Sunday, October 18, 2015



I got up at 5:00. Got dressed. Kissed hubby and dogs goodbye. Left by 5:30. Got to Walmart in Post Falls by 6:00. Lots of cars on the road this early!

Picked up fruit tray, vegetable tray, mixed nuts & some small contact lens solution for plane travel. Then went to pick up Tierzah at 7:00. We drove to Spokane and picked Nick up at 7:00.

Drove to Cenex gas station on 195 and picked up Mark. I topped off the gas tank. Then we drove to Pullman. Lots of cars due to football game at campus today. I passed them all. We finally got there about 45 minutes early.

Stopped a kid carrying a latte and he directed us to the commissary. I bought drinks for me, (Americano), Nick & Tierzah (they did not accept cash) I paid in credit card. Mark bought eggs & coffee. We waited there while he ate.

Then walked back to the room where we had left our papers. Emily, Kelsey, Jessie, Taylor & Suzie were already there. Leticia came in later. Then I called the late ones on the phone. Called Kate & Courtnee, they were outside the quad, Panda & Katie parked right behind me and walked up. So we finally got started at 10:15. Ethan was nice kid. Only 22 years old.

Went down to the Cadaver Lab and started handling organs. I sat beside Katie. Across from Kate. We finally started looking at only 3 bodies by 11:30 after a 15 minute break.

On our break, I went potty again. Then went out to my car for a snack. Nick, Mark, & Tierzah followed me. Courtnee showed up and had a snack.

The bodies were interesting, but still did not open up the discovery of muscles for me. I am just as lost in Kines.

We left at 2:00. Drove to a burger place called Cougar Burgers because Mark wanted something to eat. I got a grilled chicken. Nick was not happy with his burger because it had mayo & sauce on it.

We drove home. I dropped off Mark at the gas station. Nick at his home and Tierzah at her home. Then I drove home. Got here about 5:00.

Hubby had grilled steaks and made asparagus. He also made corn & mashed potatoes. The dogs had some steak!

I did some homework, watched Free HBO weekend, and we went to bed early at 10:00. I was exhausted.


I got up at 7:00am. Need to leave at 8:15. Dressed, fed the fish & birds.

Washed my hair. Hubby made eggs and fed the dogs.

I left at 8:15 for class at School.

Got there at 8:45AM. Got a table in the back. Mark showed up right afterwards. We were there with MCP19.

It was dealing with Chakras and magnetic energy. I partnered with Kelsee.

Broke for lunch at 11:15-12:15. Mark & I went to Pita.

Came back and time just DRAGGED. Finally we checked our papers and were done at 5:30. I got home by 6:00. Hubby had not gotten grain or take the garbage to the dump.

I had to clean the dog water, make hot tea for myself, make food for myself. Hubby wanted to go down to Grey Goose for dinner, but I was too cold. Did not want to eat food because of diet, and I wanted to stay home and watch Walking Dead.

Watched Talking Dead. The recorder messed up the recording, so we had to watch Walking Dead afterwards.

Went outside to get my purse I had left in the Jeep.

Then I was exhausted, so I went to bed right after the show was done.

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