Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bye Bye Matt

Our son is proudly serving the United States in the Air Force for 6 months in the Gulf War. He left Monday morning.

Before leaving, the kids came over for the weekend so that K could attend the wedding of one of her best friends from high school and she served as a best man(person) on Saturday. Before the wedding, I met her in CDA to wait with her while she got her nails done.

 I started my Isagenix Cleanse on Saturday June 26. It is very easy to adhere to and is regulating my eating. While talking to the latte lady, she explained how she had heard about it and recommended it to me.

Murphy was adopted out to a very nice young woman on Saturday morning. She and her mother traveled quite a distance to pick him up. They fell in love with him. Even though the dog had problems loading into their mini van, it was still very gratifying to see him go home with a family. It is nice to know as a foster parent that I enhance the dogs' lives and they will go on to have a great life. (or a somewhat better life than they had in the past)

Hubby and I took our dogs for a wild dog walk on Sunday which turned out to be a very nice day. No clouds in the sky which made for a warm day after the rainy, cold of the past few weeks.

I went to bed early on Sunday night, while hubby stayed up a while longer. We wanted to get up early at 3AM Monday morning to drive over to the airport in Spoky-Jo to say goodbye to Matt when he left at 4AM. It was extremely difficult for me to get going that early in the morning without my wake-up java juice, but we got drinks at the airport & waited for the kids to arrive.

Hubby drove our FMF to work while I drove K's Jeep to her house so that she could pick up an overnight bag in order to stay with us for a few days. She was an emotional wreck, crying and upset so I tried to cheer her up and get her mind off things. We went to get my nails done, took the dogs into get baths at Apryl's Dog House, and met my hubby for lunch (gross yuck). Then we picked up dogs & went home. That night, K went to her friends' home in Sandpoint to have dinner. She stayed the night with them as it was too late to drive that far back to our place.

On Tuesday K and I drove around voting at various Wi-Fi areas. It was just a stupid day to waste some time. Then came home again & K packed up ready to go home. However, Matt called again & K was again upset. We told her to stay the night...while leaving on Wednesday morning to go back home. We did not want her driving over an hour while bawling & upset. We all went up to Sandpoint to check on a truck with broken parts for hubby and on the way stopped at The View cafe for dinner with free chocolate cake. I stuck to my cleanse & watched what I ate.

K left early Wednesday morning after coming down to A-town to get lattes with me. She was sad to leave, but had to work later this afternoon. After she had left I picked up dog poo, did laundry, put away clean dishes, and made beds. Then had to drive down to A-town again as I had forgotten to pick up a burn permit. Joe H is pushing all our slash into the pit so it can be burnt, then cover the pit with the dirt that is left over.

I went into CDA to meet hubby in order to pick up a check for deposit, went to bank, then to Home Depot for a Ridgid Shop vac filter. Wandered around and took pics of the plants outside to cheer up K. Sent pics to her via cellphone. Then I stopped in Post Falls to take FMF through the car wash.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Word Less Wednesday

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend 2010

Kids came over Friday night with the boat while we were at Wal-Mart getting the oil changed on the FMF. Took Bud & Lil Bit with us. Walked them for 20 minutes that it took to get the SUV worked upon. Stopped at Sonic because Greg was starving for food; then we got Wendy's cheeseburgers for the dogs at home.

Saturday I cleaned house & did laundry while kids took in-laws on Lake Pend Oreille with the pontoon boat. It was very sunny and by the time they came home both of them were burnt! They left again to go into town for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. While M&K were gone, hubby and I watched Legion on pay-per-view.

It rained during the night. Bright white lightning & distant thunder. Sunday morning dawned dreary but we were determined to enjoy the day. All of us wore sweatshirts & took blankets. Also took Bud, Lil Bit & Bravo with us on the boat. Schipperkes/Schippker-mos are supposed to be barge-dogs with good sea legs. However we forgot to take food or beverages.

Stopped to get lattes on the way into Lake Pend Oreille. KRL-N and I both got White Angels - white coffee (lots of caffeine for the day!) vanilla, coconut. Yum.

Then unloaded boat into lake with all our stuff & dogs. Hubby took the pontoon out and we zoomed to Bayview for breakfast. Ran into a little problem midway to Bayview. I had bad tummy.

When we got to Bayview, had the best ever breakfast. Will have to remember to go back there. Walked dogs to little market to get beer & munchies. Resumed trip over to Lakeview where hubby thought there was a bar. But no bar no longer :(

After turning around in Idlewilde Bay, we took the boat out again & returned home. We were all wind burned. The sunshine had actually appeared once or twice during the ride. It was a very fun, relaxing Father's Day and we were very happy that the kids had rented the 20' pontoon boat.

M cleaned out the boat when he got home, K was not feeling well with her sunburn so she slept on the couch. I went upstairs to sleep as I was exhausted.

Kids left later & we watched a little tv & went to bed.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Bye Bye Zeus

Zeus' new adopted family came to pick him up at 10AM on Thursday. It was very sad to see him go, but I hope he has a better life. He has radiated so much love in our lives. When he came to us, he couldn't see or hear. Now, his tail wags high in the air...he loves to run with the other dogs in the park...his eyes are bright & open...he can hear what he could not before...he has the loudest bark!

Hubby had said "goodbye" to Zeus on Wednesday night. It was so sad-I lost my library buddy. But We Love You Z-man!

Rain again on Thursday. Depressing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can You Believe It?

Tuesday. Clean truck! After almost 6 hours of cleaning, we have a clean truck again! All dogs are now hereby banned to the pickup bed with the topper. They are not to shed in the truck ever again. Even tho it was feasibly impossible to get the hair in the crook of the backseat and underneath the front seats in a very narrow area, it is now absolutely devoid of the pounds of dog hair that once resided upon everything!

I even cleaned the windows inside/out of pawprints, dog noses, & slobber! We will have to run it through the carwash for a total outside clean, but at least the inside looks somewhat like a vehicle again instead of an aging Wookie. Smells a bit better, too. I would have to probably get a new carpet cleaner to totally eliminate the odor of wet dog...but it is a bit better! I am so darned proud of myself.

After completing the truck around 4:30, I then vacuumed the inside of the house & freshened up a few things that had another accumulation of green pollen. Hope it ends soon!

Hubby came home and I sent him on a stupid errand out to get something from the truck. He squealed when he opened the door. He said "I thought it was going to remain stinky & hairy until we crushed the dumb thing years from now!"

Because all my muscles were hurting even after a hot bath & a copious dosing of aspirin, I went to bed very early. My heating pad was pressed tight to my back and closing my eyes, I slipped into a sleepy slumber.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bitten & Bloody

On Monday morning when I went out to pick up poo, Harriet decided to dart forward quickly and bite me on my right arm. She drew blood & bruised it quite a lot. My arm aches horribly now. I can't understand why she did it. I was just reaching down to get poo and it made no sense. Poor psycho baby.

In the afternoon, I cleaned up the FMF from the weekend. Vacuumed Bud's hair out of it (which was way easier than vacuuming Isabelle's sticky hair out!) cleaned the windows with glass cleaner & lint rolled everything else. More green sticky pollen scum on all the cars in the garage.

When hubby got home late night, went to Spirit Lake to pick up groceries. Took Lil Bit with us. He enjoyed riding in the FMF while I drove. We also cruised down by the lake to see the boaters & swimmers. Summer has begun.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cousin Bravo Visits

Lil Bit just ADORES when his cousin Bravo visits. Bravo is not too thrilled being away from his mommy & daddy; and I think that he doesn't enjoy living with this many dogs. But Lil Bit is thrilled. He has somebody his own size to play with, another dog in the house that is similar to him, and enjoys tearing through the house just like he does. It is great to watch them roll & tumble, growl & mock-fight.

Here there are sleeping on the floor after a heavy day of playing on Saturday.

I cleaned & vacuumed the FMF Saturday. It was quite a chore to get Isabelle's hairs out of the darn thing. And the FMF was coated with 1/4" of green sticky pollen.

Saturday night at 11PM, hubby got a call-out for VZ. He did not return until 4AM on Sunday morning. I could not sleep while he was gone so watched some movies on television. We slept in late on Sunday morning. Got organized & took the FMF to Spoky-Jo to meet the kids. Stopped at the car wash to clean off the pollen first, then met the kids at Harbor Freight. They were quite surprised to see us come cruising through the parking lot with the bass thumping loudly!

Beebo was so excited to see mommy that he forgot to pee. Finally dragged him over to the grass so he could "do his thing". Walked through Harbor Freight and the guys went wild with the Sidewalk Sale they had going on this weekend. KRL-N and I went to the grocery store next door to pick up some groceries for me.

Kids had a ball this weekend at the Davenport. They talked about it quite a while. Then we parted ways. Took the dogs home after stopping at Wendy's to get cheeseburgers.

After we got everything unloaded at home, we changed clothes, loaded up all the remaining dogs & went to a deserted subdivision down by Farragut Park so that the dogs could run free. It was quite hot-almost reaching 80s today, so the dogs did not run for long.

Came home to pick up the extension cords that were used from this winter & hung them up in the garage. Then rested for the balance of the night.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Thursday was nothing but rain and depression. Everything smells moldy around here. It doesn't help that we are also be doused with pollen everywhere. The green nasty stuff gets everywhere.

Met KRL-N on Friday morning. I don't know where my head was...I thought we were taking her car to go shopping. So I only brought Lil Bit with me to keep Bravo company. But I was picking her up so she could leave her car at the dealership for an oil change! LOL. Anyway, we went to David's Bridal to try on her dress she got for Matt & Heather's renewal of vows wedding; then on to the new JoAnn's Fabrics in the Valley (the place was huge); then to Macy's for shoes (K talked me into a pair because we saved 20% each!) then to Black Angus for lunch (yum); over to Harbor Freight where they had NO stock for metal stamping sets :(

Dropped K off at the dealership to get her Jeep at 2:30.

Got home around 3:00. Bud had fortunately NOT torn anything up! Yippee. This was the first time I left him alone in a LONG time.

Did some laundry, dishes, & couple hours on the elliptical. Hubby came home later. Bud had torn open his stitches by licking too much. So we wrapped his foot again after applying some antibiotic cream.

On Saturday morning, we took the FMF into A-town for lattes. Bud, Lil Bit, Bravo & Isabelle came with us. They each enjoyed having a seat by the window. Also hit a couple garage sales. Got a few more spoons & forks at one garage sale. Got home about 10:00. I cleaned out the FMF - vacuumed. Today was the first sunny day we have had in ages! It was about 80 degrees out. Way too hot & humid. Had to turn on the air-conditioning in the house.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Not really lazy. Just really busy & no time to blog. It rained most of this last week. I am also doing 1-2 hours per day on my elliptical again. Back on the old ball.

Got my Lancome order on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Zeus got brave and walked across the living room to sleep on one of the dog beds in front of the TV.

A picture of the new Washer/Dryer installed! Finally.

Thursday hubby had the day off so that we could visit his knee surgeon in Post Falls. The doctor advised that he is healing and would not need surgery at this time. Yippee! Walked dogs (Bud, Isabelle, Bit, Zeus) Then drove around CDA - see pretty vistas! Then to general MD in Rathdrum to advise results of surgeon. We then drove back to CDA to eat at Hudson's where I got a sweatshirt like KRL-N's. Also stopped at Costco to pick up more dog food.

On Friday my dad came out to visit. He knocked on the door at 7:45AM. Had to take Bud into the Vet at 8:00 to get his surgery. Dropped him off & kissed him.  I took my father over to see KRL-N's house in Cheney. And then she took us over to the AF Base to visit M. I had never seen all the base like that and even though it was raining, I liked the visit. Took Beebo for a walk around the park for him to potty.

Dad and I drove home. He stayed for a while until Greg came home, then went to visit hubby down at shop.

In the meantime, I had almost forgotten to go pick up Bud. Raced down to the Vet's to get him. He was still groggy & uncertain on his feet. Loaded him into the truck & returned home. Bud rested on the couch for the remainder of the day.
My dad finally left and was supposed to go to KRL-N's house to stay the night, but never showed.

He finally came back on Saturday morning as we were loading dogs with a stupid joke that there was a "sheriff" down at the shop waiting for us. My father is an asshole. KRL-N and MN came over later. Several things happened & my dad decided to leave. Hopefully, never to return! Cross our fingers.

KRL-N and I tried to work on garden spoons. Will have to figure out how to do them...

Sunday got my nails done in Spoky-Jo when hubby returned a truck to customer over there. We got homemade tamales at the restaurant next door. Rained again. No walk for the dogs today. They were restless when we got home.

Monday cleaned the house & worked on KRL-N now has all her grandparents, great-grandparents, & great-great grandparents info online! Just wish the relatives were not so nasty and would share more... It finally cleared up today and was relatively warm for a while. Then dark clouds moved in overhead & it spit rain. Afterwards it cleared up again. Hubby did not work down at the shop tonight as he wanted to rest.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Weekend Update

The kids made a nice side of beef in the cooker Friday. Better luck next time as it was a little burnt & not smoked. Tasted good. KRL-N made brownies. Hubby worked in the shop on Saturday while kids went to their Virtual Dodge picnic.

On Sunday we took K with us & went up to Priest River to walk dogs. They had lots of fun as "WILD & FREE" dogs at the deserted subdivision alongside the river. Zeus started running down the road & seemed ready to leave. Hubby had to go fetch them in the pickup truck. Also stopped at a couple garage & estate sales on the way. Picked up some spoons & forks for 50cents at a community sale in Blanchard. Got a great deal on some antique windows for K. She is going to use them for a trellis in front of her house. Then we got a baby bed to cover the glass. Dogs stepped on it anyway in back of truck. Bud tore the bed to bits. Bad dog. He loves to tear things to pieces. Had to pull him up front so that Bud, Isabelle, Bit & Bravo were all sitting up front with K! She had no room at all.

Got home around 2pm & K went with M to his parents' house for weekend lunch. Greg and I rested at home.

Kids came back & packed up to go home. Loaded up Lilac bush, windows, cooker & lawn mower. Bravo was happy to be returning home!

Sunday night we listed W/D, trucks, Mustang & king bed on Craigslist. Monday we delivered the W/D to downtown CDA, and a guy with kids came to pick up the bed. On the way home, hubby wanted pizza for dinner so we stopped in Rathdrum and ordered a pizza. Went home & rested for the night. 

Somehow I have seemed to have thrown my right shoulder out of socket. It has been hurting since Monday night. Horrible pain.