign had indicated there were TOOLS available. Hubby looked around and actually got a deal on a $420 250 pound Proto Torque Wrench for only $80-and the guy even threw in a special something-something for free 4 our son-in-law. The kids will need a lot of "home" tools for their new house!

The day started out quite mild with overcast skies. Almost the perfect weather, but later it got to be hot, humid & muggy. Bugs flitting in your face-driving you nuts!

When our child was still living at home with us, Sunday mornings were always devoted to family breakfast. Now that she is living out on her own, we fix Sunday dog grog for the kids (until such time as the grandkids arrive, and they will have to share a bowl of grog with the dogs!).

After mixing all the leftovers in the fridge together with eggs; Harriet, Angus, Isabelle, Bravo, and 'Lil Bit all went about busily eating. Bravo expanded the barrel tummy, 'Lil Bit was ready to burst at his button button! When hubby went to use the food disposal to get rid of the disgusting leftover bbq ribs that he had made a few weeks ago, the p-trap under the sink BURST! There was water & mush-like bbq ribs coming out of the cabinet. Disgusting.

Taking almost 2 hours to clean it all up - herded the dogs outside so that they would not be tempted to taste the vileness. Everything under the sink was doused with the sloppy, mucky mess. I had to rinse off, then drain vases, sponges, & dishwashing bottles in the bathroom tub. Hubby got the shop-vac up fron his shop and proceeded to suck up the muck. Gross. The house smelled like burnt poop!

Needless to say, I'm washing LOTS of towels today.

After that was over, we worked on the kids' Cougar to charge up the battery & air up a tire. Kelsey called to leave a message that they were going with friends to raft on the river; so they would call later to pick up their car.

Before we left for town, Leo brought over the lawn blade so that his kids could finish mowing the large area of the property. Greg talked to him for a while.

Then we went into town to check out new flooring for the loft-hubby suggested getting hard wood flooring & fix sub-floor instead of putting carpet up there as the carpeted area gets SO dirty. I would save the $250-350 to have it cleaned every year. Plus, the same stains would then not come back a week after being cleaned. Much better to have hard wood. We could even put in a nice rug under the bed to step out onto in the mornings!

Went to Costco; picked up Foster Farms chicken, Tamales, Chicken&Cheese Flautas, Guacamole, & more Clorox wipes to pick up 'Lil Bit poop. Looked at prices on hard wood flooring there.

Then went over to Lowe's to pick up a new p-trap for under the sink; and looked at flooring there, too!

Picked up Wendy's cheeseburgers for Isabelle (plus one each for all the other dogs at home) then over to CDA City Park to eat. Izzy was quite happy to stick her head out the window and be the "only" dog in the car again. No other dumb dogs to share "her" truck!

On the way home, we decided to drive up Lochhaven Dr to view upper Hayden Lake. We unexpectedly drove right next to a deer that was wandering the neighborhood. She stopped to look at us, then crossed the road directly in front of our vehicle. A car in the on-coming lane almost hit her, as the stupid woman was obviously day-dreaming and not paying attention to where she was driving! We beeped our horn to alert her when she was almost upon the deer. Duh!

When we got home, hubby fixed the plumbing while I put away groceries & picked up dog poo. Then hubster fixed the upper mini blinds that the window cleaners had not left in proper working order.

After he was done working, he decided to pour himself a water through the dispenser in the fridge door-it wouldn't turn off! We soon had a pool of water in front of the refrigerator. What crap luck!

The day isn't over yet. What else can go wrong?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

itty bitty lil bit

On Thursday I'm not feeling well most of the day; Kelsey takes a typing test online to verify for her employment application. I take the same test & get an 89wpm. Quite a lot slower than when I worked in an office and clocked in at over 100wpm!

Matt went to play golf with his brother and Kelsey starts to make chicken dinner for us later tonight. Attempting to take a nap, I am interrupted as the dogs begin to make a racket! My father has come out unexpectedly to visit us without calling first. We welcome him, but he is acting odd (as usual) - Harriet attempts to bite him. We have to put her in the garage while he is here. When trying to convince him to stay at a hotel for the night, he insists that he can sleep in his truck. He walks out the door mumbling, and we don't see him again. Not tonight or the next day. We assume he has returned to Iowa. What an odd duck. And don't even get me started about the money that Matt spotted which he had stuffed down his thin shirt. Not even in a money belt. $20s, $50s and $100s just stuffed in near his waistline! We are scared that somebody might beat him up or kill him for it. What a nut.

On Friday, July 10, the Fed Ex delivery brings the loan documents for K&M. When Matt & Greg return from the Spokane Auto Swap Meet, the kids sign their paperwork while I document the event for posterity!

The Appliance Repair Man comes out to inspect the non-working Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher. He is here for 10 minutes and I am charged $89.95 for a service call only to be told that the entire front press button digital panel must be replaced for $189.95 plus hourly install fee. I determine that I can limp it along until it falls apart completely & refuses to function at all. Then buy a new one. Not going to invest anymore repair bills on inadequate appliances!

Hubby & Matt bring fixings for grilling brats when they come home. Matt has to run to the local grocery store to get chocolate chip cookies, watermelon, & briquettes. As usual, he does an excellent job of roasting the weiners (of which we make all sorts of jokes at the dinner table-balled watermelon & weiners!) Kelsey almost throws up in her mouth. . .

Afterwards, we relax for a while, then the kids return back to the AFB for the night. Bravo misses them & is a bit restless, but settles down when we go to bed.

Watch a Pay-Per-View movie on satellite - KNOWING starring Nicholas Cage. Kind of a crappy movie. Plot was thin.

We had closed the back door too early & Angus has a poopy accident by the door. She is still on medication, so we really can't fault her for something that is due to her recovery.

On Saturday morning, hubby has trouble waking up. He had gotten up at 4:30 to open the door for the dogs to go out to potty. 'Lil Bit actually poops & pees on the deck. Yippee!

B4 we leave the house, I quickly wash 'Lil Bit as he is dirty from playing with the big dogs in the dirt last night. Hubby and I also take a few minutes to rock in our chairs on the deck while watching the mum&dad bird teach the 3 baby birds how to fly. Very entertaining. Several robins try to dive bomb the fledglings, but all goes well. Also view a hummingbird whiz by!

When we go to pick up lattes, hubby spills his hot, boiling drink on his crotch! He screams! "I burnt my ball-sac!" Clean hubby up & get another drink.

Run over to Earl's to pick up a tool that he had borrowed from hubby. On the way, we see a poor little dead deer on the side of the road. She appears to be sleeping. Very sad.

Wash the rest of the dogs when we return home. Angus hates it, Isabelle runs away. Harriet does not enjoy it, but she does stand still for the wash. Bravo is still somewhat clean from the groomers, so we skip a bath for him.

KRL-N calls to let us know that they successfully got Joe Jr.'s camper trailer set up at Family-Camp at the AFB. As they have to move out of the temporary housing, they decided to camp out instead to save money.

Have to re-charge the battery on the riding lawnmower.
Find out on eBay that they are unable to order my suntan bed struts.

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Angus had her "female" surgery on June 26; then a follow-up appointment on June 30. We were very concerned as the surgery area had developed a distinct pouch - like a confined piece of jello that was soft to the touch - concerning us that it might be some infection. The Vet was not concerned and told us to wait for a few days to heal.

We waited until Tuesday July 7 when I called again and told them that I was bringing her in again. She had been listeless & mopey for the 2 days prior to this date; unlike her regular self at all! So there had to be something wrong.

The Vet finally agreed to open the incision as it was hard to the touch by this time, and enlarging in size-very saggy & about 5 inches long by several inches wide. We scheduled surgery for the following morning.

Kids came out to stay with us for a while as they were lonely - also made an offer on the house they want to purchase. Went out tonight with Matt's parents & family for his mom's birthday. They came home late - I was already asleep in bed. And Bravo decided that he was going to sneak up to our bedroom to sleep with hubby & me!

Hubby took her down that Wednesday AM and dropped her off at surgery. After not feeling too well all morning, I finally got a telephone call from Dr. Mike. He said that she had a seroma - a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery - he had drained it & we could come pick her up at 4PM.

Kelsey had to find a dress for an interview & bathing suit (she packed hers along with the car titles-LOL!) so they went into town to shop.

Angus was dopey when she arrived home - Greg had to carry her in from the truck. It was so sad to see her endure another surgery. Gave her pain medication & confined her to the kennel. Poor little (big) dog!

Then while the kids babysat, we went up North of Sandpoint to check out another topper for the truck. After getting slightly lost (hubby's incorrect directions) we finally found the place high on a mountain (via a craigslist posting) but it was the wrong size, wrong year, etc. While there, Harriet (the Boxer) jumped out of the truck & wanted to play with the dogs that were at the ranch.

Along the way, the husband pointed out the MASSIVE Alpaca farm - which must house over 500 of the beasties. They looked so cute with their long hair, funny faces, & quirky ears! Obviously, it was dinner/bedtime as most of them were making their way to the huge barn on the property. Maybe I should look into getting an Alpaca sweater.

Then went the opposite way to pick up some vehicle parts at some guy's home. An associate of the hubby's - really, I believe the whole truck topper viewing was a ruse to get up there to actually pick up car parts. More car parts. Like he doesn't have enough already!

Came home about 9:30PM and the kids were still up. We watched a little tv with them & went to bed. Bravo actually slept all night with them tonight!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Friday has totally been wiped from my memory. I can't remember what happened. Maybe hubby worked on the boat all day. Yep. That was it. But after forgetting to call today to get insurance on it, we were unable to take it out. I hate having Alzheimers.

On Saturday after my 18 mile bike ride, we all went down to the Street Fair in Bayview for the 4th of July Holiday. It was VERY hot. Highs in the 90s. Took both of the Schipperkes. Lots of people had to stop & talk to us about them. Had lunch of Chicken Satays at the local BBQ restaurant. It was fun. Drove the kids up around the lake, then took a tour at a view condo by the water. It was $500,000. Whoa. Can anybody spell R E C E S S I O N? Hope they find some dumb suckers to buy these places. When we got home, we noticed several spelling errors in the laminated 2-page picture brochure. I'm sure that will attract the type of clientele they are searching for.

At 9PM, the kids decide to go down for the Fireworks at KKJ's. We go down about 10PM to see the same fireworks & it lasts for over 45 minutes. The Latte Girls were open late to make money, so we picked up a couple hot lattes! Quite wonderful! M&K stay over the night instead of having to trek back to the AFB.

Went for another 18 mile bike ride in the am. It was extraordinarily humid! After making Sunday dog grog & then breakfast for the kids, M&K took off to go into town for appliance shopping. We met them at Costco, then went over to Lowes for comparison shopping. While M&K detoured to Best Buy in the Valley, we stopped to check on a truck topper that had been advertised for sale in the local CraigsList. It was nice, the correct size, but an awful ugly burgundy that would not have gone well with our grey truck. Plus, the kid that was selling it wanted WAY too much for it and would not bargain. Hubby hates when people don't bargain. Hmm. Kid must not want to sell it too badly.

Then meet Matt's parents at Sears to caravan all 3 cars over near Cheney to view the house they want to purchase. The temps are now in the mid 90s. With his parents they view the house, then sign the paperwork for the offer - it takes over 1.5 hours! We finally rendevous with them later at a gas station and proceed to drive downtown to celebrate at PF Changs. Hubby finds a parking place right in front while the kids have to park quite a ways. We get a booth, have a nice dinner. K turns to tell me as we walk to the table. . . "It smells like heaven!"

After we finish with our meal, Bravo is handed over to M&K. It makes us sad to see the little man leave us, but as we drive down the street and see "the family", hubby gets teary eyed. So sentimental. A young couple with their "baby" starting out in life. (remember when?)

After dinner, we drive the 1.5 hours home. RAINING. Lightning. Dark skies. 'Lil Bit has an "accident" in the back seat. We have to pull over off the road to clean it up. And clean him up. Arriving at the house & exhausted we fall into bed. Sleep like the dead.

Knock on wood - not having had any dizzy spells for the last 2 days. Maybe the BPPV is gone?

Still raining on Monday morning. 'Lil Bit & Angus get up at 6AM to play - hubby rolls out of bed to open the door for them, then returns to bed until 8AM. He is scheduled to take a Hazmat Dig test in Kellogg for work. So I join him in going over there. Take 'Lil Bit. We are a bit more prepared to see the signs of potential "accident brewing". Pack more wipes, spread a towel out over the seat, take toys & his red dog bed. He is most happy! Get gasoline at Costco on the way out of town.

Weather has cleared, but it is still somewhat cooler - in the 60s.

Stop at Wally-World to pick up some groceries. They don't have an automotive center to change our oil. So sad. The floor manager observes 'Lil Bit as we walk past him, and asks us to take him out - we show him the Service Dog tags. He apologizes. This is odd as it is the first time we have ever been told a dog is not welcome at a store. Usually, you see dogs EVERYWHERE.

On the way, we notice a new subdivision built into the mountains. With golf course & view homes. 1/4 acre property starting at $100,000; Homes starting in the high $400,000s. Again, a great idea, but the sales office is tiny & very unimpressive! Things are not completely finished. It seems to be offered by a California consortium that has banked on people with unlimited income that want to live in the polluted Silver Valley. (don't drink the water!)

The builder was a great guy and waved us down to come into view this adorable little home. Magnificient views of the mountains. Wonderful new home sawdust smell! He told us how it was built to specs for the developers - based on "olde mining towne". See Galena Ridge for more info. Rusted steel roofing; this home had wood hewn from an actual vintage barn. A steal at only $1,000,000! Hey! Let me write ya a check! Again. . . how do YOU spell R E C E S S I O N?

Hubby passes his Digging test with FLYING Colors! While he was taking his exam, 'Lil Bit and I went for a walk in the local park. He P&P'd. So proud of him! On the way back to town, hubby is on the cell phone constantly! Stop to wash the truck from all the gross BUGS. Then home. Hubby works in the shop tonite.

BPPV is back. Ugh.

Friday, July 03, 2009


I remembered what we had to do on Wednesday! Pick up the kids from the airport.

After taking Bravo to the Petco groomers at 4:00pm, we stopped at Costco for gasoline then went inside for a few necessities. There were LOTS of people there, gathering up supplies for the 4th of July USA Independence Day holiday. We snapped a tag on 'Lil Bit and took him in with us. He enjoyed riding in the cart; though he did do a couple little circular runs in the cart before he settled down. He thoroughly enjoyed walking in the soft green grass outside of Costco when he had to potty!

Picked up Cafe Lattes at McD's before we went out to Rathdump to check on a topper for the truck. Unfortunately, it was the incorrect size for our pickup. Try, try again. . .

Then dropped our purchases at home before returning at 7:00PM with Kelsey's Jeep to pick up the B-Bo. He had gotten a Blueberry facial and a Creamsicle shampoo - came out of the store all wiggly & excited! Smelled good. Peed an extraordinary amount in the grassy area next to the store! 'Lil bit was excited to see his friend again. Drove over to the Car Wash to take both our vehicle & Kelsey's through for cleaning. Then vacuumed both cars.

Stopped at a park in CDA to walk the dogs. They chased each other all over. The dogs then rode in our vehicle with Greg. I was grooving out to the nice sound system in Kelsey's Jeep. Saw quite a few patrol cars on the interstate as we drove to Spoky-Jo.

Thought we might be in time to pick up burritos at Taco del Mar, but they were already closed at 8:55PM! So sad. I was really in the mood for burritos. Then went to Shari's as it was the only 24-hour place still open. "They" roll up the sidewalks and close everything at 9:00PM.

Walked the dogs again after we ate, then continued on through the downtown construction on I-90 to the Spoky-Jo International Airport. We were early. Walked the dogs again. Some irritating woman & her kid sat down beside us, then proceed to pet the puppies. The kids' plane came in 10 minutes late. Their AF rep was on hand to meet the kids.

Took them to their car, Matt got to drive. He seemed pretty happy at seeing their new car for the first time ever!

Bravo went with Matt & Kelsey to their new temporary home. We drove home with 'Lil Bit. Finally got to bed at 1:00AM. Whew! What a day.

On Thursday, the kids came over with Bravo. Hubby and I had really missed him last night. Kids had stopped off at the grocery store to pick up hot dogs & hamburgers to grill. It was the first time Matt had ever grilled on propane, but he did an outstanding job. My hamburger was great. Had beans & potato salad, but forgot about the watermelon that I had balled earlier!

M&K brought me a couple plastic England "souvenir" ducks - one with the UK flag, and the other looks like a "Beefeater" or "Duckeater" as Matt said!

Hubby spent all day in the shop working on the boat engine finally coming home to bed at 11:00PM. Sure hope he gets it finished b4 the 4th so that we can take it down to Bayview and watch their fireworks from the water!