Wednesday, October 21, 2015



Got up at 6:00 with hubby. I was in bed rubbing his muscles before we got up.

Dressed and got ready for school.

Fed fish. Gave dogs some ham. Buddy sat on the couch with daddy.

Hubby left. I studied.

Left for school at 7:45. Forgot my pencil case and my tea. So I drove to KoKoPelli and got a nasty tasting green tea. Then drove to Walmart and picked up treats for the final and groceries.

Had to take groceries out to Jeep and then go back inside to potty.

Left Walmart and drove to tan at Slick Rock. Afterwards, I drove up to school to unload treats and then realized I had no pencils. Drove down to gas station and they had no pencils for sale. Fed Ex was open, so I drove there. Dropped off box and bought several pencils.

Then I drove back to school.

Unloaded my stuff. Everybody was late. Then Teacher gave us 1 hour additional to study while she ordered pizza.

It was SO boring, waiting for everybody.

Then we took our test at 11:00.

Teacher had put things on it she had misled us about. It took 2 hours for one student to finish. Then we got our tests handed back to us. T got 92%, I got 90% and Mark got 95%.

It was 1:00 and we cleaned up and left. Anti-climatic.

I drove home. Did not get a salad. Got home at 1:45, then went down to get my nails done at 2:00 with Deralee.

At 3:00, I drove back home. Took books downstairs that I don't need anymore. Pathology class is over!

I started studying for Quiz in A&P tomorrow. Did my Ethics homework.

Hubby got home at 6:00pm.

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