Friday, October 09, 2015

Ben's Troublesome Tail


Hubby left for work at 7AM. He came upstairs and kissed me goodbye.

He took the Jeep to work.

Got up at 8AM, called the Vet and made an appointment for Ben at 11:15. Also scheduled Bud for a toenail trim.

Fed the dogs some ham. Fed the fish. Put out new bird seed. There is an annoying squirrel out there chittering away. Hubby will have to shoot him tomorrow or Sunday.

I did homework, paid bills, got KRN's stuff ready to ship.

At 11:00, I loaded the dogs into the Dodge and drove to the Post Office to pick up a few Priority Mail boxes.

Then drove over to the Vet's. Took Ben inside. He weighs 128 pounds. Bud weighs 106 pounds. Vet bandaged up Ben's tail. Said that if he tears it off, or the cut reoccurs that we will have to dock his tail.

 Bloody Tail

Ben's Tail Fixed

I paid and we drove home. Dogs were desperate for water.

I worked on homework some more and then watched tv. Ate my pita salad. AICM Christine called and wanted to find out if I wanted to be booked out at 9AM as I had 10-1 back-to-back treatments. 

Ordered a Xmas sweatshirt from Zulily.

Dead bird on deck. Took it to where the cat hangs out. Hope it did not die of bird flu.

Got ready to go in to Clinic at 4:00.

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