Sunday, October 04, 2015



Woke up at 6AM. Had to get up by 6:30 so that we could pack. Put the massage chair in the Jeep. Fed the deer, Fed the fish, Fed the dogs.

Stopped in Post Falls to drop off Dave 2.0's SUV at his house. Then hubby jumped in the Jeep with me. I drove to Spokane.

Parked the Jeep in the Davenport valet parking so I could unload my chair. Hubby took the Jeep and left to go look at Pic-A-Part North in Spokane.

I went upstairs to the Hall of Doges to get set up for chair massage. They did not take my chair up and I had to go looking for it after I went to the potty. It was disgusting in the bathroom as people poop and don't flush. I had to check 3 toilets before I finally found one that was clean.

Then I went back to the Valet and my chair was still there. I told them I was looking for it and they said they had no clue about where I was. Dumb asses.

Walked it up with the Valet guy and he carried it up for me.

Panda got there. He carried his own chair.

Lydia got there later. No clock still...

We massaged from 9:30-1:30. I made quite a few tips. Cleaned up and left.

Hubby came to pick me up and I met him down at the valet. Unloaded our stuff & checked in with the front desk. At the check-in desk they could not find our reservation at first. It was mis-spelled. Gave them my credit gift certificates. Got room 403. Had to use our room key to check into the elevator for a (false sense of security). Our room was right by the elevators & ice/pop machine.

Comfy king-size bed. Nice room. We went down to eat at the Palm Court Grille because I was tired & famished. Hubby got French Onion Soup. I ordered Reuben sandwich with fries. We got Kahlua & cream, hubby got Bourbon with Cider. (yuck).

We came back upstairs to the room for a quick afternoon nap.

After we woke up from the nap about 5PM, we sat down on the 4th floor deck for a while in the waning late afternoon sunshine. Watched a fire engine race down the street towards the hospital.

Then wandered down to the street level. Decided to take a walk outside. Walked towards the theater, but instead went into a Wine-Tasting Room called Cougar Crest Estate Winery. It was quite fun. We bought a couple bottles of white wine.

 Wine Tasting

 Pretty Downtown Spokane

Hubby felt bad that we did not get to go over to the other wine tasting place that closed promptly at 6PM; the Lake Roosevelt Wine Company.

Went over to FIRE for oven roasted pizza, same one as in CDA, by the recommendation of the wine hostess. She was quite a hoot. Nice lady.

Had to go to Brews Bros coffee shop and get a tea (hubby got a strawberry smoothie) so that we could sober up and wait for the rush.

At Brews Bros

Went back to FIRE after 30 minutes and had delicious pizza. I had the Camino: roasted chicken breast, Kansas City bacon, red onion, aged white cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, chipotle bbq sauce, finished with fresh cilantro and habenero sea salt. While I had the Parma prosciutto, Gorgonzola, pecorino, mozzarella and provolone cheeses, finished with truffle oil.

Took our leftovers back to the room, which DID NOT HAVE A FRIDGE.

We were exhausted by 9PM. 

Worked on hubby's back while he was in the massage chair. Then he got into bed. Still complaining about his right knee. I rubbed that for him, too. Then I got into bed.

Fell asleep after watching a reality murder show on tv.


Woke up at 3AM and had to take a hot bath because my back was bothering me. Even in a comfortable bed, I am not comfortable!

Woke up again at 8AM. Hubby was still sleepy. I started getting dressed. Made reservations for our Brunch at 10:00.

We went down to Brews Bros and got morning lattes. They were very good. We carried them back to the Davenport to drink in the main sitting area. No piano playing, just crappy canned music.

Talked about hubby's dad's ill health. Then hubby talked about retiring. At 10PM, we went over and got seated by the fireplace. It was nice.

Sitting by the fireplace

Had brunch. Got stuffed. Excellent omelettes and crepes.


Went up to room to pack & get ready to leave at 11:30. Called for our car & valet, but valet took over 30 minutes to get there.

Finally got checked out and paid. Got into Jeep and drove to Liberty Lake to see the property for sale there. Too remote & too high up on mountain. No view.

Stopped at latte stand in Post Falls to get more lattes. Drove to pick up hubby's truck at Dave 2.0. Then drove home. I got the mail at home. Hubby unloaded the Jeep. Dogs were happy to see us back. Took them for a walk in the park.

When we returned, hubby had to meet a guy down at the shop. Mark called and had broken down with truck & trailer in Bonner's Ferry. Have to call Chad to get it towed home.

We washed all the dogs. Washed Ben & Bud on the deck. Washed Lil Bit in the tub. Then I washed all the clothes we brought home. Washed all the dogs bed covers. Washed Ben's comforter cover for his bed.

Paid AE bill.

Exhausted by 6PM.

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