Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Clinic Hours & Memorial Weekend in AZ


Got up at 7:45AM. Had to potty.

Dressed & gave dogs some ham. Fed the fish. Gave dogs fresh water.

I washed my hair. Washed clothes. Repaired shirts that had holes in them. Picked out some clothes to pack for Arizona. Got my toiletries ready for packing. Did dishes. Fed deer. Paid bills.

Did some homework for Ethics class so I don't have to concentrate on it while I am gone.

Went down to get mail.

Took a nap with Lil Bit from 3-4PM.

Cleaned out the dog water tank in the back yard.

I got ready and left at 4:45PM. Drove to Clinic. Got ready for massages. I was in Room 2 tonight. Carmi was all excited to order her shoes. Saw Nick tonight and told him I would return on Wednesday.

After Clinic was finished at 9PM, I returned home. Really tired. Packed my bag. Hubby was already packed. We watched "How It's Made" on tv for a while, then went to bed.


Up extra early for flight. Hubby had to get a latte at Starbucks in Post Falls. We drove to Spokane Airport in the grey Dodge. Parked in long-term parking. It was really cold this morning. Took the Parking Shuttle driven by a big fat guy with Bronchitis over to the Airport American Airlines. Checked in and then went thru TSA screening. Hubby had to open his bag because he had too much toothpaste & they examined it.

I had to purchase a nail file (multi pack of 10), I gave one to the checkout girl. Then we pottied. Sat down and waited for the flight. Hubby got a sandwich.

We loaded after a while. It was an uneventful flight. I was seated in the middle seat, hubby had the aisle. On the window seat was a guy that typed on his computer and kept poking me the whole trip.

Arrived at Phoenix Airport early. We de-planed and walked to the gate. But they changed the gate on us. Made us go half way across the airport to the A concourse from the B concourse. Once we got there, they reassigned the gate again and we had to head BACK to the B concourse. Which was absolutely fucking stupid. A nice black woman with her husband had to be pushed in a wheelchair. I was very concerned about her and wanted to make sure she was OK.

Then we finally got on the place about 45 minutes late. The pilot went extra fast so we could arrive on time.

Landed in Tucson. We had the Limo guy, Mark drive us to Marv's house.

Hubby entered the garage code and we entered the house.

Unpacked our bags. Changed clothes.

Drove to Tucson in the Lexus. Stopped at the Shoe Carnival and had to potty. Looked for shoes. Hubby continued shopping while I ran to have diarrhea at Walmart. Then I came back and we bought shoes. We walked back to Walmart to get grapes and some munchies.

Then we drove to Men's Wearhouse to get a suit for hubby. The salesman was flamboyantly gay. Finally got out of there. Hubby wanted to get Frozen Yogurt, so we had to drive back to the mall where we were and he got yogurt.

I wanted Chick-Fil-A, but they had a line around the block on the drive-thru so we just decided to return to Marv's house because we were tired.


Got up early. Hubby had to go to Starbucks in the Safeway to get a latte.

Drove to Tucson, hubby wanted to get his haircut, but no place opened until 11:00. He got a breakfast sandwich at a McDonalds and then we drove to Fed Ex to make picture copies of our phone pics, but they did not have a USB cord and the emails to their account did not work. We were very frustrated and left.

We were lost downtown on a Sunday and decided to drive to the airport to pick up his brother & sister-in-law.

We picked up Bruce & Barb at the airport.

Drove them to Olive Garden to have lunch. I had a salad. They had soup & salad. Hubby had to pay.

Then we drove back to Green Valley. They upacked their bags there.

Hubby and I went to Sauhaurita to get his haircut. I shopped at Fry's and purchased hand cream and a magazine. We purchased a nice shirt on sale for hubby. Talked to a nice black guy sales associate. I picked up some hand cream and nylons. We saw a yellow lab outside the SuperCuts and petted him. Nice dog.

Drove back to Marv's house.

The pastor of the church came over and talked to us around 4:00PM. Went outside on the patio and sat around the table. Pastor took notes about Marv while we reminisced.

Then we went over to Grace's house for dinner. Spaghetti with meat & salads. Cheesecake for dessert. She had a shit-ton of liquor set out for us (all the old people drink a LOT down here).

Left pretty late at 8PM. We were all tired.

Drove to Marv's. I went to bed while Bruce & hubby talked late.


Got up early. Barb was still in bed until late. I went with the guys to town. They dropped me off at Walgreens and I made photocopies of pictures while the guys went to talk to XXX.

We returned home and I put on shoes & nylons. Bruce drove the Mercedes with hubby to the funeral home, while I drove the Lexus with Barb.

Not very many people showed for the memorial. About 30 total. The pastor got Marv's name wrong and called him Melvin!

Too many songs, too many prayers. It was disgusting.

The Piano player for the service hit hubby and Bruce up for payment afterwards.

We had luncheon in a side room after the memorial.


Again, woke up early. Nice day outside. Hubby and I went to get him a latte at Safeway again. I purchased another magazine to read on the airplane trip.

I studied at the breakfast table and waited until Barb got up. We went to have lunch at a Mexican Restaurant. Then the guys went to the Bank of America to get the finances sorted out.

Bruce & Barb took us to the airport at 4PM.

We got on the hop from Phoenix to Tucson. Had to sit in the back near the bathrooms in front of a really fat guy.

Then got off in Phoenix. Hubby had to get a sandwich at Wendy's. We both went potty again before getting on the next plane.

Seemed to take forever to get home. Kinda shaky airplane ride. I had the window, Hubby had the middle seat. On the aisle was a drunk guy. Did not bother us much.

At Spokane by 10:30. Got shuttle to car. It was cold outside. Then we drove home. Stopped at Wendy's on Barker road. I got a salad. Hubby got burger & burgers for the dogs.

Home by midnight. The dogs had spilled dog food everywhere. Had to clean that up. Gave them burgers. We were in bed by 1AM.

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