Friday, October 30, 2015



Got up at 8;30AM. Hubby had already kissed me goodbye at 7AM before he left for work.

It is raining outside. Dreary, cold day.

Fed fish. Took the Jeep down to the mail box to mail Water bill and storage bill.

My whole body aches. I am going to wash my hair.

I figured out retirement info online.

Then went to get my nails done at 1:00-2:00PM with Deralee.

Came back and got the mail. Petted Jack & gave him dogs treats. Mark was here.

Started packing and getting things cleaned.

Hubby came home early so that he could get ready. He decided we had to go drop off parts at Tim & Larry's. We took the dogs to Farragut for the last walk before we leave. Then drove into town with the dogs in the Dodge.

We decided to drive over to Mullan Trail to look at the property there at night. It was not bad. We walked around. Lots of traffic on the interstate still late at night.

Then hubby drove down to show me the property on Seltice that he wants to purchase.

We got home late. Had to walk the dogs in the park over by CDA. Stopped to get Wendy's burgers for dogs & a salad for me.

At home, we continued packing.

Could not sleep tonight.

Thursday, October 29, 2015



Got up at 7:30. Gave dogs ham. Fed the fish. Changed dog water & food.

Dressed &amp ready for school.

Left at 9:00. Drove to Walmart and picked up a ribbon for Mark's present, a box of mini cupcakes & a fruit tray.

We were in the back clinic room again today. Reviewed Chapter 16 with Jen.

Last 1/2 hour we practiced on Nick with draping and other procedures.

I left at 12:45. Drove to Pita to get a salad. Stopped at Wendy's to get cheeseburgers for dogs & another salad for me.

Drove home. Wet, dreary day. Was cold.

At home, unloaded Jeep. Fed cheeseburgers to dogs.

Ate my Pita salad.

Took a nap.

Hubby got home at 6:45 after 2 hours OT.

We drove to Athol and had dinner at Country Boy Cafe. Hubby had pepper steak and I had chicken salad. Ordered a hamburger to go for the dogs.

Fed the dogs the hamburger, then we walked them in the park at dark.

Drove home. I massaged hubby for an hour. 

Went to bed at 9:45PM.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A New Day


Got up at 7:30 this morning after hubby left at 7:00AM.

Gave the dogs some ham and leftovers that were in the fridge.

I fed the fish. Gave the kitty outside some beef stew and kitty food. Accidentally dropped the beef stew on the deck. Had Ben lick it up.

Went down to get mail.

Left for school at 9:15. Got there at 9:45.

Had class in the back clinic room. We had Lydia for Educated Heart. Sat in a circle and discussed.

After a couple breaks, we had to go in and see Chelsea to discuss finances for the last 1/2 hour.

I left and went to get a Pita Salad.

Drove home.

Got mail. Fed dogs some ham.

Hubby got home later. Fed grain to the deer. We took dogs to the park for a walk.

Returned home and watched recorded You're The Worst and Walking Dead. I went to bed early.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Clinic Hours & Memorial Weekend in AZ


Got up at 7:45AM. Had to potty.

Dressed & gave dogs some ham. Fed the fish. Gave dogs fresh water.

I washed my hair. Washed clothes. Repaired shirts that had holes in them. Picked out some clothes to pack for Arizona. Got my toiletries ready for packing. Did dishes. Fed deer. Paid bills.

Did some homework for Ethics class so I don't have to concentrate on it while I am gone.

Went down to get mail.

Took a nap with Lil Bit from 3-4PM.

Cleaned out the dog water tank in the back yard.

I got ready and left at 4:45PM. Drove to Clinic. Got ready for massages. I was in Room 2 tonight. Carmi was all excited to order her shoes. Saw Nick tonight and told him I would return on Wednesday.

After Clinic was finished at 9PM, I returned home. Really tired. Packed my bag. Hubby was already packed. We watched "How It's Made" on tv for a while, then went to bed.


Up extra early for flight. Hubby had to get a latte at Starbucks in Post Falls. We drove to Spokane Airport in the grey Dodge. Parked in long-term parking. It was really cold this morning. Took the Parking Shuttle driven by a big fat guy with Bronchitis over to the Airport American Airlines. Checked in and then went thru TSA screening. Hubby had to open his bag because he had too much toothpaste & they examined it.

I had to purchase a nail file (multi pack of 10), I gave one to the checkout girl. Then we pottied. Sat down and waited for the flight. Hubby got a sandwich.

We loaded after a while. It was an uneventful flight. I was seated in the middle seat, hubby had the aisle. On the window seat was a guy that typed on his computer and kept poking me the whole trip.

Arrived at Phoenix Airport early. We de-planed and walked to the gate. But they changed the gate on us. Made us go half way across the airport to the A concourse from the B concourse. Once we got there, they reassigned the gate again and we had to head BACK to the B concourse. Which was absolutely fucking stupid. A nice black woman with her husband had to be pushed in a wheelchair. I was very concerned about her and wanted to make sure she was OK.

Then we finally got on the place about 45 minutes late. The pilot went extra fast so we could arrive on time.

Landed in Tucson. We had the Limo guy, Mark drive us to Marv's house.

Hubby entered the garage code and we entered the house.

Unpacked our bags. Changed clothes.

Drove to Tucson in the Lexus. Stopped at the Shoe Carnival and had to potty. Looked for shoes. Hubby continued shopping while I ran to have diarrhea at Walmart. Then I came back and we bought shoes. We walked back to Walmart to get grapes and some munchies.

Then we drove to Men's Wearhouse to get a suit for hubby. The salesman was flamboyantly gay. Finally got out of there. Hubby wanted to get Frozen Yogurt, so we had to drive back to the mall where we were and he got yogurt.

I wanted Chick-Fil-A, but they had a line around the block on the drive-thru so we just decided to return to Marv's house because we were tired.


Got up early. Hubby had to go to Starbucks in the Safeway to get a latte.

Drove to Tucson, hubby wanted to get his haircut, but no place opened until 11:00. He got a breakfast sandwich at a McDonalds and then we drove to Fed Ex to make picture copies of our phone pics, but they did not have a USB cord and the emails to their account did not work. We were very frustrated and left.

We were lost downtown on a Sunday and decided to drive to the airport to pick up his brother & sister-in-law.

We picked up Bruce & Barb at the airport.

Drove them to Olive Garden to have lunch. I had a salad. They had soup & salad. Hubby had to pay.

Then we drove back to Green Valley. They upacked their bags there.

Hubby and I went to Sauhaurita to get his haircut. I shopped at Fry's and purchased hand cream and a magazine. We purchased a nice shirt on sale for hubby. Talked to a nice black guy sales associate. I picked up some hand cream and nylons. We saw a yellow lab outside the SuperCuts and petted him. Nice dog.

Drove back to Marv's house.

The pastor of the church came over and talked to us around 4:00PM. Went outside on the patio and sat around the table. Pastor took notes about Marv while we reminisced.

Then we went over to Grace's house for dinner. Spaghetti with meat & salads. Cheesecake for dessert. She had a shit-ton of liquor set out for us (all the old people drink a LOT down here).

Left pretty late at 8PM. We were all tired.

Drove to Marv's. I went to bed while Bruce & hubby talked late.


Got up early. Barb was still in bed until late. I went with the guys to town. They dropped me off at Walgreens and I made photocopies of pictures while the guys went to talk to XXX.

We returned home and I put on shoes & nylons. Bruce drove the Mercedes with hubby to the funeral home, while I drove the Lexus with Barb.

Not very many people showed for the memorial. About 30 total. The pastor got Marv's name wrong and called him Melvin!

Too many songs, too many prayers. It was disgusting.

The Piano player for the service hit hubby and Bruce up for payment afterwards.

We had luncheon in a side room after the memorial.


Again, woke up early. Nice day outside. Hubby and I went to get him a latte at Safeway again. I purchased another magazine to read on the airplane trip.

I studied at the breakfast table and waited until Barb got up. We went to have lunch at a Mexican Restaurant. Then the guys went to the Bank of America to get the finances sorted out.

Bruce & Barb took us to the airport at 4PM.

We got on the hop from Phoenix to Tucson. Had to sit in the back near the bathrooms in front of a really fat guy.

Then got off in Phoenix. Hubby had to get a sandwich at Wendy's. We both went potty again before getting on the next plane.

Seemed to take forever to get home. Kinda shaky airplane ride. I had the window, Hubby had the middle seat. On the aisle was a drunk guy. Did not bother us much.

At Spokane by 10:30. Got shuttle to car. It was cold outside. Then we drove home. Stopped at Wendy's on Barker road. I got a salad. Hubby got burger & burgers for the dogs.

Home by midnight. The dogs had spilled dog food everywhere. Had to clean that up. Gave them burgers. We were in bed by 1AM.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

More Quiz A&P


Got up at 6AM with hubby. I got dressed. Can fit into my jeans much better. I wore a different shirt with blue dangly earrings. Feeling better about myself.

Sat with dogs & hubby to watch morning tv news.

Studied for A&P quiz over Heart.

Drove to school. Got there at 9:35. I went inside to study, but the tables were not set up in the Clinic Room. Jen came in and set up tables. Then she was told we are in Room 4 today. So Admin took tables to the back room.

Stephanie flagged me down and asked me to be a sample body for the Paraffin Dipping. I had to have paraffin on my hands for 10 minutes. So could not study.

Then I walked to the back room and sat by T.

We had 10 minutes to study and then we took Quiz. I got 91% on it. Which is really great because I understood most of the questions. Again, I rushed thru and missed a couple questions only because I did not READ THRU THE QUESTION.

The rest of the class was going over Chapter 16.

Left at 1:00. Went to tan at 1:20.

Drove home. Got mail (more junk mail). At home, I gave ham to dogs. Made myself Chicken salad. Drank tea. Did homework for Chapter 16 A&P. Did dishes. Fed deer. Gave dogs clean water.

Hubby came home after work at 7:00. We walked the dogs in the park. It was dark. Did not see any deer. Brought dogs home and unloaded them.

Took Jeep into Hayden to pick up parts from Dave. I massaged Dave and Vera briefly. Did not take my chair with me because hubby said Vera would be asleep. But Vera had time off. We met their new dog, Roxy. What a cutie.

Then we went over to Walmart and picked up spray paint for hubby and some groceries.

Drove home, I unloaded hubby at the shop. He worked down there until midnight. I went home and unloaded groceries and went to bed at midnight.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015



Got up at 6:00 with hubby. I was in bed rubbing his muscles before we got up.

Dressed and got ready for school.

Fed fish. Gave dogs some ham. Buddy sat on the couch with daddy.

Hubby left. I studied.

Left for school at 7:45. Forgot my pencil case and my tea. So I drove to KoKoPelli and got a nasty tasting green tea. Then drove to Walmart and picked up treats for the final and groceries.

Had to take groceries out to Jeep and then go back inside to potty.

Left Walmart and drove to tan at Slick Rock. Afterwards, I drove up to school to unload treats and then realized I had no pencils. Drove down to gas station and they had no pencils for sale. Fed Ex was open, so I drove there. Dropped off box and bought several pencils.

Then I drove back to school.

Unloaded my stuff. Everybody was late. Then Teacher gave us 1 hour additional to study while she ordered pizza.

It was SO boring, waiting for everybody.

Then we took our test at 11:00.

Teacher had put things on it she had misled us about. It took 2 hours for one student to finish. Then we got our tests handed back to us. T got 92%, I got 90% and Mark got 95%.

It was 1:00 and we cleaned up and left. Anti-climatic.

I drove home. Did not get a salad. Got home at 1:45, then went down to get my nails done at 2:00 with Deralee.

At 3:00, I drove back home. Took books downstairs that I don't need anymore. Pathology class is over!

I started studying for Quiz in A&P tomorrow. Did my Ethics homework.

Hubby got home at 6:00pm.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Not A Great Day


Got up and studied some more for my bones in the hips test. Dressed and got ready for school.

Fed fish, Gave dogs fresh water & food.

I drove into school at 9:15. Lots of cars driving slowly. Thru Rathdrum at 25 mph for the school zone. Idiots, even though the speed limit has gone back up to 35 by then.

At school, I studied some more. Talked to the teacher and gave her my homework and got a general idea of what we will be going over next week when I am absent.

Took our Quiz. I did badly. Only got 76%.

During break, I went out to the Jeep and got Mark's term paper that I had typed up for him. He did a couple corrections.

Then we came back in the classroom and talked about muscles. We palpated for the last 20 minutes. Lydia came in to our classroom with all the classes to talk about the Idaho State legislature not allowing us to receive tips as "compensation". So we will not be able to apply tips to pay off our tuition.

Finished up in class.

I left and drove to Pita for a Pita Salad. Then drove over to tan. Made more appointments for tanning.

After tanning, I drove to Walmart to get groceries and more printer ink.

Saw a little terrier dog in a pick-up truck with the windows barely open. I was upset that somebody would do that to a dog.

Drove home. Got mail. Unloaded groceries. Made tea.

Received lots of boxes. My black dress for the memorial that I ordered from Zappos. Stupid Green Tea with Mint that I have to return. And my carry-on bag that I ordered from Fossil. So now I can pack all my stuff in the bag.

Preston Weekender

Then ate my pita, texted KRN. Started to review for my Final in Pathology tomorrow. Reviewed & printed out my Term Paper.

Paid VZ Wireless bill.

Hubby got home and we took the dogs for a walk in Farragut Park around the horse Arenas. We saw lots of deer.

At home, hubby dropped us off and he went down to the shop to look for parts.

I studied for my Pathology Final.

I took a hot bath. Hubby got home and we watched tv. He had dinner. I studied more.

Then we went to bed at 11:00PM.

Monday, October 19, 2015



Got no sleep last night. Hubby finally came to bed around 1AM. He had the tv flickering on and I could see it all night. I even took 5 melatonin and could not sleep. Had to keep getting up to potty.

Hubby left after kissing me goodbye while I was still in bed.

Then I got up and dressed, did laundry, fed fish.

I drove to school and met Mark there. Got our Quizzes for Pathology so we could review them. I went to take my test that I missed from Kines last week.

Then Mark reviewed his term paper with me so I could type it up. I left after about an hour.

Drove back home. Stopped to get gasoline and burgers at McD's for the dogs.

At home, got the mail. Another refund check from Met Vehicle Ins. Gift certificate from Red Lobster for $25.

Then I fed burgers to dogs.

Did more laundry. Did dishes. Printed up the test pages. Typed up Mark's term paper. Did my Kines workbook.

Hubby called and he was all excited about putting an offer on the building at Hutter that he had looked at. He is going to Horizon to get financing.

I did all my homework. Hubby came home after working 2 hours OT. Loaded dogs & drove to get gasoline in Athol. We took dogs for a walk in Farragut park in the dark.

Came back to town and ate at Grey Goose for dinner. Saw some little dogs running around in the parking lot. I had chicken salad. Hubby had pork sandwich. We took home leftovers.

At home, I took a hot bath & some Melatonin. Then I finished my homework and studied for test tomorrow.

Sunday, October 18, 2015



I got up at 5:00. Got dressed. Kissed hubby and dogs goodbye. Left by 5:30. Got to Walmart in Post Falls by 6:00. Lots of cars on the road this early!

Picked up fruit tray, vegetable tray, mixed nuts & some small contact lens solution for plane travel. Then went to pick up Tierzah at 7:00. We drove to Spokane and picked Nick up at 7:00.

Drove to Cenex gas station on 195 and picked up Mark. I topped off the gas tank. Then we drove to Pullman. Lots of cars due to football game at campus today. I passed them all. We finally got there about 45 minutes early.

Stopped a kid carrying a latte and he directed us to the commissary. I bought drinks for me, (Americano), Nick & Tierzah (they did not accept cash) I paid in credit card. Mark bought eggs & coffee. We waited there while he ate.

Then walked back to the room where we had left our papers. Emily, Kelsey, Jessie, Taylor & Suzie were already there. Leticia came in later. Then I called the late ones on the phone. Called Kate & Courtnee, they were outside the quad, Panda & Katie parked right behind me and walked up. So we finally got started at 10:15. Ethan was nice kid. Only 22 years old.

Went down to the Cadaver Lab and started handling organs. I sat beside Katie. Across from Kate. We finally started looking at only 3 bodies by 11:30 after a 15 minute break.

On our break, I went potty again. Then went out to my car for a snack. Nick, Mark, & Tierzah followed me. Courtnee showed up and had a snack.

The bodies were interesting, but still did not open up the discovery of muscles for me. I am just as lost in Kines.

We left at 2:00. Drove to a burger place called Cougar Burgers because Mark wanted something to eat. I got a grilled chicken. Nick was not happy with his burger because it had mayo & sauce on it.

We drove home. I dropped off Mark at the gas station. Nick at his home and Tierzah at her home. Then I drove home. Got here about 5:00.

Hubby had grilled steaks and made asparagus. He also made corn & mashed potatoes. The dogs had some steak!

I did some homework, watched Free HBO weekend, and we went to bed early at 10:00. I was exhausted.


I got up at 7:00am. Need to leave at 8:15. Dressed, fed the fish & birds.

Washed my hair. Hubby made eggs and fed the dogs.

I left at 8:15 for class at School.

Got there at 8:45AM. Got a table in the back. Mark showed up right afterwards. We were there with MCP19.

It was dealing with Chakras and magnetic energy. I partnered with Kelsee.

Broke for lunch at 11:15-12:15. Mark & I went to Pita.

Came back and time just DRAGGED. Finally we checked our papers and were done at 5:30. I got home by 6:00. Hubby had not gotten grain or take the garbage to the dump.

I had to clean the dog water, make hot tea for myself, make food for myself. Hubby wanted to go down to Grey Goose for dinner, but I was too cold. Did not want to eat food because of diet, and I wanted to stay home and watch Walking Dead.

Watched Talking Dead. The recorder messed up the recording, so we had to watch Walking Dead afterwards.

Went outside to get my purse I had left in the Jeep.

Then I was exhausted, so I went to bed right after the show was done.

Friday, October 16, 2015



Got up at 6AM to pee. Then I rubbed hubby in bed for a while. The crest of his sacrum was tight & had knots. His neck needed massage so he could turn his head.

He got up at 6:30AM finally and dressed. Came back up stairs to kiss me goodbye.

I got up at 8:00AM.

Dressed & came downstairs. Gave ham to the dogs. Fed the fish.

Did laundry. Did dishes. Vacuumed. Picked up dog poo. Cleaned out my Jeep.
Did homework.

Fed the deer.

Drove to CDA. Dropped off donations at Goodwill in Hayden. Then drove to Costco and got gasoline. I also stopped to wash the Jeep.

Then drove to Clinic and did 3 hours of work.

After Clinic was done, I drove home. Stopped at McDs to pick up cheeseburgers for dogs.

At home, I was exhausted and went to bed early.

Thursday, October 15, 2015



Got up at 6:45. Hubby had been up since 6:00 watching tv news and rubbing Bud while sitting on the couch.

I dressed and kissed hubby goodbye. We did huggies with the dogs.

I got ready for school. Gave ham to the dogs. Fed the fish.

Took my books the Jeep.

Typed up my Dental submission for MetLife Dental. Included the x-rays in the letter. Dropped the envelope off at our mailbox.

Drove to school. At school, we were in the Clinic Room again.

Kate brought in another table. Ashley sat in with us. Courtney got there late. Brian missed class because he overslept. I sat next to Mark.

We went over the 2nd half of Chapter 15.

Let Jackie know that I would be gone for Oct 26 & 27, Nov 2 & 3. 

After Class, I went to get Pita salads at Pita Pit. Then went to tan at 1:20.

Drove to Rathdrum and picked bird seed at the hardware store. They were having problems with their DSL connection to accept credit cards. I only had enough cash to buy 1 bag.

Picked up honey at Stein's.

Drove home. Got mail. (junk).

Typed up Mark's term paper for Pathology.

Fed ham to the dogs. Made tea. Ate my pita.

Hubby got home about 5:30. He ate some tomato soup and headed down to the shop. I was watching Hunt For Red October.

I ordered a black dress on Zappos.

Hubby got back home about 8:00 from the shop. We watched a couple TV shows, then ordered Flight tickets for Arizona Memorial Trip and Dubuque Memorial Trip.

Went to bed at 11:00 after the news.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

School & Nails


Got up at 7:30 and dressed. Fed the fish, gave the dogs fresh food & water. Then gave the dogs some ham.

I studied for Quiz in Pathology today.

Put make-up on. Took books & pumpkins out to the Jeep.

Drove to Post Falls and parked to wait for Slick Rock to open. Hubby came and parked next to me. I talked to him for a while. It was nice to see him.

Then I tanned at 9AM. Got done and drove to school.

Put my books in the Clinic Room. We are back there for Pam's class.

Did study for the Final Chapter over Mental Health. Took the Quiz after lecture.

After school, I drove to Pita Pit and got a salad. Then drove home.

At home, I picked up mail (junk), ate Pita, made tea.

Drove to Athol and got my nails done with Deralee. Then drove to Lil Town Market.

Picked up bird seed and apples.

At home, I cleaned up bird seed on the deck. Went out to feed the deer.

Ordered covers for our phones on Amazon.

Did homework for Pathology class.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Woke up at 6:30 when hubby left for work. He wanted to go in and get 1.5 hours of OT because they are having a morning meeting of a big boss.

Called in to school at 7:00 and left a message for Jackie that I had stomach flu and would not be in today.

I stayed in bed until 8:30. Ben & Lil Bit were in bed with me.

Got dressed & cleaned up the dog water & food. Fed the fish. Gave new food to the birds.

Watched re-runs of HOUSE. Then drove down to the Post Office to mail KRN's box of canned pumpkin.

Stopped at Lil Town to get more bird seed.

Came back home. The UPS had brought a book for me.

I fed the deer apples in the tins because we did not have any grain left. Hubby is getting grain tonight.

Then I went upstairs to take a nap. I think I rested for a while, but did not sleep.

Hubby's brother said that their dad is comatose for the last two days per the nurse.

Retro Pic, remembering their dad & Isabelle.

Marv & Isabelle in Tucson 2008

Monday, October 12, 2015

Letter Writing & Studying


Hubby kissed me goodbye and brought my cell phone up to me in bed.

Lil Bit came upstairs and got into bed with me.

I called into Clinic at 8:30 and talked to Amber. Told her that I had stomach flu and had contacted T to replace me for my shift.

Got up and dressed. Had diarrhea again.

Fed fish. Fed birds. 

Drove down to the Post Office before I remembered that it was Columbus Day and all government offices are closed. Damn.

Drove back home and there were 3 cars and people were in the back of the property unloading things for the off-road parts. I called hubby to make sure it was ok. Drove back there to make sure they were not stealing things.

Then at home, I wrote a letter to the  Idaho State Police complaining about the truck that has been parked for 5 months with invalid tags.

Gave Ben his antibiotic pills.

Ordered Tea, ordered Mason Jar Pumpkins on etsy.

Made Mason Jar pumpkins.

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Ground up carrots to eat.

Did laundry, put away laundry & did dishes, put away dishes.

Hubby came home and we raced up to Sandpoint to get some parts from Tom's. Hunter was waiting for us and he had his Boxer, Spencer there. I love Spencer. He is just adorable. A little too fat now. I hugged and kissed him for quite a while. He adored the attention. Hunter gave us new winter hats & t-shirts.

We picked up Pitas on the way home.

Waited for Dave R to catch up to us at the Athol interchange. He had picked up parts for hubby, but hubby thought he would drop them off at 5pm, not 7:30 when we came back.

Drove home, hubby dropped me off at the house with the dogs. Lots of deer out eating food. Hubby went down to the shop for an hour to drop off the parts. He was down there for a while with Mark.

Hubby came back home. I took a hot bath. Still having diarrhea. I felt awful. Went to bed at 10PM.

Sunday, October 11, 2015



Got up at 5AM to pee. Then back to bed. Could not sleep all night long. I am wrung out.

Up at 7AM again to get dressed. Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I helped. Did laundry. Fed fish.

Did a load of dishes after breakfast was done.

Took dogs to park. Stopped to get latte for hubby. There were 2 cars in line in front of us. Had to wait a while.

Walked dogs down beyond Frisbee area. It was a warm, windy day for October. Saw a grove that had a LOT of deer in it; about 12 deer hopped away from us, but 4 brave ones stayed and watched us.

Fall Color in Farragut Park

Came back home. I got changed into Clinic clothes for Outside Event.

While Hubby ran down to the shop to deal with Mark & customers, I loaded up my massage chair in the Jeep, got dressed, and put on make-up. Changed dog water.

I drove down to the shop and picked up hubby. We drove into Rathdrum where I stopped at Stein's to get birthday card for Carmi.

Drove to the Baptist Camp and unloaded my chair. Set up after Lydia got there.

Gave birthday card to Carmi. T came and set up next to me.

Left at 2:00 after we were done. Picked up apples at property that hubby was looking to purchase out by the Kootenai Humane Society.

I told hubby that I was hungry, we drove to Red Lobster and had a 30 minute wait. Just left after that. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and they did not have enough wait staff.

Then we drove to Pita Pit in CDA and ate pitas outside on the sidewalk tables. It was nice weather.

Drove home. I was tired.

Watched some tv and went to bed early.


Got up at 7AM; I had not slept last night. This is horrible.

I woke up with awful diarrhea.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs & fed them.

I got dressed and then hubby had his breakfast. We got the dogs loaded into the Dodge and drove to get hubby a latte in Athol. Had to wait a LONG time for just one car in front of us.

Took dogs to Triangle walk by the Sewage plant. It was a wonderfully warm, windy Fall day.

Ben & Bud after walk

Then we came home and unloaded dogs. I had a diarrhea attack in the park. Of course, no bathrooms on that side of the park!

Rested for about an hour. Hubby took care of things around the yard. Took out the swamp cooler, fed the deer.

Dogs were tired after their walk.

Lil Bit

We drove into town and shopped at Costco. We ran into a guy that hubby worked with at the front entrance. Shopping was awful. Even though the Church crowd was not there yet, people were walking around with mouths open...stopping in the middle of the aisle, blocking aisles with carts. I had diarrhea twice and had to use the bathroom. It made shopping an awful hassle. A mother, grandmother, and bunch of kids blocked me as I was trying to get down the hallway to the bathroom. Of course, Costco is blocking the exit with only a body's width of the hallway available. I think I will contact the fire marshall.

Got done shopping and loaded stuff in the truck.

Stopped at Albertson's on the way home to get carrots and other fresh fruit.

Picked up burgers for dogs at Arby's. Drove home on Old Hwy 95 instead of the other Hwy. We had seen 3 deer dead that nobody had picked up. I did not want to see them again.

At home, I had diarrhea again. Very sick. Hubby unloaded everything from the truck. I tried to take a nap. Could not because Lil Bit kept coming up to the room and wanting on the bed just as I was about to fall asleep.

Watched new Season Premiere of Walking Dead. Not too exciting.

Went to bed at 10PM.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Ben's Troublesome Tail


Hubby left for work at 7AM. He came upstairs and kissed me goodbye.

He took the Jeep to work.

Got up at 8AM, called the Vet and made an appointment for Ben at 11:15. Also scheduled Bud for a toenail trim.

Fed the dogs some ham. Fed the fish. Put out new bird seed. There is an annoying squirrel out there chittering away. Hubby will have to shoot him tomorrow or Sunday.

I did homework, paid bills, got KRN's stuff ready to ship.

At 11:00, I loaded the dogs into the Dodge and drove to the Post Office to pick up a few Priority Mail boxes.

Then drove over to the Vet's. Took Ben inside. He weighs 128 pounds. Bud weighs 106 pounds. Vet bandaged up Ben's tail. Said that if he tears it off, or the cut reoccurs that we will have to dock his tail.

 Bloody Tail

Ben's Tail Fixed

I paid and we drove home. Dogs were desperate for water.

I worked on homework some more and then watched tv. Ate my pita salad. AICM Christine called and wanted to find out if I wanted to be booked out at 9AM as I had 10-1 back-to-back treatments. 

Ordered a Xmas sweatshirt from Zulily.

Dead bird on deck. Took it to where the cat hangs out. Hope it did not die of bird flu.

Got ready to go in to Clinic at 4:00.

Thursday, October 08, 2015



Up at midnight to potty.

I wake up at 5:00 and go downstairs to potty. Then I get a blanket and sleep on the couch. I am too tired to go upstairs again.

Hubby comes down at 6:00AM and sits on the couch with Bud. He tries to shoot a squirrel outside, but it gets away from him.

He was going to leave at 6:45AM, but I told him to turn on the tv and watch it with me. We watch the morning news. I get up and take a bath at 7:00AM. He leaves for work. I ask him to wash my windshield.

I get dressed after my bath. I am exhausted & stressed already.

Feed the fish. Feed the deer. Dump out the bird seed as it is covered in water from rain yesterday.

Drove to school.

Saw pretty trees on drive to school.

Fall Color in Post Falls

At school, learned from Panda that we were back in our original room.

Took Chapter 14 Quiz & got 94% on it. I was not even there last week and only missed 2 out of 35.

We reviewed Chapter 15.

After class, I took my test from last week over Chapter 13.

Then I left for the day. Drove to Pita to get Pita Salad. Saw Mark on the way down the hill.

Ordered 3 pitas; 1 for today, 1 for Friday, 1 for Saturday.

At home, I picked up the mail which was junk. Fed ham to the dogs, cleaned up the deck, sprayed vinegar on the weeds in front of the deck, cleaned up dog water & food.

Started laundry.

Did my homework for Chapter 15.

Lil Bit is healing. He doesn't look like a pirate now!

Poor Lil Bit

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Just Like A Bad Dream


Just like a bad dream, it keeps happening over & over.

Got up this morning at 6AM to potty, then got back into bed. Up at 6:45 to get dressed & see hubby off to work. Gave kisses & dog hugs.

Then I did some studying. Got everything packed into the Jeep and left for school.

I went outside to feed the fish & deer.

Drove to Post Falls and tanned at 9:00AM at Slick Rock.

Then drove to school at 9:20AM. Panda was there and waiting. I just sat down and waited for our teacher to come.

Finally, at 9:50, they decided to put us in the clinic room again, but they did not want us using the massage beds as "tables".

So Mark & Nick brought the tables in and set up chairs.

We took our Pop Quiz over chapter 14. Then Reviewed the rest of Chapter 14 and took a Quiz over chapter 14.

Left at 1:00; I picked up a Pita salad at Pita Pit. Had to walk in because there was a car in line that had a BUNCH of people in it ordering.

I drove home. Lots of slow cars going between 35-45 on Hwy 41. Very frustrating.

Picked up the mail on the way. There was a Deep Tissue Massage book in the mail that I had ordered.

At home, I gave the dogs fresh water & food. Fed them some ham.

Hubby came home early. We took a truck down to CDA Wheels and dropped it off. Hubby jumped in the Jeep with me. We drove to Walmart where I picked up some Cereve cream, some more Ball Mason jar lids, and fruit. Called KRN because she wanted Pumpkin and could not find any in Hawaii. I told her that I would get her some & send it to her.

Hubby picked up a Subway sandwich and met me out front of Walmart.

Then I drove home in the rain as he ate his Sub Sandwich. At home, we unloaded groceries and put them away. I did laundry. Hubby sat on the couch and fell asleep. Watched 1/2 of American Horror Story - Hotel, and You're The Worst.

Went to bed at 10:00.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015



Got up at 7AM just as hubby was leaving for work. Kissed him goodbye and he cleaned my windshield before he left.

Dressed for school. Packed everything in the Jeep. Took all the birthday present and birthday decor for Tierzah's bday.

Drove to Walmart and picked up groceries. Needed laundry soap & rinse. Picked up dog meat & hotdogs on sale. Picked up more bird seed. Had to potty 3 times at the store with diarrhea. Too much healthy eating only Pita Salads. Cut back to lose weight.

Some Idiot Parks TOO Close

 Halloween Egg Nog???

Then went to school. Was behind Mark at the light on 41.

At school, we were assigned to a different room because the New class started today.

I failed the Kines test. Had to correct it to 74%. It was awful. No time to study because of changing rooms.

After class, Katie was not here today or for Clinic so I could not get my massage. I cancelled my tan appointment and picked up a Pita salad. Made deposit at bank.  Then drove home.

Picked up the mail. Mostly junk. Unloaded groceries. Unloaded school books.

Changed dog food & water. Fed deer. Fed birds new bird food.

I did Notecards homework for Pathology.

Hubby came home and we took the dogs for a walk in the park. Had to leash them up because a car was driving thru the park very fast.

Stopped for milk at Lil Town on the way home. Saw a cop pull over a Jeep. Had to wait for a train.

At home, hubby made dinner for himself. Cleaned up dog water again. Cleaned up Ben's bloody tail trail everywhere

Monday, October 05, 2015



Back to the daily grind!

Woke up at 6:30. Talked to hubby downstairs. He was rubbing Bud's back while they were sitting on the couch.

I got up and went in to see Ben in his new clean bed. He was so soft to rub & touch. Lil Bit came running into the room also and wanted up on the bed.

Then I got dressed in my Clinic clothes. Gave hubby a kiss goodbye and we did dog huggies. Then he left for work.

I did homework for Pathology notecards after that. Wrote out a check & put it in an envelope for water bill.

Only had to get there at 9:30 for Clinic because I started at 10:00.

2nd appointment was bad.

Then after Clinic was done, I stopped to get a Pita Salad. Stopped at Wendy's to get cheeseburgers with Mayo for dogs. Met hubby at the CO. Brandon was there.

I drove home. Picked up mail. Got refund check from Met because of over-coverage on too many vehicles on policy. Got check on Recall fix from Dodge.

Was exhausted. Very mad because of what happened at Clinic today.

I tried to take a nap, but was too upset.

Did homework.

Hubby came home late tonight.

I took a hot bath & tried to calm down. Naired my legs for tomorrow's massage appointment.

Went to bed at 10:30.

Sunday, October 04, 2015



Woke up at 6AM. Had to get up by 6:30 so that we could pack. Put the massage chair in the Jeep. Fed the deer, Fed the fish, Fed the dogs.

Stopped in Post Falls to drop off Dave 2.0's SUV at his house. Then hubby jumped in the Jeep with me. I drove to Spokane.

Parked the Jeep in the Davenport valet parking so I could unload my chair. Hubby took the Jeep and left to go look at Pic-A-Part North in Spokane.

I went upstairs to the Hall of Doges to get set up for chair massage. They did not take my chair up and I had to go looking for it after I went to the potty. It was disgusting in the bathroom as people poop and don't flush. I had to check 3 toilets before I finally found one that was clean.

Then I went back to the Valet and my chair was still there. I told them I was looking for it and they said they had no clue about where I was. Dumb asses.

Walked it up with the Valet guy and he carried it up for me.

Panda got there. He carried his own chair.

Lydia got there later. No clock still...

We massaged from 9:30-1:30. I made quite a few tips. Cleaned up and left.

Hubby came to pick me up and I met him down at the valet. Unloaded our stuff & checked in with the front desk. At the check-in desk they could not find our reservation at first. It was mis-spelled. Gave them my credit gift certificates. Got room 403. Had to use our room key to check into the elevator for a (false sense of security). Our room was right by the elevators & ice/pop machine.

Comfy king-size bed. Nice room. We went down to eat at the Palm Court Grille because I was tired & famished. Hubby got French Onion Soup. I ordered Reuben sandwich with fries. We got Kahlua & cream, hubby got Bourbon with Cider. (yuck).

We came back upstairs to the room for a quick afternoon nap.

After we woke up from the nap about 5PM, we sat down on the 4th floor deck for a while in the waning late afternoon sunshine. Watched a fire engine race down the street towards the hospital.

Then wandered down to the street level. Decided to take a walk outside. Walked towards the theater, but instead went into a Wine-Tasting Room called Cougar Crest Estate Winery. It was quite fun. We bought a couple bottles of white wine.

 Wine Tasting

 Pretty Downtown Spokane

Hubby felt bad that we did not get to go over to the other wine tasting place that closed promptly at 6PM; the Lake Roosevelt Wine Company.

Went over to FIRE for oven roasted pizza, same one as in CDA, by the recommendation of the wine hostess. She was quite a hoot. Nice lady.

Had to go to Brews Bros coffee shop and get a tea (hubby got a strawberry smoothie) so that we could sober up and wait for the rush.

At Brews Bros

Went back to FIRE after 30 minutes and had delicious pizza. I had the Camino: roasted chicken breast, Kansas City bacon, red onion, aged white cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, chipotle bbq sauce, finished with fresh cilantro and habenero sea salt. While I had the Parma prosciutto, Gorgonzola, pecorino, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, finished with truffle oil.

Took our leftovers back to the room, which DID NOT HAVE A FRIDGE.

We were exhausted by 9PM. 

Worked on hubby's back while he was in the massage chair. Then he got into bed. Still complaining about his right knee. I rubbed that for him, too. Then I got into bed.

Fell asleep after watching a reality murder show on tv.


Woke up at 3AM and had to take a hot bath because my back was bothering me. Even in a comfortable bed, I am not comfortable!

Woke up again at 8AM. Hubby was still sleepy. I started getting dressed. Made reservations for our Brunch at 10:00.

We went down to Brews Bros and got morning lattes. They were very good. We carried them back to the Davenport to drink in the main sitting area. No piano playing, just crappy canned music.

Talked about hubby's dad's ill health. Then hubby talked about retiring. At 10PM, we went over and got seated by the fireplace. It was nice.

Sitting by the fireplace

Had brunch. Got stuffed. Excellent omelettes and crepes.


Went up to room to pack & get ready to leave at 11:30. Called for our car & valet, but valet took over 30 minutes to get there.

Finally got checked out and paid. Got into Jeep and drove to Liberty Lake to see the property for sale there. Too remote & too high up on mountain. No view.

Stopped at latte stand in Post Falls to get more lattes. Drove to pick up hubby's truck at Dave 2.0. Then drove home. I got the mail at home. Hubby unloaded the Jeep. Dogs were happy to see us back. Took them for a walk in the park.

When we returned, hubby had to meet a guy down at the shop. Mark called and had broken down with truck & trailer in Bonner's Ferry. Have to call Chad to get it towed home.

We washed all the dogs. Washed Ben & Bud on the deck. Washed Lil Bit in the tub. Then I washed all the clothes we brought home. Washed all the dogs bed covers. Washed Ben's comforter cover for his bed.

Paid AE bill.

Exhausted by 6PM.

Friday, October 02, 2015

A Day of Rest


Hubby got up at 6:00. I got up after him. Had him do a cupping on my back again.

He left at 7:00. I was sleeping on the couch. I went back upstairs. It was cold in the house. Turned off the heater because it was making too much noise.

Lil Bit came back upstairs to sleep with me. I slept until 9:30.

AICM called to let me know of my schedule for the coming week.

I did laundry.

Fed fish. Fed deer. Fed wild cat outside. Cleaned the water up for the dogs. Gave them fresh food. Went down to get mail. Mark was here loading the Bronco with our dually onto the trailer.

Came back and got ready for Clinic Work.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Not Going To School Today


He had been checking his alarm & turning on the light for over 30 minutes before he finally got up. Then I got out of bed a few minutes after he did. I had to pee. Then had him put another cup on my back. Sat on the massage chair for a few minutes while watching morning news.

After hubby left for work, I went back to bed because my back hurt too much.

I texted Nick to find out if the October schedule had been released yet. He said no. Called the Registrar to let her know that I would not be attending class today because of my back.

Could not get in to Chiro until tomorrow morning.

I slept from 10-1. KRN texted me. Hubby texted me.

Then I got up and made Pumpkin Bread with chocolate chips.

Went to get the mail.

Paid bills online via the laptop.

My back felt awful so I sat on the heating pad all day.

Hubby came home after working OT.

Watched tv for a while, then went to bed.