Monday, October 12, 2015

Letter Writing & Studying


Hubby kissed me goodbye and brought my cell phone up to me in bed.

Lil Bit came upstairs and got into bed with me.

I called into Clinic at 8:30 and talked to Amber. Told her that I had stomach flu and had contacted T to replace me for my shift.

Got up and dressed. Had diarrhea again.

Fed fish. Fed birds. 

Drove down to the Post Office before I remembered that it was Columbus Day and all government offices are closed. Damn.

Drove back home and there were 3 cars and people were in the back of the property unloading things for the off-road parts. I called hubby to make sure it was ok. Drove back there to make sure they were not stealing things.

Then at home, I wrote a letter to the  Idaho State Police complaining about the truck that has been parked for 5 months with invalid tags.

Gave Ben his antibiotic pills.

Ordered Tea, ordered Mason Jar Pumpkins on etsy.

Made Mason Jar pumpkins.

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Ground up carrots to eat.

Did laundry, put away laundry & did dishes, put away dishes.

Hubby came home and we raced up to Sandpoint to get some parts from Tom's. Hunter was waiting for us and he had his Boxer, Spencer there. I love Spencer. He is just adorable. A little too fat now. I hugged and kissed him for quite a while. He adored the attention. Hunter gave us new winter hats & t-shirts.

We picked up Pitas on the way home.

Waited for Dave R to catch up to us at the Athol interchange. He had picked up parts for hubby, but hubby thought he would drop them off at 5pm, not 7:30 when we came back.

Drove home, hubby dropped me off at the house with the dogs. Lots of deer out eating food. Hubby went down to the shop for an hour to drop off the parts. He was down there for a while with Mark.

Hubby came back home. I took a hot bath. Still having diarrhea. I felt awful. Went to bed at 10PM.

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