Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Just Like A Bad Dream


Just like a bad dream, it keeps happening over & over.

Got up this morning at 6AM to potty, then got back into bed. Up at 6:45 to get dressed & see hubby off to work. Gave kisses & dog hugs.

Then I did some studying. Got everything packed into the Jeep and left for school.

I went outside to feed the fish & deer.

Drove to Post Falls and tanned at 9:00AM at Slick Rock.

Then drove to school at 9:20AM. Panda was there and waiting. I just sat down and waited for our teacher to come.

Finally, at 9:50, they decided to put us in the clinic room again, but they did not want us using the massage beds as "tables".

So Mark & Nick brought the tables in and set up chairs.

We took our Pop Quiz over chapter 14. Then Reviewed the rest of Chapter 14 and took a Quiz over chapter 14.

Left at 1:00; I picked up a Pita salad at Pita Pit. Had to walk in because there was a car in line that had a BUNCH of people in it ordering.

I drove home. Lots of slow cars going between 35-45 on Hwy 41. Very frustrating.

Picked up the mail on the way. There was a Deep Tissue Massage book in the mail that I had ordered.

At home, I gave the dogs fresh water & food. Fed them some ham.

Hubby came home early. We took a truck down to CDA Wheels and dropped it off. Hubby jumped in the Jeep with me. We drove to Walmart where I picked up some Cereve cream, some more Ball Mason jar lids, and fruit. Called KRN because she wanted Pumpkin and could not find any in Hawaii. I told her that I would get her some & send it to her.

Hubby picked up a Subway sandwich and met me out front of Walmart.

Then I drove home in the rain as he ate his Sub Sandwich. At home, we unloaded groceries and put them away. I did laundry. Hubby sat on the couch and fell asleep. Watched 1/2 of American Horror Story - Hotel, and You're The Worst.

Went to bed at 10:00.

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