Sunday, December 13, 2015

sunday and errands everywhere


Got up at 8AM. Made eggs for the dogs.

Took the Jeep and drove to Rathdrum Jitterz for a drink for Hubby.

Then drove to Panera Bread and got breakfast sandwich for hubby and a souffle for me.

Drove to Don's to pick up axles, but they were not home.

Then drove to the Airport to pick up the dodge. Drove back to Spokane Valley Mall to pick up rug for KR at Home Goods. Then hubby had a called from Lucille that they were home. Left the Dodge at Home Goods and drove BACK to Don's in the Jeep and picked up axles.

Then drove back to Home Goods, picked up the Jeep. Both of us drove to CDA. Hubby went to pick up Dave R while I went to the new Maverk in town and got gas, then to Wendy's for dog burgers & salads.

I drove to Pat The Detailer's to pick up Dave R& Hubby. Then we drove home in Jeep.

I gave dog burgers to dogs while hubby & Dave R drove Dave 2.0's Excursion with the trailer to pick up Dave R's Bronco in Spirit Lake and drive it to his home in Hayden.

I watched tv with the dogs and turned on the heat.

Hubby got home at 4:15PM. I put collars on the dogs and sent them out one-by-one so they could load into the truck. Hubby got the rug out of the back of the truck and put it in the garage.

We drove to the park and walked the dogs. We walked over a mile on the roads. Hubby got mixed up and went the wrong way to go back to the truck. He was confused.

On the way back, we stopped at Country Boy cafe to have dinner. Ran into Amy, Chad and kids along with other people they were having dinner.

We came home with leftovers. Gave some to the dogs.

I sat in front of the fireplace to warm up my shoulder & knee. Then put heat pad on knee. It was not helping. Hubby finally put the knee brace on it.

Went to bed at 11:30 after the news.

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