Friday, December 18, 2015

Busy, Busy Day


slept late

hubby had the day off

drove to spirit lake for lattes. threw them away - they were awful.

drove to rathdrum jitterz to get lattes.

dog walk in the park. snowing. parked in the ranger station parking lot; walked around the cross country ski area.

packed up KR's stuff, drove to town to look at townhome. went to KR's afterwards. had lunch at pita pit afterwards.

drove back home.

hubby plowed snowed. it had snowed about 8 inches.

i got ready for clinic work.

hubby drove me in to post falls aicm for clinic work. christine had already gotten everything ready for me. i left penguin sweater at school for somebody to wear.

i worked from 6-9. hubby came to pick me up. 

we drove around looking at xmas lights. i was depressed. not fun.

we drove home. i was exhausted and went to bed.

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