Friday, December 04, 2015

last day of the week


did not sleep well last night. barely heard hubby leaving at 7AM. ben jumped into bed with me and stayed with me until i got up at 9AM.

changed dog water & food.

kr was in a bad mood.

i made breakfast for me & kr. i knew she would complain if i made some just for me. i made eggs with cheese and fried some sausage.

then i started working on homework. ordered earrings from etsy that i had been looking at for the past few days.

ordered some jeans from american eagle and a flannel shirt from kohls. ordered some perfume from lancome.

ups & fed ex came with packages. then the usps delivered boxes & mail to the house.

kr went to get groceries.

i did laundry, dumped garbage, did more homework.

the guy came to change the windshield on the jeep. he did it while the jeep was parked in the garage.

kr came home while he was in the middle of changing the windshield. i helped her unload & put away groceries.

i mentioned to kr that i had put up xmas decorations while she was gone. she went nuts & tore down the pictures on the mantle, then stomped downstairs.

i left for clinic work at 4:45PM.

met hubby & dave, brandon at jack-in-the-box. talked to them a while. then went to clinic. mark was already there. i got ready with sheets & hot towels.

did a 50 minute massage, then a 90 minute massage. the woman said i had 'healing hands'.

cleaned up and left at 8:40. courtnee had done a side-by-side with me and she left at the same time.

drove to get a burger at jack-in-the-box then drove home.

kr was still in a bad mood.

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