Monday, October 19, 2015



Got no sleep last night. Hubby finally came to bed around 1AM. He had the tv flickering on and I could see it all night. I even took 5 melatonin and could not sleep. Had to keep getting up to potty.

Hubby left after kissing me goodbye while I was still in bed.

Then I got up and dressed, did laundry, fed fish.

I drove to school and met Mark there. Got our Quizzes for Pathology so we could review them. I went to take my test that I missed from Kines last week.

Then Mark reviewed his term paper with me so I could type it up. I left after about an hour.

Drove back home. Stopped to get gasoline and burgers at McD's for the dogs.

At home, got the mail. Another refund check from Met Vehicle Ins. Gift certificate from Red Lobster for $25.

Then I fed burgers to dogs.

Did more laundry. Did dishes. Printed up the test pages. Typed up Mark's term paper. Did my Kines workbook.

Hubby called and he was all excited about putting an offer on the building at Hutter that he had looked at. He is going to Horizon to get financing.

I did all my homework. Hubby came home after working 2 hours OT. Loaded dogs & drove to get gasoline in Athol. We took dogs for a walk in Farragut park in the dark.

Came back to town and ate at Grey Goose for dinner. Saw some little dogs running around in the parking lot. I had chicken salad. Hubby had pork sandwich. We took home leftovers.

At home, I took a hot bath & some Melatonin. Then I finished my homework and studied for test tomorrow.

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