Sunday, October 11, 2015



Got up at 5AM to pee. Then back to bed. Could not sleep all night long. I am wrung out.

Up at 7AM again to get dressed. Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I helped. Did laundry. Fed fish.

Did a load of dishes after breakfast was done.

Took dogs to park. Stopped to get latte for hubby. There were 2 cars in line in front of us. Had to wait a while.

Walked dogs down beyond Frisbee area. It was a warm, windy day for October. Saw a grove that had a LOT of deer in it; about 12 deer hopped away from us, but 4 brave ones stayed and watched us.

Fall Color in Farragut Park

Came back home. I got changed into Clinic clothes for Outside Event.

While Hubby ran down to the shop to deal with Mark & customers, I loaded up my massage chair in the Jeep, got dressed, and put on make-up. Changed dog water.

I drove down to the shop and picked up hubby. We drove into Rathdrum where I stopped at Stein's to get birthday card for Carmi.

Drove to the Baptist Camp and unloaded my chair. Set up after Lydia got there.

Gave birthday card to Carmi. T came and set up next to me.

Left at 2:00 after we were done. Picked up apples at property that hubby was looking to purchase out by the Kootenai Humane Society.

I told hubby that I was hungry, we drove to Red Lobster and had a 30 minute wait. Just left after that. It was 3:00 in the afternoon and they did not have enough wait staff.

Then we drove to Pita Pit in CDA and ate pitas outside on the sidewalk tables. It was nice weather.

Drove home. I was tired.

Watched some tv and went to bed early.


Got up at 7AM; I had not slept last night. This is horrible.

I woke up with awful diarrhea.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs & fed them.

I got dressed and then hubby had his breakfast. We got the dogs loaded into the Dodge and drove to get hubby a latte in Athol. Had to wait a LONG time for just one car in front of us.

Took dogs to Triangle walk by the Sewage plant. It was a wonderfully warm, windy Fall day.

Ben & Bud after walk

Then we came home and unloaded dogs. I had a diarrhea attack in the park. Of course, no bathrooms on that side of the park!

Rested for about an hour. Hubby took care of things around the yard. Took out the swamp cooler, fed the deer.

Dogs were tired after their walk.

Lil Bit

We drove into town and shopped at Costco. We ran into a guy that hubby worked with at the front entrance. Shopping was awful. Even though the Church crowd was not there yet, people were walking around with mouths open...stopping in the middle of the aisle, blocking aisles with carts. I had diarrhea twice and had to use the bathroom. It made shopping an awful hassle. A mother, grandmother, and bunch of kids blocked me as I was trying to get down the hallway to the bathroom. Of course, Costco is blocking the exit with only a body's width of the hallway available. I think I will contact the fire marshall.

Got done shopping and loaded stuff in the truck.

Stopped at Albertson's on the way home to get carrots and other fresh fruit.

Picked up burgers for dogs at Arby's. Drove home on Old Hwy 95 instead of the other Hwy. We had seen 3 deer dead that nobody had picked up. I did not want to see them again.

At home, I had diarrhea again. Very sick. Hubby unloaded everything from the truck. I tried to take a nap. Could not because Lil Bit kept coming up to the room and wanting on the bed just as I was about to fall asleep.

Watched new Season Premiere of Walking Dead. Not too exciting.

Went to bed at 10PM.

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