Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Friday night we loaded up some things on boat. Found out that there were problems with boat of water leaking from heating system when hubby drove boat from boat ramp in park to Marina. So us and the kids stayed at our house overnight.

Matt and hubby went down to the Marina early Saturday with Earl to find that a waterline had been drained but not blown. It had frozen & broken during the harsh winter. Need a better boat mechanic next year to winterize it.

So they cleaned it off as best they could. Then KRN and I went down with sandwiches, lattes & rest of boat stuff to load onto boat. Matt drove their car to Bayview while KRN came with me in the FMF. The wind was blowing so horribly that hubby almost hit the breakwater obstacles...

Piloting boat to Bayview

Hubby fueled up at the Marina, but forgot to put fresh water on boat. Kids stayed with us on the boat until late afternoon, then Matt ran to Bayview to get their car so they could leave.

We stayed on the boat overnight Saturday. On Sunday morning, Bud and I walked to the Marina to pick up the FMF so we could drive to town to get groceries. It was a very nice morning and the walk was relaxing.
 Walking to FMF

Hubby and I went home, said HI to the puppies at home. Cleaned up at home. Hubby took a nap. I made lattes. Then we went to Big R for hardware for boat grille and WalMart for groceries. We came back and packed up then drove to park in Dodge and unloaded more stuff when we parked at the top of the boat dock in Buttonhook group camping.

Bud fell in the water when we were bringing supplies down. The guys at the dock helped pulled him out, but he fell on me and soaked me. I had no more jeans to wear for the weekend. Boo. Also smelled of fishy lake water & my hair icked out! Bud rested after his dunking.

Bud resting on boat

Went to have drinks on huge 54 foot boat late Sunday night. Was very nice to meet new friends. Then left around midnight.

Monday morning everybody was again drinking & had breakfast on boats. We kept to ourselves and had breakfast then walked Bud. Hubby installed the stand for the grille and we roasted Brats on our new grille!
 Hubby installing grille
Wind, rain, & dark clouds came up around noon & people started leaving. Most of them had to drive back to Spokane. We stayed until late in afternoon. Then hubby took boat back to Marina while Bud and I walked up the hill yet again to get the Dodge to drive to Marina to meet hubby.

We unloaded boat and cleaned it up for the weekend. Talked to Gary for a while. Then went home. Washed clothes, Washed dishes. Unloaded truck. We both agreed we needed a vacation from the vacation!

Tuesday hubby was back to work again. It rained in the morning and was cold all day. Cleaned up more stuff around home and picked up lots of dog poo in back yard. KRN went to Dominic to get her hair cut. She made an appointment for me.

Wednesday I went to see Rhonda to fix a toenail and tanned while I was there. Got cheeseburgers for the dogs & picked up my drugs prescribed from when I went to doctor.

Went tanning at 12:45. Stopped at Super One for groceries. Burgers for dogs at McD's. Then home again. Cloudy & rainy. Boo.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost Friday

Jeepster was rolling around in the drive when hubby and I left this morning.

oh... Hello. How long have you been there?

KRN and Matt came over with Beebo. I was on my way to get nails done when KRN called. Picked her up at home. She sat with me while I got nails done and then she tanned in a separate bed at the same time I was tanning.

Hubby went to dump with Isabelle & Bud while we were gone. Lots of garbage to throw away...

KRN and I had to pick up parts at NAPA for hubby when we came home.

We grilled KRN's food at home because boat was not ready.

Made another Tin Man. I think this might be our last one.

 Tin Man

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sick Sick Sicker

Hubby had to take care of me for the first couple days of his vacation. Intense pain from food. Slept in bed for all of Monday.

Then scalp pain on right side of head from last week which Dr prescribed Vicodin.

I think we might have walked dogs on Tuesday...but I can't be sure.

Bud was goofing off!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dinner Out & Boat In

Picked up dog poo. Did laundry. Picked up and organized extension cords. Cleaned up garage. Got stuff out for donation / sale.

Drained lower pond.

Went to dump with hubby & Isabelle in Dodge. Cleaned out back of Dodge from dump spillage.

Took dogs for walk in park after hubby had a shower.

Hubby was hungry, so after we dropped dogs off at home we got changed and went to Outback Restaurant in CDA to have steaks because hubby had a $100 gift certificate from Christmas.

Dinner was pretty good. Hubby had to return his Ribeye because it was raw & he ordered well done. ALWAYS have to return to make sure they get it done correctly...

On the way back home, we got cheeseburgers at Wendy's for the dogs.

Colder and partly cloudy. It is supposed to rain all week. I am depressed. I wanted sunshine for our week off on the boat.

Hubby made breakfast. I made french toast for dogs & lattes for us.

Hubby put together fenders & rope for boat.

Got out all the stuff to load on boat & put it on the back deck. Had to bring it in again because RAIN RAIN RAIN.

Hubby plugged in the Dually Diesel so that we could go pick up boat to put it in the lake.

Rained again so no boat in lake. Blurgh.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vote & No More Excursion Excursions

VOTING DAY TUESDAY Mowed dogs lawn until gasoline ran out in the lawnmower. Took a shower. Watered plants. Put hose in front pond to clear out water.

UPS man came & gave him return box for shorts. He had delivered more shoes & the other shorts I ordered.

Got ready to go tan at 1:45PM. At tan, asked Rhonda to fix nail. She had no time, but said tomorrow instead. Tanned & Red Lighted. Then shopped at Super 1. Got more watermelon & milk for lattes.

Came home & unloaded groceries. Balled watermelon & cut up strawberries for hubby. Put away all the food. Started weiners in the bbq sauce in slow cooker.

Hubby came home at 6:30. He changed clothes & had a snack. Went to vote at Timberlake. Then drove to Love's Truck stop in Post Falls to look at junk Excursion. Steering was bad & hubby said not fixable. So no sale.

Stopped to deposit check at Horizon, then got cheeseburgers at Wendy's. Came home to feed dogs. Took Dodge down to A-town to get gasoline for lawnmower. Came home & went to bed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Moyie Mud Bog/Mother's Day

Hubby had FRIDAY off from work so that he could get ready for Moyie Springs Annual Mud Bog.
We walked dogs early in the morning. Hubby helped me clean house. Took lots of things to Goodwill in town, then stopped at Les Schwab in CDA & Post Falls for parts, and NAPA in Rathdrum for parts. Got cheeseburgers for dogs. Then kids came over Friday night. I had bought a roast on Wednesday and we had that in the crockpot all day. Had dinner with KRN after hubby came back from shop. Matt went over to his parent's house for a while to visit.
Bud rests on deck

On SATURDAY, KRN and I took the dogs for a walk in the park. Very nice morning. Cool yet the sun was shining brightly. Fresh, Fresh air!

Then we came home, changed clothes & left all the dogs chewing on new bones that I had bought while we snuck out the back door.

Went to Costco and got dog food, looked at water float things for the boat, and saw Mike Waterhouse in the parking lot even though I didn't recognize him until they drove away (because of the custom license plate!)

On to Lowe's where we got lots and lots and lots of plants! Plus Greg's new DeWalt drill that he wanted. Then we stopped to get lattes. In Rathdrum we picked up cheeseburgers for dogs. Then drove home.

Dogs were happy to see us back. We unloaded everything and had a snack on the back deck. KRN had a dreadful headache all day so she rested. Then we sat on front deck after the shade moved.

Bud is silly

Came inside at night to watch dreadful movie - New Year's. Hubby called and said he had to bring back Hippie Mike's Jeep because it broke. He picked up lattes here that I had made for him. Then he drove to Hippie Mike's home to pick up his Bronco and drove back to Moyie.

Went to bed and guys still not back from Moyie Springs Mud Bog. By 3:33, Lil Bit woke up in bed next to me and had to potty so I let him out and guys came home.

At 8:00 on SUNDAY MOTHER'S DAY, I woke up and make french toast sticks for everybody. Dogs loved them. KRN loved them.

All of us took the dogs for a walk in the park (some stupid jogger had to come within 2 inches of our truck as he jogged by and the dogs snarled & barked at him; why in a park that is THAT big will people walk right next to a vehicle?).

Kids left to return home after the dog walk. But KRN called later when we got home to tell us that she had forgotten her purse. So we packed up the saw at the shop & her purse then drove to Rathdrum to meet them there. We went shopping at Super One there to get milk & watermelon. Then drove home again.

Bud wears daddy's bi-focals

Greg installed water to swamp cooler & turned it on! Sweet air conditioning! Greg ate lunch and rested on couch for a while. Then we sat on front deck for a while. Larry Jr's brother came & hubby went down to shop for a few minutes. We took dogs for another walk at 6:30. By the time we came home, we watched tv for a while and went to bed early.

I was up all night with endo cramps.

On MONDAY, I had to stay in bed to sleep. Got no sleep all night long with cramps. Could not make hubby's drink. Cramped all day. Canceled tanning appointment. Was nice sunshine & warm out today.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Was windy and colder today. Picked up poo. Then paid bills. Got ready to go tanning.

Took Bud with me today. He had been limping around on his right foot, but it seemed better by the time we left.

Tanned. Afterwards got groceries at Super One. Got cheeseburgers for dogs at McDs. Then came home. Unloaded groceries & took a nap. I think I got too much tanning today.

Hubby came home and after a while down at the shop, we walked dogs in park.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Busy Tuesday

Picked up dog poo, Picked up electrical cords.

Refilled deer food in the woods.  Picked up dead branches on the ground. Bud walked around with me, my ever faithful shadow...

Washed my hair & used hot iron to straighten it.

Cleaned & washed FMF on the inside. Windows, Clorox wiped everything.

Changed clothes. Real warm today with sunshine.

Took Bud & Bit with me to town.

Dropped off donation at Goodwill.
Deposited Income Tax Refund checks at bank.
Washed car & got white coffee granita.
Picked up more Bailey's for hubby at Liquor Store.
Got local honey at store on Hayden & 95.

Drove to Rathdrum to get hubby's drug prescription. Showed off Bud to the girls there. They just adored him!
Got cheeseburgers at McDonalds. All the attendants there were going wild over Bud. He is such a great dog.
Went to the high school and took Bit & Bud for a walk. Then gave them water with a cheeseburger.

They waited in the car while I tanned & did red light therapy. Got my nail polish from Rhonda that I had forgotten the other day. Made tanning appointments for the rest of the week.

Drove home & unloaded all the groceries & purchases. Gave dogs their cheeseburgers. Bit & Harriet got baths.

Hubbby came home at 6:00 after getting Dasani water, aspirin & strawberries at Walmart.

He ran down to shop to work for a while.

I ordered new shoes for mother's day on the internet. Paid Propane rental bill. Then ordered Shedding Formula pills for dogs from GNC.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekend Update

NAPA show on May 5. Matt went with hubby. Kids stayed over again. KRN and I spent the day together.

NAPA brochure

RMOR got the logo on the back of the t-shirts. Gave my t-shirt to Matt.

NAPA t-shirts


Friday, May 04, 2012

Reading Baby Book

Hubby had the day off of work so that he could set up the NAPA Off Road event for tomorrow.

I have a nail appointment at 2pm while he does that. The kid will come with me to keep me company while Matt goes with hubby to the Napa event.

So the kid wanted to know why her dad had an appointment with the doctor today at 8:15AM. I told her it was because he needed to refill his pain medication that ran out 2 months ago. And also to discuss Shingles vaccine with the doc because hubby has heard of so many people getting this dangerous virus which is from the Chickenpox disease.

Obviously a lot of baby boomers are under severe stress & what with old age catching up, the hidden virus that stayed in the body all these years comes back in the form of Shingles.

Kid wanted to know if she had Chickenpox. I couldn't remember. Because I. Am. Old.

So I finally found her baby book after 2 hours of looking in the house for it. Because I forgot where it had been stored. Because I. Am. Old.

In the meantime, I found a lot of crap in our house that HAS to GO. Donations & Craigslist here we come...

Finally found said Baby Book. It was in the file cabinet. 12 inches from where I sit at the desk in the library. Next to the computer. But I did not think to look there. Because I. Am. Old.

So reading about the past when she was a baby got me even more depressed. We started out so young, with hopes, dreams, aspirations. Strength. Energy. Optimism.

Now we are old and pray for beloved death. And pray not to hurt or ache anymore. 

And not "pray" exactly. Because I lost religion in there too. Not lost. Abandoned. Abandoned religion. Because it is just too much.

In the meantime, I picked up dog poo. Vacuumed & cleaned the house. (which I am SO deathly sick of doing).

Drank lattes.

Surfed the web.

Played with the dogs.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Horrible Spring Weather

A high of 42 the other day, ice on the deck last night, and snow in the mornings. The weather here SUCKS.

It is difficult to believe that it is really Spring!

KRN keeps telling me that I will be complaining about the heat in another month...

Hubby's new iPhone came today that we ordered for his birthday!

Along with the SUPER HEAVY DUTY Griffin Military Duty Case from Amazon that I ordered, hubby is set for a new phone now. He can drop his phone or even drive over it and it will not get damaged!

I set it up tonight. It took over 2 hours. And even then we did not get his music transferred on to it or get his Contacts organized.

He has over 581 Contacts. They transferred, but not in a such an order that you can actually locate anything. A lot of them are just first names, no addresses. I will have to spend a couple hours every night with his phone to organize them.

But I showed him how it functions. It is a lot easier than his Cranberry. He was already liking a few things about it...