Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Got up at 7AM. Dressed and left at 7:45.

Purchased lattes in Rathdrum at Jitterz.

Drove to Spokane to get teeth fixed with new o-rings. Hubby dropped me off and I signed in to the front desk.

Hubby drove over to Panera Bread to get us Souffles. He got 2 for me and 1 for himself.

I was done at Affordable Dentures by 10:00. We drove back to Panera to get my birthday special on the card. It was your choice of a pastry. Hubby ordered a cinnamon roll. Then we got donuts at KrispyKreme (too late for holiday donuts!).

Drove to CDA and got to my Vision Dr appointment 15 minutes early. Then had to wait for 2 other people that came in after me that were taken in first. I complained and then they got me in right away. I paid for the contacts & they said they would deliver them to my home.

Hubby had to get another latte at the Daybreak on Prairie. Then we met KR at the Verizon store to get her a new iPhone 6; along with adding her to our account.

Then we drove to Post Falls to pick up a truck from CDA Wheels. Hubby followed me over to Findlay Dodge to drop off the Jeep and get them to look at the AUX player which won't play when I plug in my iPhone; and to reconfigure the computer on the Jeep so it does not come up to change the oil.

Got in the green truck and drove to KR's. The doggy door was not big enough for Bravo, so we will have to return that. We helped her carry up the parts for her Closet. Hubby put up curtain rods in her bedroom. Another wasted trip for honey-dos to her home.

We packed up the boxes in the back of the truck and hubby drove me back over to pick up the Jeep at the Dodge dealer. I drove to Rathdrum to pick up another order of Crab Rangoons from Wah Hing restaurant. While he drove to the dump and then home.

I got the mail at home. Met him at the shop. Gave him a ride to the house.

We unpacked everything. I gave the dogs cheeseburgers from McDonalds that I had purchased.

Got a delivery from UPS for stuff I had ordered from Amazon. Jeep antennae, Hood fasteners, Jeep OEM gas cap.

My fingers were cracking again so I put on gloves with handcream.

We watched The Twilight Zone marathon.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Just a NORMAL day


Tried to sleep in late, but hubby got up and started making noises. The fireplace started so I could not sleep anymore without being too hot.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I cleaned up the kitchen and made eggs for myself.

We sat on the couches and watched CSI for a while. I cleaned up things. Started taking down Xmas decor. Started a couple loads of laundry and started the dishwasher. Then hubby got dressed. He shoveled off the back porch and started the Excursion.

I paid some bills online and balanced the checking account.

Then I put on my Sorels and picked up Lil Bit. Locked the door and loaded in the Excursion.

Dropped off garbage at the dump.

We drove to the park. The Latte stand was closed in Athol. Such a bitch.

Walked to the Frisbee area on the road in the snow ruts. Hubby fell on the ice. He hurt his hip.

We dodged cars as we walked back to the Excursion.

Mailed letters at the Athol Post Office on the way back.

Drove home. Hubby had a snack, shoveled off the front deck, then went down to the shop to meet a guy.

Monday, December 28, 2015



Got up at 6:30am. Hubby had made breakfast for the dogs. I got dressed for Clinic.

We left at 7:45. Met Dave R. down at the shop. He was dropping off parts.

Then hubby drove the Excursion to Rathdrum. He got a latte at Jitterz.

Drove me to Clinic at AICM.

I was in Room 3 with Abby.

Abby was running late, so Amber asked me to get towels & sheets for her.

My schedule changed twice. I was supposed to do a Footbath. I like doing Footbaths. Nice smells and get to talk with people.

But instead, I massaged 4 people.

I cleaned up the area.

Then hubby picked me at 1:15PM. We went to see KR to get the doggy door. I used my key to get in to see if it would work. She was on the phone with the insurance and a job interview.

Hubby returned stuff to Harbor Freight while KR came with me to Super Supplements to get more Arnica Montana. It has done wonders for my pain & stress.

KR came with us downtown to get lunch at a place called SCRATCH. Nice waiter. Too much personal info, tho.

We were all drunk and tired by the time we left. Took the doggy door to UPS to drop off for shipment. Hubby got lottery tickets at the gas station next door. We dropped KR off and then drove home. We were exhausted.

By the time we got home it was 3:45. I fed the dogs some ham and cleaned up their water & food bowls. Both of us collapsed on the couches and took naps until 7PM.

At 7PM, I got up and made dinner. We were both still tired. Watched Xmas CSI show and then went to bed at 11PM.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

KR & Install Doggy Door


Up at 7AM because hubby was already up. My knee was hurting intensely.

I sat on the couch with Bud, hubby covered me up with the t-shirt blanket. I slept until 9AM. Hubby got up at 8AM and fed the dogs egg breakfast. I slept on the couch until 9AM.

I ordered KEEN hiking boots for the snowshoes.

We got dressed and loaded KR's dresser into the Excursion. Loaded the dogs.

Drove to Jitterz on Miles in CDA for lattes; they made hubby's order wrong. Stopped at Costco to pick up snowshoes for KR. Hubby stopped on the way out to talk to tire rep about tires for Dually. Then went to Super Supplements in CDA to look for Thyroid supplement for me. They did not have Thyroid supplement. Bought pain supplement instead.

At KR's by Noon. Dogs went outside to potty on her patio. Then they drank lots of water. Hubby tried to install towel rack in bathroom, but wrong towel rack.

Then KR started talking about closet system. On sale at Lowe's. We had planned to get one for her and have it installed on New Year's Eve night, but she wanted it NOW.

The doggy door delivered was the wrong size. So instead we packed up dogs and went to Lowe's.

Did not have time to walk dogs. They sat in the Excursion inside of the store at Lowe's. We got the closet system for KR (early bday present) and bought new doggy door.

At Target, there was a line, so KR did not want to get her new phone. She picked up her order instead and we put it into the back of the Excursion.

She walked Bravo because he had to potty.

Then we drove back to her house and unloaded everything. My knee was REALLY bothering me and I had another severe bout of dizziness. So I just sat on the couch. Everybody was grouchy because we had not eaten.

So hubby and I left, drove home. Got milk on the way.

At home, we ate and sat by the fireplace watching Mysteries of the Castle on television.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post Xmas Blues


Hubby woke me up at 6AM. He was sitting on the couch. I slept on the couch for a while with him, beside Lil Bit. Then I had him put Icy Hot on my shoulders and went back to bed.

 Ben Sleeping on Bud's back

I slept until 9:30. Then hubby made breakfast for the dogs. I woke up again.

Came down and helped him put away food and dishes. Cleaned up the kitchen.

We shoveled the deck. By then it was Noon.

He had to go down and talk to Larry, Tim and somebody else at the shop.

I walked down with Lil Bit to get the mail. Hubby had been at the shop for 1.5 hours. I told him we had to walk dogs.

Took dogs to the park. LOTS of people and LOTS of snow. We drove to the very end of the park with the Excursion and took dogs for a walk on the road. In the ruts.

Beautiful Day in Park

Heading back to the Excursion, Bud & Ben ran ahead to some people that were walking in snowshoes. They were very nice and told us about their snowshoes. We decided to get some.

Drove back home and dropped dogs off. Hubby had lunch and looked at stuff on computer for a while.

We shoveled off the front deck.

Then we got dressed. I had purchased tickets for The Brian Setzer Orchestra featuring guest music Low Volts at the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox.

Brian Setzer Tickets

So we started out early and went to Costco to purchase snowshoes. They had a great deal with the poles, a storage bag, and snowshoes. Also got trail mix and mixed nuts.

Snowshoe Package

Drove to Spokane. Got a parking spot right next to the theater.

Ran in front of some cars at a red light. Peed our pants because we were going to get run over!

Went to the Davenport to go potty and get cleaned up. Had drinks at the Peacock, sat next to some drunk, noisy people.

 Xmas tree at Davenport

Went out to the Xmas tree and sat for a while. Walked over to the Fox Theater and got seated.

Horrible tiny cramped seats. We went upstairs to check out the other seats.

Found some wonderful seats that were wide (for handicapped) we sat in the those for the first half of the show-Low Volts. One man rock-a-billy songs.

Then intermission for 20 minutes. I went downstairs to the women's bathroom. Hubby purchased a t-shirt from Low Volts.

Hubby wanted a wine, but the line was too long. We sat down at one of the tables next to the women's bathroom on the balcony.

Then we went back to our seats. Too loud, too cramped. People were dancing in aisles. A couple women that looked like anorexic old vampires got up and danced with each other. Yuck.

Finally over, we left early.

Drove home. Stopped at Wendy's to get burgers for dogs. Hubby forgot keys to Dodge. Could not pick it up.

At home, we watched Dr Who and went to bed at Midnight.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Xmas 2015


Up at 7:45AM. Had a crab rangoon for breakfast. Made tea.

Hubby shoveled the deck. LOTS of snow.

Gave each other presents. Hubby got the most & the best presents. He got a XXX

KR gave me a bracelet from Vera Wang collection & a necklace.

Watched A Christmas Story.

Ben hurt his leg while he was outside.

We drove to Rathdrum to get lattes at Jitterz. Long lines.

Then we took dogs for walk in the Rathdrum Park.

 Bravo & Bud
 Ben (with tail wagging)
 Lil Bit & Bravo

Drove back home. Made scallops, KR made lobster. Lobster was kinda rubbery. Not KR's fault, it was bad from Costco.

Watched ELF and Harry Potter.

Hubby teetered on his teeter/totter.

Hubby fell asleep on the couch.

KR took a shower at 5PM.

KR left to go home at 7PM.

Hubby and I listened to Xmas music for a while.

I went to bed at 10PM, hubby came to bed later. He had to help Ben up the stairs because of his hurt right rear leg.

Thursday, December 24, 2015



Got up and dressed. Shoveled the deck.

All sweaty & hot so had to wash my hair. Lights flickered. Don't go out!!! Power went out, then came back on a few minutes later.

I started the dishwasher & did a load of laundry.

Snow Just Won't Quit

I shoveled decks again. Left at 10:00 to drive to Rathdrum. Dropped off Goodwill donation stuff there. Then drove to Jitterz for lattes. Got to KR's at 11:00.

We went to get shampoo, but salon closed. Walmart was too busy. So drove to Liquor Store. LONG LONG line. Got booze.

KR ordered TO GO order from Wah Hing in Rathdrum for our Crab Rangoon. She started talking oriental. It was hilarious!

Drove to Costco. Shopped there. Not too many people there.

Paid too much for crab, lobster & scallops.

Got drinks at KokoPelli, then I took KR home. Unloaded all her stuff from Costco.

I drove to Rathdrum and picked up Crab Rangoon.

Shopped at Super 1. It was horrible. Too many people and no parking spots. Had to park in the snow at the Goodwill truck. Super 1 had cheaper crab & lobster!!!

Had to go across the road to Stein's Grocery to get a cheeseball for KR.

Drove home on  Hwy 41 to Hwy 54. Better road. Cleaner.  Was behind a REALLY slow car.

There was another Power Failure at the house while I was gone. Unloaded groceries. Put everything away. KR got there. She had picked up oriental food from Panda Express. I vacuumed. KR shoveled off the decks for me because I paid her $100 to do it.

I took all my school books downstairs to get them out of the way. Lights were flickering again.

We compared prices for KR to get on our account for her phone. She said she would get a $100 giftcard at Target.

KR and I ate crab rangoon and shrimp from Costco.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015



Got up when hubby left for work. I laid on the couch for a while. It was too hot upstairs.

When hubby took my Jeep, I went back upstairs and slept for another hour.

I still hurt all over - STRESS. And my knee hurts bad.

When I got up, I gave ham to the dogs. Started laundry.

Took Xmas postcards down to the mailbox with the dogs. Ben & Bud ran free. I had Lil Bit on a leash. Had to put on my Sorels & coat. It was only 28 degrees and hubby had not plowed last night.

Shoveled both decks. I was exhausted.

UPS came. Katrina gave us an adorable little lightbulb Penguin ornament. She is so sweet.

Then I put away clean dishes.

Shoveled the decks 2 more times. Then I made a double wide path for the dogs out to the woods.

I paid off some more on the credit card bill. We are at ZERO balances.

Fed Ex STILL has not delivered the Priority package that I paid for overnight shipping. They did not deliver it for the 2nd day in a row.

Hubby got home at 7PM. We went over to Spirit Lake to get some groceries and bones for dogs. But they did not have bones. Hubby got ribs for dinner.

We came home and put away groceries.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015



Woke up at 12:30PM when the power came back on; had to go and turn off all the lights & appliances.

Then slept until hubby got up at 6AM to shovel decks and watch the morning news for weather info.

I got up at 7:45am.

Took a hot bath.

I canceled both of my Dr appointments because it started snowing again. I did not want to drive anywhere today.

Gave fresh water & food to dogs. Made eggs for myself.

Did laundry & dishes.

Addressed Xmas cards.


Went down to the mail box with Lil Bit on a leash, the snow was over his head. He had to hop in the snow. Bud & Ben came with us. They ran all over in the snow.

Checked on the propane. It is 50% full.

Hubby got home after 6:30. He brought chicken sandwiches from KFC for the dogs.

He sat on the couch resting for a while. Then Dave R called and had parts from Sandpoint. Hubby took my Jeep and met him on Hwy 95 in Athol.

Then he came home. We were tired and went to bed after the 10:00 news.

Monday, December 21, 2015



Got up at 6:45. Washed my hair. Got dressed.

Did makeup. Almost forgot that I had to leave for clinic by 7:45!

Drove quickly thru the snow & snow-buried roads to AICM. Did Clinic hours.

Driving on Snow Covered Roads

Kelsey at Clinic had gotten engaged on Saturday night. She showed everybody her ring!

I had 1 massage client at 9AM, then had 1 hour break. So I went into the laundry room and sorted sheets.

Sorted Sheets during downtime at Clinic

Then I did 2 more massage clients.

Left by 1PM after cleaning everything up.

Stopped at Wendy's to get salads & burgers for dogs.

Hubby texted me and said he bought his new truck.

New Dually

Drove home. Really bad roads by then. Clagstone & Diagonal were awful.

At home, I got the mail. Then shoveled both decks. Gave burgers to dogs.

Wrapped Deralee's, Hannah's, and Jen-bunny's presents.

Loaded the Jeep with presents, then drove to get my nails done at 3:30.

Really snowing hard. Got my nails done. Deralee gave me a head wrap and earrings. Hannah gave me a scarf. They are so sweet.

Left there at 4:00. Returned home. Snow coming down even harder.

At home, I was exhausted. Did laundry. Ate salad. Watched tv.

Tried to rest.

Hubby got home early. He brought pizza to bake in the oven. As soon as he sat down on the couch to eat, the power went out!

The decks were shoveled in the dark by hubby. Then Mark came up with the plow bronco to do the driveway and all the snow that had fallen from the garage.

I let Ben & Bud out to play with Jack, the dog. They ran around and played for a long time. Lil Bit barked at them from the deck.

I gave Jack a piece of pizza.

Then Mark left and hubby took the plow Bronco down to the shop. He walked back and came inside for the night. We had all our flashlights out. The generator decided not to start again. So we were fortunate that the fireplace had been running when the power went out. The propane was still burning.

We went to bed at 9PM. We were both exhausted.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Last Sunday b4 Xmas


Got up at 7AM. Made breakfast eggs for dogs.

Hubby shaved his beard & hair. I helped him with the back of his head and then scalped him when trimming off some; forgetting that the guide was not on the trimmer.

Lil Bit was not interested in eating his breakfast.

Ben vomited his breakfast.

Did laundry.

Cleaned up breakfast stuff.

Started dishes.

Went to The Bing for concert "All Is Calm".

Parked in the parking ramp. Difficult to get up & down stairs with my knee.

We went upstairs to get wine while we waited for concert to start.

 Stage for All Is Calm

Saturday, December 19, 2015

saturday and dog walk


slept late

dog eggs

shoveled snow on deck

spirit lake latte

dog walk in park - wild dogs

Ben & me on the way to the dog park in the Excursion

snow fell off the garage roof

hubby worked in shop

laundry, dishes, vasuum


ordered bravo dog door online

hubby got home at 6pm

ate dinner. i had salad

watched tv

went to bed at 11;30

Friday, December 18, 2015

Busy, Busy Day


slept late

hubby had the day off

drove to spirit lake for lattes. threw them away - they were awful.

drove to rathdrum jitterz to get lattes.

dog walk in the park. snowing. parked in the ranger station parking lot; walked around the cross country ski area.

packed up KR's stuff, drove to town to look at townhome. went to KR's afterwards. had lunch at pita pit afterwards.

drove back home.

hubby plowed snowed. it had snowed about 8 inches.

i got ready for clinic work.

hubby drove me in to post falls aicm for clinic work. christine had already gotten everything ready for me. i left penguin sweater at school for somebody to wear.

i worked from 6-9. hubby came to pick me up. 

we drove around looking at xmas lights. i was depressed. not fun.

we drove home. i was exhausted and went to bed.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

WEDNESDAY & thursday


Got up and ready for school.

Drove to Rathdrum and deposited check for hubby there.

Drove to school and was there in time for 9AM make-up class.

Studied with Panda for our Chinese Medicine test. Andrea never got to class, we talked with Maria. The whole class got loud and Jen came to ask us to quiet down. Then Lydia came in and told us to quiet down & study.

Being bad kids in Make-up class!

When he got to school, Mark gave me See's Candies Truffle chocolates in a small box. That was nice. I thanked him and shared with the rest of the class.

Then at 10AM, we went into the Clinic room for the test. I sat beside Mark. Got 91% on the test! I guessed on most of the answers.

We went over the next set of Meridians, Heart & Small Intestine.

Then we got out the tables and started doing deep tissue body work that Pam was teaching. I chose not to do anything as I had not taken a painkiller and my knee was bothering.

Left at 1PM and went over to get salads & cheeseburgers for dogs.

Then I drove to Hayden Chiropractic. Had Kevin work on my knee and shoulder.

Then drove back to Rathdrum and grocery shopped at Super 1. Got honey, hamburger, tea.

Roads were SUPER ICY.

Went home and unloaded groceries.

Hubby got home late; had stopped at shop first. I drove down there to find him.

I started making dinner for him. Sloppy Joes with Croissants fresh from oven, sweet corn niblets, garlic pasta.

KR came home from Seattle. Hubby and KR talked for a while.

I went to bed early. Very tired.


Got up and ready for school. Left at 8AM.

Met hubby at Post Falls car wash and gave him checkbook for Panhandle account.

I went to school and filled out my schedule, turned it in.

Then went to class for 9AM make-up. Amber was teaching the Business Hours class. Panda, Nick, and I were making up hours.

Went to A&P class, Jen was having fibromyalgia attack. She looked bad. We finally got started at 10:20 after everybody got there late. (even Mark was late).

Discussed Chapter 18, Respiratory System. Then I took my missed Kines test at the 2nd break.

We watched videos for most of the time as Jen was ill and not up to teaching. Then we left early.

I met KR & hubby at Pita for lunch.

After lunch, KR & I went to Walmart to shop.

When we were done,  KR drove home and I went to Rathdrum Jitterz to pick up a latte & purchase gift certificates for presents.

Drove home, got mail, unloaded groceries.

KR was loading up the last of her stuff in her car. She took Bravo and left by 3:30PM.

I went out and fed the deer.

Got packages from Fed Ex and UPS.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Not Feeling Good


Hubby left at 6:30 this morning. He came back in and grumbled something, then left again.

I got up at 8:30. My knee was hurting bad. The rest of my body was hurting, too. I decided to stay home today.

Did laundry & dishes.

Gave ham to the dogs. Made eggs for myself.

Ordered some things on H&M.

Cleaned up the urine that Lil Bit had peed on the dog bed in the library. Bad dog. I think he is upset that Bravo is still here...

Advised Volcom that they had the incorrect jeans in their offices via Fed Exp since 12/3. Told them I wanted a refund now.

I ordered Xmas cards from Fiverr. Making us & the dogs wearing stupid Xmas sweaters.

Have to mail them as soon as they come.

Not getting very many cards this year...

Hubby brought me home salad.

I went to bed early. Was hurting.

Monday, December 14, 2015

More Mondays & Clinic & Pain


Up about 4 times last night for potty. Knee is better with brace on it at night like hubby suggested.

Bravo & Bit both barked at something outside during the night. Had hubby get up and close the doggy door.

Ben slept with us most of the night, then he got down. Bravo got up and slept with us after that. When hubby left this morning, Ben got back into bed with me. Lil Bit begged to get into bed with me, so I lifted him in the bed.

Got up at 8AM.

Dressed for clinic. Did my hair. Wrapped my knee in a soft wrap. Did laundry. Made tea. Fed dogs ham. Gave them bones.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

sunday and errands everywhere


Got up at 8AM. Made eggs for the dogs.

Took the Jeep and drove to Rathdrum Jitterz for a drink for Hubby.

Then drove to Panera Bread and got breakfast sandwich for hubby and a souffle for me.

Drove to Don's to pick up axles, but they were not home.

Then drove to the Airport to pick up the dodge. Drove back to Spokane Valley Mall to pick up rug for KR at Home Goods. Then hubby had a called from Lucille that they were home. Left the Dodge at Home Goods and drove BACK to Don's in the Jeep and picked up axles.

Then drove back to Home Goods, picked up the Jeep. Both of us drove to CDA. Hubby went to pick up Dave R while I went to the new Maverk in town and got gas, then to Wendy's for dog burgers & salads.

I drove to Pat The Detailer's to pick up Dave R& Hubby. Then we drove home in Jeep.

I gave dog burgers to dogs while hubby & Dave R drove Dave 2.0's Excursion with the trailer to pick up Dave R's Bronco in Spirit Lake and drive it to his home in Hayden.

I watched tv with the dogs and turned on the heat.

Hubby got home at 4:15PM. I put collars on the dogs and sent them out one-by-one so they could load into the truck. Hubby got the rug out of the back of the truck and put it in the garage.

We drove to the park and walked the dogs. We walked over a mile on the roads. Hubby got mixed up and went the wrong way to go back to the truck. He was confused.

On the way back, we stopped at Country Boy cafe to have dinner. Ran into Amy, Chad and kids along with other people they were having dinner.

We came home with leftovers. Gave some to the dogs.

I sat in front of the fireplace to warm up my shoulder & knee. Then put heat pad on knee. It was not helping. Hubby finally put the knee brace on it.

Went to bed at 11:30 after the news.

Saturday, December 12, 2015



Got up at 10AM when phone was ringing. It was KR yelling at me that hubby was not at the new home for the home inspection guy. I told her there was nothing I could do about it.

Fed dogs. Fed birds. Fed deer.

Then I had breakfast and ordered a new Costco comforter. Did laundry.

Took most of the day doing my meridians for Lung/Large Intestine, Heart/Small Intestine, Stomach/Spleen. Now I am caught up on 3 weeks of homework in Chinese Medicine class~!

Friday, December 11, 2015

More Massage Thursday & Friday


Got up and did not want to go into school. Was quite tired.

I dressed and got ready. Then drove to Post Falls. Picked up a couple breakfast croissant sandwiches.

I walked in at 9:00. Nick walked in later.

Pam marked us in for make-up class. I shared a sandwich with Nick.

We studied. Nick did homework. He copied my Med Term Book.

Once we were done with make-up hour, went to Room 4 for A&P. Jen was already there.

I sat beside Panda. We studied some more.

Took our test. I only missed 3 out of 35. Not bad for difficult chapter.

We discussed SOAP notes for 1.5 hours.

After school at 1PM, I went upstairs to pay $ for tuition with Christine, then took the receipt down to Chelsea.

Went to meet KR at her new home. I picked up lattes on the way for us.

Toured KR's new home, then we decided to eat at Pita before our massages.

Massages at 2:30, I had Melissa and KR had Rebecca. Then at 3:30, we drove to Costco, I got gasoline $1.95 a gallon. We got a PARKING SPOT in the front of Costco! Got KR's bed frame and some flashlights for Xmas presents.

Drove to Fred Meyer to shop. Could not find anything for KR. Prices were expensive.

Then I drove KR back home. We got lost turning into a neighborhood, but saw pretty Xmas lights.

Dropped her at her new home. I drove home.

At home, I got mail. Then gave sausage to the dogs. Unloaded the Jeep. I was very tired & sore from massages.

KR finally got home at 9PM. Hubby came up from the shop at 9:30. We watched tv for a while, then went to bed.


Got up at 8:30. I made eggs for the dogs. KR got up. She loaded stuff into the Dodge to unload at her new home.

Then I went to get nails done at Deralee's at 10AM.

Came home and did homework. Did laundry, did dishes.

Went to Clinic for work at 4:45PM. Stopped in Rathdrum to drop off check at bank there.

At Clinic, Leticia had been doing a business hour so she had gotten everything ready for everybody.

I set up my bed in Room 4. Had 2 clients, first one wanted a relaxing massage and left a tip on the bed, I had to chase her down on the stairs to return it to her.

Then 2nd guy wanted DEEP TISSUE. I really dug into him and he said I found all the knots.

3rd client was side by side no show. Had physical issues and rescheduled.

I left Clinic at 8:30 after cleaning up.

Hubby had texted me to pick him up in Post Falls, so I called him and he finally called back. I washed the Jeep at the Car Wash and then waited for him. He brought a vehicle to the CDA Car Sales in Post Falls on Seltice. Then we went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was ok. Not good anymore, but hubby still likes going there.

Hubby almost fell asleep in the Jeep on the way home. I was exhausted.

Went to bed at midnight.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015



Got up early and left at 7:30.

I drove to Post Falls, but could not find Tom's shop. So I called hubby and he said it was further out on Seltice.

Hubby parked there and put on his flashers so I could see him. Then Jen drove in a few minutes later. She left her car with Tom and I drove her to get a latte at the place in front of the bowling alley. Then we drove to school.

I went to class with Jen to make up 1 hour. Nick got there to make up with me.

Andrea brought in my last 2 tests in Kines so that I could correct them. That wasted time that I should have been studying the Chinese Medicine for our first quiz in that class today.

Finally got done and I went to other class. Nobody came until much later.

We took the quiz. I got 18/20. Not bad for the first quiz.

Then Pam lectured for 1 hour and graded tests. We talked her into giving us training on massage.

I left at 12:55 so I could get to Slick Rock and sit in the dry sauna. I sat in there for 20 minutes. Then drove back to school and signed into Clinic to get my massages.

Taylor massaged me first. Lighthanded, very warm hands. Lots of Lomi/Lomi flowing strokes. Then Leticia came in and gave me quite a work-out. She stretched my arms, my shoulders.

I felt better than I ever have!

Jen was waiting in the classroom, I drove her to Tom's. He was going to order the part for her.

So I dropped her off and drove off. Called KR and had to drive over to CDA to meet her and pay for the dog grooming as they don't take credit cards.

I met her there. Talked to Apryl for a few minutes. KR loaded the dogs into the Dodge and drove off. I drove back to Post Falls and got a Pita salad. Then drove home.

At home, I unloaded all my school stuff, talked to KR, ate my salad.

KR loaded some stuff into the Dodge so she could take it over to her new house and unload it.

I watched tv, washed laundry, vacuumed. Studied for test in A&P tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015



Got up and felt like crap. Hubby left early at 6:30.

It was raining again today. Violently raining.

I left for school at 8:15. Drove to school and got there by 8:45. Made up 1 hour in Kines class with Carol. Nick was there.

At 9:50, I went down to Horizon and deposited the check.

Took forever to get the check deposited and put holds on the "large amount of the check"!

Explained to the bank teller that we would be getting more life insurance checks because my husband's father had died.

So I drove back up to school and joined the class for Medical Massage.

KR had texted me that the Electricity was out at the house, so I had to communicated with Kootenai Electric that we had another outage.

The Admin came in to talk with us at 12:00. Which cut into our time for Medical Massage.

I made appointments with Christine upstairs for massage tomorrow after school and on Thursday after school.

KR met me outside after class. She hugged Nick hello. Then we drove the Jeep to drop off her $800 move-in early consideration check at the Realtor's office on Northwest Blvd. We drove back to the school to pick up the Dodge because it was too windy to take the Jeep.

KR Dropping off payment to Realtor

Drove to the Valley Mall and shopped at HM, Bath & Body. Drove back to Post Falls where I picked up the Jeep. Got a burger at Jack-in-the-Box, and burgers with a salad at Wendy's.

I drove home. No mail - they had delivered it to the house. KR came in the house right after me.

I turned on the blue lights outside over the garage doors. The electricity was back on, finally. Gave dogs burgers.

I had snack, then took a nap. I was exhausted.

Hubby came home at 7:30.

He brought home a pizza for KR and himself.

Went to bed at 11PM.

Monday, December 07, 2015

Xmas Shopping Monday


Since I was advised on Saturday afternoon by the Clinic supervisor that I had no clients to massage at all today, I slept in until 9:30.

I was still hurting really bad.

Got up and dressed. Made eggs for dogs.

KR was getting ready in the bathroom. We left to go shopping at 11:30.

It was RAINING hard all day.

Stopped to get lattes at Jitterz on Miles. Then drove to Target to shop. Had to go off-road the back way because the cars were backed up on Government way. Did not want to wait.

Got lots of stuff at Target and KR used her 20% off and rebates to get us over $200 off from $630 to $419 for everything. She got dinnerware, lots of new decor, I got hubby a Bose speaker for Xmas.

Then we went to get gasoline at Costco. Took $500 earnest money to drop off at Realtors down at Riverstone.

KR's New HOME!

Took the Jeep over to Safelite, but they had no open space to look at it. The guy said to bring it back in 1 hour.

KR was hungry and wanted soup, so we went to Olive Garden. I saw Emily there, working at the Take Out desk. I went over and talked to her.

KR and I went to shop at Walmart. Then we drove home.

The Annuity check was in the mail when we got home. That was nice.

KR unloaded all the stuff into the basement.

UPS came. I gave them their Bonus checks.

We watched tv until hubby came home.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

trigger point saturday & sunday


got up for class at 7AM. Left by 8:00. stopped to get lattes at Jitterz in Rathdrum.

i was so excited for this class, but it did not feature the trigger point therapy that we were told would happen. it was general massage, without us learning anything new.

partnered up with panda and katie.

we lunched at 1:00 to Nate's. Emily, Nick, Mark, Panda, and I went down.

the class was held from 9am - 6pm. it was a beautiful sunny day outside.

hubby came to pick me up after class in the Excursion. we drove to Spokane for the Christmas Latin Hot Jazz at the Bing. We were both hungry, but had no time to go anyplace.

we got a couple glasses of wine and junior mints before the concert.

seated in the concert pit area, the seats were too small and it was TOO HOT in the auditorium. we left at the first intermission.

drove home in the dark.


hubby drove in to school with me this morning. we stopped to get lattes in rathdrum at jitterz.

then we went to dugout donuts to get a couple assorted dozen donuts for everybody at class. i had also brought along the book that i had purchased for Panda, along with the salt lamp that i gave to Taylor.

i went in to the class with everything.

hubby left to go shopping at lowes. then he went to do more xmas shopping.

i realized that i had no contact in today. so had to use my glasses, also had left my purse at home, so i had no money for lunch.

hubby came to pick me up at lunch at 1PM, we went to mexican food on seltice. ran into Mark and Nick there.

instead of going back to class, i skipped the rest of the class. it was SO boring.

drove to Don's and dropped off the axles. got lattes, then went to look at property south spokane.

drove back to school to pick up hubby's excursion. then we drove to super one in rathdrum to get some groceries and honey.

drove home.

loaded dogs up in the excursion down at the shop. hubby had forgotten to come up to the house so we could walk dogs. kr and i took all the dogs down to the shop and loaded them in the truck.

drove to the park. they had closed all the roads. assholes. we parked in the horse area and walked thru the park twice. on the way out, my cell phone light failed and hubby was ahead of me. i did not see the parking log and fell over it onto my hands, knees, and face.

i was hurting back. hubby drove home and put me in a hot bath. took some painkillers and drank a couple kahlua & creams. went to bed early.

Friday, December 04, 2015

last day of the week


did not sleep well last night. barely heard hubby leaving at 7AM. ben jumped into bed with me and stayed with me until i got up at 9AM.

changed dog water & food.

kr was in a bad mood.

i made breakfast for me & kr. i knew she would complain if i made some just for me. i made eggs with cheese and fried some sausage.

then i started working on homework. ordered earrings from etsy that i had been looking at for the past few days.

ordered some jeans from american eagle and a flannel shirt from kohls. ordered some perfume from lancome.

ups & fed ex came with packages. then the usps delivered boxes & mail to the house.

kr went to get groceries.

i did laundry, dumped garbage, did more homework.

the guy came to change the windshield on the jeep. he did it while the jeep was parked in the garage.

kr came home while he was in the middle of changing the windshield. i helped her unload & put away groceries.

i mentioned to kr that i had put up xmas decorations while she was gone. she went nuts & tore down the pictures on the mantle, then stomped downstairs.

i left for clinic work at 4:45PM.

met hubby & dave, brandon at jack-in-the-box. talked to them a while. then went to clinic. mark was already there. i got ready with sheets & hot towels.

did a 50 minute massage, then a 90 minute massage. the woman said i had 'healing hands'.

cleaned up and left at 8:40. courtnee had done a side-by-side with me and she left at the same time.

drove to get a burger at jack-in-the-box then drove home.

kr was still in a bad mood.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Wed & Thur School


Got up at 7AM. Dressed and ready for school. It was snowing, so had to take longer to get to school. At school by 8:45AM. Made up 1 hour in Jen's class with Nick.

Then we went over to Pam's Traditional Chinese Medicine Class in the clinic room. Late comers finally got in at 10:15AM. Pam was talking with us about the storm & the Thanksgiving break.

We went over our homework and how to do it. Then we went over more of the first section. Pam handed out next week's section. We are to have a quiz over it next week.

After class was done, I left school and drove to get burgers at Jack-In-The-Box. They are running a Onion & Cheddar burger special.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked up a latte for KR.

Came home and got the mail. Lots of boxes for KR in the post box. Then another box in the garage.

I worked on my Traditional Chinese Medicine homework from the time I got home until 7PM.

Hubby came home after working 2 hours OT.

Bravo barked all night long.


Bravo barked outside all night long. I had to get up this morning and shut the dog door to keep him inside. Hubby had left the dryer going and it was noisy, so I had to get up and turn that off.

Got up at 7:15AM. Really did not want to go in to school. Dressed & got ready.

Drove to school. Got there at 8:45AM. Sat in on 1 hour for make-up class in Pam's Pathology.

Then went in Room #4 for our class with Jen for A&P. We went over Lymph System Chapter 17. After we were done, we got our schedules that had just come out. Set up tables and worked on sub-scap work. I just took off my sweater and left my bra on. I have no modesty in front of the class anymore. Jen worked on my shoulder to show everybody. It made my shoulder feel better, but I got up and was instantly dizzy & listing to the left while walking down the hallway to get water. Ate some of the cashews that Panda had brought for me.

After school, I got a Pita salad. Then drove to Rathdrum and got a latte for KR. Stopped at Stein's to get honey roasted cashews, but they did not have any so I got peanuts instead. Purchased tree decorations for this year. Little lighted snowmen.

KR went into town with the Dodge to go look at homes with Nate, the Realtor.

Katrina, the UPS driver and her assistant came with packages. I gave them chocolate bars.

The Fed Ex guy came with a delivery. I gave him a chocolate bar.

I took Bravo to the Vet at 5PM to check on his stomach rash. Dr Mike gave us Prednisone for allergies. 

Hubby came home at 6PM and stayed at the shop until 9PM. KR came back from looking at houses at 6:30PM.

I paid bills online.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Another School Day


Got up at 715AM for school.

Left with KR to take the Dodge into the Detailer's - Pat. Left it there, KR rode with me in the Jeep to Jitterz on Miles to get latte.

Then we drove over to School, listening to Xmas music.

KR dropped me off at school. I made up 1 hour in class from 9-10. I managed to study a little for the Adductor Group Muscles. Then went to Kines class. The teacher let us study a few more minutes in class. We also went over the information again.

I got a 95% on the test. Which is really great because I barely had a chance to study.

We went over the Lateral Rotators of the Leg. Then we broke out tables and did palpations.

At end of class 12:45, KR came to pick me up. She had taken the Jeep over to the dealership & got the oil changed.

Then KR visited the Townhome that she wants to purchase. She also went to Target to pick up all the new appliances she purchased during Black Friday sales.

We drove to get burgers for the dogs at Wendy's and picked up a Cheddar cheeseburger with Onions at Jack In The Box for hubby.

At Jack in The Box with crack in windshield of Jeep

Drove to the Highlands to look at the property for $75,000 on 1 acre in the gated community.

Drove to Hayden to see if the Dodge was cleaned yet. It was not ready so we came home.

Got the mail.

KR fed the deer. I gave the dogs fresh water & food.

KR's Pre-Qual letter came via Fed Ex this afternoon. Then her brand new TV came delivered by UPS - Katrina & an assistant.

KR went out with her friend Petah, she picked up the Dodge and brought it home from the Detailer's.

Hubby got home at 7PM.

Went to bed at 10PM.