Thursday, December 24, 2015



Got up and dressed. Shoveled the deck.

All sweaty & hot so had to wash my hair. Lights flickered. Don't go out!!! Power went out, then came back on a few minutes later.

I started the dishwasher & did a load of laundry.

Snow Just Won't Quit

I shoveled decks again. Left at 10:00 to drive to Rathdrum. Dropped off Goodwill donation stuff there. Then drove to Jitterz for lattes. Got to KR's at 11:00.

We went to get shampoo, but salon closed. Walmart was too busy. So drove to Liquor Store. LONG LONG line. Got booze.

KR ordered TO GO order from Wah Hing in Rathdrum for our Crab Rangoon. She started talking oriental. It was hilarious!

Drove to Costco. Shopped there. Not too many people there.

Paid too much for crab, lobster & scallops.

Got drinks at KokoPelli, then I took KR home. Unloaded all her stuff from Costco.

I drove to Rathdrum and picked up Crab Rangoon.

Shopped at Super 1. It was horrible. Too many people and no parking spots. Had to park in the snow at the Goodwill truck. Super 1 had cheaper crab & lobster!!!

Had to go across the road to Stein's Grocery to get a cheeseball for KR.

Drove home on  Hwy 41 to Hwy 54. Better road. Cleaner.  Was behind a REALLY slow car.

There was another Power Failure at the house while I was gone. Unloaded groceries. Put everything away. KR got there. She had picked up oriental food from Panda Express. I vacuumed. KR shoveled off the decks for me because I paid her $100 to do it.

I took all my school books downstairs to get them out of the way. Lights were flickering again.

We compared prices for KR to get on our account for her phone. She said she would get a $100 giftcard at Target.

KR and I ate crab rangoon and shrimp from Costco.

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