Sunday, December 27, 2015

KR & Install Doggy Door


Up at 7AM because hubby was already up. My knee was hurting intensely.

I sat on the couch with Bud, hubby covered me up with the t-shirt blanket. I slept until 9AM. Hubby got up at 8AM and fed the dogs egg breakfast. I slept on the couch until 9AM.

I ordered KEEN hiking boots for the snowshoes.

We got dressed and loaded KR's dresser into the Excursion. Loaded the dogs.

Drove to Jitterz on Miles in CDA for lattes; they made hubby's order wrong. Stopped at Costco to pick up snowshoes for KR. Hubby stopped on the way out to talk to tire rep about tires for Dually. Then went to Super Supplements in CDA to look for Thyroid supplement for me. They did not have Thyroid supplement. Bought pain supplement instead.

At KR's by Noon. Dogs went outside to potty on her patio. Then they drank lots of water. Hubby tried to install towel rack in bathroom, but wrong towel rack.

Then KR started talking about closet system. On sale at Lowe's. We had planned to get one for her and have it installed on New Year's Eve night, but she wanted it NOW.

The doggy door delivered was the wrong size. So instead we packed up dogs and went to Lowe's.

Did not have time to walk dogs. They sat in the Excursion inside of the store at Lowe's. We got the closet system for KR (early bday present) and bought new doggy door.

At Target, there was a line, so KR did not want to get her new phone. She picked up her order instead and we put it into the back of the Excursion.

She walked Bravo because he had to potty.

Then we drove back to her house and unloaded everything. My knee was REALLY bothering me and I had another severe bout of dizziness. So I just sat on the couch. Everybody was grouchy because we had not eaten.

So hubby and I left, drove home. Got milk on the way.

At home, we ate and sat by the fireplace watching Mysteries of the Castle on television.

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