Monday, December 28, 2015



Got up at 6:30am. Hubby had made breakfast for the dogs. I got dressed for Clinic.

We left at 7:45. Met Dave R. down at the shop. He was dropping off parts.

Then hubby drove the Excursion to Rathdrum. He got a latte at Jitterz.

Drove me to Clinic at AICM.

I was in Room 3 with Abby.

Abby was running late, so Amber asked me to get towels & sheets for her.

My schedule changed twice. I was supposed to do a Footbath. I like doing Footbaths. Nice smells and get to talk with people.

But instead, I massaged 4 people.

I cleaned up the area.

Then hubby picked me at 1:15PM. We went to see KR to get the doggy door. I used my key to get in to see if it would work. She was on the phone with the insurance and a job interview.

Hubby returned stuff to Harbor Freight while KR came with me to Super Supplements to get more Arnica Montana. It has done wonders for my pain & stress.

KR came with us downtown to get lunch at a place called SCRATCH. Nice waiter. Too much personal info, tho.

We were all drunk and tired by the time we left. Took the doggy door to UPS to drop off for shipment. Hubby got lottery tickets at the gas station next door. We dropped KR off and then drove home. We were exhausted.

By the time we got home it was 3:45. I fed the dogs some ham and cleaned up their water & food bowls. Both of us collapsed on the couches and took naps until 7PM.

At 7PM, I got up and made dinner. We were both still tired. Watched Xmas CSI show and then went to bed at 11PM.

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