Tuesday, February 28, 2017



It was snowing last night and this morning, we woke up to about 5 inches of snow. This is getting intolerable. We need Spring. My body aches so much and needs sunshine & warmth.

I had cramps last night and was not going to get up to give hubby latte & breakfast, but the cats kept waking me up and I could not sleep late.

Made breakfast sandwich and latte for hubby.

Hubby shoveled the decks before he left. He said we had a kitty cat visitor last night. There were tiny tracks in the snow on the deck and the cat peed on the deck.

Fed the dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller. Gave tuna to cats. Cleaned up cat litter.

Put tuna and cat food outside for stray cat.

I made a latte.

Kim called. We talked for about an hour.

I took a nap at 11AM. Then did dishes & laundry. Cleaned out the vacuum containers. Put out garbage and changed garbage liners.

Hubby got home at 7PM. He had to stop at the Post Falls shop and then when he got home, he stopped at the shop here.

Hubby brought home milk and rice from Lil Town Market. I thought he was going to stop at the grocery store in Rathdrum.

I had made him Dirty Rice so that he could eat his leftover shrimp with it.

We watched the final episode of Taboo, which was pretty disappointing. Then we went to bed.

Monday, February 27, 2017




Hubby got up and made eggs for the dogs. He gave Bud his painkillers.

I fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

I made latte for hubby.

We loaded Wilson in the Jeep with us and went into Post Falls to install KR's RING doorbell.

Stopped at Starbucks to get a latte for me.

We deposited a check from KR for her phone payment at Horizon.

Drove to Spokane and went to the Petit Chat Bakery in north Spokane. Had lunch. Hubby had the leftover broken potato chips with his sandwich and watery clam chowder. They forgot to bring out my slice of quiche. This lunch cost $30. It was not worth it.

We went to Spokane Discount. It was dirty and disgusting. Prices were too much. Even more than Costco which they were supposed to be selling their overstock. I was happy to get out of there.

Pottied Wilson at the local park. The parking lot had not been plowed. Nothing but lumps of snow everywhere. We gave Wilson our leftovers from the restaurant and some water.

We drove back to CDA along Trent. Stopped to wash my Jeep (Wilson was scared), stop at Harbor Freight to pick up a new floor jack for the shop, and go to North 40 for another tool cabinet for the shop (Wilson liked walking in the store).

Drove downtown CDA at 4PM to meet KR at Sweet Lou's, they were participating in the Inlander Restaurant Week. Dinner was $19.

Hubby and I parked nearby. Lots of steps to get into restaurant. It started blowing & snowing like a blizzard in the 10 minutes we walked inside. I only wanted a HOT alcoholic drink, but the damn restaurant does not have a liquor license. I was freezing.

KR got steak, (tough - had to be cooked over by manager), I got fish & chips, Hubby got Baby Back Ribs. KR let us bring home the steaks for the dogs.

We walked Wilson afterwards and said goodbye to KR.

We drove home. More snow on the way home.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Got up and made latte & breakfast sandwich for hubby.

Hubby drove my Jeep today.

I cleaned up house. Can't pay bills until the first of the month.

Took a nap later after taking some ibuprofen for my knee.

Hubby got home early. We loaded up in the Dually with the trailer to drive up to Sandpoint to pick up a truck.

We had to wait 20 minutes for traffic jam at the Longbridge. There was an accident. Some truck had rear-ended another vehicle.

Finally got past the long line of cars and drove to Starbucks to pick up drink for me & espresso. Ran out of Casi Cielo coffee pods.

Picked up the truck in the gas station parking lot across from Walmart.

Stopped at Jalapeno's to have dinner. It was really hot sitting across from a drunk, loud family. They finally left and it got cooler.

Took our leftovers home.

Long drive home.

Went to bed early. We were both exhausted.

FEBRUARY 25, 2016

Kitties woke us up at 7:30AM.

Got up and took tuna down to kitties, cleaned up their litter. It was freezing in the basement. I turned on the heater.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I cleaned up the kitchen. Made lattes & breakfast for me which consisted of a bagel & sausage.

We took the dogs with us in the Dually. Hubby had to take the truck we picked up into the Post Falls shop.

Hubby dropped off the truck. Then we had to go over to Transamerica to pick up parts. I walked Wilson. It was freezing over there, with the cold wind blowing off the Spokane River. Saw some geese. Then I walked Bud. Hubby was done and drove over to pick us up. Buddy was really limping.

We drove to get latte at Starbucks, hubby laminated his paper at Fed Ex store. He parked in the parking lot and waited for me at Starbucks.

Then we drove over to KR's and picked up Beebo.

Took the dogs to the school and walked them. We stayed in the sunshine to avoid the freezing cold wind.

There was a Cheerleading competition going on at the high school and lots of cars were there. I asked one of the gentlemen who was going inside what was happening. Even a bus from Orofino!

We gave dogs water and loaded them up in the truck. Hubby wanted Best Sandwich on Government Way, so we drove over there to get Philly Cheesesteaks. Went over to Ziggy's to pick up a board for the backyard to keep dogs from escaping.

Drove home.

Hubby installed the board in the backyard.

We watched a horrible show then loaded up the Dually, unhooked the trailer and took garbage to the dump. Hubby did not want to get milk because of too many people at Lil Town, no where to park the Dually.

We drove home and KR was not going snowboarding. She wanted Beebo back. So we picked up Beebo, could not find his leash. Drove to KR's and dropped him off at 5PM.

KR & Beebo came with us to pick up hay & grain at North 40. We stopped on the way to get Starbucks at the drive-thru.

I shopped for another leash for Beebo while hubby went to look at tool boxes. I picked up a pig ear for Beebo.

We drove to Walmart in Post Falls to shop with KR. She needed light bulbs. I wanted more Walmart bagels. We also got a bunch of other stuff that hubby needed.

Drove KR home and talked to her for a while. I massaged her shoulder. Then we left and drove home. I was tired.

We got home by 9PM and it was snowing! It had already snowed about 3 inches.

Went to bed after watching a boring tv show.

3 kitties slept between my legs all night. Zim slept between us. Wilson came up later and hubby flung him on the bed. He slept with us til morning.


Kitties woke us up at 7:30AM.

Got up and took tuna down to kitties, cleaned up their litter. It was freezing in the basement. I turned on the heater.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs. I cleaned up the kitchen. Made lattes & breakfast for me which consisted of a bagel & sausage.

While sitting down on the couch to eat breakfast, Ben went outside to bark and bark and bark. I went outside to see if the Moose was here, but found that Wilson had escaped thru the fence panels and was in the HIGHWAY! He was barking. I heard him, but could not see him.

I yelled for hubby and he went out on the deck to call for him while I raced to get the baggie of ham to coax him back to the house. He finally came running home.

We shut the doggy door until we can get more chicken wire to put at the top of the fence so Wilson does not squeeze thru the fence.

Thursday, February 23, 2017



Not snowing.

Rattler & Joey in the tub

Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Got up and made breakfast sandwich and latte for hubby.

While we were hugging, Ben went out the open door. He ran down to the shop.

Hubby fed the moose with corn grain & hay. We have to get more apples & pears tonight.

He left for work and took my Jeep today.

Made coffee for myself.

Started laundry & dishes.

Fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Ordered more Young Living oils & adapter.

Seems like I have been a whole day off this week as hubby informed me it is Wednesday and not Thursday!

When he came home, he scarfed some leftover pizza down and then we went to Rathdrum in my Jeep to get groceries at Super One.

Then we drove home again. Unloaded groceries. No moose.

I was exhausted. We watched Schitt's Creek, Hubby fell asleep on the couch. I took a bath and we went to bed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017




Got up and made breakfast sandwich and latte for hubby.

He left and I fed dogs some meat, Bud got his painkiller pill.

Fed cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

I made coffee for myself.

Did the dishes and laundry.

It snowed all day long. Lots of sleet, too. Rain. Winter will never stop.

I took a nap early in the day. Could not keep my eyes open.

Put Ben's clean pillowcases on his bed. Put away laundry.

Hubby got home at 5PM.

He shoveled off the decks. He made dinner from leftovers. We watched TV. Taboo was on tonight.

No moose tonight. We are only feeding him every other day. I want him to walk around instead of sleeping at our home all the time.

I cleaned up the cat litter. We went to bed.

Monday, February 20, 2017



Made breakfast sandwich and latte for hubby.

Fed meat pieces to dogs, gave Bud his painkiller.

Fed tuna to cats & cleaned up their litter.

Started laundry & dishes.

Fed grain, hay, & pears to moose.

Gave a bath to Wilson. He stank. After the bath, he ran around wildly, rubbed himself on the snow. Ran thru the house.

I washed Ben's bedding.

Hubby got home at 5:30. He made dinner. We watched TV.

Watched Timeless season ending. It was a dud.

Hubby sat in the Sauna and then took a shower.

Sunday, February 19, 2017



Walking in Post Falls Black Bay Park


Thursday, February 16, 2017



Got up at 6:00AM. Made a latte for hubby because the Espresso stand in Athol is CLOSED permanently.

Dog huggies with hubby.

Gave turkey to the dogs. Gave Bud a painkiller.

Fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Moose slept here all night. I threw pears out to the moose.

I did laundry & dishes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017




Got up at 6:30AM. 

Gave turkey to the dogs. Gave Bud a painkiller.

Fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Moose slept here all night.

Fed the moose grain & apples. Slipped on the ice. 

Moose went outside to lay down on the straw. 

I mailed some books on PaperbackSwap.com.


Did laundry & dishes.

Hubby got home at 4:45PM. We got changed, I did some invoices for him.

Then we took off in the Jeep and drove into Post Falls. Shopped at Walmart, got to KR's house by 7PM, picked her up and drove to the restaurant. Fleur de Sel. 

The meal was ok. Not great. The appetizers were ok. The blue crab was deep fat fried and over done. Almost burnt.

The french onion soup came out too hot to eat. I put ice cubes in mine. KR never ate hers. They boxed it up.

Hubby's steak was not cooked well done and was sent back, still came back red raw inside and the female owner tried to tell us that "the threads in the meat might appear red, but it was cooked all the way thru." Fuck that, you pretentious, dumb bitch!

The chef came by later and apologized. They did take the steak off the bill, but hubby sat there with no dinner. Fucking assholes.

Finally we were ready to order dessert, but it looked like the restaurant was closing at 9PM. Got our waiter's attention, never did get more water because the girls that were doing that disappeared!

They had advertised cake, and KR ordered that, but the waiter came back and said it was a mis-print and should not have been on the dessert menu. KR was disappointed as she wanted cake for her birthday. Instead, they brought out creme brulee for KR, with awful tasting macaroons. I had ordered chocolate tarte, but cancelled it when KR was not getting her cake. They brought it out anyway. They said they did not want KR to be disappointed on her birthday.

We paid and left. Raining and cold. Hubby picked us up under the awning of the building.

Drove KR home.

We drove home. We were exhausted. I did kitty litter.
Hubby fed the moose.

Went to bed.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Got up early. Gave hug to hubby before he left for work.

Forgot to call KR and sing happy birthday to her with hubby. Which was why I had gotten up early.

Called KR right away and sang to her. Texted hubby to call her and sing to her, too.

I fed dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller.

Gave tuna to cats, cleaned up their litter.

Vacuumed. Did dishes. Did laundry.

The moose was still here. I threw apples out to the moose.

The moose stayed here all day, sleeping in the woods.

I left at 12:15 to pick up the mail, then get a Starbucks in town, then get hair done with Rachelle at 1PM. By 2:30, I was headed home.

Got home at 3PM.

Moose was still here.

Cleaned up the dog water & food.

Hubby got home around 6:30PM. He stopped down at the shop for a while.

We did not go to KR's house as planned. She was going to bed early.

We watched Taboo on TV then went to bed at 10PM. I was exhausted.

Monday, February 13, 2017



Got up at 6:30am and said goodbye to hubby.

Gave the dogs turkey, gave Bud his painkiller.

Fed tuna & chicken to the kittens. Cleaned up litter.

Fed grain, hay, and apples to the moose.

KR came at 9AM. Left Beebo here at the house with the cousins & kittens. Then KR drove up to Sandpoint to renew her Driver's License and her Motorcycle Permit. I joked with her that getting the 8 year would take her to 40 years old! She did not appreciate the joke.

We picked up lattes at Starbucks afterwards.

Then drove south to CDA. While in Sandpoint going over the Long Bridge, a semi truck & trailer in front of us almost drove into on-coming traffic. I called 911.

No police ever picked him up. He kept weaving in and out of the lane the whole way until KR passed him in Athol.

We went to Olive Garden because KR was hungry. I was not enthused about eating there. They gave us a table where I had to sit in the traffic of the aisle. The soup was ok, but greasy. The bread rolls were mostly dough coming straight out of the oven. Waitress had to replace them. Our meal was brought out too soon.

KR paid with her gift cards. I left the tip.

We went to ULTA where I got keratin nail protein for my nails.

I had to potty at the Bed, Bath & Beyond next door.

Then we dropped off a deposit at Horizon.

Went to Tri State Outfitters to return her snow pants that were ripped.

We went to wash her Jeep. Got thru right away. The Attendant was directing her to the 2nd bay and I thought he was giving a peace sign. Funny.

Image result for finger peace sign

Shopped at Winco. I got green tea with Jasmine. I paid for her groceries.

We had to go back to the Car Wash as it did not clean her windows very well. So there was a line. We had to wait.

Then we drove to Ski Shack to see if she could find ski pants there. While we were shopping in the deserted store, her car alarm started going off. She went outside and it took a while before she could turn it off.

When we left, the alarm for the rear hatch would not turn off. It kept beeping and the lights were on inside the vehicle.

KR pulled over into a parking lot and closed the hatch door again. Then she restarted the car. It seemed to work. She called the dealership to get an appointment on Friday to drop off her vehicle so they can work on it.

Then she drove me home.

Dropped me off. Brought in all the stuff we purchased. She was hungry and ate some of my leftovers from the restaurant.

I took some ibuprofen. I was hurting really badly.

Hubby got home around 6PM.

We watched Timeless on tv and then went to bed.

Sunday, February 12, 2017



Got up early. Cats would not let us sleep.

Hubby made eggs for the dogs & fed the cats. He cleaned up litter.

We decided to forgo a walk today with dogs because Bud seemed to really be limping after yesterday.

My pains were getting worse from slipping yesterday.

We drove into town and shopped at Costco. Lots of people there even though we went before the church crowd let out.

Then we went to Walmart and shopped there.

Drove home.

Hubby cooked his pot roast. We decided to go to Spirit Lake and pick up hamburger for meatloaf. Hubby spent the night baking & cooking.

We watched The Walking Dead.

Went to bed later.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

S A T U R D A Y Night!


Wilson slept with us tonight.

Hubby got up first. The cats were tearing around the house.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller. He fed the cats tuna and then cleaned up the litter.

I had coffee for breakfast. Hubby had eggs.

We got ready and put dogs in Dually, drove to Post Falls and got lattes at KoKoPelli. Picked up Beebo at KR's to take him on a walk with us at the high school. KR was hung over after celebrating her bday Friday night with friends. She was on the couch when we got there. Gave her the bday card with $100 in it.

Took Beebo for walk with Bud, Ben, and Wilson. At the high school, they were having a dance competition with music. Dutch Bros had a mobile stand there.

I fell on black ice at the end of the walk. Bruised my hip, did NOT fall on my right knee as I did a little pirouette when I went down. Hurt my left wrist.

Drove back to KR's and dropped off Beebo. Talked to KR about her bday.

We left and did not have time to go to Priest River for the funeral. So hubby drove me to Sally Beauty, but they had no CND Repair Keratin.

We drove to Rathdrum. Dogs stayed in the car while we ate at Nadine's Mexican Kitchen. The Guacamole & chips were bland, the salsa was not spicy hot. I got the Yucatan Chicken & Smoked Onion Burrito. Hubby got the Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Dropped off dogs at home. The MOOSE was here. Hubby gave Moose some apples.

I went inside and took off my soaking wet clothes. Changed into dry, clean jeans.

Drove into Athol and dumped garbage. Picked up milk. Hubby wanted a latte, but it was 2:30 and the place was closed.

We drove back to the shop. Mark needed parts for the Plow Bronco, so we drove to Rathdrum O'Reilleys to pick up parts.

Picked up lattes at Jitterz. Drove back home.

Moose was still here, sitting down in the woods.

I took a bath when we got home. Ate leftover pizza from last night. Hubby took a nap on the couch. We watched Jason Bourne re-runs.

Friday, February 10, 2017



Got up at 6AM when hubby left for work.

Cats were tearing around the house.

I fed the dogs & gave Bud his painkiller.

Gave Tuna to the cats and cleaned up their litter.

I made coffee for myself.

Paid bills.

Cut up apples for the Moose. Moose was sitting down outside all morning. She came up to eat around 11AM. Then she walked off towards the back of the property.

Ice & Snow


Got up and everything hurt. I started having diarrhea right away.

Dared not eat anything. I had hot tea for breakfast.

Gave turkey slices to dogs. Gave Bud his painkillers. Fed Tuna to the cats and cleaned up their litter.

I was exhausted.

Moose was here. She ate some apples, then went out and slept for a while. Kept getting up and going farther away from the house. After some snow from the roof fell, she took off.

I shoveled the decks. The snow was horrible. Heavy and wet.

Took more grain and hay out to the moose.

I took a nap at 2PM.

Texted KR and hubby that I could not go to the dinner at the French Restaurant because I was not feeling good. I did not want to drive in the ice, slush, and rain at night.

Some guy came later today around 3PM to plow. One of Joe's guys. Hubby asked him to come plow.

Hubby came home at 7:00PM.

He stopped at Stein's to get some food.

In the mail, I received my Idaho Massage License.

We watched Baskets, and Timeless then we went to bed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017



Woke up very early at 6AM. Made sure the lights were on when Wilson went outside so that a coyote did not attack him.

No moose this morning.

Did morning huggies with the dogs & hubby.

Made coffee.

Fed painkillers to Bud.

Gave Tuna to cats & cleaned up their litter.

Turned off the Heat Exchanger downstairs and turned on the wall heater.

Shoveled snow all day.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017



Hubby got up and left early this morning. He left me some money because I planned to go to a movie with Kim today.

Got up at 6AM because the dogs started barking. I thought it was because of the moose, but when I looked outside, they were barking at a coyote. I yelled at them to come back inside. I am worried because Wilson is small enough to carry away and get eaten by a coyote.

I gave the dogs some ham & gave Bud his painkillers. One of his pills fell down the sink. My fingers are awkward.

Then I made coffee & sat down to have yogurt for breakfast.

Wilson got on the back of the other couch and vomited.

I had to put my food away so that the cats would not eat it.

While trying to clean up the vomit, I tilted the couch backwards and Zim was under the steel mechanism of the couch. He started screaming and the cats started hissing and the dogs started barking. It was CHAOS. Finally released Zim and he flew away.

I tried to find him downstairs, but he was not there.

I looked upstairs and he was on Ben's bed. He looked like he was in shock. I tested on his extremities and nothing was broken. He goes into the Vet tomorrow so I will have them check him then.

Refilled the dog water & food.

Fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Finally sat down to eat my breakfast & drink my coffee.

Ordered Edible Arrangements birthday delivery gift for KR's birthday. Ordered FTD flower delivery for KR's birthday.

Monday, February 06, 2017



Got up at 6:45AM. Ben jumped into bed with me, Wilson, and Zim.

I opened the doggy door that we had closed last night.

Then gave dogs some chicken that had been boiled. Gave Bud his painkillers.

Gave cats Tuna and cleaned up litter.

Shoveled snow from back deck. Hubby had already done some. Heavy, wet snow.

Kim called and I talked to her for about an hour.

I soveled the front deck. Had to rest in between shoveling because the snow had come off the roof and piled on the deck. Very heavy and wet.

Did laundry. Put away dishes.

Sunday, February 05, 2017



Got up. Dogs would not let us sleep late. Slept pretty good after being in Sauna last night.

Hubby made eggs for dogs. Gave Bud his painkiller.

Hubby also gave Tuna to cats and cleaned up litter.

Then we had breakfast. Hubby had eggs. I had some turkey bacon.

We shoveled all day.


Friday, February 03, 2017



Started snowing when I woke up.

Fed the dogs ham, gave Bud his painkillers.

Gave cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Did laundry and dishes.

Put Paperbacks on Paperbackswap.com

Wrapped a book for mailing.


By 1PM, there were 3 inches of snow outside.

The news announced at Noon that I90 Eastbound was CLOSED at Airway Heights.

Wilson tore up my Panera Bread gift certificate for $5. Lil butthole. I don't know how he got it. The last that I saw it, it was in my purse. In the closet.

Checked at 1PM to find out if my Massage Licensed had been approved. Nothing noted on the website.

Thursday, February 02, 2017



The Rodent saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

We woke up late today. 7AM and the alarm never went off! I told hubby to get to work!

He got dressed.

I fed the dogs ham, gave Bud his painkillers.

Gave Tuna to the kitties and cleaned up their litter.

Did laundry & dishes.

I washed my hair.

Wilson brought in a pinecone and shredded it. Then he shredded some foil that I had given kittens to play with as a ball. Had to clean up both those things.

Hubby got home at 6:30PM.

He had stopped at Walmart and got bananas, apples for Moose, chicken fingers for the dogs.

We worked on bills and 1099s.

Then watched Clue on TV and went to bed at 11PM.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017



Got up after hubby left the house for work.

When I got up, it was 10 degrees outside. Cold weather is upon us again.

I fed the dogs and gave Bud his painkillers. He is still limping slightly.

Gave cats Tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Started laundry. Started dishes.

Moose was here when I woke up. She was sleeping in the woods. At 8:00, she got up and fed on the apples & grain. Then she walked off.

After the moose was gone, I opened the doggy door.