Saturday, December 05, 2015

trigger point saturday & sunday


got up for class at 7AM. Left by 8:00. stopped to get lattes at Jitterz in Rathdrum.

i was so excited for this class, but it did not feature the trigger point therapy that we were told would happen. it was general massage, without us learning anything new.

partnered up with panda and katie.

we lunched at 1:00 to Nate's. Emily, Nick, Mark, Panda, and I went down.

the class was held from 9am - 6pm. it was a beautiful sunny day outside.

hubby came to pick me up after class in the Excursion. we drove to Spokane for the Christmas Latin Hot Jazz at the Bing. We were both hungry, but had no time to go anyplace.

we got a couple glasses of wine and junior mints before the concert.

seated in the concert pit area, the seats were too small and it was TOO HOT in the auditorium. we left at the first intermission.

drove home in the dark.


hubby drove in to school with me this morning. we stopped to get lattes in rathdrum at jitterz.

then we went to dugout donuts to get a couple assorted dozen donuts for everybody at class. i had also brought along the book that i had purchased for Panda, along with the salt lamp that i gave to Taylor.

i went in to the class with everything.

hubby left to go shopping at lowes. then he went to do more xmas shopping.

i realized that i had no contact in today. so had to use my glasses, also had left my purse at home, so i had no money for lunch.

hubby came to pick me up at lunch at 1PM, we went to mexican food on seltice. ran into Mark and Nick there.

instead of going back to class, i skipped the rest of the class. it was SO boring.

drove to Don's and dropped off the axles. got lattes, then went to look at property south spokane.

drove back to school to pick up hubby's excursion. then we drove to super one in rathdrum to get some groceries and honey.

drove home.

loaded dogs up in the excursion down at the shop. hubby had forgotten to come up to the house so we could walk dogs. kr and i took all the dogs down to the shop and loaded them in the truck.

drove to the park. they had closed all the roads. assholes. we parked in the horse area and walked thru the park twice. on the way out, my cell phone light failed and hubby was ahead of me. i did not see the parking log and fell over it onto my hands, knees, and face.

i was hurting back. hubby drove home and put me in a hot bath. took some painkillers and drank a couple kahlua & creams. went to bed early.

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