Saturday, January 31, 2015



Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. He said goodbye to Bravo as today is the day that Bravo goes back home!

I got ready around 1:00 and put Bravo in the Jeep after putting down several towels. He was nervous in the car & I forgot to roll a window down. He bounced from from seat, to console, to the back seat!

Drove to Apryl's and dropped him off by 1:30. Then I drove to Post Falls and deposited a check at the Credit Union. Hand washed the car which did not get very clean...

Then drove to Post Falls Findlay to get the Jeep rear passenger window fixed under warranty at 2:30PM. Checked it in and then KRN came to keep me company. Hubby texted that we meet him & Dave at Thomas Hammer coffee. We went and got drinks (I really did not drink mine. Too much sugar & milk). The guys came & talked to us until Findlay called me at 3:30.

KRN & I drove to Costco in CDA to get gas at $1.49/gallon while the guys went back to the yard.

Then KRN and I drove to pick up Bravo at the groomers. I had to write a check for Bravo's grooming as KRN did not have checkbook or cash.

So then we drove to McKenzie River Pizza Co to hang out until hubby got off work. He got there by 5:15PM. We had drinks & pizza.

We left at 6:10 because we had to be at camera class by 6:30. Left hubby's Red Dually at the restaurant and he drove with me. KRN walked Bravo and then said goodbye to us. We left at the same time.

Hubby and I went to camera class. We were 1 minute late after having to stop at the bathrooms first. We endured the end of the class until 8:30 and filled out the class opinion forms. Then drove to Wendy's to get burgers for dogs.

Picked up hubby's truck at the restaurant and drove home.

Fed burgers to dogs at home. It felt lonely without Beebo around.

Went to bed at 10:30PM.


Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

I paid bills online. Then put away dishes & laundry. Fed fish.

The moose came to the house very early. I panicked because I could only see the baby at first, because the mother came from behind the backyard fence! So they stayed for quite a while and ate. I threw out apples for them.

At 10:30, I went down to the USPS in town to obtain Priority Boxes. Then I came home and rolled up the t-shirts to mail them. Took Lil Bit with me. He was a very good dog and sat on the seat with a towel covering it. At 11:30, I took the boxes back to the Post Office and mailed them out.

Then at 1:00, I left to go get my nails done. Tried to drop off Goodwill bag, but they were closed.

I got nails done from 1:30 to 3:00. KRN called me while I was getting my nails done and she was upset after having gotten out of a counseling session.

Stopped on the way home to get dog burgers from McDonalds. Then at Stein's to get dog burgers, apples, and vinegar. Purchased a card for hubby.

Drove to Athol to get a couple lottery tickets for hubby.

KRN called me later after she got home and was very upset. Her driver's side mirror had fallen off & she was distressed and crying. I told her we would take care of it. I finally got her to calm down. She said she would take a bath & watch a movie.

Hubby came home really late; at 8:00PM. He had a really difficult job in Post Falls that took OT.

He had dinner. Then I went to bed at 10:00. He said that he fell asleep on the couch. Came to bed at 1:30AM.


Woke up at 3AM to pee, also rubbed more aloe vera on my hands. Then went back to bed. Forgot that I had even been up! Ambien Walrus.

Then got up at 7AM to make breakfast eggs for dogs & egg sandwich for hubby.

Went to get a latte for hubby. There were 2 cars in line, so we drove around town and the dogs barked at other dogs in town.

After getting latte, I had to stop at the Ranger station to potty. Then we walked dogs in park around the water tower. I was in depressed bad mood because KRN had texted me again this morning. She sounded sad. Hubby told me to snap out of it.

Encountered a log truck. He unloaded his extra "pup" trailer, then sat for a while with his truck idling. Then he backed up into the park. Very odd behavior.

We came home. Hubby went down to shop.

I vacuumed house. Updated the 2015 Boat Registration online. Soaked my feet in vinegar. Put away dishes & laundry.

Took my Jeep down to the shop so hubby could take off the last running board and put on the sideboards. Jack the dog was chasing a mouse at the shop today & playing with it.

I came back home. Then the moose came! I got a really good picture of momma moose. Gave them apples.

Noticed that the deck fence was broken. Told the dogs to stay inside the house until it was fixed. Hubby got home at 6:00pm and fixed the deck fence.

Hubby had dinner of Stuffed Pepper and mashed potatoes. We watched Despicable Me. Texted KRN. Then went to bed at 10:30pm. KRN called hubby around midnight and was upset.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

Hubby left at 7:00 after getting huggies from the dogs.

Then I did 1 hour on elliptical and lifted weights.

Fed the fish.

Went down to get mail twice. The first time I took Ben, Bud, and Bravo.

Checked on the deer food to make sure it was still full.

Did laundry & dishes.

Made Stuffed Peppers for hubby's dinner.

 Cooked hamburger, rice, stuffed peppers,tomatoes, onions

 Bravo watched me work in the kitchen

KRN called me and wanted to have Bravo dropped off at the groomer's tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UPS Delivery Day


Even tho I took my sleeping pill early last night, hubby did not wake me up this morning.

I got up and gave ham pieces to dogs for their breakfast.

Did laundry & dishes. Vacuumed.

UPS brought new camera battery, new 64gb camera memory card, and camera remote shutter release.

I also got a black bathing suit.

Then ordered some more sleep shorts for our vacation. Tried to find my white sandals in the closet. Decided to donate some clothes from the closet. Put clothes in a bag ready to take for donation.

Guy named Jason came to fix our fireplace. I put all the dogs outside so he could work. It was really cold tonight; about 32 degrees. He replaced the one part and the fireplace started. However, it only ran for about 10 minutes. He said that the propane valve was bad & needed to be replaced so he would have to get the part for that & come back. He was here for an hour from 5:00-6:00.

Rotted, rusted fireplace part

Hubby got home late - after 7:00. He had dinner. We watched TV - Outdoor Idaho, Oregon Field Guide, & CSI. Then went to bed after news.

Monday, January 26, 2015



Almost the month of January gone. Cannot believe it went by so fast. Did lots of things already to include in our Xmas card next year!

Got up this morning. Was really tired. Hubby had to repeatedly tell me that it was time to get up! Made egg breakfast for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby with the grand biscuits. Fed the dogs. Fed the fish.

Hubby left and I filled the grain pans for the moose. Bud & Bravo came outside with me to run around in the woods.

Came back inside. KRN called and talked to her for a while. Took a hot bath.

Did dishes & put away laundry.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

SUNDAY & Foggy


Got up and made breakfast eggs for dogs & egg sandwich for hubby. Hubby ate too much so we had to wait until he felt better before we went for a walk.

Drove to town & got him a latte before the walk. The fill-in girl was there and did not make a good drink; it was also too hot to drink.

At the park, we walked by the water tower. It was pretty late, around 10AM. Some dumb woman parked in front of our truck & was texting. Hubby had to beep the horn on the door locks 4 TIMES! Before she moved. Then she parked next to us. It was difficult to load the dogs into the truck. At that very instant, another couple with a dog started walking down the road to us & instead of waiting until we got loaded they kept walking! We finally got the dogs loaded at the last possible second & our dogs wanted to kill the couple that walked RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRUCK WITH THEIR DOG! People are so stupid.

Drove home and changed clothes. Went to the movie in CDA at the Riverstone Movie Theatres. We had to trade in our purchased coupon from Costco to get movie tickets. Then hubby wanted the hearing impaired glasses, but the manager was nowhere to be located. So he did not get the glasses. While hubby waited in line for popcorn, pop & junior mints, I went to the bathroom. Some creepy guy came out of the WOMEN'S bathroom! And then he came back in later while I was there and mumbled...sorry, wrong room! What a creep.

We went in to the movie. It was AWFUL. Boring and long and no plot. Probably the worst movie I have ever seen. It was agony sitting thru 2 hours of American Sniper. I hated it. The worst thing was when people CLAPPED at the end of the it was good? Then some guys yelled "hoo-rah" at the end. Nice to see camaraderie for the military but this movie did not warrant it. The movie lacked substance. Awful acting. 

Hubby left early to go potty. Then I walked out and found him by the door. We walked out into sunshine & 58 degree weather! It was amazing.

Instead of driving directly home to walk the puppies, we stopped at McKenzie River to have dinner. We had drinks, the waitress disappeared for quite a while, and then a crying, snotty-faced baby with a cold sat behind us. Got the bill quickly and got out of there.

We got Wendy's burgers for the dogs and drove quickly home. Around Garwood, it started getting quite foggy. By the time we got home, it was foggy & had dropped to 44 degrees. However, we still got the dogs and went for another walk in the park. I had diarrhea several times in the park; and Maggie started walking quite slowly. 

On the way home, we stopped to get milk at Lil Town. At home we watched a little tv. Hubby fell asleep for an hour while surfing the internet. Then we went to bed at 10:30PM.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Qdoba Poisoning


Got up and made eggs breakfast for dogs, made hubby a cheese egg sandwich. Hubby unloaded the grain and put some out for the moose.

Then I started cleaning around the house.

Took out leftover cereal, walnuts, & raisins to the moose.

The moose never came today.

Bravo is sincerely sad. He heavily sighs in everything that he does. Gets up on the couch. Sigh. Sit on the floor. Sigh. Go to the front door. Sigh. Go outside. Come back inside. Sigh. 

I was bored most of today. Did another hour of elliptical.

Hubby came home around 7:00 after working 2 hours OT. Then we went back into CDA with the grey Dodge because he had to pick up parts at O'Reilly's. Took Ben, Bud, and Lil Bit. We stopped to get gasoline in Hayden. I went inside to get lottery tickets.

We went to Qdoba to have burritos. I had the chicken, hubby had the steak. Ran into guy that KRN went to school with that works down at the Marina. He said "Hi" to hubby.

Got dog burgers at Wendy's then went to O'Reilly's who DID NOT have the parts. Drove home. On the way home, I got really sick. Food poisoning. My stomach was on fire! Barely made it home before I lost everything. Diarrhea & Vomiting. Took a hot bath afterwards and went to bed. It was awful.


Got up and was feeling much better. Stomach was not hurting!

Made cheese eggs for dogs. Hubby had waffles instead.

We drove to get a latte for hubby and went to the park to walk the dogs.

KRN was still have a distressing time and texted me. I had forgotten my cellphone in the Dodge so could not track our walk.

Took bread down to feed the ducks in Bayview.

11:00 at home and Jason came to fix the fireplace. He needs to get another part and will be back Monday.

I was doing laundry, put away dishes.

Hubby finally went down to the shop at 12:30.

I made French Onion soup and Grands Biscuits.

When hubby came home, he had dinner. I still was not feeling very good; my stomach was queasy from the food poisoning. We watched the recorded shows of Archer and went to bed.

Thursday, January 22, 2015



Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Hubby had an egg sandwich. We watched the morning news & weather. Hubby left at 7AM.

I did laundry & dishes. Then a little bit of vacuuming.

Fed the fish. Filled the deer grain.

Got ready to go at 12:00. Took in a bag of Goodwill stuff. School was at lunch in Rathdrum, so I drove the backway to Post Falls instead of taking Hwy 41.

Washed the car at the Car Wash Plaza, then got on the Interstate to blow it off but they were doing road construction. Fortunately, a nice semi truck drive let in a whole line of cars. Thank you semi truck drivers! Got to the DMV at precisely 1PM where KRN & hubby were waiting.

I went potty at the DMV while hubby got the paperwork going. But it had not been transferred yet. So I suggested that the woman do the VIN inspection so I would not have to bring back the vehicle tomorrow.

KRN and I decided on lunch. But Templins does not serve lunch? So we went to GW Hunters instead and got a bowl of soup; and KRN got a tomato soup in a bread bowl.

We left around 2:15pm after pottying again.

I drove to AICM to do the paperwork but the Registrar indicated that 24 hours has to pass before I can fill out the paperwork so I should come back tomorrow. Fortunately, I talked with the Finance Manager and she gave me the paperwork to take home and I will return tomorrow.

Drove home and stopped to get dog burgers on the way at McDonalds.

Dogs had fun eating dog burgers.

I did some more chores and was on my elliptical for 1 hour.

Hubby came home at 7PM after working OT. He talked with Allan Lundberg at the shop. I finally drove down there because he would not answer his phone.

We left shortly thereafter because we had to take the flatbed in to Post Falls. Hubby drove the flatbed to Rathdrum to get gas & I filled up the Jeep at $1.68/gallon! Such cheap gas. Hope it lasts.

After we dropped off the vehicle, hubby jumped in the warm Jeep with me and I drove home. He wanted to go out to eat but it was already 9PM and everything was closed/closing. I convinced him to come home to eat a hearty bowl of tomato soup that I had left over.


Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Hubby had an egg sandwich. We watched the morning news & weather. Hubby left at 6:45AM because he had to stop at the junkyard to drop off parts.

I went out to see if the moose had fed on the hay, but they had not touched it. I spread it out some more.

Around 9AM, the moose came and tried to eat more grain, but we were out. Hubby said that it was too late last night to get it. So instead, I threw out some apples for the moose.

I left at 10:20 to drive to AICM again to sign paperwork and gave it to the Registrar. Had to give hubby paperwork on the Jeep so that he can go back to DMV drove over to West Jester & Seltice.

Logged 500 miles on the brand new Jeep already.

500 Miles on Jeep

On the way back, I got burgers at Wendy's.

Drove all the way home. I am tired of driving into Post Falls. Gave burgers to the dogs at home.

The moose came back at 2:00. They laid down in the snow for quite a long time.

I worked out for an hour on my elliptical.

Lil Bit took some dog food to eat out on the deck in the sunshine.

Lil Bit on deck

It started snowing. I left home at 5:15 to meet hubby at 6:00 at the yard. He had not called me back after his phone cut out early today. I was kinda worried that he was not ok. He finally showed up at the yard and got into the warm Jeep with me.

We stopped to get him a latte at Daybreak Coffee on Prairie. Then we drove to class at NIC. It was still snowing.

Boring 2 hour class. We are not learning much from the teacher. He rambles, shows photo slides, helps privately with other people's cameras. We spent 30 minutes learning "bracketing" when several of our cameras do not even have that function!

We got dog burgers at Wendy's on the way home. Both of us were too tired to do anything else. Hubby was hungry but nothing open at 9PM at night.

At home, I made hot dogs for hubby. We watched the new show Backstrom with Rainn Wilson. Pretty good show.

Went to bed at 10:30.

Left home at 5:30

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Monday AICM Tuesday Nails & Ben Vet

Martin Luther King Day

Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. He left for work.

Warm & rainy. Hubby said it was raining by the time he got to Chilco.

Sun was shining and blue sky.

No moose came by tonight. There were not here last night, either. Pans were still full.

At 2:00, hubby called me so I could meet guy at shop to pick up a Jeep. I drove down there in the Jeep with Bud & Ben running alongside me. There were these stupid old people that had pulled ALL the way into our drive. The woman rolled her window down & said they had a flat tire & had called AAA and that the service driver should be there in 30 minutes. So I left them there.

However, when I was getting ready to leave, I noticed they were still there. After discussing with hubby, I drove down there AGAIN to tell them they would have to move out of the driveway as it was PRIVATE. And that my alarm kept going off because they were in the driveway. The old man started to argue with me and said he could not drive anywhere on the rim. I thought that was very stupid. Who drives a flat tire until it is on the rim? And would you pull into somebody's driveway in town to wait out a service truck? NO. This is a PRIVATE DRIVEWAY. People are so rude. He finally pulled out after I just waited & stared at him for a while. He pulled out into the road and down past the mailbox.

Rude people blocking our driveway

I left at 5:30 and the tow truck was finally there, replacing the flat for them. Duh. Why couldn't they fix their own flat?

Drove to AICM for the Open House at 6PM. Hubby was already there to meet me. We sat through an awkward introduction & tour. They really were not very persuasive or have correct marketing to sell the training. But anyway. I am already registered. Got out of there by 7:30

I followed hubby to the yard. He got in the Jeep with me and left the Dodge in the yard. Picked up dog burgers at Wendy's. Drove home.

At home, we fed burgers to dogs. Watched tv for a while. Went to bed at 10:30.


Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Bravo is still with us. He pigs his food. Ben throws up on the deck after breakfast. Hubby sits for a while watching news. I have to drive him into town because he left the grey Dodge at work last night.

On the way back, I see an exact duplicate of our Jeep at a light in Hayden. Eek!

The MOOSE were here when I got home.

Did laundry & dishes when I returned home. Fed the moose, fed the fish. Changed dog water.

Made bacon.

Rented Lucy and watched it.

KRN called me just as I was leaving home to go get my nails done. Talked to her on car phone.
Went to get my nails done at 12:45. Then got groceries. Honey, bones, chicken, bacon, and tea at Super One.

Then got dog burgers at McDonalds. Drove home.

Received Jeep booklets via UPS.

Jeep Manuals

Gave burgers to dogs. Did laundry.

Made appointment for Finance at AICM when Registrar, Jackie called.

Gave apples to moose. Got better pictures of them from the deck.

Moose eating apples

Took Benjamin in for his appointment at 12:45.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday & Over to Spokane Again


Got up and made cheese eggs for the dogs. Hubby had Eggos this morning for breakfast. (yuck). I told him I would make him pancakes, but he did not want them.

We got ready & took the dogs for a walk in the park. It was HIGHLY windy today. Gusts of about 35MPH?

KRN called and wanted us to come over to Spokane. She had returned home and was upset. So we came home, loaded up the wrong Jeep rails in the back seat and started driving over to Spokane. By the time we got to Rathdrum, she said we did not need to come over.

So we drove to Barton Jeep to return the rails, stopped at McKenzie River Pizza to have lunch. Rangoon for appetizers & Pizza. A football game was on tv.

It was a high of 41 today.

We drove to Walmart in Post Falls by Cabelas to get groceries. Then stopped in Rathdrum to get our first tank of gas in the Jeep and get dog burgers at McDonalds.

The dogs had really missed us by the time we got home at 3PM. We unloaded groceries. Hubby had leftovers & I did laundry, put away clothes, did dishes, made Ben's bed after cleaning all the dog bed covers.

Bravo is still with us.

Bravo after eating breakfast

Decks were completely dry by the time we got home and everything was melting as it was very warm and the wind had taken care of a lot. No moose, though.

We watched To Kill A Mockingbird on TCM tonight.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

To Be Brought Up to Date With The News


Got up and was with Ben in bed. Hubby was downstairs on the couch sleeping. I came downstairs and covered up with a blanket on the couch. Then Maggie came down & hubby had to help her down with the flashlight.

KRN came down at 8:30.

I got up and started making breakfast. Hubby went downstairs to take a shower. The mixer exploded with eggs still mixing in it; they drained everywhere on the cabinet. I had a mess to clean up. Toweled it up, cleaned up with anti-biotic wipes. Started making another batch of scrambled eggs.

Hubby got done with his shower. KRN was ready to go. I got all the dogs fed. Hubby ran down to the shop with the Tan Dually. Some guy is coming between 11-3 to look at the dually for purchase.

So we got in the grey Dodge and drove to Athol. Picked up a latte for hubby. Then drove to the park. Talked to the Ranger to find out where trails are for walking at on the one side of the park. He said animals were prohibited on the ski trail. Walked on the ski/snowshoe trail. Did not break thru the snow & ice pack!

Drove down to Bayview to feed the ducks.On the way, hubby asked KRN if she had seen an eagle up close... and we drove by some scavengers picking at a dead deer on the road when a HUGE EAGLE flew up in front of the truck. We barely missed it by inches. The wingspan was wider than the truck!

Walked down the dock and saw a float home for sale at $189,000! Wow.

Came back by 11:00 and dropped KRN off, she took a bath, washed her hair again and got ready to go powerlifting. She left at 12:30.

The moose momma & baby got here at 11:30 and ate the food. Then they stayed here the rest of the afternoon. Laid down on the snow & slept.

Matt & Nichole came by at 1:00 and brought their lifted jeep. It is stick-shift. I got to test drive it down to Clagstone & back.

After they left, I came back and put away laundry. Moose still here.

Hubby told me to bring Jeep down to install new rock rails & take off running boards. Drove down to shop, but they had given him 2 left side rails. Stupid. We need to drive ALL the way over to Spokane again and return them.

Then we drove to garbage dump for shop garbage & then stopped off at Richie Cole's.

Hubby had me drive Jeep back to house. I put away more clothes. Made tea.

When it was 4:00, hubby came up to the house to get me so we could run into town & get transmission from K.Taylor. We took Bud & Ben with us in the Red Dually that was spewing anti-freeze.

It started snowing as we went into town.

I let the dogs out to play as hubby loaded the transmission. Then we drove over to Big R to get hay & straw for the moose, but they don't offer it there yet. So we bought dog food & a black ice scraper for the Jeep.

Stopped at Wendy's to get burgers for the dogs & then Qdoba for burritos. The dogs stayed in the truck for a few minutes while we ate inside.

We had to shovel snow off the decks because it had snowed about 2 inches. I took a hot bath & we went to bed around 10:30.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day In Day Out


Got up this morning and quietly made breakfast for dogs. Hubby fed Ben in the backroom and I stuffed Bravo in the bathroom to eat.

After hubby left, I took a bath & shaved my legs. I was scared, but stepped on the scale...I lost another 2 pounds. So far have lost 26 pounds. I am so proud of myself. Then I fell asleep on the couch until KRN came down at 8:15AM.

We watched Guardians of the Galaxy at 10:30AM on pay-per-view.

KRN talked to her friend Hala on the phone.

I ordered a blue iPad Air case on Amazon.

Went down to meet a customer at the shop; took Ben & Bud with me; there was no mail when I went down there in the Jeep

I went out to check on deer food, but they have not been eating it. I wish the moose would come here to eat. Maggie, Ben, Bud, and Bravo came outside with me to check on the mail.

Then KRN left at 2:30 to go powerlift & visit her friend.

Hubby came home late. We watched tv for a while.

KRN came home around 9PM and went to bed.


I got up and made breakfast for dogs & egg sandwich for hubby.

KRN was upset, she talked to me until 12:30 and then left to go get her Keratin hair treatment in Spokane.

While she was gone, I vacuumed the house. Cleaned Ben's dog bed pillows. Did laundry & put it away. Did dishes. I got ready to leave at 4:00. Went into town with the Jeep and picked hubby up at Frontier by 4:30. All the guys leaving work marveled over the new Jeep.

Took hubby over to Toro Viejo on Government Way so we could attend the Retirement Party for Don Stroebel. We had one beer each, talked to some people. Saw Dave & Vera at the very end as we were leaving. They were standing by the door. Dave had been working for 48 hours straight & looked very tired. Vera was looking much better after healing from her surgery.

We went to get a latte for hubby at Jitterz, gave the girl a $20 and she gave us change for a $10. Thief. We will never go back to that blonde bitch again. Can't make drinks & steals money. Fucking brat.

So then we drove to class. We were early & sat in the back. Steadily trying to figure out how to photograph things. The class practiced on stuffed animals.

class with teacher Drake

At 8:30, we left class. Got dog burgers at Wendy's and drove home.

KRN was sitting on the recliner, covered in a blanket, and drinking a six-pack of Mike's Strawberry Hard Lemonade.

So we sat around for a while. I took my pill and went to bed.


Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby.

Went with KRN to Spokane Valley Mall to shop. She drove her car. We stopped in Rathdrum and got a latte for her. I purchased a coat at Macy's. We got burritos at Qdoba on the way home. KRN stopped for gasoline. We picked up burgers for dogs at Wendy's.

Hubby came home and worked in shop for a while.

KRN left to go powerlift and then visit her friend in Spokane.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Was too tired to wake up this morning. Had gotten up at 4AM to take Maggie downstairs as she had to go potty outside. Led her down the stairs with a flashlight.

Hubby did not wake me up. I woke up at 8AM and went in the other bedroom to check on KRN.

Then got up out of bed. Gave morning snacks to the dogs.

Did the dishes, did laundry. Fed the deer. Made a Pineapple Upside Down Cake for hubby.

Brought in the dog food.

Paid bills.

I vacuumed house.

Hubby got home at 6:00PM. KRN came with us. Then we loaded up into the Red Dually along with the trailer attached. Drove over to Spokane and picked up a truck 1 block north of Big R. Hubby made us time him for loading - Personal Record of 6 minutes!

Then we drove to Red Robin and had dinner. We all had drinks. I had Kahlua & Cream; hubby had Apple Ale with a shot of Fireball. KRN had a frou-frou drink from the menu. Hubby had a hamburger, as did KRN and I got a chicken spinach wrap. Yum.

We drove to Rathdrum & hubby went inside to get dog burgers. The towed truck was too tall for the drive-thru.

Drove home up Hwy 41 & then on Hwy 54; almost hit a huge MOOSE. KRN yelled at hubby swerved at the last moment.

At home, I fed the dogs. Cleaned up after them. Was SO tired. Went to bed at 10:30.

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Tough Week


Hubby and I got up and made breakfast for dogs. Made a breakfast sandwich for hubby.

He left at 7AM; KRN got up and we decided to go into town and shop.

Took the new Jeep. Stopped on Diagonal to take pictures of it.

2015 Jeep Sahara

Went to Rathdrum and picked up a latte for KRN. Then we drove to CDA and took the iPad in for Best Buy to fix it. There was a nice girl there that fixed it for us.

Then we shopped at ULTA. I got some waterproof brow mousse that KRN recommended along with some hair conditioner. KRN purchased makeup.

Tried to shop at CDA Mall, but they did not have a makeup counter at JCPenny. The mall is very sad. Nobody there. No stores are open. We stopped at the Jewellery Store & fixed my Swarovski necklace!

Went to Big R to get deer & dog food.

Then went to Safeway to get groceries for KRN. I bought a pineapple for hubby's cake.

 Pineapple Upside Down Cake

KRN suggested getting sandwiches at Great Harvest Bread Company.

Afterwards, we got dog burgers at Wendy's and drove home.

At home, KRN let me try her Younique 3D Mascara. I used the brow mousse.

Hubby worked 2 hours OT and did not make it home until 7:30. Then he had a quick snack and went to the shop until 9PM. KRN was already in bed. He came home and I warmed up 1/2 the sandwich along with Tomato Soup.

Went to bed at 10:30.



Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. He was watching a James Garner movie Support Your Local Sheriff on free Cinemax weekend. We waited until that was done before we got ready for a dog walk.

Picked up a latte for hubby in town, then went in Dodge with dogs packed behind seat. Drove around Athol to bark at town dogs; then went to park - had to stop at park entrance because there was too much snow. We walked on the horrible plowed out road and then down to frisbee golf area. I had to use the porta potty. Walking was difficult because snow would break thru and could almost twist your ankle.

Came back home and gave bones to dogs. Changed clothes. Hubby loaded Excursion on trailer while he talked to Tom from North Dakota. Took Bud in with us because he wanted to come so badly. We went to Best Buy in town and returned the iPad Air and got the wifi-cellular iPad Air. Then we drove to Spokane to sell the Excursion at Safeway. We were pulling in there at 1:30 just as the guy got there to buy it. I walked Bud around and almost got run over by a stupid truck.

After we were done, we went over to Barton Jeep to look at the white Jeep Sahara. We met the salesman - John. He was older and scruffy. Hubby was really enthused with the loaded vehicle but they had a Hydro Blue one that was exactly the same and he decided to buy it instead. So we did the paperwork which was relatively simple. We took Bud inside to sit with us because the salesman said it was OK. Bud went around getting petted from everybody. I went to the bathroom and there was no place to hang my coat; I put it on the sink instead. There was an automatic soap dispenser there and when it sensed my coat, it squirted out soap onto my coat! Then I had to wash that off. We had gotten there about 2:30 and we were out by 5:30.

New Jeep

Hubby loaded the Jeep on the trailer. We went over to a little Irish Pub that the salesmen had recommended. O'Doherty's Irish Pub North. At Hawthorne & Division. Hubby had Corned Beef & Cabbage while I had a grilled chicken sandwich. Hubby had beer & I had kahlua/cream. Then KRN met us there. We talked for a while. I drove her car home. Hubby took the dogs & drove home. Saw Joe Holman Sr & Jr on Trent while driving back from Spokane. They were honking at us.

KRN and I drove to Rathdrum to get dog burgers.

When we got home, hubby said the basement door had been open all day. I can't figure it out. Nobody broke in and nothing was stolen. Hubby said the door was not closed all the way.

We turned on the heaters & watched tv for a while. Went to bed at 10:30.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week end


Got up at 8am this morning. Made dog eggs. Made hubby an egg sandwich. Ran out of eggs.

Loaded dogs in grey Dodge.

Went down to get hubby a latte.

Walked dogs in park. Had to park in the horse area. Nobody else around the park! Snow was 1/2 frozen so it was difficult to walk - kept breaking thru the foot of snow.

On the drive back, we went thru towns to let the dogs bark at other dogs.

Came home and unloaded dogs. Took Ben & Bud with us to Rathdrum. Stopped to get groceries - eggs. And then hubby dropped me off at nails 11:15. He went to Best Buy to purchase an iPad Air.

When he got back, he had stopped at the latte stand. What a sweetie.

Got burgers at McDonalds.

Came back home, unloaded groceries. Fed dog burgers. Put away groceries. Put away clothes. Put away dishes. Fed deer.

Hubby had to go pick up a truck at Kelso Lake with Tim & Larry. He said the owner had to put a driveshaft in the truck before they could load it on the trailer.

Around 6PM, hubby came home. We watched tv for a while - HBO, Showtime, & Cinemax was giving away a free weekend.

Went to bed at 10:30PM.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Just Another Friday


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Purchase (NOT) Jeep


Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby.

After hubby left I fed fish, fed deer, did laundry, & did dishes.

Emailed paperwork to Angie at bank.

Hubby called a couple times. He deposited check. Said the bank had told him we had a fraud attempt against our account. We did not know anything about this.

I drove into town at 4:00; got to the yard at 4:30. Hubby was at the bank, so I drove over there with the Excursion. It took another 1/2 to get all the paperwork together & issue the check. Angie was very helpful.

We drove back to the yard and left hubby's work truck. Then we drove over to Detailer Pat's to drop off the Excursion. He will detail it tonight.

Got everything moved into the Tan Dually and rushed down to the dealership. I had to pee while hubby started the paperwork for ownership. He handed over the check.

Hubby had called the dealership service manager earlier in the day and had been advised that the performance chip voided the factory warranty. So he was concerned about this.

There was a major problem with the performance chip & not receiving the factory warranty. The dealership had taken off the chip and "put it back into stock"; they were not going to refund us the chip & then it sounded like they were going to give us an insurance warranty, not the factory warranty. Hubby said he would not take that. We got our checks back and left.

Hubby was VERY upset, but we went to our first camera class. It was confusing. The teacher had a tendency to wander on many subjects. I am still not understanding  Aperture, Shutter, and Exposure.

We were very thirsty during class. Need to take drinks next time. Hubby was having difficulty with the room; might have allergies to something. His eyes were watering & he was sneezing.

On the way out, we stopped to potty. Then drove to get drinks. Unfortunately, we stopped at Fedora Pub & Grille only to find out they do NOT have a full bar. Only wine & beer. Hubby got a beer, but I just had water. He ordered appetizer of Hummus, cucumbers, feta cheese, roma tomatoes, roasted peppers, olive tapenade, served with grilled pita bread.

We left and got burgers at Wendy's for the dogs. Then drove home.

At home, hubby had magazines to read. He was frustrated and did not want to look for new cars anymore on the computer.

We went to bed at 11:30.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015



Got up this morning not feeling as tired as I have been in the mornings. I think the key is to take my sleeping pill earlier in the night; around 10PM.

Made cheese eggs for the dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby. Hubby got out of the house late today - around 7:10AM.

Then I did the laundry & dishes.

Fed the deer - Ben & Bud & Maggie came outside with me and ran into the woods.

I put the dogs inside then went down to get the mail; Mark & Jack drove in to the shop.

I took clean fresh water in a gallon jug & some ham down to the shop for Jack.

Made baked chicken; made BBQ chicken.

The UPS delivered our check.

Hubby came home to pick me up at 6PM. We drove into town with the tan dually; went to the dealership again to test drive the OTHER Polar edition Jeep Wrangler. It was much better according to hubby. Better tires, less mileage, and newer.

signing paperwork

So we made the deal with Garrett who said that he would share the commission with his cousin Logan at Dave Smith Kellogg that hubby had been talking with all week. Trade-in for the tan dually was negotiated at a fair price. But hubby forgot to bring in the title with us, so he will have to complete the deal tomorrow.

Jeep Wrangler Polar edition with Rubicon tires

After signing all the paperwork, we stopped at Wendy's on the way home to get burgers for dogs. And then stopped at Albertsons to get laundry detergent, bread & some hot wings for hubby.

At home, I fed burgers to dogs & put away groceries. Hubby went over the paperwork again. Went to bed at 10:30.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

January Boring


Could not wake up today. Hubby had to yell at me.

Finally got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. Hubby sat around until 7AM before he left for work.

I fell back to sleep on the couch for a couple hours. Then got up and did laundry & dishes.

Fed the deer.

Hubby got home at 7:30PM after stopping at Dave Smith Motors to try to do a deal.

We looked online for vehicles again. Filled out 1099 info, listed a few vehicles on Craigslist.

Went to bed at 11:00.


Could not wake up today. Hubby had to yell at me.

Finally got up and made cheese eggs for dogs. Made egg sandwich for hubby. Hubby sat around until 7AM before he left for work.

I still could not wake up properly. Then I was feeling odd and canceled my nail appointment. Re-scheduled it for later in the week.

At 9:00AM, my daughter texted and came over by 10:30. She arrived at the same time that Joe was plowing the driveway.

A young couple came to look at the Excursion along with their 2 daughters. They took it for a test drive.

KRN and I talked all day then she went home at 5:00. 

Hubby came home at 7:00 after working a couple hours OT. He watched tv for a while, then went down to get the Tan dually at 8PM. I took him down there in the Excursion. I came back home and made chicken & onions along with a side of wild rice. Hubby came back at 9PM. He ate dinner. We went to bed at 10:30.

Sunday, January 04, 2015



Got up and made cheese eggs for dogs; made egg sandwich for hubby.

We drove to A-town and got horrible lattes; then took the dogs to park for a walk in the woods thru the campground. Snow was deep and it was starting to snow again.

Came back home and dropped off Maggie & Lil Bit. Took Ben & Bud with us up to the Sagle Dodge Dealer to look at another Jeep Rubicon. Hubby started ranting about cars on the way back and I just got upset. Refused to talk to him. When he got home, he looked up the Polar Edition online and could see that it was the vehicle he wanted.

Hubby shoveled off the decks, then went out to feed the deer. It was snowing even more now.

We decided to go pick up the axles from Don & Lucille. We took Ben & Lil Bit with us. Bud was mad that he had to stay home.

We stopped in Rathdrum to pick up lattes. Hubby is really addicted to caffeine. Snow in Spokane was really bad. The roads had not been plowed. Hubby drove the Bigelow Gulch road, which was REALLY slippery and snowy. We decided to come home a different way.

I talked to Lucille a little bit and it got dark while we were there. We walked the dogs in the snow so they could potty.

Hubby called the salesman Garrett at Dave Smith Dodge in CDA so that he could put a deposit on the Jeep Rubicon.

At 4:00, we finally came home. Hubby was hungry, so we detoured over to 5 Guys Burgers because he wanted a hamburger. Then we drove home thru Rathdrum again to pick up burgers at McDonalds for the dogs. It was really dark now, not many cars on the road at all. Quite a winter snow storm! Diagonal was really slow going. Hubby could only go about 35 in the snow & wind.

Finally got home and gave burgers to the dogs. Shoveled the decks again. Snow coming down heavy. I think we got over 20 inches.

Went to bed around 10:30 after the news.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

A New Snow Day


Got up out of bed and hubby was already downstairs on the couch with Bud & Lil Bit. Bit had left the bed in the middle of the night.

Hubby started making eggs along with the leftover dog grog. We fed the dogs. Yum. Then watched a home improvement tv show while hubby got dressed.

Drove to get lattes; took dogs down for a walk in the park. We walked on the West side where the ranger had driven thru. Easier to walk thru deep snow in tire tracks. Had to park the Excursion on the outside of the park. They already have the gates shut now.

I had diarrhea because of the latte. It was awful. Bud liked romping thru the deep snow.

We drove to Bayview to feed ducks, but found no geese or ducks down there. Speculated that maybe they are hiding because of the bad weather coming?

Saw lots of eagles! I got a picture with my DSLR camera.

Eagle in Bayview

On the way home, hubby called O'Reilley's Auto Parts to order a steering box for the Excursion. He worked with Mark at the shop to put that on while I went home with the dogs and cleaned the house.

Fed the deer.

Then I took the Red Dually with Bud & Ben in the back seat down to the shop and picked hubby up so we could go into Post Falls and test drive the Blue Jeep Cherokee owned by Randy at Les Schwab. Hubby had to stop at Jitterz and get another latte! Caffeine habit! We had to eat at Willie's BBQ because Randy had gone to lunch. Then we went back and test drove it. I did not like it because the steering was sloppy.

I remembered we had to stop at Ziggy's to pick up the final piece for the basement pellet stove. Went in the store to potty while hubby paid for the pipe. We drove home along snowy Diagonal.

At home, I dropped off hubby at the shop. He worked on repairing the steering on the Excursion for a while, then came to the house with the Excursion so that we could drive Mark & his dog Jack home.

I got in the front seat and we drove to CDA & dropped Mark & Jack off. Then we had to go get lattes again at Jitterz. It took the stupid blonde girl 3 times to get my drink correctly. The third time, she ran in the back of the store and made the other girl fix it.

Hubby wanted to go look at Jeep Rubicons at Dave Smith Motors, so we drove over there. Met Garrett, the salesman there and drove 2 Jeeps with him. Looked a couple others. Hubby was enthused about this polar ice blue edition 2014 because he wanted a bigger rear end if we were going to purchase one. The blue one drove really well, was fully loaded, and sound-proofed. I really liked it. Low mileage, too.

At 6:15, we finally left and went over to Best Buy because I finally talked hubby into getting a iPad. He said we really needed it because the iPhones are too small for internet searching. There was a virus on the iPad mini and a salesman came over to fix it, but hubby obviously liked the size of the iPad Air a lot better. We will add one to our Verizon account.

Picked up burgers at Wendy's for the dogs. Drove home and gave them burgers. Watched tv & I went to bed at 11:00. Hubby had problems sleeping and did not come to bed until 2:30.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Post New Year's Day


Wow. This year is really passing fast!

Got up at 8AM and made cheese eggs for dogs & an egg sandwich for hubby.

We then left the dogs home with bones; we drove to Rathdrum to get Jitterz Lattes. Went to Post Falls to target shoot our guns at Center Target Sports.

Hubby had to purchase hearing protection for us, plastic eye protection, and a holster for my purse. He also got a sale for another Ammo Case to store all our new stuff. We practiced for about 45 minutes. One of the shots was a "dud" and we had the repair guy come in to make sure it was ok; the bullet was still in the barrel. The guy dug it out and it was safe to carry. He said it was probably just very old ammo.

From there we went over to the Dodge dealer in Post Falls to check out a Jeep Rubicon. I was not enthused so we left. The salesman was not very good - tried to talk us into a minivan!

We went to CDA and got deer food & more ammo at (the former) Big R. Then we drove over to the Ford dealer because hubby wanted to see the 2014 F150 FX4. I really liked them. The salesman was very nice.

So we decided to go eat & get warm because standing outside in the snowstorm had made us so cold. We went to McKenzie River Pizza company. I had a hot coffee & kahlua along with a drink called a Mooove Milk. Got a Gyro pizza which was the special. Hubby had a beer. We talked about what we should purchase for a new vehicle.

After lunch, we stopped at Wendy's to get dog burgers. Then we drove home. Called Joe Holman to go test drive his Jeep with the lift & tires.

Went home and changed clothes to go take dogs for a walk. I fed the deer & shoveled off the back deck and out to the driveway. Drove to the park with the dogs. Walked thru the campground. It was about 3:30-4:00 when we walked. Getting dark.

Took the dogs home and dropped them off. Went over to Joe's to test drive his Jeep. It was not too bad. Talked to Joe for a little while when he was in his shop. It was really getting cold so we left about 5:30PM.

Got home & I took a hot bath. Hubby fixed the broken drawer in the bathroom & shoveled the front deck.

We had a little leftover pizza, hubby also warmed up some leftover crab.

Researched buying new vehicles online until read for bed. We are stuck between the Ford F150 FX4 or the Jeep Rubicon.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

HAPPY 2015


Wow. Can't believe another year has come and gone.

Got up at 8:00; had no eggs in house for dogs. So hubby cut up the turkey, added bread, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy. Made a dog grog. Maggie almost tried to kill Lil Bit over a small piece of turkey that had dropped on the floor.

Watched a couple Twilight Zone marathon shows that were still running. Then got dressed & went into Athol. Latte stand was closed so we drove to Rathdrum instead. Hubby has to have his caffeine!

There were MANY cars at Jitterz. We had to wait quite some time. Probably the only espresso stand open around! Afterwards we shopped at Super One to get eggs & other groceries. Dogs waited in the truck.

Drove the long way to the park. Went the backroads. Had to walk in the campground area because lots of people in the park. We walked thru the woods looking for deer & ended up on the frisbee road. Then back to the truck. Looked for eagles at the end of the park but did not see any.

Went to feed 5 ducks and one lone Canadian goose in Bayview. Saw the float home that was tipping over.

Came back home and unloaded groceries. Fed deer. Did laundry. Did dishes. Ben was bleeding - gave him antibiotics for his foot again.

Watched more Twilight Zone marathon! Hubby looked online to find a truck to buy.

Took Ben & Bud with us in the grey Dodge; forgot to take dog leashes. Drove to Spokane; got off at the Valley to get new leashes at the Harbor Freight. Hubby ran inside to get them. I found a short leash & walked Bud. Then hubby came out and we walked both dogs.

Drove to Don & Lucille's to drop off axles. Lucille came back from the museum with her daughter; grandson let us in the house. Then we sat at the table to talk. A neighbor came to visit, then Lucille's daughter in law came, too. Hubby and I left and went to eat at Casa Verde Burrito. Not very good this time - loaded with rice & the girl did not give us the daily discount because it was a special. We will never go here again.

On the way back home, we went to McDonalds in Rathdrum to get dog burgers. Got gas. Then drove home. Bit & Maggie were happy to see us. House was cold. Turned on all the heaters to warm up.

Had a little leftovers for dinner. Watched a little more Twilight Zone. Went to bed at 10PM.