Friday, December 11, 2015

More Massage Thursday & Friday


Got up and did not want to go into school. Was quite tired.

I dressed and got ready. Then drove to Post Falls. Picked up a couple breakfast croissant sandwiches.

I walked in at 9:00. Nick walked in later.

Pam marked us in for make-up class. I shared a sandwich with Nick.

We studied. Nick did homework. He copied my Med Term Book.

Once we were done with make-up hour, went to Room 4 for A&P. Jen was already there.

I sat beside Panda. We studied some more.

Took our test. I only missed 3 out of 35. Not bad for difficult chapter.

We discussed SOAP notes for 1.5 hours.

After school at 1PM, I went upstairs to pay $ for tuition with Christine, then took the receipt down to Chelsea.

Went to meet KR at her new home. I picked up lattes on the way for us.

Toured KR's new home, then we decided to eat at Pita before our massages.

Massages at 2:30, I had Melissa and KR had Rebecca. Then at 3:30, we drove to Costco, I got gasoline $1.95 a gallon. We got a PARKING SPOT in the front of Costco! Got KR's bed frame and some flashlights for Xmas presents.

Drove to Fred Meyer to shop. Could not find anything for KR. Prices were expensive.

Then I drove KR back home. We got lost turning into a neighborhood, but saw pretty Xmas lights.

Dropped her at her new home. I drove home.

At home, I got mail. Then gave sausage to the dogs. Unloaded the Jeep. I was very tired & sore from massages.

KR finally got home at 9PM. Hubby came up from the shop at 9:30. We watched tv for a while, then went to bed.


Got up at 8:30. I made eggs for the dogs. KR got up. She loaded stuff into the Dodge to unload at her new home.

Then I went to get nails done at Deralee's at 10AM.

Came home and did homework. Did laundry, did dishes.

Went to Clinic for work at 4:45PM. Stopped in Rathdrum to drop off check at bank there.

At Clinic, Leticia had been doing a business hour so she had gotten everything ready for everybody.

I set up my bed in Room 4. Had 2 clients, first one wanted a relaxing massage and left a tip on the bed, I had to chase her down on the stairs to return it to her.

Then 2nd guy wanted DEEP TISSUE. I really dug into him and he said I found all the knots.

3rd client was side by side no show. Had physical issues and rescheduled.

I left Clinic at 8:30 after cleaning up.

Hubby had texted me to pick him up in Post Falls, so I called him and he finally called back. I washed the Jeep at the Car Wash and then waited for him. He brought a vehicle to the CDA Car Sales in Post Falls on Seltice. Then we went to dinner at Red Lobster. It was ok. Not good anymore, but hubby still likes going there.

Hubby almost fell asleep in the Jeep on the way home. I was exhausted.

Went to bed at midnight.

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