Friday, February 10, 2017

Ice & Snow


Got up and everything hurt. I started having diarrhea right away.

Dared not eat anything. I had hot tea for breakfast.

Gave turkey slices to dogs. Gave Bud his painkillers. Fed Tuna to the cats and cleaned up their litter.

I was exhausted.

Moose was here. She ate some apples, then went out and slept for a while. Kept getting up and going farther away from the house. After some snow from the roof fell, she took off.

I shoveled the decks. The snow was horrible. Heavy and wet.

Took more grain and hay out to the moose.

I took a nap at 2PM.

Texted KR and hubby that I could not go to the dinner at the French Restaurant because I was not feeling good. I did not want to drive in the ice, slush, and rain at night.

Some guy came later today around 3PM to plow. One of Joe's guys. Hubby asked him to come plow.

Hubby came home at 7:00PM.

He stopped at Stein's to get some food.

In the mail, I received my Idaho Massage License.

We watched Baskets, and Timeless then we went to bed.

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