Tuesday, February 07, 2017



Hubby got up and left early this morning. He left me some money because I planned to go to a movie with Kim today.

Got up at 6AM because the dogs started barking. I thought it was because of the moose, but when I looked outside, they were barking at a coyote. I yelled at them to come back inside. I am worried because Wilson is small enough to carry away and get eaten by a coyote.

I gave the dogs some ham & gave Bud his painkillers. One of his pills fell down the sink. My fingers are awkward.

Then I made coffee & sat down to have yogurt for breakfast.

Wilson got on the back of the other couch and vomited.

I had to put my food away so that the cats would not eat it.

While trying to clean up the vomit, I tilted the couch backwards and Zim was under the steel mechanism of the couch. He started screaming and the cats started hissing and the dogs started barking. It was CHAOS. Finally released Zim and he flew away.

I tried to find him downstairs, but he was not there.

I looked upstairs and he was on Ben's bed. He looked like he was in shock. I tested on his extremities and nothing was broken. He goes into the Vet tomorrow so I will have them check him then.

Refilled the dog water & food.

Fed the cats tuna and cleaned up their litter.

Finally sat down to eat my breakfast & drink my coffee.

Ordered Edible Arrangements birthday delivery gift for KR's birthday. Ordered FTD flower delivery for KR's birthday.

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