Thursday, October 08, 2015



Up at midnight to potty.

I wake up at 5:00 and go downstairs to potty. Then I get a blanket and sleep on the couch. I am too tired to go upstairs again.

Hubby comes down at 6:00AM and sits on the couch with Bud. He tries to shoot a squirrel outside, but it gets away from him.

He was going to leave at 6:45AM, but I told him to turn on the tv and watch it with me. We watch the morning news. I get up and take a bath at 7:00AM. He leaves for work. I ask him to wash my windshield.

I get dressed after my bath. I am exhausted & stressed already.

Feed the fish. Feed the deer. Dump out the bird seed as it is covered in water from rain yesterday.

Drove to school.

Saw pretty trees on drive to school.

Fall Color in Post Falls

At school, learned from Panda that we were back in our original room.

Took Chapter 14 Quiz & got 94% on it. I was not even there last week and only missed 2 out of 35.

We reviewed Chapter 15.

After class, I took my test from last week over Chapter 13.

Then I left for the day. Drove to Pita to get Pita Salad. Saw Mark on the way down the hill.

Ordered 3 pitas; 1 for today, 1 for Friday, 1 for Saturday.

At home, I picked up the mail which was junk. Fed ham to the dogs, cleaned up the deck, sprayed vinegar on the weeds in front of the deck, cleaned up dog water & food.

Started laundry.

Did my homework for Chapter 15.

Lil Bit is healing. He doesn't look like a pirate now!

Poor Lil Bit

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