Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Spring

On Friday, I dropped Zeus off at 2PM to get a bath at the groomers-Petco. He smells SO fresh now. I think he likes being clean. I left a note for hubby on his windshield under the wiper. He was surprised to get it after work.

Bud was determined to come with us and even jumped the gate to get out of the backyard. He came sprinting down the driveway after the truck! Fortunately, I saw him & put him in the back of the pickup for the ride with us.

Hubby picked Zeus up after work & came home. All the dogs attacked Zeus with doggie kisses & smells when he came in the house.

I retired early with more tooth pain & painkillers. Saturday morning, the railing guy came by to measure the railings yet again. I can't understand what the problem is. He is supposed to be a professional at this, yet he can't figure the rise on a set of stairs! It's been over 5 months since this first started...

After sleeping in late on Sunday morning, the Kid called to see if we were going dog walking at the park. She joined us along with M who met us in A-town as we were driving down to pick up lattes. This was my first latte in over a week as I have abstained from caffeine lately.

Walked the dogs in the park - Zeus decided he wanted to pull out of his collar & run off. M went to get him. The walk was quite long & fun. Afterwards we came home, the kids helped put stuff out in the garage for spring, washed their new tires & wheels, put garbage in pickup. While hubby & M went to the dump, the Kid made Chili for lunch. After lunch my tooth pain started again and I finally couldn't stand it any longer. The kids had to leave and I doused myself with loads of painkillers & went to bed. Woke up several hours later & watched a little TV with hubby. Then went to bed early again. Ugh. Hope they get the dental insurance figured out soon. So much pain.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Had flowers delivered to KRL-N's work & home. Sent birthday cards to her home via snail-mail. Also emailed a card to her. We also got her favorite - Chocolate Covered Strawberries delivered!

Then on Sunday, we went over to their house to celebrate her birthday. Took her presents - a heart shaped whisk, a heart shaped bottle opener, a fruit tart instead of a cake -HEALTHIER! Gift certificates from Olive Garden & Forever 21, Heart shaped cookies, 4GB pen, chocolate candy in a heart-shaped box, a Valentine's bear, heart shaped helium filled balloons and more cards! Hubby hung up a "Happy Birthday" banner for her outside their house!

Also took some spicy meat sticks for M.N., a couple auto books for him, and Reese's pieces in a heart-shaped box. Didn't want him to feel left out!

MN wanted to eat surf&turf so we took the kids out to lunch at Red Lobster on Division. There was a 45 minute wait so K and I went to DSW Shoes to look around. Then met the guys at the bar. Had a couple drinks. Lunch was good. Lots of seafood. M's parents came to meet the kids while we were halfway through. We had brought Bravo, Bit & Bud and they were completely good kids out in the truck. Bravo went home with his mommy & daddy after a short potty.

It started raining just before lunch. On the way home it was really pouring & cold. Brrr.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lappy is a Pain

Got the desktop compy back. Hate the lappy. It bounces. It deletes. Hate it for typing.

Not sure that I like all the settings that the desktop has on it now. Just got it back from the computer repair. How's come it always acts up just prior to preparing taxes. Had to AGAIN replace the DVD drive. Now instead of two, I have just one working DVD drive. It just gets too expensive to keep replacing them over and over. The computer guys tried to talk hubby into purchasing an altogether NEW computer for the incredibly low price of $1100. my ass. I hate retrieving all the info off the old and putting it on the new one. I would rather limp the old one for a bit longer.

Lil Bit deliberately jumped out of the backseat window of the truck while I went for a latte this morning. With a vehicle oncoming, they stopped and BEEEEEEEEEPed (like I didn't see the dog jump out-duh) I threw the truck into park & jumped out for him. He did not seem to be injured - but I had not seen how he landed. On his butt? On his face? Poor little guy. Bud seemed oblivious to the activities going on. He was surprised that his friend had jumped! I found a little tiny scratch on Bit near his nose when we got home. Crazy dog.

Hubby's day off was Monday and he had to work on Saturday Feb 6. We drove over to Spoky-Jo to get my nails done. They are SHORT. Never had them this short. But - they will grow.

Am taking Celadrin for joint pain which seems to be Working!!!! I don't squeak in my knees & I can get around better. Also taking Biotin for my hair & nails and it also seems to be helping. My hair is healthier.

However, in the last week my teeth pain has gotten so bad that I was forced to go to the Dr. to get a prescription on Tuesday Feb 9 for pain medication & amoxicillin for the infection. I was going to call the Oral Surgeon to arrange an appointment but found out that those assholes at Verizon had CANCELLED my dental insurance when hubby changed positions in September. I have not had insurance since September. Dumb asses. After 1.5 hours on the phone and several transfers, hubby finally got somebody to reinstate me, but it is going to take a "week". With the onset of computers...why is it taking so long? Assholes.

When I went to check online today to see if they had corrected their computer error, I found out that instead they deleted hubby from dental insurance! Wonderful. Just peachy keen. Assholes.

Hubby had to take Mon 8 Feb, Tues 9 Feb & Wed 10 Feb off due to upper back/shoulder pain. He went into the Chiro on Monday & Wednesday. We also picked up dog food (our 12th bag which was FREE) *hubby's saying - "If it's FREE, it's for me!"

My clothes are all fitting better since I started eating healthier at the beginning of Jan! Can't wait for spring to be here to start biking again!

While in town, got gifts for the kid's birthday which is coming up on Valentine's Day. That was still the best Valentine's gift I ever received. My baby!